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Children Grabbed, Chased by Men in Merrylands West park

TWO young children have told how they were grabbed and chased by two men in a park, while in a separate incident a teenage girl has been indecently asaulted by a man who drove up beside her.
The eight-year-old girl and five-year-old boy were playing in a Sydney park when an attempt was made to abduct them.
Police say the youngsters were playing near an animal enclosure in the park at Merrylands West between 10am and 1pm (AEDT) yesterday.
The girl said one of the men first grabbed the boy, but he broke free, so the man made a grab for her, but she also managed to run away.
The men chased the children for a short distance before giving up.
One of the men was short, with a distinctive blond mohawk haircut. He was wearing a white shirt, a brown and yellow tie, long white pants and black lace-up shoes.
His accomplice was described as tall, with brown hair. He was wearing dark pants.
It was the latest in a string of such attacks across Sydney in recent weeks.
Police are also seeking a man who indecently assaulted a teenage girl in western Sydney.
The 17-year-old was walking along Bolderwood Road, Blackett, about 9.15am (AEST) yesterday when a man approached her in a white car.
Police say he spoke to her briefly before grabbing her by the arm and indecently assaulting her.
She managed to break free and ran off while her attacked drove off.
The man was of Pacific Islander appearance, about 35 years old, 175cm tall and of medium build.
He was wearing a white t-shirt and three-quarter length army camouflage pants.
He was driving a white, late-model sedan, which may have been a Mitsubishi Magna.

AAP (9-10-2008)

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Pervert plague: 54 snatch attempts

DNA tests are being carried out on a six-year-old boy's clothes after a stranger tried to grab him from his front yard, bringing the number of attempted abductions to 54 in two months.
Meanwhile a man has been charged overnight with stalking two teenage girls in Sydney, after attempting to lure them into his car with an offer of money.
The 48-year-old man is alleged to have approached the 14- and 15-year-old girls at Emerton, in Sydney's west, on Saturday night. Read more here.
In the DNA case, the pervert grabbed the boy's T-shirt as he played at his Hurstville home but he managed to give his attacker the slip and ran to his mother.
Speaking at their home yesterday, the parents, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the Saturday night incident was "a harrowing ordeal".
"I'm just glad my son is OK. I just want this all to go away, I'm not the man I was yesterday," the boy's father said.
The mother said she initially thought her son was joking when he told her a man had tried to grab him.
Police have sent the shirt for DNA testing as neighbours in Warraba St said they were too afraid to let their children play in the front yard.
"That won't be happening any more," said mother of four daughters Natalie Morris. "I'm not letting my kids out of my sight.
"Especially in school holidays these kinds of people could just be preying on families. It's shocking, my heart goes out to that family."
With fear sweeping Sydney that every child is at risk in the latest spate of abduction attempts, four other children, aged four to 14, told police a man tried to lure them into a car at Galston in Sydney's north yesterday.
Police at Hornsby say the children, a four-year-old girl, two seven-year-old boys and a 14-year-old girl, were approached twice by the same man as they walked along Middle Dural Rd.
The grey haired man, aged between 40 and 50 and driving a white Holden Commodore, pulled up next to them and told them to get in.
Another four abduction attempts were reported over the weekend.
Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said on Friday there had been 30 reports last week and 20 in the six weeks before that. Acting Detective Superintendent Linda Howlett, from the Child Protection Squad, said police had stepped up patrols around schools and would be carefully watching areas where children play during the school holidays.
The spate of reports have come as vacation care programs begin with staff saying they will reinforce the stranger danger message. Servet Elgun from Parramatta's Playhouse centre said staff constantly educate students and would update warnings.

The Daily Telegraph (29-9-2008)
Lauren Williams - Gemma Jones

Man Tried to Order Four Kids Into Car

A MAN repeatedly approached a group of children including a four-year-old and ordered them into his car in north-west Sydney today, police said.
Today's episode follows a string of similar incidents across the metropolitan area that have police, parents and teachers on high alert.
Two boys aged seven and two girls aged four and 14 were walking together along Mid-Dural Road at Galston, in Sydney's north-west, about 11.20am (AEST) when a man in a white station wagon stopped near them.
The children told police the man ordered them into his car, but they refused and kept walking.
He drove on but again approached and motioned for them to get into the car. They refused and he drove off.
The man was described as white/European in appearance, aged between 50 and 60, with a large build and short grey hair.
He was wearing wearing a white/grey coloured shirt.
Yesterday, a man attempted to grab a six-year-old boy as he played outside his home in south Sydney.
Police said the boy was playing alone in the front yard of his house on Warraba Street, Hurstville, at round 5.15pm (AEST) yesterday when a white sedan stopped.
A man got out of the car and grabbed the back of his shirt, the boy said.
The boy said he managed to break free and run inside the house.
When his father went outside to investigate, there was no sign of the man or his car.
Police have taken the boy's shirt for DNA testing.
More than a dozen children have been similarly approached individually or in groups by men and women of varying ages this month.
Investigations are continuing with any witnesses urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
Police are continuing to urge parents to reinforce the "safe people safe places" messages to their children.

AAP (28-9-2008)

30 Reported Child Snatch Attempts in a Week

A SHARP increase in reports of attempted abductions is concerning but people shouldn't be alarmed, New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione says.
Mr Scipione said police had received 30 reports of alleged attempted abductions in the past seven days, compared with a total of 20 for the previous six weeks.
"The really good example in the reality of all of those reports, and as I said 30 in a week, we haven't had one abduction," he said today.
Mr Scipione said there did not appear to be any clear reason for the sudden rise, but said some of the reports turned out to be false.
"We don't (have a reason), but all I can do is talk about what we've seen in other areas," he said.
"When we have suicides, particularly when we have a spate of suicides by some particular means, if we put too much of that out there people start to do it.
"It's a bit like copycat events. It's a bit like bomb scares and bomb threats."
However, Mr Scipione urged anyone who believed they had seen such an incident to come forward and allow the police to determine if it should be followed up.
"We take every one of them very seriously," he said.
"We have had experiences in the last couple of weeks where we've actually determined some of the reports we're getting are false."

AAP (26-9-2008)

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