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Freedom For Child-Sex Predator

A CHILD-SEX predator is out of jail despite protests from his victims - and his family.
But authorities refuse to reveal details of his relocation and have obtained an order banning the Sunday Herald Sun from telling readers his name and address or showing you an image of him.
And we cannot report details of evidence used to oppose his parole.
The pedophile, 43, was "officially" released from Ararat prison on Friday.
Ararat residents fear he will be secretly moved into a taxpayer-funded, two-bedroom weatherboard house that has been repainted and renovated in the past week.
The Ararat house has no fence, is only two houses from a bus stop and is less than 100m from a school crossing.
On Friday, 26 children walked or rode bikes past the property between 7am and 9am.
But the child-sex fiend's bid for freedom to roam again may have been delayed or thwarted. An angry victim letterboxed neighbouring properties warning of the man's possible imminent arrival.
It is understood the man may be still in the grounds of Ararat Prison - alongside notorious pedophile Mr Baldy - waiting for the right time to be moved to secret housing.
Victims are furious that authorities told them of the man's release only last week and that no details were provided of any restrictions on his movements.
The suppression order also prevents the Sunday Herald Sun from revealing whether the man - who has served 10 years for sex acts with at least 10 children, mostly aged about 10, in 14 years of calculated cruelty and unrestrained depravity - is subject to an extended supervision order and/or any restrictions.
At least two of his victims have taken action to protect their children from the predator.
One said he had taken out an intervention order prohibiting the pedophile from going within 200m of their home.
Under the order, he has also been banned from telephoning, texting his victim or driving past his victim's home and workplace.
Another victim has a silent telephone number and has had his name removed from the electoral roll.
"We are disgusted that they (authorities) won't tell us what measures are in place to protect our children," a victim said.
"Who are they trying to protect, him or us?"
Another victim said he would move his family to stop the pedophile finding them.
"We basically have to go into hiding because we just don't trust him," he said.
Opposition Corrections spokesman Kim Wells said the case showed "the animals are in charge of the zoo".
"There's something seriously wrong with our justice system when a serial pedophile is released early, details about him suppressed and the victims are kept in the dark."
Corrections Minister Tim Holding referred inquiries to Corrections Victoria.
A Corrections Victoria spokeswoman said she was unable to comment because of the suppression order.
The pedophile allegedly threatened two child witnesses and their mother after being sentenced a decade ago to 16 years for rape.
In a pre-sentence report a psychologist described him as a dangerous and indiscriminate offender, who also represented a very substantial risk to the community.
His sentence was reduced on appeal to 12 years with a non-parole period of 10 years.

Herald Sun (3-9-2006)
Ian Haberfield

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