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Name: ALLON MITCHELL LACCO (has also been using the alias - Allon Williams)

Age: 46 yrs old (2011)

State:WA/ VIC - Ursa St, Belmont, Victoria (15-12-07)..has since moved on from Belmont/ Current whereabouts unknown.

Sentence: Jailed for 8 yrs in 1990 for raping 29 yr old woman/ Received another 8 yrs jail in 1991 for indecently assaulting/ attacking an 11 yr old girl in 1989..Lacco was released from jail in March 2006.

Offence/Other: Notorious WA sex offender who Could be secretly living in your neighbourhood - YOU SHOULD BE NOTIFIED..Lacco Raped a 29 yr old woman in 1988. In 1989 whle on bail for rape he broke into a Leederville house and indecently assaulted/ attacked a sleeping 11 yr old girl (punched the girl in the face - fracturing her jaw..charges included aggravated indecent assault).

UPDATE..Lacco has been using the alias "Allon Williams" and is Currently (15-12-07) living in Ursa St, Belmont, Geelong, Victoria, within hundreds of metre's from a primary school and High school..An article in the Herald Sun (16-12-07) states that he is now under investigation, amid claims he was attempting to lure a young boy into his unit

Federal and State governments need to work together and introduce laws to better protect YOU and YOUR Family from sex offenders. Tougher sentencing, public sex offender registries (such as the MAKO/Files) and community notification would be a good start.
Allon Lacco
Allon Lacco

Allon Lacco
Allon Lacco

Sex offender Allon Lacco did not kill mum, admits regularly fantasising about “killing” people

Geelong’s Allon Lacco denies having anything to do with the high-profile murder of a WA Supreme Court lawyer’s wife.

A Geelong sex offender linked to the unsolved murder of a Perth mother-of-two has professed his innocence but admitted he regularly fantasises about “killing” people.
Allon Lacco, 50, said he constantly wrestled with the “demons” inside him.
Mr Lacco said he used to sell drugs in the carpark where Corryn Rayney was last seen and once worked at the park where her body was found — but it was all just coincidence.
“I didn’t kill her,” said Mr Lacco, who was labelled a “monster” by the WA Supreme Court for the sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl. “At the end of the day I sleep peacefully. I have nothing to hide.”
Lloyd Rayney, a Supreme Court lawyer, was found not guilty of murdering his wife in 2007 after a long trial.
During the trial, the defence argued police did not “thoroughly” investigate Mr Lacco, who was living nearby with a criminal friend whose DNA was found on a cigarette butt outside the Rayney home.
The defence said recently Mr Lacco should be questioned again in a review.
Mr Lacco said he could not remember what he was doing on the night Mrs Rayney went missing, but was most likely drinking with a friend at home.
On the day Mrs Rayney’s body was found, Mr Lacco was arrested driving a car with sand in the boot and had injuries to his face and hands. His car and clothes were not examined by the Rayney investigation team.
Mr Lacco, who said he lived between WA and Victoria, said scratches were not uncommon for him and he had been questioned in 2008 and 2009 by police who believed a “long strand of hair” found at Mrs Rayney’s grave site was his.
In 2008, police alleged Mr Lacco was paid $25,000 to dispose of Mrs Rayney’s body after she was killed.
But Mr Lacco said he was “pro-life” and had “sympathy” for the family. “I will be blunt — if I’m going to kill anybody it would be a man,” he said.
Just months before Mrs Rayney was murdered, WA Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan warned Mr Lacco was a “high” risk after he bashed a woman in her early 40s, like Mrs Rayney was.
In 2007, the Geelong Advertiser revealed Mr Lacco had moved to Geelong and was handing out lollies and drinks to children at Waurn Ponds skate park, which prompted a warning to parents from a Belmont school.
At the time, Mr Lacco said he had been rehabilitated after serving eight years’ jail for the rape of a 29-year-old woman and for bashing and sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl as she slept in her family home in Perth.

www.geelongadvertiser.com.au (23-6-2015)
Anthony De Ceglie/ Anthea Cannon

MAKO/Files Online.. Listing Australian Convicted Paedophiles/ Sex Offenders/ Child Killers.. FREE Public Service..

Cops warned sex offender Allon Lacco, who lived near Corryn Rayney, was ‘high’ risk to reoffend

Just months before Corryn Rayney was murdered Police Commissioner Karl O’Callaghan warned a dangerous sex predator living near her house was a “high” risk of reoffending.
His comments came after Allon Lacco ­was given a suspended sentence in May 2007 for bashing a woman who was, like Corryn, in her early 40s.
“(The magistrate) showed such a lack of regard for the safety of the community by releasing Allon Lacco,” WA’s top cop said at the time.
“Lacco has a shocking criminal record and police believe the risk of him reoffending is high.”
Lacco was dubbed a “monster” in the WA Supreme Court after the vicious bashing and sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl as she slept in her Leederville home in 1989.
The attack happened just weeks after he raped a 29-year-old woman as she lay in bed next to her two-year-old son.
Mrs Rayney went missing after her bootscooting class at Bentley Community Centre on August 7 in 2007. Her body was found in a shallow grave at Kings Park nine days later.
Her husband, Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney, was found not guilty of murdering his wife in 2012.
Revelations about Lacco’s link to the death emerged at Mr Rayney’s murder trial, where it was revealed the DNA of a career criminal friend Lacco was living with was found on a cigarette butt outside the Rayneys’ Como home.
Lacco had also allegedly been selling drugs in the car park of the Bentley Community Centre, where Mrs Rayney’s car was twice broken into in the six months before her death.
By December of 2007 it was reported that Lacco had moved to Geelong. A police detective at the time called him “one of WA’s worst criminals”.
Mr Rayney’s defence team has argued detectives did not “thoroughly” investigate the possibility Lacco and his friend could have been the killers.
Several legal experts, including former WA Governor Malcolm McCusker, have called for an independent review of the Rayney investigation.
A spokeswoman for Mr O’Callaghan would not comment.

www.news.com.au (12-10-2014)

Sex predator named in Rayney murder trial
Allon Lacco, a convicted sex offender, whose name was brought up yesterday by the defence team in Lloyd Rayney's murder trial

One of Western Australia's most notorious sexual predators, who now lives in Victoria, has emerged as a shock person of interest in the murder trial that has gripped the state.
Prominent Perth barrister Lloyd Rayney is standing trial in the Supreme Court of WA, accused of murdering his wife Corryn at their home on August 7, 2007, before disposing of her body in a Kings Park bush grave.
But yesterday, the now-Victorian based sex offender Allon Lacco and his former housemate Ivan Eades, also "well-known" to police, were named by Mr Rayney's defence team as possible persons of interest in connection to Mrs Rayney's alleged murder.
The two men were living together at a house near to the Rayney's property at the time Corryn Rayney disappeared.
The DNA of one of the men - Eades - was found on a cigarette butt recovered from the footpath outside the Rayneys' Como home, a week after Mrs Rayney's body was discovered in a bush grave.
Since being charged in December 2010, Lloyd Rayney has vigorously denied murdering his wife.
Mr Rayney's defence team named the men during the testimony of Detective Sergeant Mark McKenzie, who testified he was unsure if a search had been carried out at the home where Eades and Lacco lived as part of the murder investigation.
He also admitted there was crossed out notation in his police notebook dated October 15, 2007, which said: "sex assault, Kings Park, White".
Below the notation was the name Ivan Eades, with a notation indicating the man had a previous murder conviction.
Lacco moved to Melbourne in 2007 after Mrs Rayney's disappearance.
His move received media coverage in December 2007 when it was revealed he was living near a Geelong school and spending his days surrounded by young people at a local skate park.
Now aged 47, Lacco was dubbed a "monster" after viciously bashing and sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl as she slept in her Perth home in 1989.
That attack came weeks after he raped a 29-year-old woman as she lay in bed next to her two-year-old son. He has also reportedly escaped from prison four times.
Detective Sergeant McKenzie said police were aware the men lived in the vicinity of the Como home.
He could not comment on phone calls made from a payphone located on the Rayneys' street on August 7 and August 8, 2007, which were made to the home of Eades' sister. The trial before Justice Brian Martin continues.

watoday.com.au (26-9-2012)

Convicted Sex Offender in Trouble Again

Convicted sex offender Allan Mitchell Lacco has appeared in court on charges of criminal damage, resisting police and failing to answer bail.
The charges arose following an incident in Moorabool St, last year when a drunken Lacco attacked a car, denting the door panel and smashing its windscreen.
Yesterday, Lacco, 43, of Ursa St, Belmont, pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates' Court to two counts of criminal damage, resisting police and failing to answer bail.
Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Kerry Moroney said about 5.30pm on October 2, Lacco walked in front of car being driven north in Moorabool St, causing it to stop.
He punched the bonnet of the car and then the driver's side door, denting it.
Sen-Constable Moroney said Lacco then hurled a large bottle of orange juice at the windscreen, causing it to crack.
Lacco and another male were arrested a shortly after near Kardinia Park.
The prosecutor said that when they arrived back at the police station, Lacco resisted violently and OC spray was applied.
David Goddard, for Lacco, said it was clear his client had a bad history but that the charges before court were at the lower end of the scale.
Mr Goddard told the court Lacco was also in custody over other matters and his bail had been revoked.
He asked that the 64 days already spent in custody by his client be taken into account when sentencing.
Magistrate Steven Myall convicted Lacco on all charges and sentenced him to six weeks' jail, reckoned as already served.
Lacco gained notoriety last year when it was discovered the convicted sex offender had relocated to Geelong from West Australia and was living in a unit in Ursa St, close to two schools.
In March 1990, Lacco was convicted and sentenced to eight years' jail for the 1988 rape of a West Australian woman.
In October the same year, he was sentenced to a further eight years for a brutal attack on an 11-year-old girl as she slept in her own home.
During the attack, he punched the girl in the face, fracturing her jaw.

AAP (24-7-2008)
Karen Matthews

Dad's Anger At Sex Offender's Approach

A nine-year-old Belmont boy says he was lured into the home of convicted sex offender Allon Mitchell Lacco while a pornographic movie played with the promise of free DVDs and CDs.
The boy also claimed the convicted West Australian sex offender, 42, gave him and a group of friends at the nearby Waurn Ponds skate park lollies and soft drinks just weeks before.
The youngster's fearful parents immediately called Geelong police to report the incidents.
"I was with my two friends and when I went into the house I saw the porno on and told them to stay outside," he said.
"I didn't even want to go inside but I wanted the movies."
The boy's father said he was alerted to Lacco's presence in the neighbourhood _ about 500m from their home _ by the Geelong Advertiser.
He then discovered internet-based sex offender registry Mako had dropped fliers in Ursa St and nearby roads, alerting residents to its website which names and shames convicted sex offenders.
"I was devastated," he said.
"You try to give your kids a little bit of freedom but from now on we'll be keeping a much closer eye on them."
Lacco was released from a West Australian prison last year after the rape of a 29-year-old woman and attack of an 11-year-old girl while on bail for the rape.

AAP (17-12-2007)
Kerri-Ann Hobbs

Sex Criminal Admits To Skate Park Hang-Out

A convicted sex offender living in Belmont has admitted to giving children lollies at Waurn Ponds skate park.
West Australian man Allon Mitchell Lacco, 42, also admitted to watching soft pornography on pay TV in his Ursa St unit, but denied that boys who visited him watched the "bluey" channel.
Following a Geelong Advertiser report on Saturday, a nine-year-old boy came forward claiming he was lured into Lacco's home while a pornographic movie screened with the promise of free DVDs and CDs.
The boy also said Lacco had given him and a group of friends lollies and soft drink at the skate park.
The Geelong Advertiser spoke to several teenagers who identified Lacco from a photograph at the skate park last night.
"During the school holidays he was here just about every day," one boy said.
"Heaps of kids go over to talk with him."
"He's never come here without an (alcoholic) can," another said. Several teens said Lacco regularly handed out lollies.
When the Geelong Advertiser was at Lacco's home yesterday, four teenaged boys arrived. One let himself inside uninvited.
Lacco said the teens did not watch pornography but when asked if they knew the pornography channel access code, one teen said his mate did.
Lacco, who moved from WA three months ago with his 41-year-old girlfriend T***** H***, said he wanted to "start a new life" in Geelong.
"Any child who comes to our house is safe. It is sickening to think people do that (abuse) to kids. If I was that way inclined I would chop my own head off," Lacco said.
"I ain't the person they make me out to be. (I want) to put their minds at ease. I don't know what I can say. But I am a changed man."
Lacco was jailed for eight years in 1990 for raping a 29-year-old woman in WA.
He received a further eight-year sentence after he admitted to attacking a sleeping 11-year-old girl in her home, and then punched her in the face when she screamed as he touched her buttocks.
Lacco claimed he had suffered psychological damage from the rape conviction and yesterday maintained his innocence but he admitted to harming the girl.
He told the Geelong Advertiser he had been demonised and wanted to live in peace.
"If this doesn't stop I am going to arm up and become al-Qaeda in our land," he said.
"I will pick up a gun and look for someone to kill, because all this has killed me inside.
"It's demonisation. Why can't I enjoy my life."
Ms H*** reiterated there was no risk for the children who often played at the couple's home.
"You could put 100 kids in my house and they would be safe," she said.
Police revealed on Friday they were monitoring Lacco but he was not on the Victorian Sex Offender Register.
Lacco and Ms H*** began a relationship in September and moved to Belmont a month later to "begin a new life".
His two children, aged 23 and three years old, live in WA.
"Part of me wants to run and hide, but part of me wants the truth to be told. We have only just moved here. Geelong is a fantastic place," he said.
"But as far as the future goes, there's a good chance we will pack up and leave.
"I just want justice to be served and to be seen to be served. I am an innocent man."
Ms H*** said she feared for their safety.
"I am worried about people coming here at night. Why can't they leave us alone. The past is the past," she said.

Geelong Advertiser (17-12-2007)
Britt Smith

Swoop On Sex Fiend

A Convicted sex offender living close to two Geelong schools is being investigated amid claims he tried to lure a young boy into his home with promises of CD's and DVD's.
Allon Mitchell Lacco, 42, known to neighbours as Allon Williams, is living in an Ursa St Unit in the Geelong suburb of Belmont, within a few hundred metres of a primary and high school.
He has been watched by Police in Victoria since his release from a WA prison in 2006, but is not believed to be on Victoria's sex offender register.
Lacco was jailed for eight years for rape in 1990.

Herald Sun (16-12-2007)
Peter Rolfe

WA Sex Fiend Allon Lacco Lives Near Schools

One of WA's most violent sexual predators has moved to Victoria, where he is living near two schools under an assumed identity.
Allon Mitchell Lacco, 42, is a career criminal with convictions for rape, aggravated indecent assault, grievous bodily harm and breaking and entering.
He was dubbed a "monster" in the Supreme Court after the vicious bashing and sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl as she slept in her Leederville home in 1989.
That attack came just weeks after he raped a 29-year-old woman as she lay in bed next to her two-year-old son.
Lacco moved to the leafy Geelong suburb of Belmont several weeks ago, within 600m of two primary schools, where he has assumed the name of Allon Williams.
Victorian police are monitoring Lacco, but say he is not on the Victorian register of sex offenders.
Residents of Ursa St, Geelong, were outraged this week to learn of their new neighbour's background, and too frightened about their own safety to be named.
"It's very worrying," one woman said. "We will definitely be on our guard."
Another said he was disgusted families had no rights to be warned about sexual predators moving into their neighbourhoods.
"There are families with young children in that street and it's not right," he said. "We certainly don't want him here."
It is believed Lacco has claimed to be living with relatives, though neighbours said a steady stream of tenants had lived in the newly built home in the past few months.
A WA detective who has dealt with Lacco several times in the past 15 years described him as a "very nasty piece of work".
"He's one of WA's worst criminals and his record shows that,'' he said.
Lacco was given a nine-month suspended sentence in May this year for bashing a 42-year-old woman who suffered a broken cheekbone.
The sentence provoked outrage from the public and Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan, who said the magistrate had "showed such a lack of regard for the safety of the community by releasing Allon Lacco".
"Lacco has a shocking criminal record and police believe the risk of him re-offending is high," Mr O'Callaghan said at the time.
Kylie Newman a spokeswoman for national internet sex offender registry Mako, said it was outrageous that a repeat sex offender such as Lacco could move into a neighbourhood anonymously.
"The loopholes that exist in the sex offender registries mean these people can just go from state to state and slip under the radar," she said.
"This is a good example of why we need a public register of offenders so people can be warned."
A spokeswoman for WA's Department of Corrective Services said Lacco was not subject to the Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act - introduced to keep the worst sex offenders in jail beyond their sentences - because his most recent offence was not of a sexual nature.

AAP (WA) (15-12-2007)
Andrea Mayes/ Kerri Ann Hobbs

WA Sex Criminal Here

A Western Australian convicted sex offender is under Geelong police surveillance.
Allon Mitchell Lacco, 42, known to his neighbours as Allon Williams, is living in a unit in Ursa St, close to two nearby schools.
Lacco was released from a Western Australian prison last year, much to the outrage of child protection advocates.
Police sources revealed they were monitoring Lacco but said he was not on the Victorian Sex Offender Register.
Neighbours, who did not want to be named, were shocked to learn the proximity of a man labelled a monster for his sexual attacks in Western Australia.
"It's very worrying,'' one woman said.
"We will definitely be on our guard.''
Another, who alerted the Geelong Advertiser to Lacco's identity, said he was disgusted families had no rights to be warned about sexual predators moving into their neighbourhoods.
"There's families with young children in that street and it's not right," he said. "We certainly don't want him here."
Kylie Newman, from the internet public sex offender registry Mako, said the case highlighted the need for residents to be notified when convicted sex offenders moved into their suburb.
"It's outrageous," Ms Newman said.
"These people deserve to know who is living next door to them.
"Statistically speaking, they will offend again, and again."
The Geelong Advertiser has twice visited Lacco's street but was unable to contact him at his home.
Police media refused to confirm detectives were monitoring Lacco, citing operational reasons.
WA Corrective Services Department spokeswoman Rachel Irving said Mr Williams had served his time and did not fall within the category of offenders requiring supervision.
"Should a person be released at the end of a finite term they are released to freedom and therefore a free citizen and not subject to supervision,'' Ms Irving said.
"With regard to Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act, legislation was introduced in November 2005 (operational May 2006). The offender must be serving a current sentence for a prescribed sexual offence to be considered under the Act.
"In this case the DSOA could not be applied as the last term served was not of a sexual nature.''

Rape, Assault and Theft: A Life of Crime
Allon Lacco grew up on the streets of Kalgoorlie, the son of a Greek-Australian father and part-Aboriginal mother.
In the mid 1980's he was jailed for breaking and entering and motoring offences.
In December 1988 he was on parole for two days before he raped a 29yr old woman, was charged and bailed.
In 1989 he attacked a sleeping girl of 11 in her Leederville home, punching her in the face and fracturing her jaw when she screamed as he touched her buttocks.
In March 1990 he was jailed for eight years, with no parole,for raping the woman.
The following October, Lacco admitted aggravated indecent assault, burglary and grievous bodily harm of the girl when he broke into her bedroom and was jailed for eight more years.
In May 1991,Lacco again hit the headlines when he staged an escape from Fremantle Prison, leaping from the top of the 6m prison wall. Lacco again breifly tasted freedom in mid 2004 when he and eight other prisoners over powered three guards at the WA Supreme Court building and fled.

Geelong Advertiser (15-12-2007)
Kerri-Ann Hobbs

Fears As Sex Criminal Freed

Perth (Western Australia): Allon Mitchell Lacco -- a violent sex offender who once likened his crimes to the actions of animals -- has been released from jail after completing his sentence for escaping in the 2004 WA Supreme Court great escape.
And his release has experienced detectives fearing for the public, with some bewildered as to how he beat charges over the theft of the get­away car used by the fugitives.
Lacco, 41, pleaded guilty to escaping custody and was sentenced in Perth Magistrate's Court to 10 months jail. But he was found not guilty by a District Court jury of stealing a car — a charge which related to the getaway car the prisoners hijacked after breaking out of the court holding cell on June 10, 2004.
"Lacco definitely leads a charmed life," one detective said regarding the acquittal. Another detective described Lacco as an extremely violent sexual predator who could terrorise his victims. "He is a dangerous criminal ... you only have to look at his record to see that," the detective said.
Lacco's long criminal history has included time in jail for several sex attacks, including the brutal indecent assault of an 11-year-old girl in her Leederville home in 1989.
Lacco told police after being arrested over the crime that the attack was "the act of an animal" and asked them to shoot him. He was branded a monster for the crime, which led to an eight-year jail term.
He is a powerfully built man who maintained fitness by pumping weights in jail.
"But that will go within two or three months because he'll be on the gear, [? beer] drinking, not eating and not pushing weights," the second detective said. "If you pulled him on today, you'd probably end up second best. But if you pulled him on in three months time you won't have a problem."
Another source described Lacco as conniving and dangerous. "He is one of the most dangerous people God put on earth," the source said.
"People wouldn't know what he was like on the inside, but no one would take him on. He was considered the number one standover man in Casuarina."
Lacco was the only one of the Supreme Court nine to be acquitted of charges related to the getaway car. Seven escapees have received lengthy jail terms for the theft and one, Claudio Simion, is due to be sentenced next month.
Bradley Nicolaides, who faced a jury trial with Lacco earlier this month, was convicted of the same crime. Lacco successfully argued he was just a passenger in the car and not actually involved in the theft.
The attack against the 11-year-old girl was committed while Lacco was on bail for raping a 28-year-old woman two days after being released from jail on parole for other crimes.
After being released in 1998, Lacco, who had a long history of escapes before breaking out of the court cells, told The West Australian he was not a threat to the public and wanted to stay out of the limelight.
He spoke out after revelations that some people, including his victims and those who made decisions unpopular with him, were warned and issued with up-to-date photographs of him.
Some were also given special alarms to ensure an urgent response from police.

The West Australian (15-3-2006)
Luke Eliot/ Luke Morfesse

Child Rapist Walks Free

Police say the 41-year-old convicted child rapist belongs behind bars so he can­not strike again.
But he has been freed from jail and is roaming WA streets.
And it could be months before he is put on the Australian National Child Offence Register.
Even when that hap­pens, only police and Justice Department officers - not con­cerned parents and families - will be able to find out where he lives and works.
The case has out­raged child advocates who say there is every chance Lacco will reoffend.
The heavily built standover man with a penchant for pumping weights was one of Casuarina Prison's toughest inmates, police said.
His extensive criminal history includes jail time for several brutal attacks, including the indecent assault and bashing of an 11-year-old girl during a home invasion in Leederville in 1989.
The depraved attack occurred when Lacco was on bail for raping a 28-year-old woman, just two days after being paroled on other crimes.
Lacco admitted it was "the act of an animal" and report­edly begged police to shoot him dead. Instead, he did eight years' jail.
But Lacco got a brief taste of freedom when he was involved in the infamous WA Supreme Court escape in 2004.
Survivors advocate Michelle Stubbs said the community needed to be warned.
"Parents would certainly want to know if this man moved into their street," she said.
WA co-ordinator of the Australian Nation­al Child Offence Regis­ter Martin Clancy-Lowe said Lacco would not be automatically listed because his crimes were committed more than eight years ago.
He would make a special application to the District Court to have Lacco listed.

The Sunday Times (19-3-2006)
Trevor Paddenburg

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