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Bilynda Williams’ open letter to Greg Domaszewicz about son Jaidyn Leskie

Exclusive: Murdered Moe toddler Jaidyn Leskie’s mother Bilynda Williams thinks Greg Domaszewicz killed her son and she has begged him to admit it.
In an emotional open letter to Mr Domaszewicz, Bilynda Williams has appealed to him to come clean now, or at least write down the truth and store it somewhere safe so it can be revealed after his death.
“Please, before your own life ends, please just tell the truth,” Ms Williams said in the letter to Mr Domaszewicz.
Ms Williams no longer knows how to contact Mr Domaszewicz, so she asked the Sunday Herald Sun to publish her letter in the hope he will read it.
She wrote it after the Herald Sun revealed Domaszewicz has finally admitted that he blames his “stupidity” for Jaidyn’s 1997 death.
But he denies killing the 14-month-old.
The Sunday Herald Sun has also discovered that after believing in Mr Domaszewicz’s innocence for several years, Ms Williams wrote to him in 2005 to tell him she had been convinced he killed her son.
“I hate you with every bone in my body and I hope you rot in hell for what you did to my little Jaidyn,” she told Mr Domaszewicz then.
Ms Williams is this month struggling through what would have been Jaidyn’s 18th birthday knowing Mr Domaszewicz is unlikely to ever face the justice system again.
But she is confident he will still be punished in ways other than through the court system for admitting responsibility for Jaidyn’s death. Ms Williams told him so in the 2005 letter.
“I just know Jaidyn will come back for you Greg. Might take 20 years, but he will come back for you,” she said.
“I hope you see his face every day. I hope everything reminds you of him and I hope he haunts you when you sleep.”
Mr Domaszewicz, a former boyfriend of Ms Williams, was acquitted of Jaidyn’s murder in 1998 and continues to maintain his innocence.
Changes to the double jeopardy laws mean he could be charged over Jaidyn’s death a second time, but there would need to be significant new evidence for that to happen.
Victoria Police has told the Sunday Herald Sun that it has no such evidence so it is unlikely the full story of what happened to Jaidyn will ever be known.
Ms Williams’ passion about getting justice for Jaidyn has not lessened over the years, but she now has five children and a husband to care for and at this stage she doesn’t want to again go public with her fight.
But her previously unpublished 2005 letter to Mr Domaszewicz, which she gave to the Sunday Herald Sun, makes her views clear - including accusing him of killing Jaidyn.
She wrote the 2005 letter after the Sunday Herald Sun provided her with documents relating to the case.
Ms Williams said the material convinced her Mr Domaszewicz killed Jaidyn.
“I am a firm believer in karma, so much so I have it tattooed on the back of my neck,” Ms Williams told Mr Domaszewicz in 2005.
“I don’t have to spend hours of blood, sweat and tears going over the briefs and thousands of evidence and witness documents anymore.
“You lied to me from the first day I met you. It may have taken me eight years Greg, but I do not, and will never, believe again one single word that comes out of your mouth.
“Do you know what it is like to see autopsy photos of your dead son lying on a bloody autopsy table, Greg? “You feel like going home and slitting your own wrists.”
In an unpublished book Ms Williams has written - which she provided to the Sunday Herald Sun - she revealed Jaidyn’s father Brett Leskie introduced her to Mr Domaszewicz.
“When I first met Greg I thought he was a complete loser druggie with the brains of a two-year-old,” her book says.
“He was seeing Yvonne Penfold at the time, but anyone could see it was not a nice relationship.
“I saw a lot of Greg after that, he kept calling me on the phone and would come around almost every day. If I wasn’t at his house he was at mine. We would watch videos with the kids. The kids would sleep on his bed and we would fall asleep on separate couches in his lounge room.
“I always felt Greg was ashamed of me. He would introduce me to his friends as ‘Leskie’s ex-missus’ and told me not to say anything to anyone about our ‘weird but wonderful’ relationship.
“Then one day Greg asked me if it would be OK if he looked after Jaidyn on his own ... and I agreed.”
Her book also reveals her doubts about Mr Domaszewicz’s innocence from the minute he was questioned by police about Jaidyn’s disappearance, but that he had convinced her he wasn’t involved.
“As soon as he was released from the police station he headed for me,’’ Ms Williams says in her book.
“Inside I wanted to kill him. I didn’t know if he was lying or not. ‘Had he done something to Jaidyn?’, I kept asking myself.
“I wanted a gun. I wanted to shoot him in the foot and if he didn’t tell me I’d shoot him in the other foot. But when it really came down to it, I doubt I could have shot anyone.
“To my surprise, Greg walked in and hugged me, in front of everyone that was there.
“Greg had never done that before - shown me affection in front of people. Now he was telling the police I was his girlfriend as well as showing his affection in public.
“I never really thought about the way he treated me back then until now. He didn’t want a soul to know about us and as soon as Jaidyn disappeared it seemed to be OK.”
Coroner Graham Johnstone found in 2006 that Mr Domaszewicz contributed to Jaidyn’s death by throwing the toddler’s body in a Moe dam.
Former attorney-general Jim Kennan, who died in 2010, told the coroner in 2005 there was enough evidence to find Mr Domaszewicz killed Jaidyn.
But the case remains unsolved.

www.news.com.au (12-4-2014)

"Murdered toddler Jaidyn Leskie would have turned 18 this month as his case revives the sordid world of drugs, booze, sex, lies and the ‘pigs head gang’ in Victorian town of Moe" (11-4-2014)

Jaidyn Leskie Case Prompts Babysitter Kit

Ten years after the mysterious death of Moe toddler Jaidyn Leskie, a kit has been launched giving parents tips on choosing a safe babysitter.
In June 1997, Bilynda Williams left her 14-month-old son with her then boyfriend Greg Domaszewicz, while she went to a party and then the pub in Moe, eastern Victoria.
But when she came home, Jaidyn was gone, a pig's head was on the front lawn and several windows of her home were smashed.
It was six months before Jaidyn's body was found in a nearby dam.
Mr Domaszewicz has continually denied being responsible for Jaidyn's death and was acquitted of his murder in the Victorian Supreme Court.
But Victorian Coroner Graeme Johnstone last year released a finding into the child's death, pinning some blame on Mr Domaszewicz.
He also criticised Ms Williams for leaving Jaidyn in Mr Domaszewicz's care and recommended that information be made available to parents about choosing a safe babysitter.
Today the Victorian government released that information kit, prepared by Victoria's Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary.
"He (Mr Johnstone) recommended that information designed to help parents about safety and other issues when they were selecting an appropriate babysitter would be useful and I was happy to meet that challenge," Mr Geary said.
"We had a range of resources out that revolved around what parents should consider when placing children in creche and kindergarten and so on.
"But we didn't have anything as drilled down as advising parents, who in some cases are under pressure for a variety of reasons, about having to find a babysitter in an informal way for their child."
Mr Geary said the package asks parents to think about things like whether their babysitter has a temper, drug or alcohol problems, knows how to comfort a child, is mature and trustworthy.
"It's not rocket science but it's on about people stopping and thinking," he said.
"It's the taking a chance with a babysitter that we are trying to get parents to think more carefully about."

AAP (11-5-2007)
Kellee Nolan

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Domaszewicz 'Unfit To Give Evidence'

Greg Domaszewicz – the man accused and acquitted of murdering Moe toddler Jaidyn Leskie – was mentally unfit to give evidence at the third inquest into the child's death, the Victorian Coroner's Court was told today.
Jaidyn vanished while in the care of Mr Domaszewicz, the then boyfriend of his mother, Bilynda Williams, at Moe in southeast Victoria in June 1997.
His partly decomposed body was found in Blue Rock Dam near Moe on January 1, 1998.
In July this year, Coroner Graeme Johnstone ordered Mr Domaszewicz, who had been acquitted of Jaidyn's murder in a Supreme Court trial, to give evidence at the inquest today.
But Mr Domaszewicz's barrister Colin Lovett QC produced reports from a general practitioner and a forensic psychologist who were both of the opinion his client was unfit to give evidence.
He said his client was suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, nightmares and panic attacks after the intense media attention surrounding Jaidyn's death.
"The rank-and-file person thinks in this case... that he got away with murder, to put it bluntly," Mr Lovett said.
"The effect it has had on my client has been devastating.
"He is afraid to go out, he is afraid of everything."
Mr Lovett said even if his client gave evidence today it would be unreliable due to his psychological state.
The hearing continues.

AAP (1-9-2005)

'Pig thrower' Airs New Jaidyn Claim
PIG'S head team leader Kenny Penfold has made new claims implicating Greg Domaszewicz in the death of Jaidyn Leskie.
But the brother of slain suspected hitman Andrew "Benji" Veniamin has refused a request from the State Coroner to discuss his dealings with Mr Domaszewicz.
Steven Veniamin ripped up material from the Coroner in front of the two police officers who delivered it to his home.
Mr Penfold recently told police he saw Mr Domaszewicz put a bag in the boot of his car and drive off with it the night Jaidyn disappeared.
State Coroner Graeme Johnstone has called Mr Penfold to give evidence at the third Leskie inquest, which resumes today.
He has also issued a subpoena ordering Mr Domaszewicz to attend.
Mr Penfold - the brother of Mr Domaszewicz's former girlfriend, Yvonne Penfold - made a new statement to police on August 9. He and three others were named the pig's head team during Mr Domaszewicz's 1998 murder trial after they admitted being involved in throwing a pig's head at Mr Domaszewicz's house the night Jaidyn was reported missing.
"On the night that I threw the pig's head through the window I did see Greg Domaszewicz on this night walk out of his house several times and walk to his wheelie bin," Mr Penfold's new statement said.
"He was putting something in the bin each time but I could not see what it was he was putting in the bin. He went back inside his house and come out with a bag.
"He put the bag in the boot of his car and drove off. The area was well lit and I could see pretty well. I can't describe the bag, but he was definitely carrying some sort of bag."
Police searched Mr Domaszewicz's bin after Jaidyn was reported missing in June 1997 and found five bloodied tissues. DNA tests confirmed it was Jaidyn's blood.
Jaidyn's body was found in Blue Rock Dam, near Moe, six months after the 14-month-old disappeared. His weighted-down body was dumped in a sleeping bag.
Mr Domaszewicz was charged with murdering Jaidyn but was acquitted by a Supreme Court jury in 1998.

Herald Sun (1-9-2005)
Keith Moor

Jaidyn's Sitter Secretly Taped

Gangland killing taskforce detectives secretly taped Greg Domaszewicz discussing Jaidyn Leskie's death with hitman Andrew Veniamin's brother.
Mr Domaszewicz laughed while talking about the Moe toddler's 1997 death.
The chilling Victoria Police Purana taskforce tape was played yesterday during the opening day of the new Leskie inquest.
"I don't like people tormenting things," Mr Domaszewicz said to Steven Veniamin on April 7 last year.
Mr Veniamin said: "What about when you tormented that kid?"
Mr Domaszewicz laughed and replied: "Yeah, that was different, it was a long time ago."
Jaidyn's mother Bilynda Williams yesterday told the Herald Sun she was appalled Mr Domaszewicz was able to treat Jaidyn's death as a joke.
"How dare Greg think that my son's death is something to laugh about," she said. "I feel disgusted in myself that I ever knew him."
Mr Domaszewicz -- who was acquitted of murdering Jaidyn -- was babysitting the toddler the night he vanished.
The inquest was also told yesterday that Mr Domaszewicz recently said to police that he had guns and marijuana in his house the night Jaidyn vanished.
In a statement made to the corruption division of the Victoria Police ethical standards department, Mr Domaszewicz accused police of taking his guns and drugs.
He said the missing pistols were a Beretta automatic, a Browning 9mm automatic and a Ruger Blackhawk double-action.
Mr Domaszewicz also used the statement, made in February this year, to withdraw his earlier allegation that police were involved in the abduction and murder of Jaidyn, either directly or indirectly.
"I have no evidence that a policeman killed Jaidyn," his statement says.
The police tape played at the inquest yesterday has Steven Veniamin accusing Mr Domaszewicz of dropping his car "on it" -- a reference to the theory put forward during the trial that Jaidyn's arm was broken when Mr Domaszewicz's car fell off its jack.
Mr Domaszewicz replied: "I'm telling you now there's a big difference from that and f------ murder, that, that, for a start that's accidental death."
The Herald Sun revealed in May last year that Mr Domaszewicz was one of the last people to speak to Andrew "Benji" Veniamin before he was shot dead on March 23 last year.
Carlton identity Mick Gatto was recently cleared of murdering Veniamin, who was a suspect in several of Melbourne's underworld murders.
It was an accusation by a female underworld figure that Mr Domaszewicz "did it" that prompted him to ring Steven Veniamin in April last year.
Mr Veniamin said: "But when you see (name deleted for legal reasons) apparently that's what she said, she reckons you did it."
Mr Domaszewicz is recorded saying he intended speaking to the woman about her accusation. "But she did say it though, yeah," Mr Domaszewicz said.
Mr Veniamin replied: "Yeah."
Counsel assisting the coroner, Jim Kennan, SC, yesterday said he was not suggesting the content of the recorded conversation pointed to the commission of any offence.
Mr Kennan said its content was equivocal and could be construed one way or another.
The coroner's office recently invited Mr Domaszewicz to attend the inquest to give evidence.
He refused and his lawyer, Michael Rafter, will fight any attempt to force Mr Domaszewicz into the witness box.
State Coroner Graeme Johnstone said he would be issuing a subpoena ordering Mr Domaszewicz to give evidence at the inquest.

Herald Sun (12-7-2005)
Keith Moor

Third Jaidyn Inquest Based On New Facts

A third inquest will be held into the death of Victorian toddler Jaidyn LesKie, the state's coroner saying new facts could shed light on the case.
Jaidyn's mother, Bilynda Williams, has welcomed what she says is a chance to finally achieve justice for him.
The 14-month-old vanished while in the care of Greg Domaszewicz in 1997 and his body was found in Blue Rock Dam, near Moe, 140km west of Melbourne, on January 1, 1998.
Later that year, Mr Domaszewicz was acquitted of his murder.
Ms Williams has posted a message on a website dedicated to her son welcoming Victorian Coroner Graeme Johnstone's decision to open the inquest almost eight years after the boy went missing.
"It's Jaidyn's birthday on Saturday, and the coroner has given him an early birthday present," the message says.
"The coroner will hold an inquest into Jaidyn's death! Thank you, thank you.
"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank every single person that signed the petition, who gave me support and when the going got tough, helped me back on track. Jaidyn will finally have his day in court and it's all thanks to everyone involved, thank you."
Mr Johnstone said a fresh inquest was needed to investigate new facts relating to the case.
He said they warranted "further exploration in order to shed light on the questions of the cause of death, how death occurred, and as to whether some person, other than the individual who was acquitted, contributed to the cause of death".
The decision comes after a long campaign by Mrs Williams.
Initially, then coroner lain West closed the case on Jaidyn's death, laying no blame and deciding against a public inquest in June, 2002. But following pleas by Mrs Williams, a second Inquest commenced in November, 2003.
This was stopped after 22 days when the Supreme Court found that Mr Johnstone was acting outside his jurisdiction.
Mr Domaszewicz, who avoided testitying during that inquest and at the time described it as a "turkey shoot", said yesterday he was glad a fresh inquest had been called.
"I am happy it's going to be done. It should be done the way they said it would be done originally," he said.
He said his lawyers were originally told they would be able to call their own witnesses and this had not occurred at the last inquest.
Mr Johnstone said additional evidence would be heard at the new inquest and written submissions and replies would be considered.
A date has not been set.

AAP (June 2005)

Jaidyn Accused 'A Liar'

A prisoner who claimed to have overheard Greg Domaszewicz confessing to killing Moe toddler Jaidyn Leskie was an inveterate liar who manipulated police, an inquest was told yesterday.
Colin Lovitt QC, appearing for Domaszewicz, called for "the other side of the story" to be told about Prisoner F, who cannot be identified. The inmate, who is still in prison, has alleged Domaszewicz admitted to killing Jaidyn in "an accident that he tried to fix".
Prisoner F this weeek refused to testify to Jaidyn Leskie's inquest, citing fears for his own safety and the safety of his family. Mr Lovitt's accusations against the prisoner's credibility yesterday came after a former Ethical Standards Department inspector, who originally interviewed Prisoner F, was recalled to the stand.
"(Prisoner F) is an inveterate liar. He's a manipulator of the system. He's a user of the police and admitted such," he said.
"He's man who has rorted the system and the well has dried up for (prisoner F)," he said.
The inquest resumes before State Coroner Graeme Johnstone on Tuesday.

Adelaide Advertiser (29-11-2003)

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Australian True Crime: Justice Denied - An investigation into the death of Jaidyn Leskie

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