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Serial Rapist Changes His Appearance As Police Widen Search

A new image of a man who has attacked 13 women and teenage girls in Sydney has been released after police widened their search for the rapist.
The police search now includes the eastern suburbs after he was linked to two more attacks on women.
Detectives are investigating 13 sex attacks in the inner west, St George and eastern beaches. The image was released yesterday after more information about his appearance was revealed in interviews with two victims.
Detectives from Strike force McCoy found the two victims after a review of all reported sexual attacks in the eastern suburbs and St George areas.
The two attacks involved a 22-year-old woman, who was sexually assaulted at Bondi Junction on August 23, 2003, and a 67-year-old woman indecently assaulted at Bronte on July 16, 2004.
Both victims were attacked in their homes in the early hours of the morning, police said.
Detectives initially concentrated their efforts on the inner west because all the reported incidents last summer occurred only in that area, Detective Chief Inspector Anthony Holton said.
The first attack occurred on August 23, 2003, and the last at Ashfield on November 2, 2004.
The rapist is described as 25 to 45 years old, unshaven with a dark complexion, bushy eyebrows, cropped dark hair, 175 to 180-centimetres tall, with an Australian accent.
Mr Holton said it was highly likely the man had changed his appearance to avoid arrest.
He said hundreds of calls had been received by police and Crime Stoppers and urged the community to come forward with any information, irrespective of how small it might seem.
Mr Holton said Strike Force McCoy, together with police local area commands in the inner west, eastern suburbs and St George, would hold a series of information nights, beginning next month, to advise women on safety and home security.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Strike Force McCoy on 8835 8844 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Sydney Morning Herald (16-1-2005)
Les Kennedy

Identikit of man police are seeking to question


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Fears That Sex Predator Could Have Attacked 26

RAPE experts will attend a series of police seminars across Sydney next month in an effort to prevent further attacks from a predator who may have struck at least 26 times.
NSW Rape Crisis Centre officials confirmed yesterday they had been asked to link with detectives from Strike Force McCoy.
NSW Rape Crisis centre manager Karen Willis praised police yesterday for organising the community conferences but said she feared more may be required after it emerged the attacker had strayed from his usual inner-west territory to the eastern suburbs.
"We know the rape reporting rate stands at approximately 20 per cent," Ms Willis said. "While significant media coverage would definitely have prompted a higher rate in this instance, it would still be conservative to say that he has probably attacked double the number of 13 women who have so far come forward.
"Police are only now connecting attacks which occurred in other suburbs, some time ago.
"There are also time gaps where no reports were received. While we'd all like to think nothing happened during these dates, it is far more likely there were victims out there who chose not to come forward.
"It remains possible he diverted his attention to other places in the state.
"Based on a lot of the profiling work that's been done in places like Canada, the chances are also high that in addition to targeting strangers, he has also struck, either sexually or indecently, within his own family or work group."
A modified image was released yesterday of the serial rapist following attacks last summer.
He struck in Ashfield, Croydon, Newtown, Erskineville, Glebe, Bexley and Marrickville between October 2003 and March of last year. Police believe many of his attacks carried the hallmalk of a predator who first studied the movements of his intended victims.
More often than not, he knew when the women would be alone, then gained entry to their homes through unlocked windows or doors left open during summer evenings.
He has also regularly used the blinding light of a hand torch to dazzle his victims before pouncing.
With the current hot weather and the additional revelations that the rapist has moved further afield, Ms Willis said the seminars next month would be crucial if further attacks were to be prevented.
Ms Willis said: "The NSW Rape Crisis Centre received a call on Thursday from police about the seminars and we jointly agreed to hold a planning meeting next week.
"My understanding is four to five seminars will be held over a week in February at various locations within the inner city
"Household security will be a big issue because of the way this rapist has accessed homes.
"One of our many roles will be to let women know that should they not feel comfortable contacting police, there are always other avenues available.
"We'll also be addressing the need to adopt a community response to these sexual assaults.
"Communication and keeping an eye out for each other is vital in suburbs where there is a perceived threat."
Ms Willis added it was time communities everywhere began reclaiming areas deemed no-go areas.
She said: "Every suburb has a problem spot where it is considered scary or dangerous to go, be it alone or at certain times of the day.
"We want to encourage families and large groups to converge at these locations, at all times. Have a barbecue there, feel safe in numbers and let these predators know they don't own our parks, dark alleys or side streets."

AAP (16-1-2005)
Eamonn Duff

Woman Raped

A HUNT has begun far a man who raped a woman in the grounds of the Islington Primary School last Thursday.
The vicious attack on the woman- 25. occurred about 3am.
The assailant bashed the victim and threatened her life.
Police describe the man as 26-27 years old. 185centimetres tall. with tanned sidn and short blond hair.
He was last seen wearing baggy blue jeans and a black T-shirt with a white and orange circular symbol on the front
Contact Crimestoppers.

AAP (31-12-2004)

Sixty Suspects Sifted

DETECTIVES hunting a serial rapist, who has attacked 11 women, have investigated more than 60 suspects in the past seven months.
Some were placed under surveillance, others called in for questioning and about 40 were eliminated from the inquiry after they provided DNA samples.
What has become one of NSW's most conceited police manhunts may not have happened but for the tenacity of a young female officer who was convinced the assaults were the work of one predator.
The man, dubbed the inner-west rapist, came to public attention this year when it was found he was responsible for raping five women in their Erskineville, Croydon, Newtown, Glebe and Marrickville homes.
But police broadened inquiries when Ashfield-based Detective Senior Constable Alison Smith found the cases were forensically linked to five more.
"The case is an absolute top priority and has been since March," said one officer close to the investigation.
"But without Alison's focus and her determination in bringing the matter to the attention of her superiors, we might have been facing an even more serious problem."
In the wake of her find, achieved using a series of offender database checks, NSW Police established Strike Force McCoy in March.
A dozen officers have since been working on the investigation around the clock.
Following an assault on November 2, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has been called in to boost a psychological profile of the person responsible.
Police believe that the rapist is unlikely to stop until caught and his most recent attack is likely to have been provoked by publicity surrounding the case, said one source yesterday.
"In one way the theory that he is playing up to his own notoriety certainly fits part of the profile," the police officer said.
"The publicity that went with the launch of the strike force in March would have made any reasonable person pull his head in but, within days of the last batch of media attenoon, he struck again."
His latest - and oldest - victim, a 57-year-old woman, avoided being physically assaulted by calmly but firmly refusing to yield to the rapist's demands as her mother slept in a neighbouring bedroom.
"On that basis, the offender made the decision to leave the victim's bedroom, pulled the blankets over her head and told her he was going," one investigator said. "When she heard him leave the house and then close the side gate after himself, she immediately rang for help."
Police arrived at the scene in Ashfield within minutes but the rapist sail got away.
Strike Force McCoy boss Detective Chief Inspector Bob Sullivan has confirmed that this was also the second time the rapist had attacked in the same Ashfield Street - the second of his known series of assaults took place in the street in October last year.
After striking for the 10th time, on March 26 this year at Marrickville, the rapist disappeared from notice for seven months.
It was during this time that Constable Smith and her colleagues threw themselves into investigating the case with every method available to them.
An insider said: "They've been going hard on it now for a long time behind the scenes employing what you might describe as a combination of gumshoe and high science, everything from legwork to lots of computer work and DNA testing."
The rapist is described as being 25 to 35 years old, with a dark complexion, about 180 centimetres tall and solidly built.

AAP (14-11-2004)
John Kidman

The Attacks

1- Bondi Junction: 3am, August 23, 2003.*
2- Hurlstone Park: 2:35am,Thursday, September 18, 2003.
3- Ashfield: 11:50pm, Monday, October 20, 2003.
4- Erskineville: 4:30am, Sunday, December 7, 2003.
5- Croydon: 11:46pm, Sunday, December 14, 2003.
6- Croydon: 12:10am, Wednesday, December 17, 2003.
7- North Bondi: 1 :49am, Tuesday, January 6,2004.
8- Bexley: 3:10am, Saturday, January 17, 2004.
9- Newtown: 1:15am, Monday, February 9, 2004.
10- Glebe: 4:30am, Sunday, February 29, 2004.
11- Marrickville: 6:30am, Friday, March 26, 2004.
12- Bronte: 3am, July16, 2004.*
13- Ashfield: 1:30am, Tuesday, November 2, 2004.

*Newly reported Attack

Predator Will Never Stop

A SERIAL rapist terrorising women in Sydney's inner west was unlikely to stop until his arrest, one of America's most experienced criminal profilers said yesterday. Three US profilers, including two agents from the FBI, have joined NSW detectives in the hunt for the man who has attacked 11 women since September 2003.
The agents, visiting Sydney for police training workshops, were told of the attacks and offered to review evidence and help create a model of the man police are hunting.
FBI agent Eugene Rugala, an expert in serial rapists and stalkers, said his craft was not an exact science but could help push an investigation in the right direction.
He said offender profiles were built from case forensic reports, witness and victim statements and general patterns of behaviour.
"It will describe the personality type, the type of offender we are dealing with ... it may get into some of the things like education, background, sophistication, etc," he said.
Agent Rugala said every profile was unique and the reason for a predator to sometimes stop offending for a period could be as simple as moving to a new area.
But such serial criminals were unlikely to stop attacking.
"Generally speaking, an arrest would be the way to stop these offenders," he said.
Agents Rugala and James Fitzgerald and Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco Firearms and Explosives agent Ron Tunkel have worked on high profile cases including the Atlanta Olympic Games bomber, Washington DC sniper and the Unabomber.
NSW Police profiler Detective Sergeant Kris Illingsworth had already created a profile of the Sydney rapist but Agent Tunkel said "tribal wisdom" ó comparing notes and ideas with other profilersówas important.
Police Sex Crimes Unit manager Detective Chief Inspector Bob Sullivan said Strike Force McCoy, established in March to hunt the rapist, had received a lot of public Information.
An identikit of the offender has been widely circulated, particularly since last week when he broke into the Ash field home of a 57-year-old woman.
The woman managed to talk the man out of harming her but police believe the same man has attacked at least 10 other women.
During one attack he left behind a German-made torch which he used to dazzle women before he attacked.
The offender is described as 25-35 years old, with a dark complexion. solid build and an Australian accent.
Chief Insp Sullivan urged women to be vigilant with home security.

AAP (11-11-2004)


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