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Age: 33 yrs old (2013)

State: VIC - Melbourne/ Prahran

Sentence: Sentenced in November 2000, to 20 years jail - 14.5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Caroline Reid - aka - Caroline Reed Robertson/ Child Killer.

News (July - 2013) - A sadistic killer who strangled a teenager to death in a bizarre attempt to assume her identity could be back on the streets within weeks. Caroline Reed Robertson was jailed for 20 years in November 2000 over the murder of 15-year old Rachel Barber, but could be released as early as August 10 after serving her minimum sentence of 14 1/2 years - Read More Below.
Caroline Reed Robertson
Caroline Reed Robertson

Elizabeth Barber fears daughter's killer will strike again

She was the killer next door.
Caroline Reid seemed an ordinary, if unhappy teenage girl who lived across the road.
No-one could have known she was a sadistic psychopath who was watching, waiting and planning a murder with chilling intent.
Least of all Elizabeth and Michael Barber whose 15-year-old daughter Rachel would become the killer's prey.
But the girl across the road not only plotted to murder Rachel, but intended becoming her by stealing her identity.
And now Elizabeth Barber fears the killer, who has changed her name to Caroline Reed Robertson, may be released from prison to kill again.
"One of my primary fears is I don't even know what she looks like now and neither do my two other daughters," Mrs Barber told news.com.au.
"The Victorian Adult Parole Board won't allow us in to any of her parole hearings.
"How do we know she has rehabilitated? I've heard from inside prison she has a volatile personality.
"What haunts me most is that before she murdered Rachel, Caroline was asking for help, she had bouts of depression, but her parents didn't give her the attention she needed.
"Michael and I have beaten ourselves up that we let her family into our lives.
"Caroline babysat Rachel. I was friends with her mother.
"But who would have thought a 19-year-old girl, a neighbour, would be planning to do such a thing.
"It's all there in her journals. She was even practising writing a new name - Southall, my maiden name."
In 1999, Rachel Barber was a pretty, happy Melbourne teenager who was studying to become a dancer.
She had two younger sisters, her parents were happily married: the Barbers were "the perfect family".
Across the road lived Caroline Reid, an overweight and bullied girl whose parents were going through a difficult divorce.
In the secret journals she wrote, Reid's growing fixation with Rachel is apparent.
As Justice Frank Vincent would later say at Reid's murder trial, the young woman was filled with hatred and a burning envy of Rachel's life.
"Caroline was clever," Mrs Barber said.
"Rachel wanted a pair of Spice Girls platform shoes that cost $100 and I said no.
"Caroline promised Rachel the money in exchange for taking a secret psychological survey.
"That's the worrying thing for every parent. It was a secret. Rachel didn't tell us she was going to Caroline's place."
On February 28, Rachel boarded a tram and vanished.
In her flat in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran, Caroline drugged the young girl, strangled her and placed her body in a wardrobe.
It is still a mystery how Rachel's body was transferred to a shallow grave on the rural property of Caroline's father - Caroline did not have a driver's licence.
Over the next twelve days, Rachels' frantic parents tussled with police who seemed unconcerned about her disappearance.
Eventually, police interviewed Caroline who went into hospital suffering a fit after suspicion fell upon her, and she confessed to the murder.
She later retracted the confession and following a murder trial she was sentenced in November 2000 to 20 years for Rachel's murder.
Mrs Barber wrote a book, Perfect Victim, which has been made into a feature film I Am You which screens tonight at 8.30pm on Foxtel.
Starring Guy Pearce and Miranda Otto as Michael and Elizabeth Barber and co-starring Sam Neill, Rebecca Gibney, Jeremy Sims and Justine Clarke, filmmaker Simone North's dramatic recreation of the true story has never before been shown in Australia, for legal reasons.
On August 10, Caroline Reed Robertson was due for release on parole after serving her minimum sentence of 14 1/2 years.
Following protests by Elizabeth Barber outside the hearings, the parole board postponed Robertson's case "for reassessment" in November.
Mrs Barber said pressure brought to bear "in the light of recent tragedies" by the board's misguided decisions to release offenders, including Jill Meagher's killer Adrian Bayley, had helped to keep Robertson inside.
"We know she can't stay in jail forever, but [the Parole Board] has to be very, very careful with her. They can't make the same mistakes they did with the other cases.
"She has to be closely monitored.
"I feel a great responsibility that she should not have the opportunity in the future to fixate on someone else.
"But I'm also worried about my two daughters. We won't know what she looks like.
"Why can't we know?"

news.com.au (18-9-2013)
candace Sutton


Official Rachel Barber Memorial Page - http://www.rachelbarberofficialmemorial.com/book.html

Perfect Victim - Feature film - http://www.rachelbarberofficialmemorial.com/movie.html

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Plea to Parole Board as Caroline Reed Robertson who killed teenager Rachel Barber may get out early

A sadistic killer who strangled a teenager to death in a bizarre attempt to assume her identity could be back on the streets within weeks.
Caroline Reed Robertson was jailed for 20 years in November 2000 over the murder of 15-year old Rachel Barber, but could be released as early as August 10 after serving her minimum sentence of 14 1/2 years.
Rachel's mother Elizabeth Barber said she wrote to Parole Board general manager David Provan last week asking the board to deny Robertson's parole.
"I asked him to be very, very careful in light of the recent tragedies and media coverage of the Parole Board," she said.
Mrs Barber said she hoped her daughter's killer might be forced to serve up to 18 years in prison.
"We don't want Caroline to become a parolee that reoffends. No one would want that," she said.
"I would like to see Caroline kept in for a few more years.
"She'd be 33 or 34 and hopefully those few more years will make a difference."
Rachel was lured to Robertson's Prahran flat with the promise of money for taking part in a secret psychological survey.
The then 21-year old drugged and murdered Rachel before placing her body in a wardrobe where it remained for two days.
She then buried Rachel in a shallow grave at her father's Kilmore property.
The body was found 12 days later after Robertson was interviewed by police and confessed to the killing.
At her sentencing, Justice Frank Vincent told Robertson she was filled with hatred and a burning envy when she strangled Rachel, a child she once babysat.
The Supreme Court heard Robertson had a bizarre notion that after killing Rachel she would in some way assume her identity.
Justice Vincent said Robertson's sense of self-hatred and envy was so strong she was prepared to kill to achieve an "unreal dream".
Rachel's shocking murder has been the subject of a book and a movie starring Guy Pearce, which could be released in Australia shortly.
Mrs Barber said the looming release date had forced her to leave her job and had caused her family great anxiety.
"I've just not functioned this year," she said. "It is a very dark cloud hanging over us and the only thing I can really hope for is that the Parole Board is being really careful."
The Parole Board is yet to make a decision over Robertson's parole, which has upset Rachel's mother.
"I think it is incredible that it is so close to her earliest possible release date and they supposedly have not made a decision yet," she said.
Mrs Barber said she accepted Robertson would be released sooner or later, but was afraid she would not be properly monitored.
"It really is a no win situation," she said. "If she's released we just hope she lives a quiet life somewhere."

www.news.com.au (27-7-2013)

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