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Age: 37 yrs old (2013)

State: SA

Sentence: Sentenced in 1995 to 5 yrs jail - 2 yrs non parole..Sentenced in the Adelaide Supreme Court, 27-3-2000, to 7 yrs jail- 5 yrs non parole, (backdated to the 23-9-1999)..Then to be detained in custody.

Update-27-3-2013. - Paedophile Gavin Shaun Schuster set for release from jail within months.

Offence/Other: Update/news/April/2016-Serial paedophile Gavin Shaun Schuster to be released from jail to live near playgrounds at Kilburn, court rules.

Gavin Shaun Schuster - The 1995 offences were against an 8 yr old girl..Schuster broke into the girls house and molested her..Three (peeping tom) offences, for looking at young girls through their windows..The child sex offences in 2000 relate to the molestation of a 6 yr old girl, in the toilets of a Northern suburbs Primary school. The offences included unlawful sexual intercourse. MAKO wrote to the SA DPP, requesting they appeal the leniency of his sentence..That was denied.

Gavin Shaun Schuster - Artist impression

Serial paedophile Gavin Shaun Schuster to be released from jail to live near playgrounds at Kilburn, court rules

A senior judge has ordered serial sex predator Gavin Shaun Schuster be released from custody into a care facility near children's playgrounds in Adelaide’s northern suburbs — but prosecutors say they may challenge the decision.
In the Supreme Court on Friday, Justice John Sulan said he had decided Schuster should be released on licence back into the community after decades in prison for repeated offending against both boys and girls.
However, he said Schuster would not be permitted to immediately move from Yatala Labour Prison to an Anglicare facility at Kilburn.
“In my view, Schuster should be released on licence under conditions set by the Parole Board,” he said.
“Once those conditions have been settled, they will be brought back to court for my approval.
“I will then suspend his release for one month to enable the Parole Board, the Department for Correctional Services and SA Police to implement the conditions.”
Since the age of 12, Schuster has befriended children, both boys and girls, and then sexually abused them when he feels “frustrated” with daily life.
Now 40, he has been indefinitely detained as an uncontrollable sex predator since 2000 save for a short period in 2008, when he was released and immediately reoffended.
His current bid for supervised release began in 2013, but has stalled due to a lack of suitable accommodation for him.
Schuster’s doctors insist he must be released now to avoid institutionalisation, while Justice Sulan has conceded he will “always” be a risk but “nothing is perfect in this world”.
Following Schuster’s last court hearing, parents in the Prospect and Kilburn areas said they feared he would be “tempted” by the proximity of the playgrounds.
They said their children deserved to be able to play outside without thinking “is this person going to be there”.
Federal MP Kate Ellis asked Attorney-General John Rau to intervene, as he had in a previous sex offender release case, but he declined to do so despite sharing her concerns.
On Friday, prosecutor Emma Roper said authorities would require more than one month to prepare for Schuster’s release.
“It will take a further six to eight weeks for further training of the staff that will supervise him,” she said.
“Also, an appeal will be considered by the DPP, and a final decision about an appeal will be made once the Director has read Your Honour’s reasons (for release).”
Justice Sulan remanded Schuster in custody for two weeks, at which time he will hear the Parole Board’s proposed conditions.
He said he was prepared to suspend Schuster’s release pending the possible appeal.
After the hearing, Ms Ellis said she was “completely shocked and utterly disappointed” by the decision.
“Quite frankly, I think it is disgraceful,” she said.
“Parents have every reason to be outraged — as a society, we should be putting the interests of children and the local community ahead of the interests of a convicted paedophile, especially one who has been found to be a risk of reoffending.
“This isn’t the end — I’ll be asking the State Government to immediately look at whatever steps can be taken to intervene before this man is released.”

www.adelaidenow.com.au (1-4-2016)
Sean Fewster

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SA court urged not to release serial sex offender Gavin Shaun Schuster to Anglicare facility near playgrounds in Kilburn

One of the state’s worst serial paedophiles wants to be released to a facility near two children’s playgrounds — despite telling a fellow prisoner he intends to offend again.
Gavin Shaun Schuster has committed sex crimes since the age of 12 and spent 16 years in jail for befriending children, then abusing them when he feels “frustrated” with daily life.
Though dubbed an uncontrollable sex predator, the Supreme Court is considering Schuster’s request to be released on licence and live in Anglicare accommodation at Kilburn.
The housing is near two children’s playgrounds.
On Monday, prosecutors urged the court to reject the bid, saying even real-time GPS monitoring was insufficient to control Schuster.
They said he could easily reoffend in the 30 minutes it would take SA Police to respond to an alarm — but Justice John Sulan said that was part of the “balancing act”.
“There always going to be a risk to the community unless you put the facility in the desert ... nothing is perfect in this world,” he said.
“The question is: are there sufficient safeguards that can be put in place so that his rehabilitation can progress, or do we lock him up forever?”
Schuster, 40, has been indefinitely detained since 2000 for crimes against boys and girls, the youngest of whom was six, in public and in their homes.
He was released on licence in 2008, but breached his conditions three months later, and applied again in 2013.
Authorities promised he would “be a virtual prisoner”, subject to strict monitoring, if released but he remained in jail because suitable accommodation could not be found.
On Monday, the court heard Schuster had told a fellow prisoner he intended to reoffend upon release and discussed suburbs in which it would be “easiest” to commit a crime undetected.
Giving evidence, treating psychiatrist Dr Narain Nambiar agreed Schuster had therefore “not been frank” during therapy, when he expressed a willingness to control himself.
“In my opinion, Schuster’s risk has always been and will always be high, but it’s only a problem if he’s not monitored and supervised,” he said.
“There have to be contingency plans if something were to happen, if he were to run away.”
Psychologist Robert Elmer said he would train Anglicare’s staff to be “extremely prepared” for Schuster’s “triggers”, which also included feeling ashamed, humiliated or angry.
He said the facility’s other preparations were adequate “as long as they hold”.
Emma Roper, prosecuting, said that was not good enough.
“This is the best that can be offered at this stage and it’s simply insufficient for the protection of the community given the risk Schuster poses,” she said.
Justice Sulan has reserved his decision.
Prospect mother-of-three Ellen Frost questioned whether releasing Schuster into a community close to schools and childcare facilities was appropriate.
“I’d be concerned that he’s being released into a community of temptation,” she said.
She said her children visit a nearby playground almost every day.
“I’m all for second chances but knowing that a person like this is coming into the community, there would be grave concerns,” she said.
“We want to feel it’s safe for our kids to go to the playground without thinking ‘is this person going to be there’.”

www.adelaidenow.com.au (29-2-2016)
Sean Fewster

SA court told sex offender Gavin Shaun Schuster poses such a risk to the community and children that jail is the only place for him

A serial sex offender whose crimes date back to his 12th birthday poses such a risk to the community that jail is the only place for him, a court has heard.
Prosecutors today told the Supreme Court that Gavin Shaun Schuster’s bid for release into the community on licence should be refused.
They said a proposal to release him into the care of a northern-suburbs treatment facility, run by Anglicare, failed to meet legislative requirements that the public be protected.
They said that, even with GPS tracking and a volunteer accompanying him, Schuster posed too great a risk to children living near the facility.
Justice John Sulan said that may be so, but questioned what that meant for Schuster’s fate and future.
“If the government wanted to put some money into this, there would not need to be a volunteer,” he said.
“You take a risk with all of these people and you can never get an absolute assurance ... there is always going to be a risk, it’s a question of the court balancing that.
“Doesn’t the legislation contemplate that these people should not be kept in jail indefinitely? But on your submission, Schuster has nowhere to go but Yatala Labour Prison.”
Schuster, 40, has spent most of the past 20 years in prison for his crimes, and the youngest of his victims was aged just six.
His long criminal history involves offending against boys and girls, leading to him being dubbed unwilling or incapable of controlling his sexual instincts.
It also includes a previous release, in 2008, which he breached within three months after being “triggered” by “anger and frustration with daily life”.
Today George Mancini, for Schuster, said those issues had been addressed and resolved.
“He has put himself in a very positive frame of mind and what manifested (previously) is less likely to develop now,” he said.
“He has learned to manage frustration.”
Mr Mancini said the court could be confident the proposed release conditions, coupled with Schuster’s existing paedophile restraining order, would protect the community.
“Risk management is not risk elimination — you can never eliminate risk,” he said.
“The risk to the community can be addressed, and it can be addressed efficaciously.”
Justice Sulan has reserved his decision.

www.news.com.au (14-7-2015)
Sean Fewster

Paedophile Gavin Shaun Schuster set for release from jail within months

A paedophile once deemed so dangerous he was jailed indefinitely will be released within months, despite being described as a "significant risk" of re-offending against children.
Gavin Shaun Schuster has been in prison for most of the past 18 years and has convictions for sexually assaulting girls, aged six and eight.
In 2000, Schuster was deemed incapable, or unwilling, to control his sexual instincts and an order was made to keep him in prison indefinitely.
This morning, prosecutor Lucy Boord told the Supreme Court that strict conditions had been agreed upon to release Schuster back into the community on July 1.
Parole Board chief Frances Nelson QC said the decision to release Schuster was "a matter for the court" but that he remained "a significant risk of reoffending".
Schuster, 37, was released on a similar order in 2009 but was taken back into custody within three months for breaching his conditions.
"He did not offend (in 2009) but only because he was very strictly supervised ... he was talking about children in a way that indicated that he was likely to offend and he went beyond the area in which he was told to reside," Ms Nelson said.
"We will of course engage whatever measures are at our disposal to ensure that he is very strictly supervised but our resources are very limited unfortunately."
Ms Nelson said the Parole Board had recommended conditions that Schuster be subject to electronic monitoring and that he not live close to schools or places where children were often present.
"He has engaged in some intervention (treatment programs) this time and you would be hopeful that he that he has developed some insight into his offending," she said.
In September 1994, Schuster broke into a Davoren Park home and sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl and was sentenced to five years' prison.
He was also convicted of going to three other homes and peering into bedroom windows to watch young girls undress.
In February 1999 - two months after his release on the previous offences - Schuster walked into a northern suburbs primary school and sexually assaulted a six-year-old girl inside a toilet block.
Justice Margaret Nyland ordered Schuster be jailed indefinitely the following year after hearing he was a "dangerous sexual offender" who displayed "abnormal, sexually predatory behaviour'.
Schuster was diagnosed as being a paedophile with a particular interest in young girls and continued to offend despite receiving drugs to reduce his testosterone levels during his first prison term.
Schuster is currently being held inside Mt Gambier Prison. However it is not known where he will reside upon his release.

adelaidenow (27-3-2013)
Andrew Dowdell

Sexual predator to be released within months

A convicted paedophile who was jailed indefinitely after a court ruled he could not control his sexual urges will be released in the middle of the year.
Gavin Shaun Schuster, 37, was imprisoned in 2000 for sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl in a school toilet block in February 1999.
The crime was committed just two months after Schuster was released from prison for the sexual assault of an eight-year-old girl in 1994.
Schuster was jailed indefinitely after a psychiatric report described him as a dangerous sexual offender who posed a risk to others.
At the time, Justice Margaret Nyland said Schuster had a long history of similar offending and, despite treatment, few inroads had been made into reducing his predatory behaviour.
The prosecution and defence told the Supreme Court today strict conditions had been agreed upon for Schuster's release back into the community on July 1.
Schuster was released on a similar order in 2009 but returned to jail for breaching his parole conditions.

www.abc.net.au (27-3-2013)

Sex Predator Gavin Shawn Schuster to be Freed

A Pedophile jailed indefinitely because of his inability to control his deviant instincts will be released back into the community next year.
Gavin Shawn Schuster has spent most of the past 14 years behind bars on child sex offences.
Schuster was jailed for molesting an eight-year old girl in her own home in 1994, when he was aged just 18.
Schuster went on to rape a six-year old girl at a northern suburbs primary school, just two months after being released from prison on his original sentence.
Now 33 years old, Schuster completed his prison terms in 2006 but has remained in custody after a Supreme Court judge declared him a dangerous sexual offender who was unable to control his "abnormal" instincts.
Today, Justice Richard White ruled that Schuster should be given a chance for release back into the community under strict conditions.
Two forensic psychiatrists assessed Schuster as being an appropriate candidate for release because of progress he has made towards rehabilitating himself while in jail.
Justice White said that while there would always be a risk of Schuster offending again, stringent conditions of supervision should ensure he was not a danger to the community.
Justice White ordered that Schuster be released from prison on June 1 next year and that he abide by 24 conditions set down by the parole board.
Schuster, sporting a heavy black beard, nodded his head towards his lawyer when the ruling was handed down.
Schuster will be subject to registration as a child sex offender and must take part in treatment programs not available inside the prison system.

Adelaide Advertiser (23-12-2008)
Andrew Dowdell

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