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Name: Craig Anthony Ratcliffe (Ratcliff) (Also known as"Andrew Lee Morphett")

Age: 49 yrs old (2010)

State:South Australia- Adelaide

Sentence: Sentenced 1991 in an SA Court to a suspended sentence/ 3yr, $500 good behaviour bond.

Offence/Other: Convicted in 1991 - 7 charges of unlawful sexual intercourse.Victim was a 14 yr old boy who later committed suicide.
Ratcliffe received a very lenient sentence??(the SA advertiser reported ratcliffe as living in Henley Beach SA- March 2005).
For more information about Ratcliffe read the newspaper articles below.

Craig Ratcliffe (2008)

Craig Ratcliffe
Facebook 'must ban paedophile Craig Ratcliff's profile' says Victim Rights Activist

A victims' rights advocate will petition Facebook to remove the profile of a convicted Adelaide paedophile who is using the site to communicate with young people.
Craig Ratcliff was convicted in 1991 of seven counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old boy.
In 2008, he was given a suspended sentence for telling "scandalous lies" about a serving MP, claiming in a series of TV interviews that the politician had been involved in homosexual activities in the south parklands.
Michael O'Connell, South Australia's Commissioner for Victims' Rights, said it was "inappropriate" for a convicted sex offender to use a social networking site.
"As commissioner, I'm unhappy that convicted sex offenders are allowed to use a community page to seek friendships with people of all ages," he said.
"In becoming aware of this I will, in consultation with police, write to Facebook to ask that the page be removed.
"I've done it before when someone set up a mock website under the name of Bevan Spencer Von Einem. I wrote to them and they removed that page."
Many of Ratcliff's 69 Facebook friends are young people - although none appear to be children.
He has been using his profile to play a Harry Potter game and post photographs of himself with his family. In one, he wears an Eminem jumper and is making obscene finger gestures at the camera. He also used the page to lament the death of killer Carl Williams.
"Oh well, life goes on even after Carl Williams died in prison yesterday aged only 39 years old, my condolences to his father and daughter, he may have made mistakes in life, but every one has a right to live, at least now he is in peace," he wrote in April.
A police spokeswoman said yesterday there was no law preventing a convicted sex offender from using a social networking site - unless it was used to procure a child.
Federal Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O'Connor, said the Government was committed to preventing child abuse both online and in the real world.

news.com.au (5-1-2010)

Craig Ratcliff gets suspended sentence for calling MP a pedophile

A man who spread "scandalous" and false rumours of pedophilia against a serving South Australian MP has walked from the Supreme Court on a suspended prison sentence.
Craig Ratcliff, 47, told a series of lies in a television interview in August 2004, claiming the politician had sex with underage boys at Veale Gardens in the Adelaide parklands.
Ratcliff later recanted his claims, saying he realised the politician was not the man known as "Terry" who frequented gay beats in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Justice Ann Vanstone said Ratcliff had been encouraged into taking part in the television interview by anti-child abuse campaigners Wendy Utting and Barry Standfield, who told him others had made similar claims against the MP.
She said Ratcliff was driven by "some sort of warped satisfaction in making allegations against someone who you believed to be in a privileged position".
"I think that you enjoyed your moment of celebrity and the attention you were given," Justice Vanstone said.
Ms Utting and Mr Standfield were last week acquitted of criminal defamation, while Ratcliff pleaded guilty before trial.
Justice Vanstone said the "scurrilous" allegations had a devastating effect on the politician.
The judge said the false allegations caused the politician "horror and distress, especially for his family, that such heinous allegations should be made against him".
The court heard Ratcliff, who received a suspended prison term for having sex with a teenage boy in the 1990s, was an alcoholic with chronic mental problems stemming from his own sexual abuse as a child.
Justice Vanstone ruled that Ratcliff's six-month prison term should be suspended because of his guilty plea, his mental state and the fact that he was encouraged into making the claims by Ms Utting and Mr Standfield.
Ratcliff shook visibly throughout the sentencing and was barely able to croak "yes" when asked if he was willing to enter into a three-year good behaviour bond before leaving court alone.

Adelaide Advertiser (18-12-2008)
Andrew Dowdell

Pedophile Criminal past of Lewis's star witness

The man at the centre of allegations a serving politician was involved in homosexual activities at Veale Gardens in Adelaide's south parklands is a convicted pedophile.
It has been revealed that "Wayne" whose real name is Craig Anthony Ratcliffe was convicted in 1991 of seven counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old boy.
District Court records show that Ratcliffe, 44, of Henley Beach, who is known to authorities by four different names, was given a three-year, $500 suspended sentence for his crimes, which were committed while he went under the name of Andrew Lee Morphett.
The shock revelation has severely damaged Parliamentary Speaker Peter Lewis's standing in the case and has left Ratcliffe's credibility as a witness in tatters.
In a day of drama in the political controversy yesterday:
MR Lewis attacked police over their handling of the case and claimed that a senior officer has defamed him.
POLICE Commissioner Mal Hyde said that the 2003 investigation that found the allegations to be unsubstantiated was externally audited.
RATCLIFFE said he had seen a photograph of the MP in Veale Gardens, despite telling The Advertiser on Tuesday that he had not seen any images.
POLICE Association President Peter Alexander rejected Mr Lewis's attack on police and said that "extreme caution" needed to be taken in dealing with Ratcliffe's allegations.
Mr Lewis has been under siege by his parliamentary colleagues since last week raising the allegations about a politician.
Mr Lewis yesterday claimed officers were acting in an unprofessional manner and had not properly investigated the claims during a 2003 Anti-Corruption Branch investigation.
That investigation was launched after Liberal MP Wayne Matthew arranged a meeting between Ratcliffe and police. It found the allegations were unsubstantiated and found no evidence video footage of the MP in Veale Gardens existed.
"I think the police have failed to investigate it properly in the past and equally failed to date to conduct themselves in a manner that's professional," Mr Lewis said on the ABC Radio Matthew Abraham and David Bevan morning show yesterday. "Certainly the police that are involved here ... haven't behaved professionally or decently."
Mr Lewis said he believed police who conducted the first investigation in 2003 did not deal with the people who came to them telling them about it in any way "respectfully of the information they were providing".
"They always treated them, according to the people in their sworn statements, as separate ... separately nutters," he said.
Mr Lewis alleged that was improper and he believed statements made by Assistant Commissioner (Crime) Madeleine Glynn in an interview last Thursday had defamed him.
Police Commissioner Mal Hyde responded, stating Mr Lewis had not previously raised any concerns about the 2003 inquiry and he "has not had access to the investigation file".
"The investigation file has been audited by an external auditor, as is normal process," he said. "If Mr Lewis has information to support his claim I urge him to bring it forward so that the matter can be investigated."
Mr Hyde also rejected Mr Lewis's claims about Ms Glynn. "The comments not only reflect unfavourably on Assistant Commissioner Glynn, but they also have the potential to undermine public confidence in the South Australian police," he said.
"I wish to assure the community that Assistant Commissioner Glynn has an outstanding record, is highly regarded as a competent and professional police officer and has my confidence." Police Association president Peter Alexander last night said it was extraordinary that Mr Lewis would "progress these allegations in the manner that he has".
"His public attack on the SA police force and individual police officers by name and inference is unacceptable," he said.
"Mr Lewis's complaints regarding the handling of the police inquiry should have been brought to the attention of the Commissioner of Police in the first instance.
"Notwithstanding the need to follow-up all allegations, for a convicted pedophile to make allegations such as this there needs to be extreme caution in dealing with his allegations."
At a press conference last night, Mr Lewis said that if he were the MP at the centre of pedophile allegations he would stand down.
"It's not a requirement in law it's a matter of ethics. If it were me, I would," he said. Mr Lewis said the police officers who did the initial investigations should be "ashamed of themselves".
He denied he was undermining public confidence in the SA Police. "Well, he (Mr Hyde) may say that, it's his choice," he said. "I wish he would communicate with me. I wish he would answer my correspondence."
Ratcliffe last night conceded his conviction for pedophile offences had damaged his credibility.
"I guess it does what do you expect? I don't doubt that it would cause some damage," he said. "I am not perfect, I don't swear to be perfect."
Ratcliffe also moved to clarify statements he made to The Advertiser on Tuesday concerning the images.
In that tape-recorded interview he was asked several direct questions relating to the alleged images of the MP at Veale Gardens.
When asked if he had ever had a copy of the images on his computer hard drive or if he had ever seen them, he replied: "No I haven't."
Ratcliffe said he was "muddled up" when he was interviewed on Tuesday.
While he again confirmed he had "never seen" the alleged video of the MP, he said he had seen a photograph of the MP at the Veale Gardens.

AAP (10-3-2005)

My Future Is At Stake

Peter Lewis has admitted his standing in the office of Speaker has "probably" been damaged by the revelation the key witness in the MP pedophile scandal is a convicted child abuser.
Mr Lewis conceded yesterday the results of the police Anti-Corruption Branch inquiry into the allegation a serving politician was involved in homosexual activities at Veale Gardens in Adelaide's south parklands would be the catalyst to determine his future in State Parliament.
In an exclusive interview, Mr Lewis said he would consider resigning if the allegations were found to be incorrect.
"If there is no foundation in truth, I will certainly consider my position," Mr Lewis said.
His tenuous position as Speaker became clear yesterday when Premier Mike Rann was asked in Parliament whether he retained confidence in Mr Lewis.
Significantly, Mr Rann shied away from declaring his confidence in Mr Lewis.
Asked by Liberal MP Isobel Redmond whether he still had confidence in the Speaker, Mr Rann said that there should be no pressure and no interference with the police inquiry "by anyone".
"Any discussion of the Speaker's role in raising allegations against an MP and the manner in which those allegations were raised involves the discussion of matters which are the subject of a current police investigation," Mr Rann said.
"It is highly undesirable to allow a debate that pre-empts the findings of that investigation and I am not prepared to risk compromising that investigation."
Mr Rann said he was mindful of the high standards of behaviour and propriety expected of all MPs, and also mindful that Mr Lewis vowed when he took over as Speaker "to do my utmost to protect all members' rights, collectively and individually".
The Advertiser yesterday revealed that Craig Anthony Ratcliffe, 44, the man who alleges there is video evidence of a serving MP involved in a sexual act at Veale Gardens, was convicted in 1991 of seven counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a 14-year-old boy.
District Court records show that Ratcliffe, who is known to authorities by four different names, had his sentence suspended on condition of a three-year, $500 good behaviour bond.
His crimes were committed while he went by the name of Andrew Lee Morphett.
Mr Lewis yesterday said he was aware Ratcliffe was a convicted pedophile and although his credibility was diminished by this, he believed Ratcliffe's allegations were still valid.
"No, you see, one swallow doesn't make a summer ... " Mr Lewis said in an ABC radio interview early yesterday.
In a later interview with The Advertiser, Mr Lewis conceded he was concerned a shadow had been cast over Ratcliffe's evidence by his conviction.
"In isolation I am, yes," he said.
"But just because somebody has been guilty of an offence for which they have been convicted and given a suspended sentence and have not reoffended since, does not mean they are to be ignored if what they say is corroborated by others without those others knowing that is in fact what they are doing."
When asked by The Advertiser if he would consider resigning as Speaker if the police investigation found the allegations surrounding the serving politician to be incorrect and unsubstantiated, Mr Lewis replied: "Yes."
"It's a no-less responsible thing," he said. "I said to you I will most certainly think about what I am doing."
Likewise, when asked if he believed the development in the controversy had damaged his standing in the matter, Mr Lewis replied: "Yes."
"The public tend to think in isolation, I guess, that I have relied on unreliable people," he said. "Well, all I have done take the information from those people, reliable or not, and where it cross-correlates, said 'well goodness, for the sake of all of us this needs to be cleaned up'."
Mr Lewis also said his standing in the office of Speaker had "probably" been damaged by the controversy. "I just have to go on being credible myself, I guess, no more or less than I ever have been, and try and ensure that the public understand this isn't a conspiracy between me and some other nitwits or nutters because they are not to do injury to any one member of Parliament," he said.
"But rather, my job and responsibility as Speaker to protect the reputation of all members of Parliament and where one is involved or may have been involved, alleged to have been involved, in an act which is considered a felony, they are duly brought to justice if that is the case."
Police Commissioner Mal Hyde on Monday ordered the Anti-Corruption Branch to conduct another investigation into the allegations, which were publicly raised by Mr Lewis last week.
In 2003 the same allegations were investigated after Liberal MP Wayne Matthew arranged a meeting between Ratcliffe and police. It found the allegations were unsubstantiated and found no evidence video footage of the MP in Veale Gardens existed.
Mr Lewis said he did not believe the new Anti-Corruption Branch inquiry would be completed in the short term.
"I don't think it is going to be cleaned up in the next couple of weeks," he said.
Meanwhile, it emerged yesterday the Democrats will move when Parliament resumes in three weeks for an Independent Commission Against Crime and Corruption to be established.

AAP (11-3-2005)

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