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Pedophile May Lose Right To Work

LICENCES allowing accused pedophile Christopher Ronald White to work as a security guard and private investigator in Western Australia may be revoked following his arrest in Thailand.
WA Police confirmed today that Mr White a state police officer until 15 years ago was officially registered in the state as a crowd controller, security guard and investigator.
He is being held in jail in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai, after being arrested earlier this week over allegations he kept a 13-year-old girl as a sex slave for three years.
A two-pronged investigation by Thai police and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) uncovered claims Mr White had persuaded the girl's parents to let her stay with him after promising to educate her.
He then allegedly used her as a sex slave and made pornographic films featuring the pair and other girls, which were sent to Australia.
The AFP and Australian Customs are also conducting inquiries after pedophilic DVD recordings mailed to Australia were intercepted en route to Perth.
The AFP investigation is ongoing but the WA Police Commercial Agents Unit today revealed it was considering withdrawing the three security-related licences held by Mr White.
Acting Sergeant Steve Fazio said Mr White was officially registered as a crowd controller, security guard and an investigator employed by a Perth-based firm he would not name.
"Once we get the full amount of information, which we're in the process of doing, a report will be compiled and handed over to our licensing clerk with indications of having those three licences revoked," Sgt Fazio said on ABC Radio.
Before leaving the police in 1990, Mr White had been a senior constable, who had spent the latter years of his career in charge of the one-man Dwellingup police station, about 100 km south-east of Perth.
A WA Police officer for 12 years, he resigned in November 1990, shortly before an internal disciplinary hearing was to hear accusations he had sold confidential police information.
Mr White was cleared by that investigation.
Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Burswood Casino in Perth refused to comment on reports Mr White was involved in attempts to recover millions of dollars owed to the casino by a Thai woman.
Police sources in Thailand said the 58-year-old tour operator was allegedly paying outstanding gaming debts by Asian gamblers with cheques that bounced.
The Burswood casino was owed $3.8 million, and Mr White was linked to its unsuccessful efforts to reclaim the monies from the unnamed woman, the sources said.

AAP (26-8-2005)
Tim Clarke

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