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Christopher Valle jailed for vicious attempted rape of woman, 99

A druggie who blamed a "bad acid trip"' for his attempt to rape a 99-year-old woman in a shocking home invasion was jailed today.
Judge Roy Punshon told Christopher Valle, 24, that he had robbed his woman of much of her independence and said an attack on a victim of such an advanced age and fragility shocked the community.
Today the judge jailed Valle for at least seven years of a maximum, nine-year, nine month sentence.
Judge Punshon said that shortly after the offences Valle returned to his native Queensland and it was nearly a week later before he was arrested and returned to Victoria.
“The victim was traumatised by the events and she feared your return until advised of your arrest,'' Judge Punshon said in his County Court sentence.
“She struggles, as would anyone, to understand the reason for your behaviour. She is anxious and less trusting.
“She was remarkably independent before your attack. She has lost much of this independence.''
Valle pleaded guilty to attempted rape, recklessly causing injury, aggravated burglary and theft, and two charges of indecent assault.
Judge Punshon said that Valle forced his way into the victim’s home, pushed her on a bed and attempted to rape her.
When he failed in the rape he indecently assaulted her and during the attack left the victim with multiple cuts and bruises.
He also stole $70 and a credit card before leaving the woman naked and distressed.
Judge Punshon rejected Valle's excuse that during an earlier heavy drinking session where he consumed up to 18 stubbies he accepted an LSD tablet from a work colleague, believing it to be ecstasy.
The judge said Valle was an experienced drug user and in the past had taken ecstasy, ice, heroin, cocaine and cannabis and he knew the risks of taking illegal drugs.
A psychologist had told the court that his violent sexual behaviour was more consistent with an amphetamine based drug rather than LSD.
In evidence to his pre-sentence plea hearing Valle claimed he was hallucinating “and hearing voices and stuff'' and felt invincible but the judge said he had reconstructed events to support his claim he had taken LSD by mistake.
Judge Punshon accepted Valle felt deep shame and remorse and noted that despite a number of prior convictions none were for sexual offences.
The judge set a maximum term of nine years and nine months.

Herald Sun (27-5-2011)
Norrie Ross

Man blames drugs for attempted rape of 99-year-old grandmother

A man who tried to rape a 99-year-old great-grandmother after tricking his way into her home blamed "a bad trip" on drugs for the shocking attack.
Christopher Valle, 24, claimed he was hallucinating "and hearing voices and stuff" when he threatened, sexually assaulted and terrorised the frail victim and robbed her of $70.
"I didn't know (the victim) was that age," Valle told the County Court pre-sentence hearing yesterday.
"I felt my brain was absolutely frying. I have no memory of actually doing it."
Judge Roy Punshon heard the widow would turn 100 on Saturday, but a shadow had been cast on celebrations.
Prosecutor Ray Gibson said the attack was aggravated by the age of the victim and the fact she was attacked in her own home.
"Any right-thinking member of the community would be aghast," Mr Gibson said.
He argued there should be a minimum non-parole jail term of seven to nine years.
Valle, a Queenslander, had been in Melbourne for only a few days after finding a job as a track rider at a horse racing stables. On the night before the attack he had drunk 12-18 stubbies.
He said a workmate gave him a tablet, which he thought was ecstasy but he now believed was LSD, and the combination made him feel "invincible".
But the court heard he wasn't a novice drug user, and had given conflicting accounts of his drug-taking.
Valle pleaded guilty to attempted rape, recklessly causing injury, aggravated burglary and theft, and two charges of indecent assault.
Defence lawyer Wendy Duncan said Valle had apologised to the victim and her family.
Valle will face sentencing on June 3.

Herald Sun 24-5-2011
Norrie Ross

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Woman, 99, still haunted by attempted rape, court hears

A man who bashed and attempted to rape a 99-year-old widow after tricking his way into her home has destroyed her way of life, a court heard today.
In a victim impact statement read to the County Court the great-grandmother said she had changed from being an active and independent woman to being jumpy and frightened in her own home.
She said she changed all the locks on the doors in her home, no longer goes on long walks or potters around in her garden and any stories of violence in the news upsets her.
"I can still feel his hands round my neck," she said in her statement.
Prosecutor Ray Gibson said Christopher Valle, 24, threatened, assaulted and terrorised the victim over an extended period, threw her on a bed and sexually assaulted her and attempted to rape her.
Mr Gibson said that after stealing $70 and a bank card Valle left the home and the victim was found by a daughter standing in pouring rain in her underwear in her backyard after she activated an emergency call pendant.
The victim suffered multiple bruises and cuts on her face, body arms and legs and had to be treated in hospital.
"I am still asking why he did it. He seemed like such a nice young man," she said in her statement.
Valle, who is a Queenslander, today pleaded guilty to attempted rape, recklessly causing injury, aggravated burglary and theft and two charges of indecent assault.
Valle had only been in Melbourne a few days after coming south to find a job.
The offences occurred on September 4 last year and Valle was arrested in the Brisbane suburb of Keperra two weeks later and extradited to Victoria.
Opening the prosecution case Mr Gibson said the woman was in the shower of her home in Melbourne's southern suburbs when she heard the door bell ring a number of times.
The victim thought it was her daughter and when she went to the door Valle told her he had found her keys in the street.
Mr Gibson said when she turned to go back into her house he followed her in a refused to leave and she noticed he had her bank card in his hand.
Valle walked the victim through the house and pushed her on to a bed where the sexual attacks took place.
Mr Gibson said she told him she was nearly 100 years old and to "get a young girl".
A defence lawyer told the court her client realised he had done a horrible thing and told a psychologist, "I still see that poor woman's face".
The lawyer said Valle had shown remorse which indicated "he is still a man of conscience'' and she said the sexual offending was "situational" with her client taking advantage of the victim.
The hearing before Judge Roy Punshon is continuing.

Herald Sun (28-4-2011)
Norrie Ross

Young man tried to rape woman, 99

A great-grandmother was bashed, robbed and indecently assaulted in her Melbourne house last year, a court has been told.
Christopher James Valle, 23, also attempted to rape the woman, 99, when he broke into her house in Ormond last September.
Valle was arrested in Queensland more than three weeks later and extradited to Victoria. He pleaded guilty in Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday to two charges of indecent assault and one each of attempted rape, aggravated burglary, recklessly causing injury and theft.
Prosecutor Ray Gibson said six other charges - one each of attempted rape, intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury, intentionally causing injury, robbery and attempting to obtain property by deception - would be withdrawn.
Valle broke in and stole the woman's credit card and $70 and bashed her. He indecently assaulted her and attempted to rape her.
The woman sustained cuts and was hit on the head in the attack.
Magistrate Angela Bolger remanded Valle until a County Court session next week.

www.theage.com.au (8-2-2011)
Adrian Lowe

Accused held without bail

A man accused of bashing and trying to rape a 99-year-old woman appeared in court on 11 charges yesterday after being extradited from Queensland to Victoria.
Christopher James Valle, 23, faced Melbourne Magistrates' Court on charges including attempted rape, intentionally causing serious injury, recklessly causing serious injury and theft.
Mr Valle is alleged to have assaulted the elderly woman in her southern suburbs home on September 4, after knocking on her door.
When the woman answered, Mr Valle is accused of forcing his way inside, assaulting her and attempting to rape her several times.
The attack is believed to have lasted for up to 30 minutes. The great-grandmother was treated in hospital.
Mr Valle was arrested in the Brisbane suburb of Keperra on Wednesday. Victorian detectives flew north on Wednesday night and successfully obtained his extradition.
Yesterday Mr Valle's lawyer argued that the defendant's name and image should be suppressed because he was in danger of being bashed in prison if other inmates knew of the serious charges that he faced.
The lawyer asked magistrate Lance Martin to consider the recent death of a "high-profile" prisoner in custody as an example of how media reports could compromise the safety of a prisoner.
The safety of Mr Valle was threatened because of the nature of the offences and because there had been public interest over the sex attack on the 99-year-old, counsel said.
But Mr Martin dismissed the application, saying there was no reason he could suppress the image on those grounds.
Mr Valle has been charged with two counts of attempted rape, indecent assault, intentionally causing serious injury, recklessly causing serious injury, intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury, trespass, aggravated burglary, theft and one count of deception.
He was remanded in custody to appear in the same court on December 17.

Herald Sun (24-9-2010)
Anne Wright

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