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Mother held after kidnap claim
A mother who allegedly snatched her own daughter from a Sydney primary school yesterday was arrested in South Australia.
The child ***, was last seen in the playground of Blairmount Public school at 11am on October 20 after saying she was feeling ill and walking to sick bay.
NSW Police and Australian Federal Police began a Nationwide hunt for *** and her Mother Victoria after a Mitsubishi Magna she hired was reported as stolen.
Police also were hunting for a male friend (see child sex offender - Matthew John Curry) of Mrs ****** on a number of outstanding warrants including breaching parole.
Family friend and former Queensland Police Officer John Donoghue last night confirmed, *** was back in Sydney with father ***** who had custody of the child.
"The news is just fantastic and now *** is back with her Father and her little sister, " Mr Donoghue said.
"Her hair has been cut and dyed".
Mr ******, a storeman, had made a number of public appeals to help find his daughter - a severe asthmatic.

The Daily Telegraph (21-12-1999)

Victoria Hopkins
Pic- Victoria Hopkins
Mum tells why she took child and disappeared

A Mother who snatched her nine-year-old daughter from a playground has vowed to remain on the run from police indefinitely.
In an emotional letter sent to the Daily telegraph, Victoria ****** said welfare authorities were ruining her life by placing daughter *** in foster care.
Mrs ****** said she took ***, from the Blairmount Public School playground at lunchtime on October 20, because she believed a girl needed to be with her mummy.
Now NSW police, Australian Federal Police said airports across the country have been put on alert.
In the four page letter dated November 19 and sent from "somewhere in Australia", she wrote: " I did not want to do this as this is not the life I want for my child.
"However after her pleading and crying to come back to mummy...I took my daughter out of fear and frustration at what the Department of Community Services has done to me and my family.
"They had ripped my children from me placing them in foster care where my eldest daughter told me they were been fed hot chips and pies forlunch and dinner every day,
not allowed to contact me".
"I have watched my children go from having everything to having nothing due to the Department of community Services sheer harassment and corruption that has shattered my life".
For the rest of *** family, the heartache goes on.
Every day for the past five weeks, 4yr old ****, asks her father ***** the same, heartbreaking question.
And everyday he struggles with the answer.
He doesn't know where *** is or when she is coming home.
"She wakes up every night with headaches and crying out for her sister, 'I want *** she says'", Mr ****** told the Daily Telegraph yesterday.
"I don't know what to tell her".
Mr ****** said the school and DOCS were told *** was in danger of being taken.

Police have confirmed they believed *** was travelling with her mother and a 25yr old Oakdale man, who last year spent six months in Goulburn jail for child sex offences.
The man (Matthew John Curry) had been spoken to by Macquarie Fields detectives after she disappeared but he denied all knowldege.
The man , who is a millionaire having received a compensation payout for a childhood accident, has now not been seen for more than two weeks.
Police confirm he had contacted them on November 11, after they had searched one of his properties, but he had failed to attend a parole hearing a week later.
He is on two-year probation.
Police suspect the trio were possibly in a rented, beige coloured Mitsubishi Magna with NSW registration plates.
*** is described as been 140cm tall and chubby, with bonde hair that may have been dyed black or red.

The Daily Telegraph (23-11-1999)

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