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Saturday 19-2-2005 (between 5.30pm-6.30pm). Intersection of Mofflin Rd and Hecker St, Elizabeth Grove
Girl, 14, approached by a man who then led her to an alley where she was sexually assaulted. Offender: Aboriginal appearance, aged between 30 and 40 and wearing a blue Jacket. He was last seen at the intersection of Mofflin Rd and Hecker St.

Above- One of the two suspects in the attack. No image of the other attacker
Thursday 10-3-2005 (between 8pm-9pm). Residential house, Wynn Vale.

Two men broke into the back of the house and demanded cannabis from the male occupant, 35, and both men sexually assaulted him before leaving the house with a small quantity of drugs. Detectives believe it was not a random attack, but the offenders were unknown to the victim.
Offender one: Caucasian, aged in his mid- 20s, 192cm tail, of solid, muscular build with a tanned complexion, short, dark, scraggly hair and thick, bushy eyebrows. He had a goatee beard and was wearing a dark- coloured tracksuit with white stripes.
Offender two:
Caucasian, aged in mid-20s, 199cm tall with a tanned complexion, clean shaven, of muscular build with short dark hair cropped almost to the scalp. Wearing navy blue or black tracksuit pants and a navy blue or black long-sleeve fleece top, which appeared old and had holes.

Picture unavailable
Police believe this man is responsible for the two attacks listed below
Wednesday 23-2-2005 (12.45pm). Golden Grove Rd, Greenwith.
A Jogging woman, 25, approached by man who walked out from either Dalrymple Way or Lake Magenta Court and grabbed her right breast. Victim managed to flee.
Offender: Caucasian, aged about 20,168cm tall, ot slim build with a pale complexion and dark rings under his eyes. He had short, black, oily hair, appeared to be walking with a hunch and was wearing a blue Slazenger T-shirt, dark green three- quarter basketball shorts and thongs. Believed to be linked to a similar attack in Greenwith on April 12.
Tuesday 12-4-2005 (9.30am). Golden Grove Rd, Greenwith.
A woman in her 40s was walking along Golden Grove Rd when she heard footsteps and was grabbed from behind. The man held her firmly with one hand over her mouth and rubbed his groin against her before attempting to drag her into nearby bushes. He released her when disturbed by a passing car.
Offender: About 25, Caucasian appearance. 168cm-170crn tall, of slim build with dark, short, woolly or wavy hair. He was unshaven, had dark eyes and was wearing a blue T-shirt, grey, loose- fitting tracksuit pants and no shoes. Believed to be linked to an attack in Greenwith on February 23

THESE are the faces of the men police believe are responsible for a spate of sex attacks in Adelaide's northern suburbs.
Seven sexual assaults on men and women between February 19 and April 12 remain unsolved and police need your help to solve them.
The Sexual Crime Investigation Branch is hoping new information and computer-generated images pertaining to attacks in Elizabeth Grove, Greenwith, Wynn Vale, Clearview and Pooraka will jog the memory of Sunday Mail readers and encourage fresh leads.
"It is really important that we continue to investigate these serious offences," Detective Senior Sergeant Peter Shanahan said.
"Our cases are never closed.
"We urge Sunday Mail readers who have any information, no matter how insignificant they think it may be, to come forward.
"We treat all reports very seriously. It's a horrible crime."
Police believe the same two men are responsible for attacks in Pooraka on March 28 and Clearview on April 2.
And detectives are seeking the same offenders for two attacks in Golden Grove Rd, Greenwith, on April 12 and February 23.
The Elizabeth Grove, Wynn Vale and Salisbury North assaults did not appear to be related, he said.
"In all of these incidents, the offenders are not known to the victim." Det-Sen-Sgt Shanahan said.
"Statistics say that a lot of sexual assaults go unreported to police.
"If victims want their names to be kept confidential or they don't want the matter to be investigated, it is still really important that they come forward and tell us that it has happened because we might be able to stop it from happening again.
"That's the most important thing for us-to support the victim and make sure it doesn't happen again."
Det-Sen-Sgt Shanahan said the assault on a 15-year-old girl at Salisbury North Primary School on April 1 was of great concern.
"This was a particularly violent assault where the girl was held down by one man and sexually assaulted by another while the others stood by," Det-Sen-Sgt Shanahan said.
New clues have come to light, including that the four offenders were armed with handles broken from shopping trolleys and may have been at the school with the expectation of having a fight with another group of men.
They were also carrying a carton of beer at the time.
"We are not in any position, because of her (serious facial) injuries, to supply any computer generated images, so we would like as much information as we can to come to us to try to identify these offenders." he said.
"This girl was quite badly injured and is still suffering.''
Det-Sen-Sgt Shanahan said there had been a good response to a call for information about the February 18 attack in Elizabeth Grove and police were investigating "significant leads".
Today, they have released a computer-generated image for the first time in the hope readers can help them find the perpetrator.

Sunday Mail (1-5-2005)
Nicole Cox



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