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Age: 35 yrs old (2012)

State: NSW - Wagga Wagga/Papua New Guinea national.

Sentence: Sentenced in 2004 to 11 yrs jail - 8 yrs-3 mths non parole.
Hoerler will next face the parole board on 3-5-2012 - was refused parole - 2012.

Update: Hoerler was released from jail to Department of Immigration and Border Protection officials 14-8-2014..To be deported to Papua New Guinea.

Offence/Other: Christopher Hoerler-Baby Killer..Hoerler tortured and killed a 7 month-old boy (Jordan Anderson-Smith), in Wagga Wagga, on 25-2-2000.
Hoerler a Papua New Guinea national was released from jail to Department of Immigration and Border Protection officials 14-8-2014..To be deported.
Christopher Hoerler
Pic: Christopher Hoerler

Christopher Hoerler, baby killer, out of jail

The killer of Wagga baby Jordan Anderson-Smith has been released from custody on Thursday morning.
Christopher Hoerler was released to Department of Immigration and Border Protection officials a short time ago.
The State Parole Authority granted Christopher Hoerler parole last Thursday on the understanding he would be deported upon his release.
A condition of parole is that Hoerler - a Papua New Guinea national - be ejected from Australia.
Hoerler was jailed in 2003 for the manslaughter of Jordan at an Ashmont home in 2000 and had his sentence lengthened in 2004 as the result of an inadequacy appeal by the Crown.
He admitted to assaulting the seven-month-old in his Blakemore Street home after a party.

www.dailyadvertiser.com.au (14-8-2014)
Andrew Pearson

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Family of seven-month-old baby, who was tortured and killed by his mother's de facto husband, calls on Scott Morrison to ensure the killer is deported when he’s released next week

* Christopher Hoerler was sentenced to 14 years & 4 months in jail in 2000
* Guilty of killing seven-month-old Jordan, son of his live-in girlfriend
* Hoerler has been granted parole and will be released on August 14
* Family launch petition to ensure killer is deported to Papua New Guinea
* Hoerler's visa was cancelled after he was convicted for the brutal murder
* Fears Hoerler will appeal to stay in Australia with his children

The family of a seven-month-old baby, who was tortured and killed by his mother's de facto husband, has called on Immigration Minister Scott Morrison to ensure the killer is deported when he is released next week.
Ex-boxer Christopher Hoerler, 37, was sentenced to 14 years and four months - after prosecutors appealed the initial term of 11 years - for the manslaughter of Jordan Anderson-Smith in Wagga Wagga in 2000.
At the time of Jordan's murder, Hoerler was living de facto with Jordan's mother, Louise Anderson and Jordan's two half-brothers, who were aged 2 and 4.
Hoerler has been granted parole and is expected to be released next Thursday.
Jordan would have turned 15 on July 24.
Baby Jordan died following a party at which his mother and her live-in boyfriend were drinking and smoking cannabis at their home in Wagga Wagga, NSW on February 25, 2000. Hoerler was tried for murder but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter 20 months after Jordan was killed.
Jordan choked on his own vomit after being beaten and tortured by Hoerler, with injuries including a lacerated liver, a torn lip, facial abrasions and broken ribs.
His toes had also been crushed by a clamp.
The forensic pathologist who conducted the post mortem found that the baby's 'palate injury was caused by a blow to the jaw, and the abdominal injury by a non-penetrating blow or blows of considerable force'.
Jordan's injuries were so extensive that they took four days to document.
Jordan's father, Cecil Smith, had contacted the Department of Community Services when he believed Hoerler was showering with Jordan.
While Hoerler had his visa cancelled after he was convicted, and the parole board says he will be released into the custody of Immigration officials to be deported to Papua New Guinea, the family is not convinced and want assurances from the immigration minister.
The family has launched an online petition, calling on Mr Morrison to ensure Hoerler is deported when he is released on August 14. His sentence was due to expire in February 2016.
'The Smith family are extremely disappointed in the decision the parole board has made to release this convicted child killer back into the community' a statement on the petition website said.
In a statement, the State Parole Authority says in granting parole, it considered Hoerler's good prison performance and completion of programs addressing his offending behaviour.
Jordan's uncle, Darcy Smith has become the family's spokesman and is appealing to the public to support the petition and for the minister to 'step up to the plate' and ensure Hoerler is ousted.
Mr Smith believes Hoerler may appeal the deportation condition of his release because he had children in Australia and wanted to be a father to them, Fairfax newspapers say.
'He is trying to pull a rabbit out of the hat to stay in the country,' Mr Smith said.
'I hope the minister is smart enough to see through that.'
Previously, Mr Smith has spoken of the family's intense and unrelenting grief.
'We are the ones living with the life sentence. We have to live without Jordan every day.' They explained that their mother, Jordan's paternal grandmother, visits Jordan's grave every Sunday.
The Smith family have previously explained that Hoerler had moved into the home only three weeks before he murdered Jordan.
Hoerler met Ms Anderson on New Year's Eve in 1999, but by less than two months later, on February 25, 2000, he killed her son.
The baby's father had attended school with Hoeler and once considered him a friend.
Two parole applications have been rejected since July 2012, when his 10 year 9 month non-parole period expired.

www.dailymail.co.u (8-8-2014)
Lucy Thackray

Baby killer’s bid for early release

The young man convicted of torturing and killing of a seven-month-old Wagga boy has made a bid to overturn the state parole board’s decision denying his early release from prison.
Christopher Hoerler’s latest appeal of the board’s decision has outraged the family of baby Jordan Anderson-Smith, who now face a nervous wait until December 12 to learn if Hoerler will be released.
Hoerler’s application for early release was rejected by the state parole board in May this year.
Jordan’s uncle Darcy Smith said it was a kick in the guts for the family just weeks before Christmas.
“We’ve been through enough,” Mr Smith said.
“We’re the ones who have been given the life sentence and have to live without Jordan every day.”
“We pray as a family that the State Parole Authority will do the right thing by baby Jordan, our family and the general community and again deny this monster his parole and keep him where he belongs - in prison.”
“We strongly believe this monster lost all of his rights when he brutally bashed an innocent seven-month old boy to death,” Mr Smith said.
Hoerler admitted to assaulting baby Jordan in his Blakemore Street home after a party, taking him from his pram and torturing him before Jordan choked on his own vomit and died.
His list of injuries were extensive including a torn lip, bruising to his pancreas and small bowel, multiple broken ribs, a lacerated liver, numerous cuts and bruises and crush injuries to his toes caused by a metal clamp, which the case Chief Justice said “demonstrated that his (Hoerler’s) violence was not impulsive but an act of calculated cruelty.”
A statement released by the State Parole Authority following the denial of parole earlier this year stated the authority was concerned Hoerler had not addressed his offending behaviour and requested a psychological report into the risk of his offending.
Hoerler’s full sentence is due to expire on February 4, 2016.
When he is released he will enter into the custody of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship due to the cancellation of his visa.
He will then be deported to Papua New Guinea.

www.youngwitness.com.au (30-11-2012)

No parole for Wagga baby killer

There is relief after the State Parole Board's decision not to release the man who killed Wagga Wagga baby Jordan Anderson Smith.
The seven month old baby was tortured to death in his home at Ashmont in February 2000.
His convicted killer, Christopher Hoerler hit the infant so hard, he crushed each of his toes.
The 35-year-old was sentenced to 14 years jail for the manslaughter.
Yesterday, the New South Wales Parole Board refused Hoerler's release on the grounds it is not in the public interest.
The board says it is concerned Hoerler has not addressed his offending behaviour and has requested a psychological report into his risk of re-offending.
When Hoerler is eventually released, he will enter the custody of the Department of Immigration and be deported to Papua New Guinea.
Thousands of people have recently signed an online petition, organised by Jordan's family in Wagga, opposing Hoerler's release.
Director of the Victims of Crime Assistance League, Robin Cotterell-Jones says she hopes appropriate steps are taken when Hoerler is eventually released.
"Hopefully the New Guinea government will be interested in what this person has done here and put in a system to make sure that he's as safe as they can be," she said.
"But it becomes not our problem. We can't do anything about it, but I'm sure there'll be a conversation between our government and theirs in order to do their best to protect other children."

ABC News(4-5-2012)

Grieving dad pleads with the parole board 'Don't let my son's killer go free'

A father whose life was shattered by the torture-death of his baby son has begged the parole board to block the killer's bid for freedom and keep him locked away for life.
Outraged Cecil Smith, 31, said ex-boxer Christopher Hoerler should rot in jail for taking the life of seven-month-old Jordan Anderson-Smith.
"A baby can't fight back. He couldn't even walk," said Mr Smith, trembling with emotion.
"People who steal cars have gotten longer. He should stay there the rest of his life."
Hoerler, 32, will face the State Parole Board hearing on Thursday after serving 10 years behind bars.
Jordan died on February 25, 2000 in Wagga Wagga, when he choked on his own vomit after he had been systematically tortured by Hoerler, the boyfriend of the baby's mother Louise Anderson.
Unemployed at the time of the attack, Hoerler was sentenced to a maximum 11 years in prison, which was later increased to 14 years on appeal by the chief prosecutor in 2004.
The trial found the baby was hit so hard his bottom teeth went through the roof of his mouth and his toes were crushed individually with the clamp of a desk fan. He had bruising and abrasions to his face and abdomen, fractured ribs, liver and bowel damage.
Mr Smith, who still lives in Wagga Wagga, said he went to the same school as Hoerler and once considered him a friend.
But prior to the attack, Mr Smith said he had raised concerns with the Department of Community Services over suspicions Hoerler was showering with his young son.
With the possibility of Hoerler's release, Mr Smith is forced to re-live dark memories.
"Now that it's all coming up again I get flashbacks and old feelings that I've tried to forget," he said.
"I can still see him in the pram and on the lounge. He was just a little bubbly baby, always giggling and playing.
"Why didn't he (Hoerler) pick on me? If he had something against me, why wasn't he man enough to do it?" Hoerler, who is serving his sentence in Cooma Correctional Centre, could be released as soon as July this year if his parole is successful.
But Cecil and his brother Darcy are desperate to prolong his release.
The family have sent letters to the parole board outlining reasons why Hoerler should remain in custody.
Mr Smith carries a photo in his wallet of Jordan and recalls his birth as "the best thing ever".
But he admits the tragedy has made him extra-protective of his 12-year-old daughter and six-year-old twin boys.
"I'm always protective now, as any parent would be," he said. "I make sure the windows and doors are locked every night.
"If Jordan was still here he would probably be out playing footy with his two younger brothers."

www.dailytelegraph.com.au (29-4-2012)
Lucas Townsend

'Keep the monster in jail'

IT HAS been 12 years since Christopher Hoerler plucked seven-month-old Jordan Anderson-Smith from his pram, took him into the next room of the Ashmont home, and tortured and killed him.
Jordan suffered multiple fractured ribs, a lacerated liver, a bruised pancreas, had all his toes crushed by the clamp of a small desk fan and eventually choked on his own vomit.
Now, after being jailed for manslaughter, it comes to pass that Hoerler could be back in the community as soon as this July.
“Please do the right thing and keep this monster in jail,” Jordan’s uncle, Darcy Smith, says in a passionate letter to the parole board, which Hoerler will face on May 3.
Darcy has become the unofficial spokesman for the Smith family which he says has not moved on from the horror of Jordan’s death.
“Please close your eyes for a minute and just try to imagine some of the thoughts that go through our minds during this time,” he says.
Hoerler was the sometimes live-in boyfriend of Jordan’s mother, Louise Anderson, and had been introduced into the family home only about three weeks before the killing.
It’s a fact that preys on the mind of Jordan’s father, and Darcy’s younger brother, Cecil Smith.
Darcy says Cecil had tried to block out the pain by turning to alcohol, and that he blames himself, wondering “what would have happened if I didn’t separate with Louise, or if I had have taken Jordan?”
Darcy says he has become overly protective of his own four children.
He won’t let them play alone in the park less than 50 metres from their Glenfield house and he takes them to and from school each day.
“If there is someone out there that can do this to a baby, what type of other people are there in the world?” he says.
Hoerler coming before the parole board is not a matter of opening old wounds for the Smith family because Darcy says they never actually healed.
Jordan’s paternal grandmother Rita Smith visits the cemetery every Sunday and the family openly talks about Jordan as though he is still with them.
What frightens them the most is the thought that Hoerler will have been a model prisoner, a perfect candidate for parole.

www.dailyadvertiser.com.au (10-4-2012)
Patrick Wood

Plea To Keep Baby Torturer In Jail Longer

An 11-year jail term given to the killer of a baby boy was inadequate for a crime which involved torture, including clamping the baby's toes, a Sydney Court was told today.
The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions is appealing against the sentence given to Christopher Hoerler for the manslaughter of seven-month-old Jordan Anderson at Wagga Wagga in the state's south west.
Hoeler was jailed last year for a maximum 11 years, with a non parole period of eight years and three months.
Baby Jordan- the son of Hoeler's de-facto, Louise Anderson- died on February 25, 2000, at the couple's home.
Jordan choked on his own vomit after been beaten and tortured, with his injuries including a lacerated liver, a torn lip, facial abrasions and broken ribs.
His toes had also been crushed by a clamp.
In July last year, Hoeler, then aged 26, was tried for Jordan's murder, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter halfway through the trial.
Richard Cogswell, SC, for the DPP, argued in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal today that Hoeler's sentence- handed down in the Supreme Court last December by Acting Justice Jeffrey Miles- was "manifestly inadequate".
Mr Cogswell said Jordan's killing fell into the worst category of manslaughter and should have attracted a higher sentence.
"A crime of violence which is attended by some element of gratuitous cruelty of torture is more serious objectively than one which is not," he said.
"The crushing injuries to the toes by the application of the clamp is a particular feature of great heinousness....it's gratuitous cruelty."
Appeal judge Michael Adams said that as "ghastly" as the injuries to Jordan's toes were, Hoerler could not be punished for them.
"We are not punishing him for the crime of causing the injuries to the feet," Justice Adams told the court.
"He was not charged with that... and he cannot be punished for that as a distinct matter."
But Mr Cogswell said the clamping of Jordan's toes was part of Hoeler's offending behaviour.
"It goes to the degree of suffering the child may have gone through," he said.
Hoerler's counsel, Chris Craigie, SC, conceded that the circumstances surrounding Jordan's death were appalling.
But he said there was "inherent difficulty in classifying an unitended homicide as worst case".
Mr Craigie said Hoerler's 11-year jail term was still a very severe sentence, "particularly bearing in mind that this was an unintended slaying".
The Appeal Court judges, Chief Justice Jim Spigelman, Justice Adams and Justice Robert Hulme, have reserved their judgement.
Outside the court, Jordan's uncle Darcy Smith said the family would cross their fingers that Hoeler's sentenced would be increased.
"Why have a maximum of 25 (years for manslaughter) if no-one's going to use it?" Mr Smith said.
"For (Hoerler) to walk in eight years- it's not fair."

AAP (17-5-2004)

I killed Jordan: ex-boyfriend stuns court with change of plea
Christopher Hoerler

He sat through a three-week murder trial saying nothing but listening to one version after another of the night when baby Jordan was found dead.
Then came the details of the seven-month-old child's horrific injuries - a cut liver, toes crushed by a fan clamp, a bruised pancreas and a torn lip.
Yesterday afternoon Christopher Hoerler signalled he wanted to change his plea. He rose before the jury in the NSW Supreme Court and told its members he did, after all, kill baby Jordan Anderson on February 25, 2000, at the child's home in Wagga Wagga.
When asked if he was guilty of killing the child, Hoerler calmly explained: "Not guilty [of murder] but guilty of manslaughter," before sitting again, staring ahead blankly.
Acting Justice Jeffrey Miles discharged the jury, who had spent days examining more than 100 graphic post-mortem photographs of the child's shocking injuries. No longer needed to make a decision, they were free to leave.
Hoerler, who was charged with murder 20 months after the child's death, had pleaded not guilty. He told police he heard a thump on the floor and woke to find the baby on the floor with red, brown and white fluid frothing around his mouth.
The 26-year-old is alleged to have tortured and killed the child after a party at the house of his girlfriend, baby Jordan's mother, Louise Anderson, in Ashmont, a Wagga Wagga Housing Department suburb.
Hoerler met Louise Anderson on New Year's Eve 1999 and moved into her home soon after. Less than two months later, baby Jordan was dead.
Bloodstains were splattered on the wall of the main bedroom, the baby's cot sheet and on Hoerler's blue Nike shorts. While it was not clear whether Hoerler intended to give evidence in the case, his defence counsel, Mitchell Paish, indicated that the jury should look to Louise Anderson's demeanour on the night the child died.
Ms Anderson gave a subdued testimony, saying she did not remember a lot about the night her child died. Asked why his client had decided to plead guilty to the killing, Mr Paish said more details would emerge on the sentencing date.
But for baby Jordan's natural father, Cecil Smith, the hardest three weeks of his life were over. "I just want to know what the truth is and what really happened that night," he said outside court. "But there will never really be an answer."
Hoerler's sentencing submissions will begin on September 19.

Sydney Morning Herald (31-7-2003)
Lee Glendinning

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