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Notorious SA paedophile Colin Charles Humphrys asks the Supreme Court to release him

A serial child sex predator responsible for one of the most notorious kidnapping cases in state history has asked a court to end his indefinite jail term.
Colin Charles Humphrys was jailed without parole in July 2009 for the most recent crimes in his decades-long history of sexual offences against children.
He is infamous for the 1991 kidnapping of a nine-year-old boy he was “given” by a fellow paedophile to take interstate and repeatedly abuse.
In Supreme Court documents viewed by The Advertiser today, Humphrys asks he be considered for immediate release, under supervised licence, from prison back into the community.
He further asks he be examined and assessed by mental health specialists to “determine” his risk of reoffending and support his plea for freedom.
The application comes despite Justice John Sulan’s warning, five years ago, that Humphrys was a predator who remained a danger to the community.
“Your sexual preference is for young males,” Justice Sulan said in 2009.
“There is a significant risk that, given the opportunity to engage them, you will engage in sexual conduct with them.
“In the past, judges have observed you are a predator of young males — little has changed.”
Humphrys, 62, has multiple convictions for sexual offences, child abduction and dishonesty.
Between April 1990 and July 1991, he was introduced to a nine-year-old boy — who can only be identified as XX — by fellow sex offender Laurie O’Shea.
XX would later tell the Supreme Court that Humphrys’ attitude toward him had been “full-on”.
“He talked about how he would like to show me areas of Australia and how it was sad he could not take me away on holiday because my mum hated him,” XX said in 2005.
“He was talking about running away and living together forever.”
In July 1991, Humphreys kidnapped XX and took him to Sydney’s Kings Cross, where he was abused multiple times before police located them.
Humphreys was later jailed for eight years.
In 2009, Humphrys received a 19-year prison term for having an ongoing relationship with a boy, 14, he met in Port Adelaide.
He had known the boy for less than 30 minutes when he first offended against him, and then continued to abuse him for the next three years.
At the time Justice John Sulan declined to set a non-parole period and ordered Humphrys be jailed indefinitely.
“Your offending was opportunistic and calculated, you took immediate advantage of his vulnerability to satisfy your own sexual desires,” Justice Sulan said.
“He was a young man without a father figure, and he was influenced by you.”
Humphrys’ application for release on licence will be heard next month.
The case is being handled by Justice Trish Kelly, who is also considering the terms under which repeat sex offender Mark Trevor Marshall may be released .

www.theaustralian.com.au (26-5-2014)
Sean Fewster

Child-sex predator Colin Humphrys begs — please let me go free

Convicted child molester Colin Humphrys.

Notorious child sex predator Colin Humphrys has launched Supreme Court action to be freed from prison.
The serial child abductor, who was jailed indefinitely a decade ago, wants to live in the community on licence despite a shocking history of sex offending against young boys that spans 40 years.
Humphrys is the third serial paedophile currently before the court seeking freedom.
Recidivist offenders Mark Trevor Marshall, 44, and Gavin Shaun Schuster, 37, are both awaiting court decisions to decide their freedom.
Marshall’s release on licence conditions are still being considered, while a court ruling to free Schuster on licence made last July is the subject of a fresh application by Director of Public Prosecutions Adam Kimber, SC, to be reconsidered.
Marshall’s application has prompted Attorney-General John Rau to intervene to ensure community safety is considered in any decision made by the court.
Opposition legal affairs spokesman Stephen Wade has signalled that stance will not change if a Liberal government is elected on March 15.
The move by Humphrys, 63, to be released has sparked concern from Commissioner for Victim’s Rights Michael O’Connell, who has intervened in Marshall’s case, asking the court to release Marshall’s address if he is freed to enhance public safety.
Mr O’Connell yesterday said he had instructed counsel to “ask the Court to once again allow me the privilege to make submissions on the risk Mr Humphrys may pose to community safety, especially in terms of the right of children — who are potential victims — to be protected from harm’’.
“Further, although it is yet to be settled if my interventions are legally right, it is morally the right thing to do for his victims. In such cases, the omission of a victims’ voice is at odds with the ideals of justice.”
Parole Board chairwoman Frances Nelson, QC, yesterday said Humphrys, Marshall and Schuster were all a “high risk’’ to the community.
“I don’t think people who have been diagnosed as pedophiles can be put in any category other than high risk,’’ she said.
“The question is, are they going to be able to manage their sexual urges in the community? You don’t know the answer to that.
“Their sexuality is not going to change if they are attracted to children, the issue is are they sufficiently committed to manage those urges.’’
Ms Nelson said the problem of managing such offenders was “a resource issue’’ and existing resources were not adequate to deal with it.
“Ideally, we should have some semi-supervised hostel environment for them, as opposed to releasing them into the community. We do not have that,’’ she said.
Humphrys, 63, has a shocking history of child sex offences dating back to 1973. It includes two incidents in which he abducted boys aged 10 and 12 respectively and sexually assaulted them after taking them interstate.
The first occurred in Queensland in 1985 and the second in SA in 1992 when Humphrys abducted a Trinity Gardens boy and took him to Sydney where he sexually abused him for 10 days until he was located in Kings Cross with the boy.
Humphrys was jailed indefinitely by Justice John Sulan in July, 2009. He had been found guilty of five counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old boy that occurred in 2002 and 2003.
After being found guilty in the District Court, the Director of Public Prosecutions applied to have him sentenced in the Supreme Court to allow section 23 of the Criminal Law (Sentencing) Act to be used.
A provision of that Act allows the court to jail a convicted person indefinitely as an uncontrollable sexual predator.
In sentencing Humphrys Justice Sulan said he accepted the reports and evidence of two psychiatrists that stated while Humphrys “is capable of controlling his sexual instincts, there is a significant risk that the defendant would, if given to opportunity, fail to exercise control over his sexual instincts.’’
“The defendant is likely to place himself in a position where he will commit offences of the type for which he has previously been convicted,’’ he stated.
“Given his history and lack of insight, I consider the defendant presently presents an unacceptable risk to the community, and that an order for his indefinite detention is appropriate.’’
Justice Sulan sentenced Humphrys to 10 years in prison and ordered that he be detained in custody until further order. The prison sentence expired on December 3 last year, prompting Humphrys to launch the Supreme Court action to be freed.
His application will be heard in the Supreme Court on March 21, where two psychiatric reports and a Parole Board report into his suitability for release will be examined.

www.news.com.au (1-3-2014)

How I Was Groomed For ABuse By A Pedophile

A young man who says he was abused by two paedophiles has given a chilling insight into the mind games used by several predators to groom their victims.
Known only as XX, the 24-year-old is suing the State Government, claiming it failed in its duty of care to protect him from Laurie O'Shea and Colin Charles Humphreys.
He says O'Shea's release from jail on license triggered a series of events that led to Humphreys kidnapping and abusing him- and ultimately leaving his life in ruins.
"I feel pretty lousy...I hate the mistakes I made," he told the Supreme Court yesterday. "I find myself really going back to the mental state I was in.... when I was abused by O'Shea and Humphreys. I just want to hide...I don't want to face what's out there." XX said O'Shea befriended him through a children's computing class at a suburban recreation centre.
"The abuse really started with him saying he knew sex between an adult and a child was wrong, but that he loved me and could not handle just being best friends," XX said.
"He thought I was grown up enough that it would be OK."
He said he and O'Shea engaged in sexual activity at the recreation centre, in O'Shea's flat and XX's own home.
"I was to 'become a man'- that's something he told me,' XX said. "At the time I remember feeling superior to children my age because I had a secret, I did grown-up things... while most people were still playing kiss chasey."
O'Shea- whose history as a pedophile dates back to the 1960's- was eventually acquitted of abusing XX by the Court Of Criminal Appeal. Between April, 1990, and July, 1991, O'Shea introduced the boy to Humphreys.
XX said his relationship with the convicted child stealer was "different". "It was a lot more full-on... he talked very coarsely. The way he spoke and the way he acted was a lot more abrupt," he told the court.
He talked about he would like to show me areas of Australia and how it was sad he could not take me away on holiday because my mum hated him. He was talking about running away and living together forever."
In July, 1991, Humphreys kidnapped XX and took him to Kings Cross, where he was abused multiple times before police located them.
Humphreys was later jailed for eight years.
XX said media coverage of his return to Adelaide made returning to school impossible, because of the 'teasing' and academic problems. He now works in an $18-an-hour job.
The trial, before Justice Tim Anderson is continuing.

Adelaide Advertiser (3-2-2005)
Sean Fewster

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