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Age: 25 yrs old (2012)

State: Queensland-Mackay

Sentence: Sentenced 21-3-2012, in the Supreme Court in Mackay, to 2.5 yrs jail - to serve just over 8 months jail-to be released 20-9-2012. .On release from prison, she will become a registered child sex offender.

Offence/Other: Natasha Heel-Pleaded guilty to 7 charges including several of taking indecent photos of a child under 16, and supplying marijuana to a minor..Victims were two 15 yr old girls..offences occurred in Mackay in 2006... See also Co-offender - Tony Clerc.

Porn photo charges

Natasha Heel plied two 15-year-old girls with alcohol and marijuana to reduce their inhibitions before assisting in taking more than 1600 pornographic pictures of them.
Heel also took pictures of 45-year-old Mackay man Tony Clerc in sexual poses with the girls.
The offences occurred in Mackay in 2006 but they did not come to light until a year later, when one of the victims told her mother and police became involved.
Heel was committed to stand trial in August, 2009, but she went on the run from police for more than two years and wasn't caught until two months ago.
She was friends with former Eimeo resident Tony Clerc who had a wardrobe of adult clothes and lingerie, leather and skimpy outfits and sexual aides, which he used in some of the pictures.
The images showed the girls naked, wearing g-strings, kissing and fondling each other and in various sexual poses.
Heel took pictures of Clerc in sexual poses with the girls, one with his face close up to one of the girl's private parts, and in another picture he has his hand around another girl's breasts.
Heel, now aged 25, pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court in Mackay yesterday to seven charges including several of taking indecent photos of a child under 16, and supplying marijuana to a minor.
Barrister Bronwyn Hartigan, for Heel, told the court that Heel fled authorities two years ago because she was scared she would go to jail.
At the time of the offences, Heel and Clerc were both using marijuana and Heel was also addicted to amphetamines and alcohol.
"The pictures were for Clerc's sexual gratification, not hers," Ms Hartigan told the court.
Heel has already served 73 days in custody.
She was jailed for two and a half years, to be suspended on September 20 this year, requiring her to serve another six months.
On release from prison, she will become a registered child sex offender.

SHAME FILE * More than 1600 pornographic images of the two 15-year-old girls were found on a computer in Tony Clerc's Mackay house * He was pictured in at least 100 of them in sexual poses with the girls * Natasha Heel took some of the pictures but never kept any for herself * The two victims are now aged about 22 and live in separate states outside Queensland

www.themorningbulletin.com.au (22-3-2012)
Bruce McKean

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