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Sex And Nudity Rule Our TV

SEX, violence and profanities are standard fare on television these days, a Sunday Herald Sun survey has found.
An analysis of television between 8pm and midnight from Monday, June 27 to Friday July 1, has found TV programming is punctuated with sexually explicit, violent and profane scenes.
The study shows questionable and objectionable viewing was not restricted to the controversial Big Brother series.
The survey tallied up 65 acts of violence, more than 100 uses of vulgar or profane language, including 30 uses of the "f" word.
And it found 85 scenes showing sex, nudity or sexual references.
Among the worst offenders were: Channel 9's Cold Case and CSI: Miami, Channel 10's Law and Order and Big Brother Uncut, the ABC's Big Train and Channel 7's Last Man Standing.
Big Brother Uncut last week aired the "f" word 15 times, showed bikini-line and buttock waxing, a female contestant massaging another's breasts and sex talk.
CSI Miami depicted the shooting of a policeman four times -- including a close-up of the bullet entering the chest.
CSI: NY had a close-up of blood vessels popping in an eye, a body at a murder scene and a scene showing a man chewing his own hand off.
Other controversial scenes included a male rape scene on the SBS comedy, Pizza.
Channel 10's All Saints showed a man douse himself with petrol and set himself alight.
SBS on Friday July 1 aired the 10pm documentary In Search of the Perfect Penis, featuring genitalia and oral sex.
Australian Family Association president Bill Muehlenberg called for an urgent review of TV rules.
"Enough is enough. We need to have a reality check and have a strong look at what is allowed on television," he said.
"There is no question there's been a decline in standards and all the networks are guilty.
"We've become desensitised. Probably two thirds of children are still watching TV after 8.30pm."
A Network Ten spokeswoman said content was within guidelines.
"Big Brother Uncut is on late at night. It is never promoted in general or children's timeslots, or even during shows children might be watching, like The Simpsons."
SBS network programmer Matt Campbell said documentaries such as In Search of the Perfect Penis were educational.
"With our Friday night documentary, we look at sexual issues. We do it in an intelligent way and ask questions people want to know," he said.

Sunday Herald Sun (10-7-2005)
Kelvin Healey/ Mary Bolling


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