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Evil On A Boy's Doorstep

POLICE fear a man who sexually assaulted a 14-year-old boy inside his own home after following him from a McDonalds restaurant will strike again.
Detectives yesterday released security camera images of the suspected attacker in the hope he would be identified before he had the chance to target his next victim.
The teenager was returning to his house in Haberfield after buying a hamburger for lunch on Thursday when he was confronted at his front door, police said.
He was then forced inside the residence, dragged to a bedroom and indecently assaulted. The teenager's 19-year-old brother was also home during the 10-minute attack and eventually frightened the man off.
It is believed he initially demanded to be allowed inside the house after accusing the youth of stealing from him.
He then used the ruse as an excuse to bodily search the boy.
"We're quite worried he might reoffend given the time of day that this matter occurred and also the location," Detective Chief Inspector David Bennett said yesterday. "It was certainly quite brazen and quite ruthless.
"Obviously a person who is willing to do that is quite willing to commit further offences."
There was nothing to yet indicate the man had committed previous sex offences, Inspector Bennett said. But detectives were continuing to sift the force's corny uterised child protection register in the hope of finding a match with the information they have gathered so far.
The man is described as white, European, about 40 years old, of average build, clean shaven and with short, greying hair.
He is captured on closed-circuit television following the boy home about 12.40pm and then running from the house towards Parramatta Road 30 minutes later, dressed in a light blue flannelette shirt over a dark blue T-shirt and light blue jeans.
"When you look at the footage, the child is initially walking along and then a short time later you actually see the other person walking," Inspector Bennett said.
"So there is no indication that the child believed he was being followed at that stage."
Police also said there was no suggestion the man approached the boy at the McDonalds outlet.
Both youths had given statements about the incident but were yet to examine the tape in detail, Inspector Bennett said.
Although not physically injured, he said the younger boy had undergone counselling for emotional trauma.
The concern is just how far the matter might have gone if the older boy hadn't been at home at the time," an officer said.
"The circumstances of the attack would seem to fit a predatory approach and it may not have been the first, or the last time it happens."

The Sun Herald (23-1-2005)
John Kidman

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