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'Risky' child rapist released from jail

A child rapist sentenced to 11 years jail for offences including the abduction, sexual assault and bashing of a two-year-old girl has been released on a supervision order.
Dexter Charles Williams, 43, finished his jail sentence nearly five years ago but continued to be held in prison because of the risk he posed to the community.
In a decision delivered last month and published on Friday, Supreme Court Justice Eric Heenan granted Williams' release on an order which includes 37 conditions.
In January, Justice Heenan found that Williams continued to pose a danger to the community if released without restraint but a supervision program and conditions could be imposed that would provide sufficient protection for the community.
He adjourned the case to allow further investigations into suitable accommodation for Williams.
Justice Heenan said a community supervision report completed in March identified suitable accommodation and transitional support.
"The report emphasises that Mr Williams' determination to abstain from alcohol in the community has, of course, been untested and it is a matter of concern that he had stopped attending the prison-based Alcoholics Anonymous meetings," Justice Heenan said.
"It is recognised that there is a risk of reoffending if he should relapse into alcohol use and a series of conditions and obligations has been designed to reduce, as far as possible, the risk that he will relapse into alcohol abuse."
The location of the address where Williams is living has been suppressed because of concerns about possible vigilante action that could interfere with his placement.
It is understood Williams was released when Justice Heenan delivered his decision about five weeks ago.
The conditions imposed on Williams' release include a curfew, that he not possess or consume alcohol, a ban on entering licensed premises and no unauthorised contact with children under the age of 17.
He must reside at a particular address and move only if approval is granted in advance, report regularly to a community corrections officer and police and undertake treatment, programs and psychological and psychiatric services as directed.
Williams was sentenced in 2000 after admitting charges over the attack against a toddler in Esperance in 1998 and a separate sexual attack on a seven-year-old girl in Katanning in 1997.
Under the terms of his release, Williams' five-year supervision order will be reviewed by the Supreme Court as soon as possible after 12 months.

The West Australian (17-5-2011)
Amanda Banks

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Paedophile rapist 'should never be released'

A child will "pay the price" if dangerous serial paedophile Dexter Charles Williams is released back into the community, according to a leading child protection advocate.
A Supreme Court judge is considering releasing Williams back into the community, despite a psychiatrist deeming him to be at a high risk of reoffending.
Williams was considered so dangerous that he was one of a dozen West Australian men jailed with no set release date after admitting in 2000 to brutally raping two young girls.
He abducted, raped and bashed a two-year-old girl in Esperance in 1998 and sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl in Katanning a year earlier.
However, during an annual review of his case, Supreme Court Justice Eric Heenan yesterday said he would consider returning Williams to the community under strict supervision orders, if a suitable place could be found for him to live.
A report is being compiled by government agenices over the next three months, which will decide William's fate.
State prosecutor James McTaggart told the court that a psychiatrist had determined that while Williams had made progress over the past year, he still suffered from serious "underlying issues of sexual deviancy".
Hetty Johnston, founder of national child advocacy group Braveheart, told 6PR Radio that should be enough for a court to rule out ever releasing Williams back into the community.
"Releasing these types of really dangerous offenders into communities where children reside, live, go to school, play is just outright dangerous and it's going to end in tears and a child will pay the price," she said.
"If he's a high-risk offender he shouldn't be relased. The safest place is a jail."
She said no research in the world had found that serial dangerous sex offenders could be reintegrated safely back into communities.
"This man is a repeat offender, his offences are of the worst possible nature. I mean he's only got one step to go and it's murder... He's really at the top of the tree in terms of serious offenders," she said.
"They can't help themselves... The question is not if but when (he will reoffend) and who is the child who will pay the price for this man's freedom."
She said while an offender's civil liberties were important, it had to be balanced against the rights of children and no child was worth sacrificing for someone who had already abused their civil liberties.

WA News (20-1-2011)
Aja Styles

Child rapist's fate known today

A child rapist sentenced to 11 years jail for offences including the abduction, sexual assault and bashing of a two-year-old girl will learn today whether he will be released under a Supreme Court review of his indefinite detention.
Dexter Charles Williams, who was due for release more than three years ago but has been held in jail indefinitely after being deemed a serious danger to the community, is undergoing a second review of his detention. The review is required annually under the Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act.
But at a hearing yesterday, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Hall raised concerns about Williams' proposed release, including his unwillingness to address his sexual deviancy, a lack of suitable accommodation and inadequate support in the community.
Prosecutor Dave Dempster told the court he did not believe the community could be adequately protected if Williams, 42, was released.
Mr Dempster said Williams had participated in Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, but failed to continue the program after his transfer between two prisons. He had refused to be released from protective custody, which would allow him to take part in transitional work programs, because of safety concerns.
Justice Hall said Williams had made progress since his first review in December 2008, but there were problems, such as accommodation, associated with his proposed release. "But perhaps more concerning is whether he has dealt with his sexually deviant behaviour," he said.
However, Justice Hall said he was concerned legislation only allowed annual reviews of indefinite jail terms. He was worried it would have a crushing effect on Williams' hopes for release and provide a disincentive for him to take part in programs. He said it was possible Williams could apply for an earlier review on the basis of exceptional circumstances.
Frances Veltman, for Williams, said he had made significant progress over the past year and would be supported by an aunt if released. Ms Veltman said Williams had completed a sex offender treatment program in 2004 and did not feel he needed another similar program. He recognised his offending was alcohol related and was prepared to resume support meetings when he believed the time was right.
Williams, who was sentenced in 2000, has been in custody since 1999 after admitting charges over the horrific attack against the toddler in Esperance in 1998 and a separate sexual assault on a seven-year-old girl in Katanning in 1997.
His case prompted an outcry in 2007 when Supreme Court Justice John McKechnie dismissed an application by the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for an indefinite jail term under the dangerous sex offender laws. Justice McKechnie reversed his decision after it was sent back for further consideration following a decision by the Court of Appeal.

The West Australian (15-1-2010)
Amanada Banks


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