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Sisters Say 14 Years Jail Too Good For Dad.
PERTH: Two girls whose sister hanged herself after she reported their father for molesting them over many years said a 14-year jail term was nothing for a man who did not deserve to live.
The father, who cannot be named because it would identify victims of sexual abuse, was sentenced in the District Court yesterday to 45 years jail, to be served concurrently over 14 years. He will be eligible for parole after 12.
The man pleaded guilty to 14 charges of sexual penetration without consent and indecent dealings with two children and one count of breaching bail. He had evaded police for a year when charges were laid but was arrested in May.
Judge Allan Fenbury said in sentencing that the man's offences had been "appalling and unspeakable" and he had ruined the childhoods of two young girls and caused incalculable damage that led a third to commit suicide.
Their mother said ... "When she first disclosed to me I told welfare straight away but without the girls disclosing to them, they couldn't do anything," she said. "They investigated but nothing happened. The girls were living under duress."
The three girls later moved to the protection of an Aboriginal mission and in 2001 the oldest finally reported the abuse to police, at age 13. However, the father threatened on the phone to kill her. ...

The West Australian (12-11-2005)
Natasha Granath


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