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Victims Relive The Pain After Fiend's Death

WHEN Sydney paedophile Don Hancock was found dead in an Indonesian hotel room last week, the painful memories he inflicted on his victims and their families came flooding back.
The outwardly gregarious Hancock -- who taught at Avalon Primary School in the early 1980s -- was a predator who used his love of music to lure children into his grasp after school hours.
Hancock, 54, took his own life with a handful of pills in Surabaya, as Indonesian police were about to seize him over claims he set up a paedophile ring with other Australians.
But the Sydney families that Hancock tore apart had little sympathy for him.
One of his victims -- whose family asked that he be identified as "John" -- was unable to come to terms with his abuse as a child and eventually took his own life aged 20.
Hancock would invite his students to his home for band practice.
"Don was a very gregarious, generous and happy type of fellow," said one of John's relatives. "Then John told me he didn't want to stay over at Mr Hancock's anymore because he made him do things he didn't want to do."
Hancock had already faced child sex charges in NSW before fleeing to Indonesia. His suicide last week came as Indonesian police investigated a string of allegations made against him by local children.
In a major embarrassment to the Australian Government, Hancock was working at the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation, which is partly funded by the Government.
A spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade yesterday said an investigation had been launched into his employment.

The Daily Telegraph (21-8-2006)
Luke Mcilveen

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Australian Pedophile Suspect Dead

AN AUSTRALIAN man who has committed suicide in Indonesia is suspected to have been part of a pedophile ring linked to a language school established and supervised by the Australian Government.
Don Hancock died on Tuesday in Surabaya, where he was director of studies of the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation. He was found in a hotel room along with a quantity of pills. His door was locked from the inside.
Another employee of the foundation, Peter Smith, was arrested in Jakarta this month for allegedly molesting up to 50 boys and producing child pornography.
The affair looms as a diplomatic embarrassment. Australian officials were trying to distance themselves from the foundation yesterday.
The Indonesian police are widening their investigation into the alleged pedophile ring. Australian police are also believed to be examining the allegations.
The foundation's board, which includes two senior Australian public servants, has demanded chief executive Geoffrey Crewes ensure more thorough background checks are made on employees. Mr Crewes flew to Surabaya yesterday, where he refused to answer questions.
Investigators believe Smith was part of a pedophile ring involving several foreigners abusing young Indonesians and distributing child porn. Smith, formerly known as Ellis Eyre, was convicted in 1994 for molesting Aboriginal pupils at the Northern Territory school where he taught.
After his release, Eyre changed his name, was issued with a new passport and moved to Indonesia. A Foreign Affairs spokesman said the passport was issued because police had not alerted the department to the original offence.
Some of Smith's victims said a second Australian man called "Don" had also abused them. Initially police believed they were referring to Donald Storen, who was arrested on child molestation charges in Lombok last month.
However, Indonesian police now suspect that "Don" lived in Surabaya and was Mr Hancock.
Smith was an English language teacher for the foundation and had worked in Surabaya as well as Jakarta.
Sources said Mr Hancock, 55, from Sydney, had not died of natural causes. He had not been interviewed by police before his death.
Indonesian police last night said they had received a fax from Mr Hancock's family granting permission for an autopsy to determine the cause of death. They also said they were examining Mr Hancock's phone records for contacts with Mr Smith.
The charity group that took several street children to police with complaints about Smith said they were told five foreigners were part of the network.
The founder of the Jakarta Centre for Street Children, Andri Cahyadi, said one 12-year-old had told him that before he posed for Smith, he had met a man named Don, who took naked photos of him.
Asked about the pedophile investigation, an Australian embassy spokesman said that "we are making inquiries and have heard of a development in Surabaya".
Although the Australian embassy referred to the foundation as a sub-contractor to Australia's aid program, the foundation website says it is controlled by a board of Australian and Indonesian officials and was established under a memorandum of understanding between both governments.
The foundation says it is the largest language school in Indonesia, providing training to recipients of AusAID scholarships. Most students are mature age, but some courses are aimed at high school students and others are open to all ages.
Late yesterday a note on its website said the foundation was taking the allegations against Smith very seriously and had accepted his resignation.
Indonesian police said Smith had confessed to abusing and filming more than 50 local children, and suggested he was linked to a wider pedophile ring.
For assistance call Suicide Helpline Victoria on 1300 651 251 or Lifeline on 131 114.

www.theage.com.au (17-8-2006)
Mark Forbes

Pedophile Linked To Ring

AN AUSTRALIAN arrested for sexually abusing children and producing child pornography in Indonesia may be part of a pedophile ring involving at least five other foreigners.
He had committed similar offences in Australia, Jakarta's police chief, Adang Firman, has revealed.
General Firman said Australian police had interviewed Peter Smith in custody and had confirmed his criminal record.
Smith was believed to have abused more than 50 children in Jakarta, Bali and Lombok, General Firman said.
Police have suggested Smith was linked to a second Australian on child abuse charges in Lombok, Donald Storen.
Investigators said they were trying to find five other foreigners involved in the abuse, but would not confirm if they were Australian.
Police seized a video camera, computer and DVDs from Smith's home in South Jakarta.
Smith allegedly made films of the children, all boys, participating in sex acts. General Firman said the porn produced by Smith, largely featuring street children, was distributed on the internet.
Smith has been working as an English language teacher in Jakarta for the Australian Government-funded Indonesia Australia Language Foundation. The foundation mostly teaches English to Indonesian students.
Police said Smith had confessed to filming at least 50 boys in Indonesia. He also allegedly told investigators he had made films of children in Vietnam and India.
The charity organisations that took several street children to police with complaints about Smith just over a week ago, claim he was part of a network of expatriates in Indonesia producing and distributing child porn.
Jakarta Centre for Street Children founder Andri Cahyadi said the children had told him that there were five more foreign nationals producing child porn.

www.theage.com.au (13-8-2006)
Mark Forbes

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