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Name: Michael Anthony Guider

Age: 62 yrs old (2013)

State: NSW

Sentence: Sentenced to 16 yrs jail in 1996, for (60 charges of sexually abusing and drugging minors).
Sentenced in August 2002, to a maximium of 17 yrs jail, with a minimum of 12 yrs..Guider will be eligible for parole in June 2014.

Offence/Other:Michael Anthony Guider - Paedophile/ Child Killer.. Guider abducted - Killed 9 yr old Samantha Knight in 1986, sentenced in 2002.
In 1996 pleaded guilty to 60 charges of sexually abusing and drugging minors..Victims were 11 children aged two to 16 yrs old.

" Sam's killer 'linked to other child deaths' " - Michael Anthony Guider was 35 when he abducted Samantha in Bondi's Wellington Street. For the previous three years he had secretly drugged and abused her but it was not until 2002 that he confessed to her manslaughter, claiming to have accidentally given her a fatal overdose of the sedative Normison.
Guider was already serving 16 years' jail following his conviction in 1996 for the sexual assault and drugging of 11 other children aged two to 16. Even so, he refused to talk about Samantha's death or say where he had left her body.
Read More Below.

Sam's killer 'linked to other child deaths'

It took Denise Hofman nearly two years to convince senior police that Michael Guider was one of Australia's most notorious child killers.
Now the mother-of-five says they are refusing to consider her concerns that Guider, who killed nine-year-old Samantha Knight, may have murdered other children.
Mrs Hofman, 58, has revealed that a set of scrapbooks once kept by Guider contain newspaper cuttings about the unsolved abduction and homicide of five-year-old Renee Aitken on the state's South Coast in 1984.
Other circumstantial details potentially link the 55-year-old pedophile to the disappearance, she said.
However, senior police insist that without more evidence they can't take the matter further.
None will allow Mrs Hofman access to the scrapbooks, which they say are filed in the force's investigative archives.
Nor are they willing to examine the exhibits or discuss their contents with her, she said.
Mrs Hofman, who learnt of the scrapbooks' existence through the Guider investigation, now wonders whether at least some of the clippings have been lost.
"I'm getting the same sort of responses from the police that I did when I was trying to tell them about Samantha," Mrs Hofman said.
"They're not answering the questions I'm putting to them. They're refusing to produce the scrapbooks and they're saying at a very high level that they don't even need to go and look at them for themselves."
Guider, 55, was sentenced to 12 years' jail in August 2002 for Samantha's manslaughter, thus closing the book on a 16-year mystery. He could be released as early as 2014.
But his conviction would never have happened without Mrs Hofman's determination to expose her former friend as a suspect and then go under cover to help prove his guilt.
Mrs Hofman and Guider met in 1993 via a mutual interest in Sydney's Aboriginal rock sites but three years later she was shocked to learn that Guider, who worked closely with the National Parks and Wildlife Service, was in jail awaiting trial over child sex allegations.
When a colleague confided to her that Guider had been obsessed with Samantha and helped search for her when she disappeared, Mrs Hofman decided to act.
Bondi police would not meet her, so she decided to visit Guider in prison and did so more than a dozen times before anyone would believe her story.
At one stage, she was told to walk away because Guider was simply not a suspect.
Mrs Hofman said Guider's police photograph was privately identified by a key witness in the Renee Aitken case.
She said a poem Guider sent her from jail also confirmed that he was working in the Canberra suburb of Red Hill, just two hours from Renee's Narooma home, around the time she was snatched.
A letter Mrs Hofman received from police two weeks ago said: "The [police] followed up the issues you raised in your representations and [are] satisfied that, unless further evidence is forthcoming, there are no additional avenues of investigation that can be legitimately pursued.
"I understand that you feel strongly about this issue; however, I must reiterate that, without further evidence, NSW Police is unable to take the matter further."
Former NSW Police consultant and serial crime authority Richard Basham said it was easy enough for police to question specifics "but the general issues being raised about this guy are more difficult to deal with because the police know what the actual chances are of him being a 'one-off' offender".
"Essentially any crime against a stranger needs to be regarded as part of a series until proven otherwise."
Dr Basham agreed that the mere fact Guider was already behind bars was not enough to dismiss whatever else he might have done.
"The parents [of other potential victims] certainly deserve better," he said.
Mrs Hofman believes the scrapbooks feature cuttings on other missing child cases as well.
While Guider's age would all but rule out any direct connection, she knows they include the 1966 disappearance of the three Beaumont children in Adelaide.
"Even tracking Michael's whereabouts over the past 20 years through the NSW National Parks and Wildlife registry would have to be be worthwhile, and very easily done," Mrs Hofman said.
"Wherever he was, the days, the dates, the sites, all of it, it's there in the register but it is something the police have never looked at."

Samantha Knight walked out of her mother's Bondi flat on August 19, 1986, and never returned. For the next 16 years, her disappearance would be considered one of the nation's most baffling and disturbing crimes. A neighbour was the last person to see her alive when she waved to the pretty nine-year-old in Bondi Road. Samantha had earlier visited her nearby Imperial Avenue home to change out of her school clothes and fix something to eat. Knowing her mother was to return from an art class at 6pm, she then decided to walk down to a local pharmacy to buy a toothbrush.

Michael Anthony Guider was 35 when he abducted Samantha in Bondi's Wellington Street. For the previous three years he had secretly drugged and abused her but it was not until 2002 that he confessed to her manslaughter, claiming to have accidentally given her a fatal overdose of the sedative Normison. Guider was already serving 16 years' jail following his conviction in 1996 for the sexual assault and drugging of 11 other children aged two to 16. Even so, he refused to talk about Samantha's death or say where he had left her body. Former prisoners told police Guider may have buried her in an eastern suburbs park before exhuming the remains and dumping them in a construction site bin.

February 16 will mark 23 years since little Renee Aitken's bewildering disappearance and suspected murder. Exhaustive search efforts failed to find a trace of the five-year-old, snatched from her Narooma bedroom in 1984. Various sightings of her over time have all proved false, including an American woman's bizarre claim to being the adult Renee. A computer-generated likeness of what a 22-year-old Renee might look like, which was circulated in 2001, also failed to produce a lead. Hope of a breakthrough then emerged the following year, when police declared interest in a man previously convicted of assaulting one of Renee's relatives. However, he died in a car smash without being questioned, just weeks before Coroner Carl Milanovich returned an open finding at inquest.

www.smh.com.au (26-11-2006)
John Kidman

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The deadly silence that doomed Samantha

Samantha Knight's killer finally came clean yesterday but Philip Cornford reveals how the predator was allowed to roam free for 10 years.
A month before Michael Guider killed nine-year-old Samantha Knight, her best friend had told her own mother that he was a sexual predator. But her mother did not go to the police.
It was at the woman's house in Raglan Street, Manly, that Guider sexually abused her daughter, Samantha and another young girl from 1984 to 1986.
Her daughter, then aged 8, told her in July 1986 how Guider had played a game he called statues, which involved her sitting absolutely still while he exposed his penis and touched her genitalia.
Yet the woman maintained her silence even after Samantha vanished from a Bondi street on August 19 the same year, feared murdered, last seen in the company of a man.
The woman came to Sydney to comfort Samantha's frantic mother, Tess Knight, then aged 28 and a friend. But even while police and citizens searched for Samantha, she did not tell Ms Knight or detectives about Guider, who had been her free babysitter.
Had she passed on the information told to her by her daughter, Guider would probably have been arrested. Instead, he remained free and continued to assault children for 10 years until his arrest in 1996.
Yesterday, Guider, 51, his greying beard flowing over his chest and his hair over his shoulders, pleaded guilty in Supreme Court to manslaughter. He had originally pleaded not guilty to murdering Samantha.
He faces a maximum a 25 years' jail when he is sentenced on August 23. He already is serving 16 years for sexual offences against children and was due for release, with parole remissions, in 2006.
A statement of facts says Guider intended to sedate Samantha so that he could sexually molest her, but accidentally gave her a fatal overdose of Normison.
Guider claims he buried Samantha in Cooper Park at Woollahra, but dug up her body 18 months later when workmen came close to her grave.
He says he put her remains in a dump bin on a construction site at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron at Kirribilli, where he was a gardener. Waste from the site went into landfills.
If this account is true, there is virtually no chance that Samantha's remains will be recovered and given a proper burial, the dearest wish of her parents, Ms Knight and Peter O'Meagher.
"Guider is the only person who knows where Sam is," Mr O'Meagher said. "We've got to bury her. We really just want that." Ms Knight said: "There is no reason why he can't tell us where Sam is. I think I would like to know a little bit more about what happened."
But Guider is unlikely to give police more information until he is sentenced, fearing he might still be charged with murder.
Police had no idea Guider was Samantha's killer when they arrested him in February 1996 after two mothers said he had sexually molested their two young daughters.
Investigators found thousands of pornographic slides which Guider had taken of his victims. They identified nine girls and two boys aged between two and 16, molested over 10 years.
Confronted with this evidence, Guider pleaded guilty to 60 charges of sexually abusing and drugging minors. But he admitted offences only against those children already identified and refused to give information about any other victims.
Guider told investigators that he did not select his child victims but targeted their mothers, who were lonely single parents, many of them drug-addicted. He met them at the methadone clinic at Royal North Shore Hospital, where he was a gardener from 1989.
"Every day I picked up my methadone, he was there," the mother of one victim told police. He had encouraged her to go out while he baby-sat her five-year-old daughter, telling her: "You haven't been out in a while." He always had his camera.
Guider, who told prison psychologists he was sexually abused by his mother and later at a boys' home, was contemptuous of the mothers.
One said Guider told him that "in some cases the parents found out what he was up to and their reactions varied ... they were not often extreme and damning of him". To them he was just a free babysitter.
Guider told a psychologist about another mother. "She was bad. I was screwing her two kids and she asked me to do it to her after I'd been doing it to them."
But it was not until 1998 that detectives from Strike Force Harrisville, who had reopened the investigation into Samantha's disappearance, began to focus on Guider.
In September detectives found thousands of photographs that Guider had concealed in a storage facility at Girraween.
They identified a photograph of Samantha and two young friends and traced them to Manly Public School and then to Raglan Street, where one of Samantha's friends lived.
She had met her friends while her mother lived with a partner at Manly, and continued to visit on weekends after Ms Knight ended the relationship and moved to the eastern suburbs.
Among Guider's collection were pornographic photos he had taken of Samantha's two friends while babysitting them at Raglan Street in 1984. He was a friend of the mother of Samantha's classmate. There were pornographic photos of another young girl who police were certain was Samantha, but they were unable to prove it.
There were other, innocent photographs showing all three girls together in Raglan Street.
They located one of the girls, now a young woman, in Queensland in December 1998. She told them that Guider had sexually assaulted her at least five times when she was aged between seven and eight and staying overnight at Raglan Street. Often, Samantha had been there too.
The woman described how Guider played hide-and-seek with the three young girls. They hid in different rooms and he would find one of them and sexually assault her. This continued until he had found and sexually assaulted all three.
On another night she had been invited by her friend's mother to stay over at Raglan Street. Her friend wasn't there, but Guider was.
The mother left and Guider took her to the mother's bedroom, sat her on the bed, she said. He had molested her for about 20 minutes and taken photographs. "Every time I was at [Raglan Street] and Michael was there, he sexually assaulted me."
But police ran into a hurdle with the woman who owned the Raglan Street house. Neither she nor her daughter, then aged 21, wanted to talk to police.
Eventually police subpoened them to appear in July 1999 before the NSW Crime Commission, the state's most draconian interrogatory body.
They were shown and identified the pornographic photographs taken by Guider. Even then, they were reluctant to talk about him.
The daughter was the first witness. She gave evidence about the statues game. She said that after they moved to Yamba, on the North Coast, she told her mother about Guider. She was eight at the time.
"I can't recall how specific I was with details," she said. "My mother asked me if I wanted to go back to Sydney to fight the matter and I said I didn't. After that time, I didn't want to talk about Guider."
The mother was brought to the crime commission 10 days later. She revealed that her daughter told her in July 1996 - the month before Samantha disappeared, when they were living in Yamba - that Guider had molested her at Raglan Street.
"[her daughter] told me around this time about a game called statues that Guider played with her," she said. "I asked her about whether she wanted to discuss the matter further. We both decided to put it behind us."
Police sent a brief of evidence to the Director of Public Prosecutions recommending that Guider be charged with Samantha's murder.
While awaiting a decision, they charged him with sexually molesting Samantha's two friends.
Once again, Guider pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 6 years' jail. However, much of it was to be concurrent with the term he was serving, and it added only six months to his total sentence.
By pleading guilty to sexually assaulting her friends, Guider avoided being examined about Samantha, and he did not have to confront his victims.
That ended in April. Charged with murdering Samantha, Guider pleaded not guilty. Four young women who had been his victims as children, two of them Samantha's friends, gave evidence at the committal hearing.
Not once did Guider look in their direction. While they testified, he sat with his head bowed, staring at the floor, a shrunken man.
In court, the mother denied that Samantha had ever stayed overnight at Raglan Street or that Guider had been left alone with her daughter or her friends.
But her evidence was contradicted by her then boyfriend and a couple who lived at Raglan Street who testified that Guider babysat Samantha and her two friends while the mother and her friend went out.
But the most telling contradiction came from the young woman who had willingly helped detectives. Samantha was there, she said. They all were. And Guider sexually assaulted them.

www.smh.com.au (8-6-2002)

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