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Witnesses Sought In Child Sex Attack

POLICE returned yesterday to the shopping centre where a girl, 7, was sexually assaulted more than a week ago - hoping to spark someone's memory.
Photographs of the clothes the girl wore the previous Sunday were posted at a police information bus at Windsor Gardens Shopping Centre and a number of shoppers offered information.
The girl was taken from the Cheap as Chips store, driven a short distance, sexually assaulted and abandoned back at the shopping centre.
Chief Inspector Peter Anderson, of Holden Hill CIB, said police hoped the exercise would revive the memories of regular shoppers.
"We have had information about a vehicle of a similar description seen in the car park..... also information about a person of similar description seen in the car park. It is a little too early to tell if it was the perpetrator, but we have also had information about the girl being seen in the vicinity of the shopping centre."
Police are looking for a man in his early 20s, with short, dark spiked hair, dark complexion, small moustache and medium to stocky build.

AA (14-4-2003) 

Girl Abducted and Assaulted at Shopping Centre

A SEVEN-year-old girl has been abducted and attacked at, a suburban shopping centre with police only issuing an alert to parents yesterday, 48 hours later.
The girl was forcibly taken from Cheap As Chips store at the North East Rd shopping centre, when she became separated from parents and siblings.
Her attacker placed his hand over her mouth and forcibly walked her out of the shop, through the car park to a waiting car. She was driven a short distance, sexually assaulted, driven back to the shop and abandoned.
Her parents found her less than 30 minutes after she disappeared.
Yesterday, appealing for witnesses, police said the girl was taken between 11am and 11:30am on Sunday
"The attack was quite clearly brazen," Chief Inspector Peter Anderson, of Holden Hill CIB, said. "To approach a young, innocent child of such tender age and forcibly submit her to such an act is quite cowardly.
"She may have appeared to other shoppers as a young child who was misbehaving and was being removed by an older brother or parent."
The girl, of Asian appearance, was forced into a vehicle which she described as being silver, "very shiny", of late model, with a black interior which had a star motif on the seat.
The girl was wearing a black and white chequered jacket, a denim skirt and pink shoes.
The offender is described about 20 years old, with a dark complexion and possibly of Indonesian descent.
He had short, dark, spiked hair, a light moustache and was tall and of medium to stocky build.
He was wearing a black shirt, black trousers, blue and white thongs and a gold necklace.
"This incident is of grave concern to the police. There always is the fear that it may happen again," Chf-Insp Anderson said.
"It doesn't, to our knowledge, appear to link to any other prior offences, but certainly the brazen behaviour this offender has undertaken should certainly be a concern to the community.
"I would encourage all people, especially with the school holidays upon us, to be particularly vigilant as to the whereabouts of their children."
He said since the attack police had been interviewing witnesses and talking to the girl's family.
"The investigators responded fairly quickly in making a public release," he said, defending the 48-hour delay in making the attack public.
"We're talking about a seven-year-old girl and we need to take the family's view into account. We certainly wouldn't go-ahead with public announcements....without consulting with them."
Security tapes and video images from ATM machines are still being examined in a bid to identify the offender, while photographs of the girl's clothing will be displayed at the shopping centre on Sunday.
Anyone with any information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Adelaide Advertiser (9-4-2003)
Sam Riches.

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