Missing Persons - Hayley Dodd
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Missing Children/ Persons and unsolved cases do not close.
Often new information is received, even without new information Senior Detectives still review cases on a regular basis.
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WA teen Hayley Dodd went missing 15 years ago today,
her mother Margaret Dodd still hopes her body will be found one day

The long-suffering mother of Hayley Dodd is still clinging to the hope her daughter’s body will one day be found.
On the 15th anniversary of her daughter’s disappearance, Margaret Dodd says her tortured family was still in “unimaginable turmoil”, not knowing what happened to Hayley 15 years ago.
Today marks 15 years exactly since Hayley vanished in the remote town of Badgingarra, 215km north of Perth.
The 17-year-old was last seen walking along North West Road after hitching a ride from Dongara.
She was on her way to work at a farm, but never arrived.
Nobody has been charged over her disappearance or murder.
Mrs Dodd says the thought of never finding Hayley was crushing.
“I was hoping to find Hayley before the 15th year anniversary of her murder but alas this looks unlikely,” Mrs Dodd told PerthNow.
“The turmoil we have been through is unimaginable …. I do not know if we will ever find Hayley.
“This thought is destroying to us, but we have to hope for the best which is Hayley will be found.”
Hayley’s disappearance is arguably WA’s biggest unsolved missing person’s case.
The case file has been reviewed by police several times in an effort to pinpoint exactly what happened to her.
A long awaited coronial inquest was due to be held in January this year into Hayley’s disappearance.
But it was postponed after police launched a massive search last November of a Badgingarra property near where Hayley vanished in 1999.
The home used to be owned by convicted rapist Francis John Wark.
Wark, 58, is serving a 12-year prison term for abducting and raping a hitchhiker in Queensland in 2007.
Wark raped the 32-year-old woman and held her captive for several hours at his Queensland property.
Last month, Wark gave evidence at the coronial inquest of another Queensland woman, Kathleen O’Shea, who went missing near Cairns in 2005.
Her body has also never been found.
Wark denied having anything to do with Ms O’Shea’s disappearance at the inquest.
During the inquest he was also pressed about Hayley’s disappearance. Again, he denied having anything to with her going missing.
The search of his former home was sparked late last year after police said they’d received “new information” about Hayley’s disappearance.
Detectives and forensic experts have carried out numerous searches inside and outside Wark’s former property since November, but have found nothing.
Wark sold the home to another man just a few months after Hayley vanished.
Mrs Dodd said yesterday she was happy with the team of investigators at the Special Crime Squad who were working on Hayley’s case.
“We are kept informed regularly and they are doing their utmost in trying to find Hayley. We have full confidence with the team,” she said.
Special Crime Squad officer-in-charge Inspector Casey Prins said: “The investigation is ongoing and certainly we’d ask anyone who has information about Hayley’s disappearance to contact Crime Stoppers.”
Mrs Dodd said her and her family would visit Badgingarra today to lay flowers at a wishing well dedicated to Hayley.
“It is always difficult visiting that area, for we feel like digging the whole area up, which of course is impossible,” she said.
“The only thing we can do is pray and hope God answers our prayers and we find Hayley soon.”
Anyone with information about Hayley Dodd’s disappearance can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

www.news.com.au (29-7-2014)

Police return to Badgingarra in search for missing Hayley Dodd

Hayley Dodd, who has been missing since she was last seen hitchhiking near Badgingarra in July 1999.

Police have returned to Badgingarra today to conduct further searches into the 15-year-old disappearance of Mandurah teenager Hayley Dodd.
The 17-year-old disappeared walking along the North West Road near the Weatbelt town in July, 1999.
She had been hitchhiking from Dongara to Badgingarra, 200km north of Perth.
Police spent four weeks searching a farmhouse in Bagingarra in November and December last year but did not find any signs of Hayley.
A spokesman from WA Police said detectives from the Special Crime Squad would return to the town today to conduct further searches.
Police partly dismantled the property after it emerged John Robert McConnell, a child sex offender, had lived there with Francis John Wark, a convicted rapist.
Wark sold the property soon after Hayley vanished and moved interstate.
But police found nothing of interest and the current home owner was dismayed by the disruption caused to his home.
The property owner, who bought it from Wark in late 1999, is not a suspect.
A coronial inquest into Hayley’s disappearance was scheduled for January but was postponed pending the result of further investigations.
Eighteen police officers involved in the search will be based out of a mobile police facility set up in the Badgingarra Community Centre. More searches will be conducted throughout the week.

www.news.com.au (6-5-2014)

facebook - Missing/ Murdered Hayley Dodd WA                 Crimestoppers - Unsolved Cases - Hayley Marie Dodd

Pedophile and rapist were living at Badgingarra home linked to Hayley Dodd case

A pedophile was living with the convicted rapist whose former home is at the centre of a renewed police effort to solve the mystery disappearance of teenager Hayley Dodd.
The Sunday Times can reveal John Robert McConnell was living at the Badgingarra home of Francis John Wark when 17-year-old Hayley went missing in 1999.
Wark’s former property is on the road where Hayley was last seen before she went missing on July 29.
Wark sold the Wheatbelt property shortly after Hayley vanished and moved interstate.
He is currently serving a 12-year jail term for abducting and raping a hitchhiker in Queensland in 2007.
Court documents show McConnell served prison time in the 1990s for indecent dealings with a teenager. He was released from jail in May 1999 – two months before Hayley disappeared. He died in a quad bike crash in January 2013. He was 59-years-old.
Dozens of police officers swooped on the remote property in November after receiving new and “significant information” about Hayley’s disappearance.
They spent four weeks searching the property but found nothing. However, it was during the search that Wark’s criminal record was revealed for the first time.
Wark was jailed in 2007 after pleading guilty to attacking a 32-year-old woman and holding her captive at his Queensland property.
He offered the woman a lift after seeing her walking along a north Queensland highway at 1am on a Saturday morning. The judge described it as “a shocking and horrible and prolonged series of violent and sexual assaults”.
Further searches near Wark’s former home in Badgingarra are expected to start soon.
The current owner of the property, who bought it from Wark in late 1999, has had to move into a hotel due to the recent police searches. He is not a suspect in Hayley’s disappearance. It’s understood the property was first searched by police in August 1999.
Hayley’s disappearance remains one of WA’s most highest profile unsolved crimes.
The 17-year-old was last seen walking along North West Rd after hitching a ride from Dongara. She was on her way to work at a farm but never arrived.
Nobody has been charged in relation to her disappearance or murder. A coronial inquest into her disappearance was due to be held this January but it was postponed.
One source told The Sunday Times McConnell had a “strong alibi” for the day Hayley disappeared. Another source said he only stayed at the North West Rd property when he was not working away.
WA Police said: “The investigation into the 1999 disappearance of Hayley Dodd is ongoing and WA Police will not be commenting on the operation at this time.
“Anyone with information regarding Hayley’s disappearance should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

www.perthnow.com.au (15-2-2014)

Police investigating Dodd case inquire about Holden ute: residents

Detectives investigating Hayley Dodd’s disappearance visited Badgingarra this week inquiring about an early model Holden ute, locals claim.
Several Badgingarra residents told The Sunday Times two detectives investigating unsolved mystery visited the town on Tuesday.
“They were detectives from the special crime squad and they were asking about an early model Holden Commodore ute, up to 40-years-old,” one resident said.
A police spokesman said in response to the claims: “WA Police is not in a position to elaborate on vehicles of interest at this time.”
Ray Gibbs, who owned the Badgingarra Tavern when Hayley went missing in 1999, said everyone hoped the case was resolved soon.
Mr Gibbs, who sold the tavern several years ago, said he felt for Hayley’s mum Margaret.
“Every time there was an anniversary (of Hayley’s disappearance) Margaret would call into the pub and I got to know her very well,” Mr Gibbs said.
“I really feel for that woman I really do.”
Other residents who spoke to The Sunday Times this week said they were not living in the town in 1999, but said they knew people who saw Hayley on North West Rd and in the township the day she vanished.
“You’d think somebody would know something” one local said.
Another said: “Everyone wishes it was resolved for the families sake.”

www.news.com.au (15-2-2014)

No answers in Hayley Dodd search

A forensic search launched as part of one of Western Australia's most well known missing person's cases has now been running for four weeks.
The case of Hayley Dodd came back into the spotlight at the end of November after years of no progress when police began searching a property near Badgingarra.
The news of a fresh lead in the 14-year-old case of brought hopes that some answers would soon be uncovered.
Hayley, who was from Mandurah but had been working as a roustabout in Dongara, went missing in 1999, when she was 17 years old.
She had hitched a ride to the area where she planned to visit a family friend and was dropped off at the corner of North West Road and Winjardie Road, about 11 kilometres east of the Bandgingarra townsite and was seen walking along the road that day but has not been seen since.
Police had initially said the search could take about a week but Sergeant Gerry Cassidy said police remained at the property within about a kilometre of where Hayley was last seen, continuing to search the area.
He did not say what had drawn out the length of the search but said no charges have been laid and police would not say whether anything of interest has been found.
The search has involved ground-penetrating radar machinery, which could notify searchers to items below the ground.
It was sparked by a new lead uncovered after a regular review of the case by the state crime squad.
In addition to the large scale search police have also questioned a number of people.
Detectives reportedly flew to Queensland earlier this month to interview Francis John Wark, the former owner of the property who has been convicted for the abduction and rape of a woman in Queensland but police have not commented on whether he is a suspect.
A coronial inquest into the teen's disappearance that was scheduled to take place place in January has been postponed.
A $250,000 reward for information regarding Hayley's disappearance is still on offer.

www.watoday.com.au (24-12-2013)
Aleisha Orr

"Inquest put on hold over Hayley Dodd" (11-12-2013)

Fourteen years on, what happened to missing person Hayley Dodd?

It's been fourteen long years since Margaret Dodd saw her daughter alive.
It was July 29, 1999, when 17-year-old Hayley Dodd disappeared while she was hitchhiking along North West Road, two hours north of Perth near in the remote town of Badgingarra.
She had hitched a lift from Dongara, approximately 150km north-northwest from Perth, where she was worked briefly as a roustabout before deciding to move on to Moora, a 160km journey, to visit family friends.
According to Crime Stoppers Western Australia, she set off on foot at around 8am wearing "light brown suede hiking boots, blue denim jeans, a black v neck top, light grey jacket with hood and silver sunglasses."
She grabbed a lift with a 50-tonne low loader at a service station and during the lift, Hayley discussed her plans but said she would return to Dongara the following Monday or Tuesday.
After being dropped off, she reportedly made a phone call at 10.30am and was given a lift by a woman to North West Road, where she was last spotted at around 11am by a motorist who saw her walking towards a farm.
The disappearance of Hayley in WA's wheatbelt district remains one of the State's most baffling unsolved cases, no one has yet been charged and for years, the Dodd family has been searching for answers.
The Special Crime Squad, an elite team of detectives whose task it is to solve "cold cases", has been handling Hayley's case for the last few years, but up until now there has been little result.
"I feel as though I am in a house of horrors with two doors to open, and whichever I choose to walk through the result is going to be terrifying," Margaret wrote on Hayley's Missing Person's Facebook page.
But there is renewed hope to find Hayley. Nearly two weeks ago, a Special Crime Squad unit returned to a property in Badgingarra after a cold-case re-examination uncovered significant new evidence.
The property is less than a kilometre from where Dodd was last seen, while reports have revealed a former owner of the property is doing time for the abduction and rape of a woman in rural Queensland.
Francis John Wark, who sold the Badgingarra property four months after Hayley went missing, is serving a 12-year prison term for the 2007 kidnap and rape of a woman in her 30s, who he picked up as she was hitchhiking.
This isn't the first time the property has been searched, but this time, forensic police are using a ground radar to penetrate the earth and look for objects of interest buried beneath the earth.
Detectives reportedly flew to Queensland late last week to interview 57-year-old Wark, but police have not commented on whether he is a suspect. A WA police spokeswoman said the search could continue for weeks.
Scott Higgins from the State Crime Command.
"The WA police are very, very keen to resolve this matter."
Because of the new developments, a coronial inquest into the teen's disappearance that was scheduled to take place in January has been postponed.
"God bless you all for doing what you are doing now, the fourteen years of anguish, and arguments with the police mean nothing," said Margaret via Facebook.
"Find my daughter, then her killer. That is all that matters today."

www.news.com.au (9-12-2013)

'Significant' information sparked farm search for missing teen Hayley Dodd (28-11-2014)

Timeline of Hayley Dodd's disappearance

Hayley Dodd's last known movements in 1999.
22 July, 1999: Hayley travelled from Mandurah to Dongara, about 150 kilometres north of Badgingarra. She had been working as a rouseabout with a friend at Dongara prior to her disappearance.
29 July, 8am: Hayley left Dongara to visit a family friend who works at a farm between Badgingarra and Moora. Hayley made a phone call from a public telephone box near the Badgingarra Roadhouse before accepting a lift as she walked along North West Road.
11am: Hayley was dropped off at the corner of North West Road and Winjardie Road, about 11 kilometres east of Bandgingarra.
11-11.45am: More than 10 witnesses report seeing Hayley walking on North West Road, with the last witness reporting seeing her about 5 kilometres east of Badgingarra Road.
Hayley was last seen crouched down on the side of the road looking into her day pack.
About 12pm: Witnesses reported driving past North West Road. Hayley was not seen.
30 July: Hayley was reported missing by her family.

www.watoday.com.au (27-11-2013)

Killer 'confessed' to Hayley Dodd murder - prisoner claims

Police are investigating a startling breakthrough in the 11-year hunt for missing teenager Hayley Dodd, amid claims a convicted killer confessed to his involvement in her murder.
The Sunday Times can today reveal the Special Crime Squad has received new information about Hayley's suspected abduction and murder, one of WA's most mysterious cases.
A released prisoner has come forward claiming Robin David Macartney confessed to killing the 17-year-old.
Macartney, who is serving a life sentence for the murder of Lalita Horsman in Geraldton in December 1999, has long been considered a suspect in Hayley's disappearance, but police have been unable to pinpoint his precise movements on the day she went missing.
The released prisoner claims Macartney, who is known by his middle name David, told him he had killed Hayley because she would not have sex with him.
In an earlier conversation it is claimed Macartney told the former inmate he knew the whereabouts of Hayley's body. In a copy of the former prisoner's statement to police, made to Det-Sgt Geoff Buck on August 27 this year and seen by The Sunday Times, the released prisoner also claims:
* He found a file of newspaper clippings about Hayley and two articles stuck on the wall of Macartney's Casuarina Prison cell while snooping when Macartney was in hospital in 2009.
* A photograph of Hayley's mother, Margaret, was uncovered in Macartney's cell with holes in her face that appeared to have been made with a pen. The word "bitch" was scawled above her name.
* He overheard Macartney discussing Hayley's disappearance with at least two other inmates at the jail, each time recounting that he had been different distances from where Hayley was last sighted on the day she disappeared.
The Sunday Times has strong information that police and prison authorities conducted at least two raids of Macartney's cell in recent weeks and that items had been seized from his living quarters.
While police said the cell raids were not related to the Hayley Dodd case, Mrs Dodd said detectives had confirmed to her they had been investigating the new claims for about two months and had searched Macartney's cell.
Mrs Dodd, who visited Macartney in jail in 2005 after he contacted her saying he had information about Hayley's disappearance, said she was only alerted to the heightened police investigation after inquiries made by The Sunday Times.
Police contacted her again on Friday asking her not to comment publicly on the latest claims.
But she described as "disturbing" the account that Macartney had news clippings of Hayley in his cell.
Hayley vanished after she hitched a ride from Dongara, where she was working as a roustabout, on July 29, 1999. She was last seen walking along North West Rd, near Badgingarra, about 200km north of Perth.
Police are convinced Hayley was abducted and murdered, though her body has never been found.
Ms Horsman, 27, was suffocated and her body dumped in the sand dunes of a Geraldton beach five months after Hayley disappeared.
The former prisoner, who was released from jail this year, claims that he spoke with Macartney on several occasions about Hayley's disappearance after a TV news report on June 28, 2009, named him as being a suspect in the case.
"I ask(ed) him, 'What happened, how come they accused you of murdering Hayley?'," the former prisoner said in a statement.
"He said, 'I was accused of it because they accused me of killing the girl in Geraldton and they thought I killed Hayley before I killed her'. He said, 'But I do know where the body is because the person who killed her told me where her body is'.
"I said, 'That can't happen. I think you should tell the police where the body is so the mother can have closure to this'. He said, 'No, that would spoil my appeal'."
In the statement, the ex-prisoner said: "It troubled me what David said to me, no one would know where the body was unless he was the murderer, that's what I thought."
He said, while Macartney confessed to knowing where Hayley's remains were, he did not detail the location.
The man claims that Macartney gave him his cell key so he could clean up before he returned from hospital where he was having treatment for bowel cancer.
"On his wall he had pictures and news items cut out of the newspaper about Hayley Dodd," the statement said. "There was only two on the wall, they were from 2009."
Inside the cell, the prisoner says he found two plastic files with newspaper clippings about Hayley's disappearance and other cases involving Dannie Wright, who was convicted for raping and murdering Chinese student Jiao Dan in Innaloo in October 2007, and American Dennis Maher, who was exonerated after serving 19 years in jail for raping three women in 1983.
"The red folder was all about Hayley," he said. "I saw some clippings had red ink around them.
"There was one picture of Margaret Dodd and it had holes in her face. It looked like the holes were made with a pen. The word 'bitch' was scribbled above her name."
The prisoner said, when he heard the prison guards coming, he returned the files to where he found them and never spoke to other prisoners about the find.
He said he told Macartney that he would give him an opportunity to go to police, but if he had not contacted them by June then he would.
"I'm telling the police this now as he didn't tell the police himself and the family needs to know and they need to get Hayley back," the statement said.
Mrs Dodd said three people had now come forward with similar stories about Macartney confessing to an involvement in Hayley's disappearance.
"One person could be lying, two perhaps collaborating but three people . . . there is no doubt Macartney is saying these things," she said.
Det-Insp Casey Prins, officer-in-charge of the Special Crime Squad, declined to comment.
A Department of Corrective Services spokesman said he was unable to comment or release information about operational or security issues regarding individual prisoners.
A $250,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for Hayley's disappearance.

www.perthnow.com.au (9-10-2010)
Nicole Cox

Transcript - "Missing without a trace"
A Perth mother still searching for answers.
Broadcast: 28/07/2006
Reporter: Layla Tucak

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