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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/protection, prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/re- offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

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'Anonymous' Warning to all paedophiles
Recently it has come to our attention that there has been a surge of websites dedicated to pedophiles for chat and picture sharing.
“Remove all child pornography content from your servers.
Refuse to provide hosting services to any website dealing with child pornography.
It does not matter who you are, if we find you to be hosting, promoting, or supporting child pornography, you will become a target.”

The fight to protect our children is one we must fight together. Anonymous - Message to pedophiles

What is Anonymous ?  


Anonymous has a new target: Pedophiles

Hello Citizens of the world, We are Anonymous. Dear brothers and sisters. Now is the time to open your eyes and expose the truth! Recently it has come to our attention that there has been a surge of websites dedicated to pedophiles for chat and picture sharing. These Pedophiles openly advocate concepts like "man-boy love", stating that 8 year old boys enjoy it and pray on their attention. This is not limited to boys, boards for little girls exist and operate with impunity. Child pornography is frequently traded and even innocent pictures of random children (at the beach, on a playground, in their homes) are publicly fantasized about.

Anonymous aim to diminish if not eradicate this plague from the Internet. For the good of our followers, for the good of mankind, and for our own enjoyment we shall expel from the Internet and systematically destroy any such boards that continue to operate. Anonymous recognizes this as a serious undertaking and do not expect it to be completed in a short period of time. Factions of Anonymous from all over the globe are participating in sub-operations. Information on pedophiles is being gathered and released.

Anonymous must expose these Pedophile sites for who and what they really are.
The ninety nine percent will spread word of these disgusting Pedophile practices.

Anonymous calls on the ninety nine percent to contact elected representatives and tell them
to stop these disgusting practices by pedophiles.
Anonymous calls on the ninety nine percent to contact every reporter and blogger
to create political and social pressure on these Pedophile sites.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us.


MAKO/Files Online.. Listing Australian Convicted Paedophiles/ Sex Offenders/ Child Killers.. FREE Public Service..

Hacker group Anonymous declare war on Maryville after 14 year old rape victim was run out of town

Hacktivist group Anonymous will target the town where charges of rape against a local footballer were mysteriously dropped and the young victim was run out of town.
Daisy Coleman, the alleged victim, has been named in publications with the permission of her mother Melinda in order to draw attention to the case, the Kansas City Star reports.
The shadowy online collective who have intervened and brought publicity to two other rape cases say the 14-year-old victim has been denied justice and they will target the small Missouri town where her house mysteriously burned down.
"We demand an immediate investigation into the handling by local authorities of Daisy's case. Why were the suspects initially arrested and then released? How was the video and medical evidence not enough to put one of these football players inside a courtroom?" the group said in a video released online.
Anonymous say the entire town is responsible for allowing charges relating to the alleged assault of Daisy and her friend to be dropped and for the harassment Daisy's family say they received after they went to the police.
"If Maryville won't defend these young girls, if the police are too cowardly or corrupt to do their jobs, if justice system has abandoned them, then someone else will have to stand for them. Mayor Jim Fall your hands are dirty.
"Maryville expect us. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive or forget." The case began in January 2012, in the 12,000-person town of Maryville, where Daisy Coleman reported she had been raped by a popular 17-year-old boy from her school.
She told police she was invited to a party where she had so much alcohol she could not stand, and had sex with the boy. The incident was partly filmed by one of the alleged perpetrator’s friends on his phone.
Daisy’s best friend, aged 13, also had sex with a 15-year-old boy. She told police she went into a bedroom with the 15-year-old boy, who was an acquaintance.
The case was handled in juvenile court, but the Kansas City Star accessed police records of his interview in which he said although the girl said “no” multiple times, he undressed her, put a condom on and had sex with her.
The 17-year-old - the grandson of a longstanding local political figure - and his friends later allegedly left Daisy outside her front door in minus-5 degrees Celsius weather, wearing only a T-shirt and track pants.
Daisy was discovered by her mother after several hours, her hair frozen and with frostbite on her extremities.
Undressing Daisy inside for a warm bath, Mrs Coleman saw "painful" redness around her daughter’s genitals. "Immediately,I knew what had happened," Coleman says.
She phoned emergency services, who directed her to a hospital, where doctors observed small vaginal tears indicative of recent sexual penetration. The 13-year-old also attended hospital.
Police arrested two teenagers within hours and charged them with felonies, but a few weeks later the prosecutor dropped the rape charges, citing insufficient evidence.
Initial police inquiries resulted in the 17-year-old being charged with sexual assault, a felony, and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, having admitted to having sex with Daisy and to being aware that she had been drinking. He insisted the sex was consensual.
The 17-year-old accused by Daisy was not charged with statutory rape, as in Missouri that law generally applies in cases when a victim is under 14 years old or the perpetrator is over 21. But statutes also define sex as non-consensual when the victim is incapacitated by alcohol. Hospital tests roughly seven hours after Daisy stopped drinking showed her blood alcohol content still at 0.13.
In addition to admitting his own sexual encounter with the younger girl, according to police records, the 15-year-old said the boys left Daisy "outside sitting in 30-degree [-1 degree Celcius] weather" - more dangerous with a high alcohol level in the bloodstream.
From him, investigators also learned about the film shot on a third boy’s film, leading to that boy’s felony charge of sexual exploitation of a minor.
By the time the police had concluded their investigation, Sheriff Darren White felt confident the office had put together a case that would "absolutely" result in prosecutions.
"Within four hours, we had obtained a search warrant for the house and executed that,” Sheriff White told The Star. “We had all of the suspects in custody and had audio/video confessions.
"I would defy the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department to do what we did and get it wrapped up as nicely as we did in that amount of time.”
Although sympathy initially was with the girls, a sizable number of people stood by the accused athletes and their families.
In an interview, the prosecutor who dropped the charges against the boys called it a case of "incorrigible teenagers" drinking alcohol and having sex. "They were doing what they wanted to do, and there weren’t any consequences. And it’s reprehensible. But is it criminal? No."
For his part, Sheriff White maintains "no doubt" a crime was committed that night. The doctor who treated Daisy the following morning called the prosecutor’s decision to drop the charges "surprising."
Daisy was soon subjected to cyber bullying, including victim-shaming. She was suspended from the cheerleading squad for her role in the night’s events and twice attempted suicide.
Mrs Coleman lost her job at a veterinary surgery. She says it was because the case put too much strain on work relationships in the clinic, while her boss says it was also a mismatched work ethos.
Veterinarian Sally Hayse told the Star: "This is a small community, and it definitely was stressful for us here, without a doubt."
But, she said, "If you were to ask me point-blank (why Mrs Coleman was fired), I would say it’s because our style of medicine didn’t jive."
Daisy’s three brothers were threatened and bullied at school, often by boys they had counted as friends. One of them was booed at his final wrestling match of the year.
Mrs Coleman felt she had no choice but to leave the town. Eight months later, in April, the house she was trying to sell burned down. Fire investigators have been unable to determine the cause but Melinda Coleman suspects arson.
Mrs Coleman had originally moved her family to Maryville in 2009 after the death of her husband, a doctor, in a car crash three years earlier. She hoped for a new start there.
Anonymous, who tagged their message #Justice4Daisy and #OpMaryville, made similar threats in the rape case in Steubenville, Ohio.
The group published messages accusing local authorities of trying to cover up the gang rape of two teenage girls by high school footballers and they hacked the team's website.
The group has also come under fire for naming the men they say gang raped cheerleader Amanda Stevenson 12 years ago.
Anonymous also intervened in the 2011 rape of Canadian teen Rehtaeh Parsons who later committed suicide after her ordeal and threatened to publish the names of her attackers, forcing authorities to reopen their investigation into her assault.

News Limited Network (13-10-2013)

Anonymous - Important Pedophile Warning to Australians 2014

MAKO/File - Shane Williams/Serial Paedophile

Anonymous takes down darknet child porn site on Tor network

Anonymous - By taking down Freedom Hosting, we are eliminating 40+ child pornography websites.

Pedophiles connecting to a concealed child pornography site got an unwelcome surprise last week, courtesy of the hacktivist group Anonymous. Lolita City, a child pornography site run on over a concealed “darknet,” has been taken down by Anonymous members, and account details of 1,589 users from the site’s database were posted as evidence.
The takedown is part of Anonymous’ Operation Darknet, an anti-child-pornography effort aimed at thwarting child pornographers operating on on the Tor network. Anonymous’ attack was focused on a hosting service called Freedom Hosting, which the group claims was the largest host of child pornography on Tor’s anonymized network. “By taking down Freedom Hosting, we are eliminating 40+ child pornography websites,” Anonymous claimed in its statement. “Among these is Lolita City, one of the largest child pornography websites to date, containing more than 100GB of child pornography.”
Based on a secure networking technology originally developed by the US Navy, Tor routes traffic through a collection of volunteer servers scattered across the Internet, making monitoring of what is being viewed or where communications are coming from difficult. The Tor network also hosts a private “dark” top-level domain, .onion (which is not an official TLD), via its Hidden Service Protocol; these sites are visible only to Tor users or those using a Tor gateway such as tor2web.org.
Because of its anonymity, Tor is widely used by individuals and groups seeking to communicate without being surveilled by authorities, employers, or eavesdroppers watching packets on public WiFi networks, as well as those wishing to visit websites anonymously without having their IP address recorded. According to the Tor Project’s own metrics, the service has recently been averaging over 400,000 users per day.
The Tor network was heavily used in Egypt earlier this year by dissidents to get around the Mubarak regime’s Internet shut-down, and is used by bloggers in Syria to communicate with the outside world. The network is also used by some who want to publish other sorts of material and conceal themselves from prying eyes, including pirated movie and software torrent publishers (which has made some Tor server providers the target of DMCA takedown notices). It's also attracted child pornographers and the pedophiles who are their customers.
However, as revealed last December, the anonymity offered by Tor isn’t foolproof. While the IP addresses of sites on the Tor network are concealed, they have a digital fingerprint that can be used to identify services hosted from a single location, and track visits to that site. And while it blocks some services that are typically used for denial of service attacks and other hacks within the Tor networks, such as UDP, .onion sites remain just as vulnerable to hacking as sites on the open Internet.
The Anonymous operation against Lolita City began on October 14, when members discovered links to child pornography on a .onion site called The Hidden Wiki. According to the group’s statement, Anonymous members removed the links, but they were reposted by a site administrator. Anonymous then moved to shut down the site with a denial of service attack. Additionally, the hackers matched the digital fingerprints of links on the site to Freedom Hosting. After sending a message demanding that the hosting service remove the content, Anonymous’ hackers were able to exploit the PHP site with a SQL injection attack and extract the user database before launching a denial of service attack. “The server was using hardened PHP with escaping,” Anonymous said in its statement. “We were able to bypass it with with UTF-16 ASCII encoding.”

arstechnica.com (24-20-2011)
Sean Gallagher

‘Anonymous’ Forces 40+ Child Pornography Sites Offline

Anonymous has turned its attentions from corporations to pedophiles with the news that the hacktivist group has taken down multiple child pornography sites, including one of the largest known, with account details of its 1589 users being posted online as evidence.
The incident was just part of something Anonymous is calling “Operation Darknet,” a move by the group to eliminate child pornography on the Tor network. Tor, which was originally developed as a way of protecting government communications by the U.S. Navy, now describes itself as “a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet.” But the privacy and anonymity it offers has been abused by child pornographers, something that Anonymous aims to correct with its new campaign.
In its statement about the takedown, Anonymous says that the group “identified [hosting service] Freedom Hosting as the host of the largest collection of child pornography on the internet,” adding “By taking down Freedom Hosting, we are eliminating 40+ child pornography websites, among these is Lolita City, one of the largest child pornography websites to date containing more than 100GB of child pornography. We will continue to not only crash Freedom Hosting’s server, but any other server we find to contain, promote, or support child pornography.”

The group’s statement ends with the following demands:
“Remove all child pornography content from your servers. Refuse to provide hosting services to any website dealing with child pornography. This statement is not just aimed at Freedom Hosting, but everyone on the internet. It does not matter who you are, if we find you to be hosting, promoting, or supporting child pornography, you will become a target.”

Graeme McMillan (24-10-2011)

MAKO/Files Online.. Listing Australian Convicted Paedophiles/ Sex Offenders/ Child Killers.. FREE Public Service..

'Anonymous' hacker group declares war on pedophiles

Anonymous Exposes Pedophiles On Twitter

'Anonymous' Releases IP Info for 190 Alleged Pedophiles

wikipedia - Anti-pedophile activism

Anonymous Just Took Down paedo site

ANONYMOUS: Wikileaks [Full Documentary]

Anonymous- The Story of the Hacktivists (Full Documentary)

Anonymous VS Pedophiles

What is Anonymous Capable Of



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