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Sex predator targeting Melbourne joggers (16-5-2014)

Elderly woman sexually assaulted outside her Mackay home (13-5-2014)
Mackay is reeling following the callous sexual assault of an elderly woman in her front yard.
Police have launched an appeal to help find the man who attacked the woman about 7pm on Monday.
It is believed the victim was in the front yard of her Finch St home when she was approached by a man, who then attacked her before fleeing the scene - Read more.

Woman allegedly raped at Gallipoli Park near Roma st train station (10-5-2014)
Shocked police launch hunt for violent pack-rape gang in Port Macquarie (7-5-2014)
Woman assaulted by five men in Lismore (26-4-2014)
Man gropes women in their beds at Eagleby in Logan, police release image of suspect (25-4-2014)
Two schoolgirls gang-raped at Fairfield after meeting three men on Sydney train, police say (9-4-2014)
Fugitive Malcolm Naden captured by police in NSW (Updated articles- 22-3-2012)
Grub attacks girl, 13, on separate days (19-3-2012)
$100,000 bounty on heads of sex beasts NSW (25-5-2011)
Abduction fears after schoolgirl followed home WA (16-5-2011)
Man with dragon tatoo grabs girl, 7, as she plays in her front garden in Toowoomba VIC (9-5-2011)
Young girl sexually assaulted during an hour-long ordeal at local pool VIC (28-4-2011)
Police hunt for sex assault suspect VIC (28-4-2011)
Man exposes himself - VIC (22-4-2011)
International search for child sex accused Charles Gordon Batham WA (2011)
Mother saves daughter from attempted abduction in Frankston VIC (April 2011)
Sex fiend who attacked woman, 86, tried to lure others in Clayton (VIC - 2011)
Pakenham, Casey parents on edge over child kidnap fears (VIC - 3-3-11)
Young woman tells of sex predator terror at Doubleview house (WA - 2-3-11)
Armadale child abuction scare (WA) (2011)
Fox t-shirt the key clue in abduction attempt at Narre Warren (VIC)
Murder investigation of Fiona Burns,John Lee reopened with new leads (NSW-2011)
Man flees after attacking 14-year-old girl (VIC) (16-2-2011)
Intruder got into bed with teenager (NT) (14-2-2011)
Abducted girl jumped from car - NZ man Lawrence Adam SMITHSON now believed to be in Australia. (Jan 2011)
Police Question Man Over Assaults on Boys at McDonald's Restaurants in Sydney (VIC) (14-12-2009)
Four-year-old Girl Molested at South Australian Museum (SA) (2-3-2009)
Mum Raped in Revenge Attack in her Home Too Scared to Return (QLD) (2-3-2009)
Police Swarm Kevin Rudd's Home After Sex Attack in his Street (QLD) (16-2-2009)
Police Warning after Pervert Attacks Lone Woman Driver (NSW) (19-12-2008)
X-ray Pervert on The Run (NSW) (23-11-2008)
Girl Seized, Sexually Assaulted (SA- Gawler South) (23-11-2008)
30 Reported child snatch attempts in a week (NSW) (26-9-2008) Updated Articles
Website Names And Shames Missing Paedophiles (Britain)(17-11-06)
'Mr Cruel' Child Rapist Still Free (VIC)
City Sex Attack On Schoolgirls (VIC) (18-5-2007)
Australian Open Molester Shock (VIC) (20-1-2007)
American Hunted Over Sexual Assault (SA) (18-12-2006)
Mother Fends Off Serial Sex Attacker (QLD) (15-12-2006) Updated Articles
Girl, 5, Assaulted While Playing Near School (NSW) (12-12-2006)
Woman Raped, Forced To Hand Over Cash (QLD) (11-12-2006)
Mother Sexually Assaulted In Front Of Kids (QLD) (20-11-2006)
Fear Of Predator's Return (NSW) (6-10-2006)
Daylight Sex Attack Worries Cops (NT) (6-9-2006)
Rapist Attacks 10 Times In Two Weeks (NT) (23-8-2006)
Truck Driver 'In Sex Assault on Blind Woman' (VIC) (25-07-2006)
Sex Aassaults Random Attack: Police (NSW) (5-06-2006)
Boy, 10, Sexually Assaulted (NSW) (22-05-2006)
Serial Rapist Fear In City (ACT) (22-2-2006)
Schoolgirl Abduction Attempts (QLD) (2-2-2006)
Sex Assault On Pregnant Woman (VIC) (12-1-2006)
Woman Assaulted On Roadside (VIC) (7-1-2006)
Pervert Poses As Male Nurse (VIC) (4-1-2006)
Teen Raped In Park (VIC) (26-12-2005)
Search On After Alleged Rape (QLD) (17-12-2005)
Search Over Tourist Sex Attack (NSW) (30-11-2005)
Boys Escape Abductor (NSW) (27-11-2005)
Hunt Is On For Fat Flasher (SA) (23-11-2005)
A Serial Predator Stalking Women (NSW) (20-11-2005)
Hunt On After 15-year-old's Abduction (NSW) (15-11-2005)
Woman Gouges, Knees Would-Be Rapist (QLD) (13-11-2005)
Vicious Attack Baffles Police (NSW) (12-11-2005)
Abduction Attempts Made On Teen Girls (NSW) (21-10-2005)
Teen Escapes Attempted Abduction (NSW) (17-10-2005)
Girl Dragged From Phone Booth (NSW) (16-10-2005)
Police Warn Children After Abduction Attempt (NSW) (15-10-2005)
Youths In Sex Attack (SA) (8-10-2005)
Girl, 7, Assaulted In Her Bed (NT) (6-10-2005)
Schoolgirl, 15, Raped In Public Playground (NSW) (16-9-2005)
Victim Sickened By Serial Groper Attack (QLD) (31-8-2005)
Girl Assaulted At School Function (QLD) (28-8-2005)
Kidnap Teen 'Molested By Abductor' (NSW) (19-8-2005)
Police Step Up Hunt For Serial Offender (VIC) (12-7-2005)
Pensioner Raped In Home Invasion (NSW) (30-6-2005)
Sex Assault On Woman (SA) (25-6-2005)
Victim's Dog Fights Off Sex Attacker (NT) (8-6-2005)
Riddle Of Sex Attacks (TAS) (7-6-2005)
Intruder Assaults Sleeping Woman (NT) (6-6-2005)
Sex Predator Bad For Tourism (QLD) (31-5-2005)
Toddler Snatched In Garden (VIC) (29-5-2005)
Hunt for Serial Sex Attacker (NSW) (25-5-2005)
Woman In Sex Assault (SA) (23-5-2005)
Unconscious Woman Assaulted By Three Men (SA) (14-5-2005)
Cold Case- Unsolved Crimes (SA) (3-5-2005)
Modbury Heights (SA- 3-5-2005)
Police appeal over assault
Identikit of suspects
Man Tries To Drag Boy Into Car (QLD) (30-4-2005)
Boy,8, Assaulted In Park (SA) (22-4-2005)
Man Held On Seven Counts Of Rape (SA) (20-4-2005)
Sex Predator Alert For Byron Beach (QLD) (10-4-2005)
Women On Alert Over Attacks (SA) (6-4-2005)
Kidnapping 16yr Old (SA) (28-3-2005)
Police Maintain Hunt For Sex Attackers (NSW) (21-3-2005)
Man Charged With Five Rapes In One Week (VIC) (16-3-2005)
Saleswoman Sexually Assaulted In Display Home (VIC) (13-2-2005)
Woman Fled Sex Attacker During Floods (VIC) (7-2-2005)
Sex Attack 'Watched' (SA) (6-2-2005)
Daylight Assault On Terrified Teenager (NSW) (4-2-2005)
One Year Old Molested (QLD) (2-2-2005)
Mum Raped As She Pushed Pram Down Street (QLD) (31-1-2005)
Evil On A Boy's Doorstep (VIC) (23-1-2005)
Police Hunt For Sex Assault Suspects (SA) (3-1-2005)
Sex Attacks On Three Women (SA) (2-1-2005)
Girl Breaks Free From Abductor (QLD) (15-12-2004)
Bogus Policeman Assaults Women (VIC) (20-11-2004)
Government Accepts Reasons For Crime Details Delay (SA) (14-11-2004)
Two More Vicious Assaults On Women (SA) (12-11-2004)
Police Should Have Told Public: Hyde (SA) (9-11-2004)
Girl, 13, Assaulted On Way Home From School (SA) (7-11-2004)
Parents Urged To Be On Guard At Ekka (QLD) (9-8-2004)
Girl Foils Abductor (QLD) (1-8-2004)
Girl, 16, Attacked In Oval Toilets(SA) (30-7-2004)
Sex Attacker Strikes Again (NSW) (26-6-2003)

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A schoolgirl fights off man in toilet block at Floraville

A girl has fought off a man who approached her inside a school toilet block near Newcastle, NSW.
The 12-year-old was confronted inside a toilet block at a school on Floraville Rd, Floraville, about 10.20am (AEDT) today, police said.
The man grabbed her arm, but she fought him off.
He ran into nearby bushland and the school was locked down as police searched the area.
The attacker was described as Caucasian, in his mid to late 30s, with black shoulder-length hair, a beer belly and with markings on his arms and legs.
He was wearing a red t-shirt with black writing, denim shorts and white sneakers.
Police urge anyone with information about the incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

AAP (2-3-2009)

Baby girl assaulted in pram

A BABY being pushed in a stroller by her mother has been indecently assaulted by an elderly man in suburban Sydney,
Police say the nine-month-old girl was in a pram with her older brother being taken for a walk along Gungah Bay Road at Oatley in Sydney's south when the incident happened about 1.30pm (AEST) yesterday.
"An older man approached the woman and engaged her in conversation before attempting to unbuckle the baby from her pram," police said.
"The child's mother told the man to stop but he continued unsuccessfully trying to undue the restraints. The man then touched the child."
The child was touched "indecently", a police spokeswoman said. The woman returned home with her children before contacting police.
Detectives have seized several items for forensic examination and are now seeking the man who is described as 65 to 70, about 183cm tall, slender and of white/European appearance. He had short white hair and stubble.
At the time of the incident the man wore a white baseball cap with the words "black ice" on it, and a short-sleeved polo shirt with a white, green and black pattern on the collar tucked into a pair of white shorts.

AAP (20-9-2008)

Attempted Abductors in CCTV Image

POLICE have released CCTV images of an attempted abduction of a 14-year-old girl by two men in Sydney's inner-west, in which she managed to struggle free.
About 5.15pm on Wednesday September 3, the schoolgirl was walking along Holbeach Ave at Tempe when a white van stopped next to her.
One of two men then attempted to pull the girl into the van.
Investigators hope people who regularly travel along the Princes Highway at Tempe will be able to provide additional information.
The girl managed to break free and run uninjured from the scene, and the van was last seen heading towards the Princes Highway.
Detectives have seized CCTV taken from a nearby business which shows the white van at the intersection of Holbeach Avenue and the Princes Highway.
It is described as being a white coloured van similar to a Toyota Hiace with yellow and black NSW number plates and advertising on the side.
The driver of the van is described as being white/European appearance, 20 to 30 years of age, with blue eyes and curly black hair.
His passenger is also described as being of white/European appearance, aged between 20 and 30 years and was wearing a fluorescent work shirt.
Police are reminding parents to reinforce the “safe people, safe places” message and to be aware of where their children are.
Police advise parents to:
Walk to and from school with their children, making sure it is the safest route to travel.
If possible, use busier roads and streets, or paths where other people are likely to be. Avoid back lanes and short cuts through isolated areas.
Tell your children to avoid talking to people they don’t know, including people in cars that pull over to the side of the road, and insist that they should never go anywhere or get into a car with someone they don’t know.
Always tell your children if someone other than you is going to pick them up from school.
Talk to your child about where they should go for help if they feel scared or something happens to them. Safe places to go would include a shop, service station, police station or school.
Anyone who might have seen the van in the area, or who might recognise it and know the identity of its occupants is urged to contact Newtown detectives on (02) 9550 8115 or contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The Sunday Telegraph (9-9-2008)

Warrant Issued After Rape Accused Fails to Appear in Court

AN arrest warrant has been issued after a man accused of the rape of two teenage girls failed to make a scheduled appearance in court today.
Nicholas Goldsack, 22, of Shepparton, was due to appear at Ballarat Magistrates' Court today.
Sergeant Bob Anderson of Ballarat police said Goldsack did not appear for a filing hearing this morning.
"Warrants are being issued,'' Sgt Anderson said.
He is facing five charges of rape and one of attempted rape relating to the assaults of two girls aged 16 and 17 in Ballan and Sunshine last week.

AAP (3-9-2008)

Serial Sex Offender Still Walking Free

POLICE have urged children and young people in Sydney's west and northwest to be extra vigilant after forensic evidence showed a serial sex offender is still walking the streets.
A man held in custody and charged with assaulting a number of young Sydney women has been released after forensic tests cleared him.
The 23-year-old man went to police on Saturday after seeing CCTV footage of himself on TV news.
One of the victims told police she had spotted her attacker at Blacktown railway station last week, and police circulated CCTV footage of the man captured at the railway station.
He was charged with three counts of aggravated sexual assault, three counts of aggravated robbery, indecent assault and stalking and intimidation linked to the assault of five women in Sydney's northwest between April and June. He faced Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday and was refused bail.
Police could not confirm reports the man had claimed to be behind the attacks, but said they had "compelling evidence" before the forensic tests were returned.
The new information prompted police to apply to the Supreme Court late last night for the man's release.
"The application was made after police received the results of ongoing forensic inquiries shortly before 6pm," police said.
"Another application will be made to the court over the next few days for the withdrawal of all charges."
A police spokeswoman was unable to confirm if the man's arrest and charging had stemmed from the victim mistaking his identity.
Police urged vulnerable people to be vigilant because the attacker is still free.
"Detectives are encouraging children and young people to avoid walking or travelling alone, especially if going to and from school," police said.
"When possible, children and young people should also use busier roads and streets, or paths where other people are likely to be, and avoid back lanes and short cuts through isolated areas."

AAP (5-8-2008)

"Alleged WA Child Sex Predator on The Run"

A WA man who tried to lure a teenager into a homosexual threesome by sending him pornographic images has failed to appear at a Supreme Court hearing.
ACT Chief Justice Terence Higgins issued a warrant for the arrest of Keith Shepheard, 49, after he failed to turn up to court yesterday.
Mr Shepheard was arrested in July last year along with a Sydney man.
Police allege the two men sent countless pornographic images and texts to the teenager from their mobile phones and over the internet.
They planned to travel to Canberra to have sex with the boy, police said.
The 49-year-old was charged with using a carriage service to groom an underage person for sex.
Mr Shepheard, formerly a Bunnings store employee in Perth, was extradited to the ACT in July last year.
He was granted bail in November and returned home.
At his last court appearance, he indicated he would plead guilty to the charge.
The two were caught after police took over the teenager's online identity.

The Australian (15-7-2008)

Two of Australia's most wanted criminals
Leon Mark Melzack and David Allen Shom are wanted over a series of child sex offences
Leon Melzack and David Shom - Wanted over child sex offences


Police wish to speak to this man about an alleged sexual assault on a charity worker in brunswick
Victim was a woman- (16-3-2012)
Attempted abduction at Ingle Farm
Further to the previous media release regarding the alleged attempted abduction of a 15-year-old boy at Dulkara Road Ingle Farm at about 11.30am on 
Monday 19 March, 2012, the victim has been able to assist police by producing a computer generated image of the suspect's face.
He is described as Caucasian, approximately 40 years of age with a shaved head.  He was about 182 cm tall, thin build and unshaven appearance. 
At the time he was wearing a dark t-shirt and blue denim jeans.If anyone recognises the suspect or has any information at all regarding this matter,
 they are asked to contact Bank SA Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at www.sa.crimestoppers.com.au
Attempted abduction 15yr old boy (SA)
NSW- Bourke
NSW Government will today announce a $100,000 reward for information concerning a 
sexual attack upon a nurse at Bourke last year. Kirsten Williams suffered a number of injuries including
a dislocated wrist when she was attacked and sexually assaulted by two men on March 25 last year.
Ms Williams, 25, has bravely recorded an interview about her ordeal
Victim was a woman (25-3-2010)
SA- Wynn Vale/ Modbury Heights
Police are investigating 6 incidents of indecent behaviour in Adelaide's northeast in the past 4 months. 
Offences, took place between Jan 23-Apr 28, particularly in Wynn Vale/ Modbury Heights.
Suspect is a male aged between 25-50 yrs, Caucasian, 180-188cm tall, slim-medium build, 
dark brown collar length hair,tanned complexion. Vehicle described as red/ maroon 1985-1990 model Holden Commodore sedan (or similar), 
black trim / bumper bars. Anyone who has any information- call Crime Stoppers-1800 333 000
Offences occurred -Jan 23-Apr 28, 2011
VIC- Chermside
WANTED: Image of the man sought over the wilful exposure incident 
involving a teenage girl at a Chermside bus stop, on Maundrell Terrace between 7.30am and 8am on April 12, 2011. Described as chubby with a pot belly, 
brown hair, fair complexion, aged around 35-40/ about 173cm tall. He was wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, dark T-shirt with green band and 
small logo across the front, black running shorts, running shoes, carrying a small laptop computer- Contact Crimestopppers on 1800 333 000
VIC-Frankston North
Police have released this image of a man wanted in connection with the 
attempted abduction of a seven-year-old girl in Frankston North
QLD-Tannum Sands
Police comfit of suspect
VIC- Wyndham
Police image of suspect wanted over pool attack

VIC (Frankston)
A face image of a man and woman whom police believe can help with inquiries

Hunt for attackers- West End rape (QLD)
The comfit images of the suspects involved in the West End rape released by police

VIC- Ringwood

Victim was a woman (22-4-2011)

VIC - Parkville

Victim was a woman (28-4-2011)

NSW - Grafton
Assault case... A computer-generated image of the man police wish to see
Victim was a woman (March 2011)

16-4-2011- Similiar Vechicle: Police have supplied this picture of a van that looks similiar to the one the suspect used
Victim was a 10yr old boy

VIC - Kyneton
Police are hunting a flasher who exposed himself to a grandmother and her 4yr old grandson at Kyneton library on the 24-3-2011 about 3:30pm.The pair were in the children’s book section when the man exposed himself and engaged in lewd behaviour.
He was aged in his late 40s to early 50s, about 180cm, Caucasian, of solid build and had messy brown and grey hair.He wore dark tracksuit pants. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

VIC - Berwick
Police are investigating reports that a man indecently assaulted a  15yr old girl in a 
park at Berwick on Sunday, March 27. The man engaged the girl in conversation before indecently assaulting her.The man is described as being about 70 years old, with a long white beard and wearing yellow robes and turban. Anyone who may have witnessed this incident to contact them.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000
Victim was a girl (27-3-2011)

Clayton- 2011 (VIC)

Victim- 86yr old woman

VIC- Gippsland (2011)

22yr old woman assaulted

WA - Armadale

Victim - 11yr old boy

VIC - Narre Warren

Attempted abduction

Attempted Abduction

Oct 2008
Have you Seen this man?

Help find this man

12yr old girl assaulted

Sex Attack (qld)

Victim- teenage girl

Sex Attacks (vic)

Do You Know This Man?
Call Crimestoppers

Sydney (nsw)

Victims were 2 boys

Greens Rd (vic)

Victim was a woman

Brompton (sa)

21-3- 2004
Victim 16yr old girl

Seaford (sa)

25-2- 2004
Victim woman in her 30's

Hindley St (sa)

31-12- 2003
Victim was a teenager

Pitman Park (sa)

16-7- 2003
28yr old woman

Nth Adelaide (sa)

1-6- 2003
Victim 36yr old woman

Adelaide (sa)

9-7- 2004
Victim woman (in 20's)

Freemantle (WA)


Adelaide (sa)

21-6- 2004
Victim 14yr old boy

Townsville (qld)

Victim was a 19yr old woman (Dec 2005)

Woodville (sa)

July, 2004
Victim 3yr old girl.

Woodville (sa)

July, 2004
Victim 3yr old girl

Melbourne (vic)

16-4- 2004
Victim 8yr old girl

Ballarat (vic)

Victims two, 8yr old girls

Walkerville (sa)

Victim was a young girl

Dudley Park

Victim was a woman in her 50's

Bowden (SA)

Female Student

Bowden (SA)

Female Student

Christie Beach (sa)

Two 14yr old girls
(Suspect arrested)

Abottsford (vic)

Oct- 2004
Women aged 54yrs

Adelaide (sa)

Wanted- Rapist


Serial Rapist

Clearview (sa)


Clearview (sa)


Brahma Lodge (sa)


Elizabeth Grove (sa)

Victim 14yr old girl

Wynn Vale (sa)

Victim 35yr old man

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