RIP - Daniel Morcombe (19 December 1989 – 7 December 2003).

The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/protection, prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/re-offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

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Daniel Morcombe,13,went missing on December 7, 2003, while waiting to catch a bus on the Sunshine Coast (Nambour Connection Rd) in Queensland..
Convicted Paedophile Brett Peter Cowan,44, was sentenced in March 2014 to at least 20 years' jail
for the December 2003 murder and indecent treatment of Daniel.

Morcombes want offenders register - Morcombe family lawyer Peter Boyce has backed a call for a public sex offenders' register
and said the required change in law should be called "Daniel's law".
The Daniel Morcombe Foundation -

Please sign - Petition (National) - "Protect our Children" - published by "Derryn Hinch" (8-9-2013)
Petition for Australian Governments to Publish a National "Public" Sex Offender Register
Protect our Children - http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/protect-our-children3.html

Bruce Morcombe calls for jurors to hear past crimes of defendants, after his son Daniel’s killer,
Brett Peter Cowan, was tried without his criminal history being revealed

Murdered schoolboy Daniel Morcombe’s father is calling for jurors to be told of the criminal records of defendants.
Bruce Morcombe has also revealed jurors expressed relief when finally told of Brett Peter Cowan’s shocking past after their verdict.
“What the jury saw was Mr Cowan in a number of photos looking like the ideal father, smiley, with young baby and his wife at the time,’’ he told The Courier-Mail.
“Nobody knew in the jury of his previous record. Similar fact evidence should be made available in a trial like that.’’
Mr Morcombe is the latest to voice calls for Queensland to follow the lead of the UK, where jurors have been told of past crimes for a decade.
Chief Justice Paul de Jersey last year proposed jurors be provided relevant criminal histories of defendants.
“Why … should a jury be denied knowledge that an alleged rapist committed another rape six months earlier?” Justice de Jersey said. “I do not accept a claim that, made aware of prior misconduct, jurors would automatically say: ‘He did that so he must have done this’.”
During Cowan’s trial, the jury heard convicted sex offender Douglas Jackway was another prime suspect.
Mr Morcombe said it was a “total injustice’’ jurors were told of Jackway’s crimes but not about Cowan’s past.
Cowan was twice jailed for violent, opportunistic sex attacks on young boys before abducting and murdering Daniel in December 2003.
“Douglas Jackway was stripped raw of all his previous offences, his criminality, his ability to do similar crimes to what was alleged to have happened to Daniel,’’ Mr Morcombe said.
“The whole jury and everyone in the courtroom heard that. An injustice was that the accused in the dock was in a privileged position where nobody in the courtroom was allowed to divulge that he too had a very similar record.
“Either both need to be exposed – which is what we’re suggesting is the right way to go – or neither.’’
Mr Morcombe said about eight jurors sat in the public gallery for sentencing.
“The prosecution identified Cowan’s previous history and they were so relieved they knew we got it right. It should be made available in all serious crimes within Queensland.”
Cowan is appealing his conviction.
Since Cowan’s conviction in March, Mr Morcombe and wife Denise have continued their efforts to keep children safe through the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.
“To Denise and I and to our boys it feels like six months – I’d nearly say a couple of years,” Mr Morcombe said. “It seems so distant to us now.’’
Supreme Court Justice Philip McMurdo has called for a debate about telling juries of past crimes and Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie says he is open to a discussion.

www.news.com.au (5-5-2014)


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Queensland Attorney-General to appeal Daniel Morcombe’s killer Brett Cowan’s non-parole period

Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie will appeal the sentence given to Daniel Morcombe’s killer Brett Peter Cowan because it is not in line with community expectations.
Mr Bleijie said he had consulted Daniel’s parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe about the life sentence imposed on Brett Peter Cowan, 44.
The sentence includes a 20-year non-parole period which Mr Bleijie said “must be appealed because it is manifestly inadequate, is not in line with community expectations and does not set an adequate deterrent”.
He has instructed the Director of Public Prosecutions to appeal.
Cowan’s defence has also indicated he will appeal his conviction for the murder of Daniel in December 2003.
Today Premier Campbell Newman will host a private reception for the Morcombes and police involved in the investigation at Parliament House.

www.news.com.au (20-3-2014)

Morcombes want offenders register

While Daniel Morcombe's mother wants all sex offenders tracked on a public register, the idea is yet to gain traction outside Western Australia.
Civil libertarians, academics and child protection advocates say a register could push pedophiles underground or lead to vigilantism.
The Queensland government is closely monitoring Western Australia's program and Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has reservations.
"It's in the mix at the moment, we're reviewing all sex offender laws," he told Fairfax Radio.
"I'm yet to be convinced, because we haven't seen yet the results."
Other senior ministers haven't yet supported the idea, with John-Paul Langbroek concerned it would lead to hate crimes.
Debate about a register was reignited after serial pedophile and child rapist Brett Peter Cowan, 44, was sentenced last week to at least 20 years' jail for the December 2003 murder and indecent treatment of Daniel.
Following Cowan's sentencing, Daniel's mother Denise called for a child sex offenders' register.
In WA, more than 100,000 hits have been logged on the sex offender register website since its launch in 2012.
West Australian Police Minister Liza Harvey said there had been no vigilante action.
The site only gives out limited information on local sex offenders when members of the public supply driver's licence details.
But a criminology lecturer at West Australia's Murdoch University, Jaimie Zander, said publicly available registers did little to reduce repeat offending and may actually increase the chance of repeat offending.
"Actually most of the literature looks at the collateral damage, such as offenders losing their jobs, being denied a place to live, loss of family and friends," she told AAP.
"All of these things contribute toward an increase in stress levels, something that appears to be related to offending behaviour for certain groups of offenders."
Broadcaster Derryn Hinch is campaigning for a public name and shame list and will, in coming months, finalise a draft with the former head of the National Crime Authority, Peter Faris, QC.
Hetty Johnston, the founder of child protection group Bravehearts, says the continued detention of dangerous sex offenders is better than a register, which she says could lead to innocent people being targeted.
"Most sex offenders aren't known to police, so most of them wouldn't be on the register anyway," she said.
Australian Council for Civil Liberties president Terry O'Gorman said naming and shaming would lead to vigilantism.
"Look at Denis Ferguson, he was hounded from town to town," he told AAP.
The Victorian government says it has no plans to publicly release sex offender details because it also fears it may provoke vigilante attacks.

au.news.yahoo.com (17-3-2014)
Kym Agius

Daniel Morcombe murder proves the need sex offenders register, says Derryn Hinch

Broadcaster Derryn Hinch says his plan for a public sex offenders register is almost complete and he hopes Daniel Morcombe’s murder will force politicians to act.
Hinch has long campaigned to name and shame paedophiles, saying the Morcombe case proves the need for a national register so Australians can understand threats in their communities.
Convicted child sex offender Brett Peter Cowan was last week ordered to serve at least 20 years’ jail for indecently dealing with and murdering 13-year-old Daniel in Queensland in 2003.
After the verdict, the media could finally report on what many involved in the case had known for years - that Cowan was a serial sexual predator who had twice been to jail for horrific attacks on two other boys, aged six and seven.
Daniel’s parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe support the creation of a public register.
‘‘If he had never been allowed out of jail we wouldn’t be sitting here today,’’ Mrs Morcombe told the Channel 9's 60 Minutes.
‘‘I think once they have offended the first time and been charged and found guilty for that offence, they should be on the register from day one.’’
Hinch, who has gone to jail for revealing details about sex offenders’ past crimes, says a national register is a no-brainer and that in the US it hasn’t resulted in the kind of vigilante action civil libertarians warn of.
‘‘I can’t see what the argument against it is,’’ he told the ABC on Monday.
‘‘Why should some people know and others don’t?’’
Hinch is working with the former head of the National Crime Authority, Peter Faris QC, on a draft plan for a register, which should be complete in a month or so.
It will then be presented to state and federal attorneys-general, who will be urged to refine and enact it as soon as possible.
Queensland’s Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the West Australian model would be watched.
‘‘It’s in the mix at the moment, we’re reviewing all sex offender laws,’’ he told Fairfax Radio.
‘‘I’m yet to be convinced, because we haven’t seen in Western Australia yet the results.
‘‘It appears to be working in terms of not creating vigilante communities that some would have suggested.’’
The founder of child protection advocate Bravehearts, Hetty Johnston, said the continued detention of dangerous sex offenders was better than a register, which she called a knee-jerk response that could lead to innocent people targeted.
‘‘If these guys are dangerous, they shouldn’t be released,’’ she said.
‘‘It is wrong, wrong, wrong on every level.’’
Other Newman government ministers are speaking out.
One noted that Western Australia already has a register that allows users to look up the details of convicted sex offenders living in their neighbourhoods.
Energy Minister Mark McArdle says he’s watching the situation there before making up his mind about whether it could also work in Queensland.
But Transport Minister Scott Emerson says an Australia-wide system is needed.
‘‘I want to see a national scheme so people just can’t go from one state to another,’’ he said.
Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek expressed concerns about the register push.
‘‘I’d be very concerned that it would lead to vigilantism, and they are things we don’t want to see,'' he said.
WA Police Minister Liza Harvey said she strongly supported a national sex offender register.
The WA website had more than 100,000 hits in the first eight months of operation.
It showed there was a strong public interest in information about serious and repeat offenders, she said, adding that there had been no vigilante activity.

www.brisbanetimes.com.au (17-3-2014)

Sunshine Coast home to hundreds of sex offenders, says cop

A Sunshine Coast church accused of failing to take action against the man who killed Daniel Morcombe says it has removed four pedophiles from its congregation in recent years.
Two of those were sent to jail.
And a senior police officer, who has worked for more than 15 years in child protection and also attends the large Woombye church, said hundreds of registered sex offenders were living on the Sunshine Coast and thousands more across Queensland.
In 2011, during the Daniel Morcombe inquest, police revealed they had more than 500 new persons of interest in relation to Daniel.
At the time of Daniel's disappearance there were reports, which police refused to confirm at the time, of more than 70 registered pedophiles in the Palmwoods-Woombye area.
One of them was Brett Peter Cowan, who had moved to the Sunshine Coast after being released from jail halfway through a seven-year term for raping a six-year-old boy in Darwin and leaving him for dead.
The victim, "David'', told Sunday Night that he thought he was going to die after he was left tied up. He managed to get free.
He says he is angry Cowan was ever released back into the community.
"He should not have got out,'' the victim said.
Cowan was released on parole after becoming 'a Christian' and doing a sexual offenders rehabilitation program.
The senior detective who spoke to APN yesterday said he had never been made aware of a complaint that Cowan had tried to rape a woman who was attending what was then Christian Outreach Centre, Woombye.
Melissa Bridges, then Melissa Holman, told News Corp that Cowan had forced himself on her at his home after he had picked her up to take her to a street ministry soup kitchen in Nambour.
She was 15 at the time. He had made the excuse he needed to stop for a shower and came out with just a towel around him, she said.
Cowan had been living at Bli Bli with his uncle and aunt, who were pastors at Suncoast Christian Church at the time.
Ms Bridges said the church's senior pastor, Chas Gullo, had been told about the attempted rape but had not taken action - a claim Dr Gullo has strongly denied.
"I had no knowledge of any alleged incident involving this young lady," Dr Gullo said in a statement.
"If I had been made aware of this allegation, relevant authorities would have been notified immediately.
"Sexual abuse is not tolerated and will not be covered up. Our church will always continue to help, support and love people who have been the victim of sexual abuse."
Dr Gullo told media yesterday that he remembered being called by Ms Bridges about three years ago, when Cowan was a person of interest in the Daniel Morcombe inquest. She had asked about a meeting over the allegation.
He said he remembered no mention of attempted rape but that Ms Bridges had complained that Cowan made a "pass" at her.
Dr Gullo said he was aware that Cowan had served time in jail for a rape in Darwin but he had been accepted into the church because he was undergoing rehabilitation through the parole system.
He said he had assumed the rape involved a woman, not a child.
Dr Gullo admits he should have asked more questions at the time.
Had he been aware of Cowan's full history, he said Cowan would never have been allowed in the church.
A policeman, who did not want to be named, said he believed the church had a strong record on protecting its children.
"They have an active child protection policy here and they follow it quite strongly," he said.
He said he had confronted pedophiles he had known through his police work at the church and they had soon left.
"They realise basically the game is up and they have been caught out and they are no longer anonymous," he said.
The police officer said hundreds of registered sex offenders were living on the Sunshine Coast and thousands more across Queensland.
He said churches were targets, along with any organisation involving children.
The church and college campus hosts the start of the Walk for Daniel each year and is an active supporter of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.
Dr Gullo said while his church offered people a second chance, he would never put children at risk by allowing known pedophiles anywhere on the church or school campus.
After 17 years at the helm of one of the Sunshine Coast's biggest churches, Chas and Fran Gullo announced yesterday they will hand over their positions to their son and his wife at the end of June.
The announcement came on the day of a front page story in a Brisbane newspaper about Dr Gullo.
Dr Gullo, 63, said he had been planning the move since last September, after his son Jonathan and wife Chloe agreed to take on the senior roles, after spending 14 months overseas.
The church announcement went ahead, despite a media storm surrounding Suncoast over its acceptance of Brett Peter Cowan into its congregation.
An emotional Dr Gullo, who was given a standing ovation after his announcement, said he and his family had been "blessed" to be part of an amazing ministry.
"In the midst of the issues taking place in the community, we are still going ahead with God's plan for his church - strong families, safe city - that's our vision and that's what we do," he said.
Dr Gullo said he would remain on pastoral staff for years to come with oversight over the college.

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (17-3-2014)
Mark Furler

Morcombe lawyer pushes for 'Daniel's Law' to save children

Morcombe family lawyer Peter Boyce has backed a call for a public sex offenders' register and said the required change in law should be called "Daniel's law".
Mr Boyce, who has been the solicitor for the Morcombe family for the past decade, said the inquest into the death of the Sunshine Coast teenager "changed" his views on people.
He supported Denise Morcombe's call for a public sex offenders' register, but said there had to be limitations in place.
"Offenders such as Cowan, those really serious offenders, need to be identified," Mr Boyce said.
He said most people would think it "reasonable and fair" that anyone who commits a crime against a child should go on the register.
And he said if the law was changed, it should be called "Daniel's Law".
The Daniel Morcombe inquest in 2011 fundamentally changed Mr Boyce's views on criminals and their capacity for rehabilitation.
He is now a supporter of an "indefinite sentence", which has kept criminals like Doug
Alas Brian Jackway behind bars after being deemed too dangerous to be released into society.
"Before the Morcombe inquest, I would have said as a lawyer you can't do that," Mr Boyce said.
"But having seen the calibre of people (identified as persons of interest in the inquest) I have a different view.
"I would have fought tooth and nail against an indefinite sentence. But I now believe some people don't want to be part of our society.
"A lot of them, when you look at their history, they have been given lots of chances. There is nothing more you can do for them.
"Some people don't want to live in our society and if they don't - we have to ask when is enough enough?"
Mr Boyce was confident the State Government would introduce changes to allow for the register and also for harsher sentences on sex offenders.
"We need to find a balance with the laws though. But cases like this, where those people aren't deserving of protection of anonymity. They are at another level of offending.
"I have done many years of law and acted for lots of people, but they (the persons of interest) were by far the worst as a collective group.
"They opened your eyes to another level of offending.
"Collectively, they are one of the biggest disappointments in life, when you realise the quality of some people running around on our streets."

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (18-3-2014)
Kathy Sundstrom

Denise Morcombe says Cowan deserves 'long, slow death'

Daniel Morcombe's mother hopes his evil murderer dies "a long, slow death" in jail with little more than bread and water.
Denise Morcombe, speaking in a 60 Minutes interview, said she was pleased Brett Peter Cowan was given life imprisonment with a 20-year non-parole order.
"Hopefully he's dead by the time he's 60 so we won't have to think about the non parole period," she said.
"It feels a bit strange, it feels a bit not real at the moment.
Bruce Morcombe said: "He'll be there forever, he'll die in jail."
Mrs Morcombe said the next step was going through Daniel's belongings which were still at home.
"Never wanted to let him go I suppose," she said about keeping his things.
Mrs Morcombe said she knew Cowan was the man when he walked into the coronial inquest in 2011.
"I just got a really cold shiver," she said.
"I turned to Bruce and said 'Oh my god that's him'. He was just horrible."
Denise and husband Bruce had considered flying to Perth to track him down a few days later but they are now thankful they did not because the covert operation was already underway.
That was four months before Cowan confessed to murdering Daniel.
"We've read his police brief and we knew his past criminal history but we've never been allowed to say anything about him," Mrs Morcombe said.
"If he'd never been let out of jail we wouldn't be sitting here today Daniel would be still be alive, this would never have happened."
Cowan had molested two other little boys before he abducted and killed Daniel on the Sunshine Coast.
Father of three Tim Nicholls, now aged 33 and 195cm tall, told 60 Minutes that he was petrified all his life that Cowan would track him down and kill him for telling people what he had done in a public toilet block in 1987.
Mr Nicholls was aged seven when Cowan offered him a golf ball and then dragged him to the toilets.
"I thought was dying that day, I didn't know what he was going to do to me," he said.
Mr Nicholls said testifying in a courtroom, where Cowan was sentenced to just two years jail, was difficult.
"He was sitting there with a smile on my face just staring at me," he said.
"It was like it was a game to him, he was just smiling across the room."
Mr Nicholls said he wanted to kill Cowan, that he was prepared to do jail time himself if it meant other kids were safe.
Cowan's former girlfriend Tracey was 18 when he left a six-year-old boy for dead near a Darwin caravan park after molesting him.
She said her first boyfriend was charming and confident but she now knew that was just a cover for the "evil man he is".
"He's fooled a lot of people," she said.
"He came home and had sex with me.
"I didn't like the smell or what he was doing to me.
"I told him to leave me alone."
Tracey said when Cowan found out they were looking for a "rock spider" he got angry.
"We're got to get that bastard. We gotta find him," he told Tracey.
"He wanted to kill him himself.."
The Morcombes said they did not know how Cowan convince their shy boy to climb into his vehicle but how he felt when he realised something was wrong continued to haunt them.
"If you were sitting in the passenger seat with an unknown driver down that dirt road in feral bush, you would know, your body would be telling you 'I'm in a hell of a lot of trouble here'," Mr Morcombe said.
"You'd probably smell death, you'd really be thinking I've got to get out of here if he was able to.
"This isn't an isolated case, he hasn't made a blue and regretted it.
"He's been a demon for nearly 30 years, just a shocking record."
Mrs Morcombe said she would never forgive Cowan.
"He destroyed an innocent boy and took his life away," she said.
"Stuff him," they both said.

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (16-3-2014)
Rae Wilson

Exclusive - 60 Minutes - 7.40, 16th March 2014 - Daniel Morcombe: Tracking His Killer

Exclusive - 60 Minutes - 7.40, 16th March 2014 - Daniel Morcombe: Tracking His Killer

Questions raised over Cowan's sentence

Daniel Morcombe's killer will be in his 60s before he can be released from jail, but whether that's enough to protect the public is under scrutiny.
Brett Peter Cowan was on Friday given life imprisonment with no parole for 20 years for murdering the Sunshine Coast schoolboy in 2003, but Queensland's attorney-general has raised the possibility of appealing the sentence.
Brett Peter Cowan
Jarrod Bleijie says he is reviewing the penalty and receiving advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions.
The trial judge herself raised questions about Cowan's prospects of rehabilitation with a warning for those who would consider releasing him when he becomes eligible for parole in 2031.
"Whenever anyone is considering the prospect of granting you parole in the future they should mark my words that you are a convincing, plausible and adaptable liar, and prepared to lie to advance your own interests," Supreme Court Justice Roslyn Atkinson told the serial sex offender on Friday.
Justice Atkinson was required to sentence Cowan to a non-parole period of at least 15 years, but felt the enormity of Cowan's crimes and his history warranted a harsher penalty.
The judge had barked at father of three Cowan, 44, to stand up in the Brisbane Supreme Court dock to hear her forceful sentencing remarks, which ran for more than 20 minutes.
"Everything about what you did to that child was horrific and disgraceful," she told the prisoner, who stared straight ahead with his hands folded in front of him.
"This is not just a murder but a terrible murder. It has had widespread and shocking impacts."
Daniel's parents Denise and Bruce Morcombe, now child safety campaigners, were not in court, choosing to attend a fundraiser instead.
They had endured an emotional day on Thursday when Cowan, who has already spent two-and-a-half years behind bars, was found guilty of indecently treating and murdering Daniel and interfering with his corpse.
Powerful victim impact statements from the couple and their two sons read in court described how the "evil" Cowan had torn their family apart and left them with unbearable images of what had happened to their son.
Daniel was 13 when he vanished while waiting for a bus at Woombye on the Sunshine Coast on December 7, 2003.
Cowan was arrested in August 2011 following an undercover police sting, and Daniel's remains were discovered in bushland in the Sunshine Coast hinterland later the same month.
The former tow truck driver has previously been jailed for sex crimes against young boys in Brisbane and Darwin in 1987 and 1993, but had history of molesting children dating back to his teen years.
Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said Brisbane's Story Bridge will be lit red on Friday night in honour of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation, the charity set up by Daniel's parents.
Daniel was wearing a red T-shirt when he was abducted.

AAP (14-3-2014)

10 years later, the life and death of Daniel Morcombe (4-12-2013)


Daniel Morcombe's accused killer Brett Peter Cowan's name change a mystery

Defence lawyers for the man accused of Daniel Morcombe's murder do not know why their client changed his name prior to his arrest.
Brett Peter Cowan changed his name to Shaddo Nunya Hunter in the years between Daniel's disappearance and the 2010 inquest into his suspected murder, at which Cowan was a person of interest.
Within months of the inquest being adjourned in 2011, Cowan was charged with murder, child stealing, deprivation of liberty, indecent treatment of a child and interfering with a corpse.
The 43-year-old's odd name change was revealed during the cross-examination of a lead investigator at his committal hearing in February.
At the committal, defence lawyer Michael Bosscher asked Detective Senior Sergeant Stephen Blanchfield whether the accused had legally changed his name to Shaddo Nunya Hunter.
''My understanding is that is now his legal name,'' the detective said.
Tim Meehan, of Bosscher Lawyers, told news.com.au that the defence team became aware of the name change upon taking on their client.
"He hasn't (provided an explanation for the name change) and it's not something we've pushed with him," he said.
"I can't guess as to what the motivation was or whether there's any special meaning or whether it attaches to anything in popular culture or whether it's just a name.
"People change their names all the time - it's not anything unusual. People do it often and for any number of different reasons."
Mr Meehan said the defence team addressed Cowan by his natural name and that his client had never insisted on being called Shaddo.
It is understood police were aware of the name change at the time of Cowan's arrest but charged him under his natural name anyway.
Mr Meehan said he was unsure what name Cowan's family used to address him.
"I don't talk about his family with him," he said.
"(Our communication) is just solely related to us defending him."
While the meaning of Shaddo Nunya Hunter is unknown, the name has a range of popular culture inferences.
Shadow Hunters is a survival board game set in a forest in which three groups of characters - the Shadows, creatures of the night; the Hunters, humans who try to destroy supernatural creatures; and the Neutrals, civilians caught in the middle of this ancient battle - struggle against each other to survive.
The key to winning is to identify allies and enemies because once a players' identity is revealed, their enemies will attack with impunity.
There is a series of Shadowhunter novels in which shadowhunters, a magical race of beings that are half angel and half human, endeavour to protect the world from demons and other supernatural forces.
There is a Shadow Hunter comic book series by Virgin Comics and porn star Jenna Jameson.
There is also a 13-episode documentary television series about the paranormal called Shadow Hunter.
The only known meaning for "Nunya" is that it is slang for "none of your business".
It is believed Cowan probably changed his name in his home state of Western Australia.
The WA Department of the Attorney General said police checks were not performed against every name-change application but that the Registry ran police checks "in certain circumstances".
A trial date for Cowan, who remains segregated from other inmates at Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre in Queensland, is expected to soon be set for as early as this year.
Mr Meehan said the defence team were ready.
"It just needs to be done," he said.
"We're happy to just get in and do it really.
"(A trial this year would be good) for absolutely everyone involved."
News.com.au understands Cowan will be addressed by his natural name at his trial.
However, University of Adelaide Advocacy and Justice Unit director David Caruso said this would change if Cowan was found guilty.
"If he's convicted he has to be sentenced and so forth as the law recognises him and the law recognises him by his legal name," he said.

www.news.com.au (1-4-2013)

Brett Cowan committed to stand trial for the murder of Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe

Accused killer Brett Cowan has been committed to stand trial for the murder of Daniel Morcombe.
9.41am: Mr Bosscher conceded there was a case against his client.
''I can see that the prosecution have met the threshold test required,'' he said.
Chief Magistrate Brendan Butler committed Cowan to stand trial for the murder of Daniel Morcombe.
''The defendant before the court is facing five charges...the defence concedes there is evidence on which I may commit,'' he said.
''The prosecution case is that Daniel Morcombe disappeared on December 7, 2003, after he was seen missing a bus.''
Chief Magistrate Butler said there was evidence the defendant admitted to abducting and killing Daniel and disposing of his body.
Human remains were later found at a location where he had taken undercover police officers, he said.
The Magistrate said it was now for a jury to determine whether he was guilty of the charges.
Asked by Chief Magistrate Butler whether he intended to respond to the five charges read out against him, Cowan answered ''no sir''.
9.31am: Defence lawyer Michael Bosscher has moved on to questioning a second police officer, Detective Senior Constable Ross Hutton.
The detective was asked to describe other buildings on the Kings Rd site where Cowan claimed, in a conversation with an undercover police officer, to have killed Daniel inside a demountable home.
Det Sen Const Hutton said the site also held tobacco growing sheds, a storage shed and a wood saw.
He said the area was significantly flooded on several occasions following Daniel's disappearance.
Mr Bosscher said his client had made ''certain admissions'' to undercover police about what had happened at the property.
''He indicated to them...he took Daniel's body and dropped it down the embankment,'' Mr Bosscher said.
''He then climbed down after he dropped the body and retrieved it.''
The detective described the embankment as being two to three metres high.
9.21am: Mr Bosscher told the court his client was not the only person to make "admissions" to police in relation to the disappearance of Daniel on December 7, 2003.
''My recollection is that there are only two other people who made admissions...to police,'' Det Sen Sgt Blanchfield said.
Moving on to other aspects of the investigation, Mr Bosscher asked the detective to confirm that police had prepared 34 photo boards that were shown to witnesses from about the time of Daniel's disappearance to an inquest held eight years later.
The photo boards included images of 31 persons of interest.
Mr Bosscher said the only witness to be shown a photo board including a picture of Cowan was a witness named Abby North, who failed to identify him.
9.13am: The committal hearing into the murder of Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe has begun with further cross examination of one of the lead investigators.
Detective Senior Sergeant Stephen Blanchfield was asked by defence lawyer Michael Bosscher to confirm that accused killer Brett Peter Cowan had legally changed his name to Shadoo Nunya Hunter.
''My understanding is that is now his legal name,'' the detective said.
''Changed by deed poll at some point,'' Mr Bosscher said.
''Yes,'' the detective replied.
Cowan, 43, is facing a Brisbane Magistrates Court hearing on charges of murder, child stealing, deprivation of liberty, indecent treatment of a child and interfering with a corpse.
His lawyers have indicated he intends to plead not guilty to all charges.

The Courier-mail (7-2-2013)
Kate Kyriacou

Daniel bus lesson 'still not learnt' (17-2-2012)

Daniel Morcombe's family finally able to bury him with dignity

Confirmation that human remains found in Sunshine Coast bushland belonged to his son was like "waiting for a sledgehammer to hit you", says Bruce Morcombe says.
Three bones found in boggy bushland at Beerwah have been confirmed as belonging to Daniel Morcombe, who was 13 when he went missing in 2003.
In a press conference held today, Daniel's father, Bruce, said: "The reality has set in that Daniel is not missing - he was murdered.
"It's a monumental step in the investigation process. We're quite traumatised but hoping it's the first step in the healing process and we can move forward and recover.
"We are entering the very final chapter. We will bring Daniel home - it will take a little while."
Mr Morcombe said he was hesitant to describe the family's feeling as "closure", saying it was more like relief.
"We wrestle with finding the appropriate word and closure is one that me and Denise and the family have never been enormously comfortable with," he said.
Daniel can now be buried with dignity after Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson phoned Bruce Morcombe with the news the family had both wanted and dreaded just after 8am (AEST).
Seven years and nine months after Daniel vanished while waiting for a bus at Woombye on December 7, 2003, it was official: the 13-year-old schoolboy was dead.
The family's long-time lawyer and friend Peter Boyce said the Morcombes had gathered, as they had done so many times before, to comfort each other.
Mr Boyce said he had spoken to Bruce, who was "very low" after receiving the call from Mr Atkinson, who revealed DNA tests on three bones uncovered at the scene last Sunday had been matched to Daniel.
"It was the call they had expected, but that did not make it any less difficult," he said.
"From an investigation point of view, it's something that had to happen ... an achievement. From a personal viewpoint, it brought the stark reality that their son has been lying there (in Glass House Mountains bushland) for a very long time."
The Morcombes were extremely resilient and would "get back up again", Mr Boyce said.
"We're really proud, Denise and myself, that we're a tight-knit family. We'll just make sure we recover from this and move on," Mr Morcombe told the press today.
They would now be able to focus on plans for Daniel's funeral and keep busy with the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.
Mrs Morcombe told press "I think we'll just have the one (memorial) but we haven't decided yet."
She said it was difficult to pass on the news to her other sons, Daniel's twin brother Bradley, 21, and Dean, 23.
"Just watching the boys' faces was heartbreaking really," Mrs Morcombe said.
They just stood there and just stared."
Mr and Mrs Morcombe told The Courier-Mail on Thursday that the anniversary of their son's disappearance was being considered as a possible date for his funeral.
Mr Morcombe said that Daniel deserved to be farewelled "with dignity".
Mr Atkinson told media that testing at a South Australian facility had provided a DNA match late on Saturday.
"This is an enormously significant result," Mr Atkinson said. "It's a very sad answer, but it's the answer."
He read a statement from Mr Morcombe on behalf of the family.
"Denise, Bruce, Dean and Bradley would like to thank the Queensland Police Service and the State of Emergency Service volunteers for their ongoing commitment to maintain the search for Daniel's remains," he read.
"Today's news is extremely sad for us all and although we knew in our heart the search area was Daniel's final resting place, the scientific confirmation is still enormously difficult to comprehend. For seven years and nine months it is that expected shock we have all been waiting for."
Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said the search at the Kings Rd crime scene would resume as soon as weather allowed.
"We will search that area with absolute thoroughness and we will not leave that area until we are absolutely certain," a spokesman from Queensland Police told press.
Mr Morcombe said the family found more comfort in visiting the public memorial for Daniel, rather than the site where his remains have been found.
"It's a very eerie place, it's certainly not a place anyone would want to go and visit out of their natural accord," he said.
Mrs Morcombe added: "It's more like hell."
Brett Peter Cowan, 42, has been charged with Daniel's abduction and murder.

The Courier-Mail (29-8-2011)
Peter Hall/ Kristin Shorten

Daniel Morcombe's fate to teach Queensland schoolchildren the dangers of child predators

Daniel Morcombe's parents say their new role as State Government-endorsed child safety ambassadors will help turn their son's dark story into something positive.
Bruce and Denise Morcombe this morning fronted loyal supporters as they announced the partnership, which will also see a new Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Program become a core component of Queensland's Prep to Year 9 curriculum.
"I think Daniel's very real story is something that everybody understands no matter what the people's age," Mr Morcombe said.
"We've had enormous change in our lives in the last three weeks. We're not quitters. We're going to make sure that we turn a very tragic event into something positive."
Daniel was 13 when he disappeared in 2003 and police last month found some of his remains near a Sunshine Cost macadamia farm.
Brett Peter Cowan, 42, has been charged with his abduction and murder.
Mr Morcombe said the latest developments had been a "very difficult time in our lives" but he and his wife were determined to push ahead with a week-long school tour organised several months ago.
The pair will tomorrow set off and tour from Brisbane to Cairns as a part of Child Protection Week.
"It's a heavy commitment but at the end of the day it's about protecting kids," Mr Morcombe said.
"We're happy to go face to face, talk to those kids in schools and hopefully our message will be retained because they're relating those safety tips back to Daniel's very real story."
The State will inject $460,000 over two years into the new four-point child safety plan.
The cash will help develop the new curriculum, further promote October's Day for Daniel, support the Morcombes in their new paid ambassador roles and provide a funding boost for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.
Praising the Morcombes as "truly courageous Queenslanders", Premier Anna Bligh this morning said she hoped to make the project national and said already other premiers had expressed interest.
"On Father's Day I take my hat off particularly to Bruce and Denise Morcombe - their courage inspires all of us," she said.
Earlier, the Sunday Mail revealed that Queensland students will be taught how to ward off predators under plans to introduce the Daniel Morcombe safety message into the state school curriculum.
And a new universal distress signal could be developed so children in danger can easily alert the public.
Premier Anna Bligh and Daniel's parents, Bruce and Denise, will announce a four-point child safety plan today.
It includes a new role for the Morcombes, who will be paid child safety ambassadors, and a funding boost to the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.
The new compulsory subjects, to be taught from Prep to Year 9, are likely start from mid next year.
The Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Program will become a core component of the curriculum.
Daniel was 13 when he disappeared in 2003. Brett Peter Cowan, 42, has been charged with his abduction and murder.
Despite years of heartache and recent news that police had found some of Daniel's remains near a Sunshine Coast macadamia farm, the Morcombes' stoicism and courage has inspired a nation.
Ms Bligh said a working group, including police and Education Queensland, would help develop the child safety package and she would lobby for it to be adopted nationally.
"I am grateful, and parents across Australia will be grateful, for the Morcombes' decision to use the lessons of the terrible tragedy they have experienced to protect our children," Ms Bligh said.
Today, the Morcombes will begin a 4000km road trip from Brisbane to Cairns to promote their message to schools.
"Daniel's abduction is a defining moment in terms of Queensland parents collectively recognising that child safety is important," Bruce Morcombe said yesterday.

The Sunday Mail (Qld) (4-9-2011)
Koren Helbig/ Renee Viellaris

Bones identified as Daniel Morcombe's

Queensland police have announced bones found at a crime scene in Sunshine Coast bushland belong to missing teenager Daniel Morcombe.
Three bones and a pair of shoes were found at the site in the Beerburrum State Forest near Beerwah, which police have been combing through since the arrest of a suspect in Daniel's murder case.
Daniel was 13 when he disappeared on his way to buy Christmas presents at Woombye in 2003, sparking the largest missing persons case in Queensland's history.
His parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe have worked tirelessly to keep the case in the national consciousness.
Police have named the man charged with Daniel's suspected murder and abduction as 41-year-old Brett Peter Cowan.
Cowan has signalled he will fight the charges levelled against him.

ABC (28-8-2011)

Hunt for body after man charged with murder of missing schoolboy Daniel Morcombe

pic..missing teenager Daniel Morcombe
pic..missing teenager Daniel Morcombe

POLICE will scour rugged Sunshine Coast bushland for the remains of missing teenager Daniel Morcombe after a former truck driver was charged with his murder yesterday.
The surprise arrest of the 41-year-old man after eight harrowing years for the Morcombe family came after police lured him back to Queensland from Perth under a covert and complex strategy.
He was arrested at 4pm and charged three hours later with murder, deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment of a child under 16 and interfering with a corpse.
At his home on the Sunshine Coast last night, an emotional Bruce Morcombe spoke of the moment he learnt police had charged a man with murdering his son.
Mr Morcombe told how despite the days dragging into months and almost eight years with no arrests, he and wife Denise never gave up hope of a breakthrough in the search for Daniel, who was only 13 when he vanished while waiting for a bus at a Woombye overpass in 2003.
"We always had the resolve," he said. "We have never once given up. We knew this day would come."
Mr Morcombe said senior police officers had been in constant communication with the family throughout yesterday about developments in the case.
He said that just after 5pm, he received a call from Commissioner Bob Atkinson and, almost simultaneously, Assistant Commissioner Mick Condon arrived at the door of his Palmwoods home.
"The Commissioner told me police were about to charge someone in relation to Daniel's abduction," he said.
Mr Morcombe said it brought mixed emotions and a "reality check" with fresh thoughts about what had happened to their boy.
"It's very difficult ... Denise is crushed by it all," he said. "We don't really know what to say. We're not in the right frame of mind. We need to gather our thoughts."
Mr Morcombe said there was no guilty verdict yet and "plenty of work ahead".
He said the family's position had always been "step one: find Daniel; step two: find who's responsible".
"An area has been identified and is being searched and this is our drive, to find Daniel."
Mrs Morcombe wept as she told of how difficult this task would be.
"During the floods, this spot had 10m of water through it," she said.
Mr Morcombe said they had been told specialist excavation equipment would be brought in today.
He spoke of how vital the coronial inquest into Daniel's disappearance had been and how, without the resurgence of interest and fresh leads generated, the investigation could have been a cold case.
"The coronial process in layman's terms is a review process and (State Coroner Michael Barnes) saw something we didn't see. There's no doubt police have done an enormous amount of work but the inquest was crucial," Mr Morcombe said.
The inquest has now been suspended. Brisbane Magistrates Court will be under tight security tomorrow when the man, who was a person of interest at the inquest, will answer the charges.
The man - who cannot be named - was subpoenaed to provide further evidence to the inquiry later this year but it is understood police did not want to wait and used a covert strategy to lure him into their hands.
Commissioner Atkinson, who signalled he wanted the case solved before he retired, praised the work of detectives last night.
"Despite this breakthrough today, a significant amount of work remains to be done. That includes the search of an area of bushland on the Sunshine Coast," he said.

The Sunday Mail (Qld) (14-8-2011)
Renee Viellaris/ Peter Hall

Man charged with murder, child stealing, deprivation of liberty, indecent treatment in Daniel Morcombe disappearance

A 41-YEAR-old man (P7) has been charged with several charges, including murder and child stealing, in the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe.
Police Commisioner Bob Atkinson told a news conference tonight a 41-year-old former truck driver had been charged with a number of offences including murder, deprivation of liberty, child stealing, indecent treatment of a child under 16, and interfering with a corpse.
He was remanded in custody to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday.
The suspect is taken into custody
The suspect (P7) is taken into custody

Mr Atkinson thanked the media and members of the community for keeping the eight-year-old case in the public eye, saying it was the largest missing person investigation in the history of the Queensland Police Service.
He said police would be searching an area of bushland on the Sunshine Coast.
Thirteen-year-old schoolboy Daniel disappeared from beneath an overpass at Woombye on the Sunshine Coast in December 2003.
Sky News reported police had travelled to the Sunshine Coast to inform Daniel's parents, Denise and Bruce, of the arrest.
The development comes just days after police issued a renewed push to find the teenager, saying it remained an "ongoing priority" to solve the case eight years after he vanished.
The Courier-Mail recently revealed at least 12 full-time detectives were working on the case, including six on the Sunshine Coast.
Bruce Morcombe, who with his wife has tirelessly pursued answers in the disappearance, said tonight: "We'll just see how things pan out, we'll try to make a statement in the morning and go from there. Tonight is about just thanking people and recognising there finally has been someone charged."
Premier Anna Bligh and Police Minister Neil Roberts released a joint statement tonight praising police efforts.
"As a parent I can only imagine the heartbreak and devastation Bruce and Denise have endured since Daniel's disappearance," Ms Bligh said.
"They have never stopped fighting to find out what has happened to Daniel.
"They have since dedicated their time to educating the community about child safety and protection.
"Their love for Daniel is an inspiration for us all."
Mr Roberts said police investigated more than 18,000 job logs in relation to the case.
"Despite the amount of time that has passed, officers continued to follow leads as they were identified," he said.
"Today's arrest is a direct result of the commitment of the police to this case."

The Courier-Mail (13-8-2011)

View Media conference - Breakthrough in Daniel Morcombe murder investigation

Morcombes appalled why criminals would lie to implicate themselves in Daniel's disappearance (16-12-2010)

Criminal witnesses are 'disgusting human beings' say Daniel Morcombe's parents (15-12-2010)

Child molester was seen near bus stop when Daniel Morcombe went missing, inquest hears (15-12-2010)

Witness tells inquiry she saw Daniel Morcombe, heard cries for help (15-12-2010)

Man confessing to Daniel Morcombe's abduction and murder acting out of revenge, court told (15-12-2010)


Pedophile Link to Missing Daniel Morcombe Case

THE disappearance of Daniel Morcombe seems closer to being solved today as one of Australia's most vicious pedophiles was named a "person of interest".
Channel 7 last night named child rapist Douglas Brian Jackway, 32, as a person who could hold key information about the disappearance of the 13-year-old.
More than 300 calls were made to police last night before the reward expired at midnight.
Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Ross Barnett told Seven Sunrise this morning every call would be analysed and police urged the public to keep providing information.
"We haven't had the chance to fully analyse or investigate all the information that came in last night," Assistant Commissioner Barnett said.
The investigation is now in its sixth year but Daniel's parents, Bruce and Denise Morcombe, are believed to have renewed hope the case will be solved.
Queensland police chief superintendent Mike Condon has refused to confirm or deny that police are actively investigating Jackway.
However, police have urged anyone who may have information on Jackway's movement on December 7, 2003, the day of Daniel's disappearance, to contact them.
Investigative journalist Ross Coulthart says Jackway, who is serving time for the rape of a nine-year-old girl, is one of the most terrifying sex offenders in the nation.
"He is a truly frightening, evil psychopath," Coulthart said.
The journalist stressed he was not suggesting Jackway was a suspect in the case but a person of "prime interest".
A former friend says Jackway left the house he was living in near Ipswich the day of the disappearance and could not be accounted for over several hours.
Jackway's criminal history shows he tried to abduct a young boy on the central Queensland coast in the 1990s.
Jackway stalked two boys riding their bikes under an overpass, punched one of them and abducted the other, dragging the boy into mangroves and attempted to rape him.
Locals and police happened across the attack as it was in progress and detained Jackway.
He was released from jail a month before Daniel disappeared.
A Sunshine Coast mother also identified Jackway as having similar facial features to a suspicious man she saw near Daniel's school before his disappearance.
A $1 million reward for information on Daniel's disappearance lapsed at midnight last night, but a State Government $250,000 reward remains, with police receiving dozens of new leads in recent months.
Mr Morcombe said at the weekend that he always believed someone saw something on the day of Daniel's disappearance but didn't realise its importance.
He hoped the "powerful and extensive" story run last night on TV would help unearth new leads into the fate of Daniel. Information to Crime Stoppers.

Courier Mail (1-6-2009)
Michael Madigan

pic: Douglas Jackway

Daniel Morcombe reward hits $1m after business contributions

BUSINESS leaders have joined with police to offer a record $1 million reward for information that helps find missing Queensland boy Daniel Morcombe.
Daniel was 13 when he vanished from Palmwoods, on the Sunshine Coast hinterland north of Brisbane, on the afternoon of December 7, 2003.
He had planned to catch a bus on Nambour Connection Road to go shopping at Maroochydore and has not been seen since.
Four years ago, police set a $250,000 reward.
Today business leaders chipped in an extra $750,000 - on offer only for the next six months - taking the total to $1 million.
Police Minister Judy Spence said the reward was available for information that leads to the apprehension and conviction of the person or people responsible for Daniel's suspected abduction and murder, or the location of Daniel's body.
"After five years of not knowing, his family deserve to find Daniel and know that those responsible have been brought to justice," Ms Spence said.
Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said a team of investigators was ready to follow-up any new information.
He said accomplices could receive indemnity from prosecution.
Daniel's father Bruce Morcombe welcomed the renewed focus on the case.
"This increased reward, announced just six days before the fifth anniversary of Daniel's disappearance, is offered in the hope we can finally find Daniel," Mr Morcombe said.

AAP (1-12-2008)

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Unsolved Crimes

Australian Missing Children/ Persons

Sketches Of Man Seen With Daniel Morecombe

POLICE have released three sketches of a man seen at a bus stop with missing Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe before he was abducted.
The man is described as aged between 25 and 35 years, with lean to muscular build, about 175cm tall, with a gaunt face and dark brown wavy hair.
The release of the artist's sketches is the biggest development in the investigation into Daniel's suspected murder since his disappearance on December 7 last year.
The sketches are of a man who was seen standing behind Daniel at a bus stop at Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast on the day of his disappearance.
Daniel was 13 when he was abducted while waiting for a bus at the Kiel Mountain Overpass on the Nambour Connection Rd, Palmwoods, between 1.40pm and 2.15pm.
Detective-Inspector Mike Condon said yesterday the release of the sketches was a significant step in the investigation.
Insp Condon said the man had not come forward to police and they were asking the public for information on his identity.
"This is a likeness of the person seen under the bridge," he said.
"Clearly that person has not come forward to date. Of course we would like to speak to this person.
"What we are asking is simply this - have a look at the sketches and say to yourself, 'Do I know this person? Is this person associated with the Sunshine Coast area? Does this person have a blue car or a white van?' and if you have an answer to those questions or you believe you can answer one or two of those questions, please contact Crime Stoppers or the Homicide Squad," he said.
Insp Condon said to ensure the accuracy of the images, it had taken police 11 months to put together the sketches.
Insp Condon said police had received about 8600 pieces of information and he expected more leads with the release of the three sketches.
Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers


An email (below) is currently circulating with information about Daniel. Please copy the information and send it to as many people as possible.

Help Find Daniel Morcombe

Name: MORCOMBE, Daniel James
D.O.B: 19 December 1989
Height: 150 cm
Complexion: Fair
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Build: Proportionate
Tattoo(s)/Marks: Nil
Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 (free call within Australia).

A chain email worth forwarding...
Hello everyone,
Many of you will have seen reports or ads about a missing schoolboy Daniel Morcombe from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.
Daniel has been missing for five months today.
He's my nephew, and my brother Bruce and his wife Denise, have raised over $100,000 to fund an advertising campaign which is currently underway, in an attempt to solve Daniel's abduction, and hopefully to capture the person or persons involved.
There has been wonderful coverage of this tragic event, including "Australian Story" on the ABC, and a major article in the current edition of "The Australian Women's Weekly", but still the crime is not solved.
The police now think two men were probably involved, together with a "blue car" as per the composite photo below.
Sending out emails may hopefully trigger someone's memory, or someone's conscience, and makes the image of Daniel and the "blue car" below available for longer than is available on an ad.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could forward this email on to all your email contacts, friends, relatives and business contacts, in the hope that someone will be able to provide the missing clue that the police are looking for.
If everyone has just five email contacts, who each have five email contacts, who each have five email contacts, who each have five email contacts etc., we'll reach well over a million people eventually.

Thanks a lot - it's really appreciated.

Perry Morcombe
Managing Director
Seniors Holiday Travel

Daniel Morcombe

Composite image of vechicle

Child Abduction/Amber Alert


THE family of a missing Queensland schoolboy has auctioned off an investment property to continue to fund the search for him.
Daniel Morcombe, 12, disappeared six months ago while waiting for a bus near his home at Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast.
About $1 million already has been donated to the fund to find the youngster. His parents, Denise and Bruce Morcombe, say more money is needed.
The couple yesterday sold their investment property for $350,000, which will be directed into a radio, print and television campaign.

AA- (19-7-2004)

Daniel Morecombe's Mother Speaks About Her Loss

DENISE Morcombe hasn't seen her son Daniel since he vanished near a Queensland highway overpass in 2003, but she prefers to think he's dead.
As the first anniversary of the disappearance of British toddler Madeleine McCann approaches, Mrs Morcombe spoke to NEWS.com.au about the torment of having a child simply disappear.
Daniel was last seen at a bus stop on the Nambour Connection Rd on the Sunshine Coast on December 7, 2003.
Then aged 13, he was going to catch a bus to a local shopping centre to get a haircut and buy some Christmas presents.
A massive police hunt and community campaign to find Daniel came up empty, but Mrs Morcombe and her husband, Bruce, are still working full-time to find their beloved son.
While the family - including Daniel's twin Bradley and older brother Dean - still live in the Sunshine Coast town of Palmwoods, they now move in different circles.
“We’ve got a new group of friends,” Mrs Morcombe said.
“It was difficult being around some of our old ones (because) it would be hard seeing their kids grow up.”
When asked if she thought her son was still alive and whether she still might get the chance to see him grow older, Mrs Morcombe said: “I wouldn’t think so”.
“I would hate to think what he has been through (if he is alive).”
When he disappeared, Daniel was wearing a red Billabong T-shirt and dark cargo pants and carried a distinctive fob watch engraved with the word “Dan”, as well as a brown wallet.
'Closer to finding him'
Mrs Morcombe said she was still optimistic she'd one day discover what happened to her son.
“After all these years, I think we could only be closer (to finding him)," she said.
“You’d think someone must know the answer.”
In the wake of his disappearance, passing motorists reported seeing a man leaning against a the wall of an underpass near where Daniel was waiting for the bus.
Witnesses described the man as aged 25-35, about 175cm tall, with a lean to muscular build, gaunt face, weathered complexion, dark brown wavy hair and a goatee beard.
The Morecombes have since set up a foundation in the hope of finding Daniel and to assist other victims of crime.
Mrs Morcombe said the Daniel Morcombe Foundation had received plenty of phone calls and emails, but said anyone with information should contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

NEWS.com.au (29-4-2008)
Mark Schliebs

Pedophile Network In The Know

POLICE investigating the disappearance of Sunshine Coast teenager Daniel Morcombe have been buoyed by another spike in public information following fresh appeals on Thursday.
Senior Sergeant Julie Elliott said father Bruce Morcombe's questions about 13-year-old Daniel's abduction and suspected murder three years ago had prompted "a significant number" of phone calls to Crime Stoppers overnight and yesterday and the information was being checked by police.
Officer in charge of the Maroochydore CIB, Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Schmidt, said that up to 20,000 pieces of information had been received from the public since Daniel vanished on December 7, 2003.
Mr Morcombe used the three-year anniversary to reveal the family's shocking belief that his son had been referred to by the pet name "Christmas cake" by a pedophile network which knew what had happened to him and he appealed for someone to come forward and help solve the crime.
North Coast Regional Crime Coordinator Detective Inspector John Maloney said that Daniel's case was still of the highest priority and his disappearance would continue to be investigated.
"The response from the public has been unprecedented and that, combined with the tireless work of police, will help us find those responsible," he said.
"While we are yet to get the final breakthrough on Daniel's case, we have methodically built up a massive amount of information and intelligence.
"We have had a number of people of interest in our sights and I want to make it clear we will not be stopping this investigation and the team working on this case is as determined today as it was three years ago."
Insp Maloney said someone was "sitting" on information which would bring the case to a close.
"I urge that person to make contact and help the Morcombe family cope with the burden they carry every day."
Information can be given anonymously to Crime Stoppers.

Courier Mail (8-12-2006)
Glenis Green

Still Hope For Breakthrough

THREE years on, police are still working tirelessly in the hunt for Daniel Morcombe, his father Bruce says.
Daniel vanished on December 7, 2003, while waiting to catch a bus on the Nambour Connection Rd.
Police believe he was abducted and murdered.
Mr Morcombe said the family was constantly briefed by police on any developments.
The Queensland Government has offered a $250,000 reward and indemnity for the person who provides the vital breakthrough.
Anyone with information should call Crimestoppers.

Courier Mail (6-12-2006)

Grieving Family Moves

THE pain is still evident in their eyes but three years after the abduction of their teenage son Bruce and Denise Morcombe are trying to move on with life.
They will mark today's third anniversary of 13-year-old Daniel's disappearance with a fresh public appeal for information. But they also are busy with plans to sell their Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast, acreage property.
And Mrs Morcombe is looking forward to walking the rugged Milford Track in New Zealand's South Island next March. It will be a "girls only" trip with police officer Senior- Sergeant Julie Elliott, who has become a family friend during the prolonged investigation.
Looking slim and trim after losing about 10kg in training for the big walk, the petite Mrs Morcombe said yesterday she found walking up to 10km a week therapeutic.
Mr Morcombe said the family had decided to sell their Palmwoods home and 2ha property after October's "Day for Daniel" because their oldest son Dean,19, had left home and was running his own Jim's Trees franchise, while Daniel's twin brother Bradley would be turning 17 next week.
The Morcombes said it would be a race to see whether Bradley would get his pilot's licence or driver's licence first.
"We're not so far removed from pretty well every other family that, as the kids reach their high teens and start moving out and get their own careers, you start to look at the place and say, 'it's too bloody big'," Mr Morcombe said.
The Morcombes said when they sold their home of the past 6˝ years they planned to live between Palmwoods and Maroochydore.
They had also recently purchased "a rural retreat" interstate.
"But we'll live here – we can't leave Daniel up here," Mrs Morcombe said.
Mrs Morcombe said even if they moved they would always keep Daniel's pony "Bullet" and that she still had all Daniel's clothes packed up and stored away.
"There's even stuff of his still in the ironing basket that I haven't been able to face

Courier Mail (6-12-2006)
Glenis Green

New Lead On Missing Teen

A MAN believed to have been involved in the disappearance more then two years ago of Daniel Morcombe regularly stalked a school close to where the Queensland teen went missing, a new police report reveals.
Six mothers witnessed a suspicious-looking man scanning the Sunshine Coast primary school on several occasions but did not report their concerns until months after Daniel disappeared, according to police.
Queensland Homicide Investigations superintendent Mike Condon said the man was seen in a blue 1980s-model sedan at Woombye State Primary School eight times before Daniel went missing from nearby Nambour Connection Road on December 7, 2003.
"The investigation has gathered information with a number of parents of children at the school saying they saw a blue sedan and a man sitting in it in the 10 weeks leading up to the abduction," Supt Condon said.
"They stated that their attention was drawn to the car because the man never appeared to pick any children up," he said.
"We are asking other parents or others in the area to recall whether they saw this vehicle."
Daniel, who was 13 when he went missing, was last seen talking to two men in a car similar to the one described by the women.
Police have released new composite images of the suspect created from their statements. They reveal a scruffy man with blond surfer-style hair, who is probably in his late 20s or early 30s.
Police and Daniel's parents have waged a nationwide publicity campaign since the teen went missing.
Investigators regularly travel interstate to check out possible leads on the case, including people arrested on pedophilia charges.

AAP (24-6-2006)

Morcombe Family Offer Help

THE parents of missing Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe are preparing to help the family of another abducted teen, who was rescued by police after three weeks.
Daniel, from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, disappeared in December 2003 while out Christmas shopping.
He was 13 at the time, and although his body has never been found, police believe he was abducted and murdered.
Yesterday Queensland police ruled out a link between his disappearance and the kidnapping of Perth teenager Blake Edwards.
Fourteen-year-old Blake was held in a rundown house in south-east Perth for 20 days until Monday, when Western Australian police freed him.
Police have charged two men with deprivation of liberty.
Meanwhile, Daniel?s mother Denise said her family - through the Daniel Morcombe Foundation set up to help victims of crime - wanted to help Blake.
She said she may try to contact him in a couple of months.
The Morcombe family is also planning a child safety awareness day, to take place in Queensland schools in November.

AAP (22-9-2005)

Police Hunt New Leads In Morcombe Case

POLICE searching for missing Queensland teenager Daniel Morcombe have started sifting through hundreds of pages of information received in the state's biggest doorknock operation.
More than 100 detectives visited more than 900 homes and businesses on Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland at the weekend in the hunt for clues to the 13-year-old boy's disappearance. Daniel was last seen on December 7, 2003, waiting for a bus at Palmwoods to go shopping.
"There is an enormous amount of information to go through," police spokeswoman Senior Sergeant Julie Elliott said.
Senior Sergeant Mike Dwyer, who was in charge of the weekend's operation, said although no specific leads had turned up, information gathered through questionnaires would be followed through, especially in relation to the time Daniel waited for the bus.
The bus Daniel had intended to catch failed to arrive because it broke down, while a second bus did not stop because the driver was running late.
By the time a third bus arrived the bus stop under the Kiel Mountain bridge was deserted.
"We've been able to tighten up the timeframe of when Daniel was waiting for the bus because of the information we have received," Sgt Elliott said.
She said police were also keen to turn up any information on Daniel's fob watch.
"Although it was a fairly common style of watch and a lot were made, his was distinctive because it had Dan inscribed on it," Sgt Elliott said.
"If someone has found it and thought they had a lucky find it might be lying in a drawer somewhere."
Police investigations have also centred on a late-model blue car reported near where Daniel was waiting for the bus and on a white courier-style van also seen in the area.
A reward of $250,000 has been posted for information about Daniel's disappearance that leads to a prosecution.

AAP (23-5-2005)
Cath Hart

Police Doorknock For Morcombe

POLICE have doorknocked more than 900 homes and businesses on Queensland's Sunshine Coast hinterland in their continuing investigation into the disappearance of teenager Daniel Morcombe.
Daniel, 13, was last seen on December 7, 2003, waiting for a bus at Palmwoods to go shopping.
Police investigations have centred on a late model blue car reported near when Daniel was waiting for the bus and a white courier-style van also seen in the area.
A police spokeswoman said today more than 100 detectives had spent the weekend knocking on every door in the hinterland town of Woombye, close to where he was last seen, seeking any new information on Daniel's disappearance.
She said the doorknock had been successful and police had received some new pieces of information that would be fully investigated.
"We are very pleased with the results and this doorknock is a message that we are not giving up the search for Daniel despite the 18 months that have passed," she said.
A reward of $250,000 has been posted for information, including possible indemnity from prosecution for any accomplice who did not actually have a hand in Daniel's disappearance, which leads to a prosecution.

AAP (22-5-2005)


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