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Name: Dennis Raymond Ferguson (Deceased - December 2012)

Age: 63 yrs old (2011)

State: NSW/ QLD

Update- NSW (31-12-2012)- Convicted paedophile "Dennis Ferguson" has been found dead inside his Sydney apartment, police confirmed this morning. Police said the body of a 64-year-old man was found inside an apartment in Surry Hills yesterday... It is understood his body had been in the apartment for several days before being discovered. In 1987 Ferguson was jailed for 14 years after he and male lover Alexandria George Brookes abducted three children from NSW, taking them to an Ascot motel in inner Brisbane where the children were raped and subjected to vile and indecent acts-
Read More - http://www.news.com.au/national/convicted-paedophile-dennis-ferguson-found-dead-in-surry-hills

11-1-2012 Update.. VIC Police Statement - There has been speculation via facebook regarding alleged sightings of convicted paedophile, Dennis Ferguson. Victoria Police can confirm that this information in entirely incorrect.
Dennis Ferguson is not living in Victoria.
We would also like to stress that members of the community should not take matters into their own hands regarding any of the apparent sightings.

5-1-2012 Update - We have received reports from concerned residents that Notorious Paedophile "Dennis Ferguson" is now residing in Ormond Road in the Narre Warren South area in Melbourne ("unconfirmed" at this stage//Now confirmed-see above Vic Police statement 11-1-2012)-

Always Be Vigilant as many 1000's of convicted paedophiles/ sex offenders are ALREADY living anonymously in communities around Australia-

We have received unconfirmed reports that he may be in the Nerang/ Worongary area- QLD (August 2011). Sightings Bluehaven/ NSW 2262- (March 2011). Was reportedly living in Sydney/ College St in the CBD, about 100m from elite boys school Sydney Grammar.(1-5-2009)

Paedophiles thrive on secrecy, it allows them to easily move from victim to victim... YOU SHOULD BE NOTIFIED.
(25-11-08)- Received many reports from residents in the Redcliffe and Deception Bay area- Qld, saying that he may be residing in the vicinity. ... we have been informed by DBDS administration that a Public/ Community Meeting is to be held on "Saturday 29/11/08" at 10am at the Deception Bay Sports Club.).

Sentence: Ferguson was sentenced in 1989 to 14 years jail, in the Brisbane Supreme Court, with the Judge saying his chances of rehabilitation were "nil". Believed to be currently living in QLD.

SERIOUS SEXUAL PREDATOR. Ferguson was convicted for kidnapping three children from their NSW home in 1987 and sexually molesting them for three days.In 1988 he was convicted of 19 charges including kidnapping, sodomy, gross indecency, indecent dealing and carnal knowledge. The above offences were also committed with his lover, Alexandria George Brookes (also prior convictions) who received 11 yrs jail and was released in January, 1999. The children became wards of the state, needed lengthy counselling and one child wanted to commit suicide. The Judge also said that Ferguson seemed to regard paeophilia as an acceptable practice and sought to institutionalise it.
Released from Brisbane Wolston jail 9/1/2003. Arrested on September 16th. Sentenced in the Parramatta Local Court in Nov 2003 to 15 months jail/ no parole. Did not comply with his reporting conditions (failed to tell Police a new job he had, could possibly give him access to children). Currently released from jail (1-7-2008). (7-7-08- Mt Cotten Rd, Mt Cotten/ Carbrook, Qld.)

Recent Update... We have had quite a few enquiries from concerned residents in Ballarat/ Victoria, that Ferguson may have been relocated there. Unfortunately we are unable to confirm if he has been relocated there or not at this stage. Any confirmation we get, will be listed asap on his file (27-1-2010.)- have received unconfirmed reports from the public that he may be in the Penrith/ NSW area (June/July 2010).
We have received unconfirmed reports that he is in the Nerang/ Worongary area (August 2011).

5-1-2012 Update - We have received reports from concerned residents that Notorious Paedophile "Dennis Ferguson" is now residing in Ormond Road in the Narre Warren South area in Melbourne ("unconfirmed" at this stage// Vic Police have confirmed he is NOT in Victoria 11-1-2012) ...... Always Be Vigilant - many 1000's of convicted paedophiles/ sex offenders are ALREADY living anonymously in communities around Australia- http://www.mako.org.au/prelist.html

Hinch Says 11-1-2012..Some developments in Victoria over the past 24 hours have given me added proof – as if I needed it – that this country must bring in a national register for sex offenders. Like they have in the United States.Like they have in Britain. Like they are trying to bring in on a state level in West Australia.A public register is the only logical solution. If the local Police sergeant knows – then why shouldn’t you.


Dennis Ferguson

Dennis Ferguson

Dennis Ferguson

Dennis Ferguson

Dennis Ferguson

Dennis Ferguson

Dennis Ferguson (left) and Alexandria Brookes
Dennis Ferguson (left) and Alexandria Brookes

View video- "Notorious paedophile found dead"

Convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson found dead inside an apartment in Sydney

Convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson has been found dead inside his Sydney apartment, police confirmed this morning.
Police said the body of a 64-year-old man was found inside an apartment in Surry Hills yesterday.
A NSW Police spokesman said paramedics found his body about 1pm and called police.
The Dennis Ferguson case
"The 64-year-old man was found deceased inside the home,'' the spokesman said.
"A post mortem examination will be conducted to discover the cause of death but initial inquiries suggest no suspicious circumstances.
"A report is being prepared for the coroner.''
It is understood his body had been in the apartment for several days before being discovered.
In 1987 Ferguson was jailed for 14 years after he and male lover Alexandria George Brookes abducted three children from NSW, taking them to an Ascot motel in inner Brisbane where the children were raped and subjected to vile and indecent acts.
Ferguson claimed he was innocent, accusing one of the boys he molested of committing the crimes but a jury found him guilty of all counts of abduction and assault of the three children. He was sentenced to 14 years' imprisonment by a judge who noted there was no chance he would be rehabilitated.
He was released in 2004, but authorities were forced to move him several times from towns including Ipswich and Toowoomba due to public anger at his presence.
He was eventually relocated to NSW.
In November 2005, Ferguson was charged with sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl at her home in the Queensland town of Dalby. In a rare legal move, the judge granted Ferguson a trial without a jury, as he considered Ferguson would not receive a fair trial by jury.
Ferguson was released when the judge found that while the girl had been molested while Ferguson and fellow convicted child sexual abuser Allan Guy had been at her house, it could not be proved beyond reasonable doubt that Ferguson had been responsible.
In 2009, there was outrage when Ferguson's presence was revealed to neighbours in the Sydney suburb of Ryde, prompting a public outcry that forced the NSW government to change laws in order to relocate him.
Ferguson said at the time he posed no threat to children in the general community, but would consider chemical castration if it was deemed safe and effective.
He also said people who were sexually attracted to children, over time, lost interest in them.
Ferguson last made headlines in July 2012, when he was spotted at Circular Quay selling biscuits to raise money for the RSPCA.

The Daily Telegraph (31-12-2012)
Nathan Klein

Notorious Convicted Paedophile not in Ballarat, Police Insist

BALLARAT police have dismissed claims convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson is living in Ballarat amid threats of vigilante action on an internet social networking website.
A Facebook site entitled "Keep Dennis Ferguson out of Ballarat" rocketed from 150 members on Monday to more than 1400 yesterday afternoon, with many members posting threats of violence towards the convicted child rapist on the site wall.
But the creator of the group, a young Ballarat mother who declined to be named, yesterday admitted the claim that Ferguson had moved to Wendouree was based on nothing more than several unconfirmed sightings at a local shopping centre.
She said she formed the group simply as an awareness campaign for other parents and was unprepared for its rapid escalation.
"A lot of people were concerned they had sighted him, so I set it up to raise awareness he is either living in or visiting the Wendouree area," she said.
But Ballarat police Criminal Investigations Unit Detective Senior Constable Kevin Carson said Ferguson, 61, who is on the sexual offenders register for life, had not moved to Ballarat.
"Ballarat CIU has not been informed of Dennis Ferguson living in Ballarat," he said.
Ferguson's location has been unknown since he left the Sydney suburb of Ryde last year, after his presence ignited a vitriolic response from neighbours.
He appeared in a Sydney court last week where he was granted an apprehended violence order against one of his former Ryde neighbours.
New South Wales police quashed rumours last week that Ferguson had moved to a refuge near Woy Woy.
Similar claims were made on Facebook in December when Ferguson was reported to be living at Doonside. This allegation also proved false.
Ballarat police Inspector Gerry Rudkins yesterday warned Ballarat residents against taking the law into their own hands in what could prove to be a case of mistaken identity.
"I would urge people to be careful, police can never condone people taking the law into their own hands because they just end up in trouble themselves," he said.

AAP (27-1-2010)
Kim Stephens

MAKO/Files Online.. Listing Australian Convicted Paedophiles/ Sex Offenders/ Child Killers.. FREE Public Service..

'Vile' Paedophile Dennis Ferguson Free to Roam Public Pools

AN urgent bid to ban paedophile Dennis Ferguson from parks and pools has failed on legal grounds, leaving him free to access them during school holidays.
Police had sought an interim order from Parramatta Local Court banning Mr Ferguson from using public pools and parks and taking part in work that could bring him into unsupervised contact with children.
However, Magistrate Paula Russell today dismissed their application.
Police will now seek permanent order.
The court had heard upcoming school holidays would result in more children being in public pools and parks, however, Magistrate Russell said there was no urgent need for the order.
She noted previous acts of Mr Ferguson had been "vile".
The matter has been adjourned to the Downing Centre next week for a hearing date to be fixed.
Yesterday, police told Parramatta Local Court the violent sex fiend tried to volunteer for the Cancer Council, sell toys for Diabetes Australia, registered a business name to buy those toys and attended beaches and pools on family days.
Prosecutor Mark Higgins said that Ferguson had also tried through a Centrelink program to contact Alexandria Brookes, the man convicted alongside him over one of the nation's most horrid child rape cases.
The court order bid came days after the predatory paedophile was evicted from a family fun day at Sydney's Cook + Phillip pool.
"He chooses to go on a day advertised for families," Sgt Higgins told the court. "He was not there to enjoy the pool."

The Daily Telegraph (11-12-2009)
Rhys Haynes

Ban on Ferguson's Movements Fails

A POLICE application to ban convicted pedophile Dennis Ferguson from areas frequented by children has been rejected in a Sydney court.
NSW Police lodged an interim order in Parramatta Local Court, in Sydney's west, to restrict the 62-year-old's movements.
The request was rejected on Friday but the matter will be heard again on December 18 at Sydney's Downing Centre District Court.
At that session, a date is expected to be set for a hearing to place a full order on Mr Ferguson.
The application was in response to public reaction after he was spotted in the change rooms of an inner-city Sydney pool and photographed at Coogee Beach with children in the background.
Mr Ferguson's supporter Brett Collins, from the advocacy group Justice Action, said he was pleased the interim order had been dismissed.
"Nothing Mr Ferguson has been doing has broken the law or has been disrespectful to children or anyone else, and he is entitled to go about his normal business," Mr Collins told AAP.

AAP (11-12-2009)

Dennis Ferguson Forced to Leave Sydney Swimming Pool

CONVICTED pedophile Dennis Ferguson has been ordered to leave an inner Sydney swimming pool, packed with children attending an open day.
A member of the public contacted the pool's management after spotting Mr Ferguson going into the changeroom of the complex on Sunday, Channel 7 reported.
Hundreds of people, including many children, were attending an open day at the pool at the time.
Police were contacted and officers approached Mr Ferguson, who completed a 14-year sentence for sexually assaulting three children aged six, seven and eight in a Brisbane motel in 1987.
Channel 7 said there was no suggestion by police or any member of the public that Mr Ferguson was doing anything wrong when he was asked to leave.
The former prisoner last made headlines when his most recent place of residence, in the Sydney suburb of Ryde, was revealed to neighbours, prompting a public outcry that forced the NSW government to change laws in order to relocate him.
He now lives at an undisclosed Sydney address.
Earlier this month, Mr Ferguson said he posed no threat to children in the general community, but would consider chemical castration if it was deemed safe and effective.
In an interview with the ABC, Mr Ferguson said people who were sexually attracted to children, over time lost interest in them.

AAP (30-11-2009)

Convicted Paedophile Dennis Ferguson Living in Sydney

AUSTRALIA'S most notorious paedophile Dennis Ferguson has set up a home in Sydney less than 100m from an elite private school.
The 61-year-old, who has been run out of communities because of convictions for child sex offences, moved to Sydney with the assistance of prisoner rights activist Brett Collins.
Ferguson is living on College St in the CBD, about 100m from elite boys school Sydney Grammar.
Sex crimes squad Detective Superintendent John Kerlatec said police were watching Ferguson.
"I can assure you that we have and will continue to monitor his movements closely," Supt Kerlatec said.
Ferguson, who served time for kidnapping and sexually assaulting young children, is officially now a free man but is required to report police every week.
He has refused to answer questions about what he is doing in Sydney.
Mr Collins said Justice Action had been working to bring Ferguson - "a disabled, little, old man" - to NSW since last year after a Queensland judge threw out two further child sex charges against him on the grounds he could not get a fair trial due to his notoriety and because the case was "extremely weak".
"He doesn't present any kind of danger, we can vouch for that," Mr Collins said.
Parents at Sydney Grammar School yesterday said they should have been informed that the notorious paedophile had become a neighbour.
"I think we should know and the children be made aware," a mother said

The Daily Telegraph (1-5-2009)
Xanthe Kleinig

Accused Child Sex Offender Dennis Ferguson Wants $11,000 Compensation

ACCUSED Queensland pedophile Dennis Ferguson is claiming $11,000 in criminal compensation, saying he has been traumatised by vigilantes.
Ferguson is suing invalid pensioner Noel Boyd Watterson, who led an effort to chase him out of Ipswich several years ago.
If Ferguson is awarded any compensation and Watterson proves to be penniless, the money awarded could be settled at the expense of Queensland taxpayers.
In the Ipswich District Court yesterday, barrister Paul Smith, for Ferguson, said his client was cowering under a blanket in the back seat of a car when it arrived at his Keo St residence on October 19, 2005.
Watterson, 61, is said to have opened the door and threatened Ferguson.
Mr Smith said Ferguson was asking for 15 per cent of the maximum payout.
Phil Boustead, for the Attorney-General, argued that 2 per cent would be more appropriate.
Justice Debbie Richards reserved her decision

Courier Mail (3-9-2008)
Tristan Swanwick

Sex Offender Dennis Ferguson Relocated Ahead of Appeal

PEDOPHILE Dennis Raymond Ferguson is expected to remain under police guard at a secret Brisbane location while his child sex case is being heard.
Police removed him from Carbrook, in Redland City, for "operational reasons" yesterday but would continue 24-hour supervision during the appeal process which starts today, Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said.
If Ferguson wins the case in the Court of Appeal, police will scale back their costly around-the-clock protection unless specific threats are made against him.
Mr Atkinson said the security operation, which has reportedly cost $250,000 since July 2, was draining manpower.
"I cannot see that we can sustain the degree of resourcing that we have so far," Mr Atkinson said.
Police also are investigating Ferguson's actions at Carbrook to determine if he was linked to the distribution of sensitive court documents naming two of his alleged juvenile victims.
The documents were delivered to neighbours of the Carbrook property although it is believed he did not personally deliver them. Mr Atkinson said police were investigating if it was an offence to release the documents.
Neighbours of the Carbrook property where he has been housed since July 7 expressed relief and delight that Ferguson had been moved.
Father-of-two Garry Chappell said his phone had been ringing "non-stop" with calls from "jubilant and ecstatic" residents.
"There were people who were closing their gates and keeping their children inside," Mr Chappell said.
"They can now get on with their lives without living in a constant state of fear."
Facing the reality that Ferguson could be a free man tonight after the appeal, police said they had not found a permanent solution as his new accommodation was only temporary. "I'm not in a position to say to you where he is, simply that he is in Brisbane, there's no threat to the public and the police are with him 24/7," Mr Atkinson said.
Premier Anna Bligh said Ferguson was neither in the community nor in custody. "I am satisfied the Queensland Police Service are doing everything that is required of them in relation to the management of this person, and I look forward to the courts having an opportunity to consider this matter," she said.
Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said that every time Ferguson was moved, his new neighbours should be told.
"There needs to be an absolute iron-clad guarantee from this Government that wherever he is located, the community is absolutely safe," he said.
Sydney prison activist and father of two Brett Collins had offered to share his home with Ferguson, however NSW Premier Morris Iemma said he was not welcome in that state.
"I wouldn't welcome a person like that in NSW at all," he said.
He said the NSW Government would look at "what action that we have at law" to stop Ferguson moving south.
Mr Collins' offer brought scores of comments on The Courier-Mail website.
Some accused Mr Collins of seeking "15 minutes of fame" while others condemned the offer because he had two teenage children.

Courier Mail (22-7-2008)
Michael Wray

Dennis Ferguson Decision Appeal Begins Today

THE Queensland government will today begin its appeal against a District Court judge's decision to drop child sex charges against convicted pedophile Dennis Ferguson.
Ferguson, 60, had been due to stand trial in the Brisbane District Court over allegations he sexually assaulted a young girl before Judge Hugh Botting ordered a permanent stay of proceedings this month.
The crown will argue Judge Botting failed to give sufficient weight to the court's power to ensure a jury would disregard adverse pre-trial publicity.
The appeal will also explore the strength of the crown case, which Judge Botting described as "tenuous" when he handed down the order that freed Ferguson.
Ferguson was yesterday moved from his heavily guarded accommodation on a property at Carbrook, south of Brisbane, where he has been the target of continuing protests.
He is now under constant police supervision at a secret location somewhere in Brisbane.
Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said yesterday Ferguson did not constitute a danger to the public.
It is not known whether Ferguson will attend today's court hearing.

AAP (22-7-2008)

Government steps up Ferguson appeal

QUEENSLAND prosecutors have lodged a document clarifying previously "vague" reasons for appealing against the recent stay in proceedings against notorious child sex offender Dennis Ferguson.
The amended notice of appeal, which was lodged late this afternoon in the Court of Appeal registry in Brisbane, states the crown's appeal would predominately focus on Judge Hugh Botting's argument that Ferguson would not be able to receive a fair trial.
Ferguson, 60, had been due to stand trial in the Brisbane District Court over allegations he sexually assaulted a young girl before Judge Botting dismissed the charges.
He is being cared for by a church group at the Carbrook property, on Brisbane's southern outskirts, as he awaits the outcome of the appeal against his release. The appeal is due to be heard on July 22.
The president of the Court of Appeal, Justice Margaret McMurdo, yesterday described the crown's initial submissions relating to the appeal as vague and requested clarification by 4pm (AEST) today.
The crown will argue Judge Botting failed to give sufficient weight to the court's power to ensure a jury would disregard adverse pre-trial publicity.
Prosecutors will also argue that Judge Botting "erred in finding that a jury could not be dispassionate and follow the judge's directions".
The appeal will also explore the strength of the crown case, which Judge Botting described as "tenuous" when he handed down the order that freed Ferguson.
The document lodged today noted that "there was clearly some evidence which might support a conviction", and that Judge Botting did not take this into account when ordering the stay in proceedings.
The crown also said Judge Botting "failed to give sufficient weight to ... the interest society has in seeing that those accused of serious criminal offences are amenable to the justice system".
Ferguson's defence team has agreed to respond to the state's outline of appeal arguments by next Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has urged parents at Carbrook not to keep their children away from school for fear of Ferguson.
Some worried parents in the suburb have said they will not send their children to school when it resumes from holidays next week.
Ms Bligh said keeping children at home was not in their best interests and Queensland laws obliged parents to send their kids to school unless they were sick or had a good reason for not attending.
"Withdrawing children from school is not only totally unnecessary, but frankly, will only be a disservice to those children," she said.
"I encourage parents to make sure that in making their legitimate protests about this issue, they don't do it in a way that disadvantages their children."
Police Minister Judy Spence admitted the cost of protecting Ferguson 24/7 was a drain on police resources.
"I am sorry that we have had all of our best Task Force Argos officers on this case for over a week now, because they should be out there doing their job and catching more pedophiles," she said.
Carbrook residents have been protesting outside Ferguson's property nightly, and are reportedly planning to make their gathering a "party" tonight.
Ms Bligh said the police operation around the property would continue, and if people became raucous they would be arrested.
"If there are large disturbances, people who are breaking the law will be arrested," she told reporters in Brisbane today.

AAP (11-7-2008)
Christine Flatley/ Gabrielle Dunlevy/ Drew Cratchley

'Vague' Lawyers Try to Jail Ferguson

LAWYERS fighting a judge's decision to dismiss charges against child sex offender Dennis Ferguson will tomorrow submit more details of their argument after it was dubbed "vague" by Queensland's Court of Appeal.
The state's new chief prosecutor, Tony Moynihan SC, has taken on the appeal on behalf of Attorney-General Kerry Shine, who disagreed with Brisbane District Court Judge Hugh Botting's decision last week to free 60-year-old Ferguson.
Ferguson had been due to stand trial over allegations he sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl at her home in Dalby, west of Brisbane, in November 2005.
Judge Botting granted a permanent stay on the proceedings, arguing the Crown case was "tenuous" and that pre-trial publicity about Ferguson's past convictions would make it difficult to find an objective jury.
In the lead-up to the appeal hearing on July 22, lawyers today met briefly before the Court of Appeal to discuss the matter.
Court of Appeal President Margaret McMurdo told the Crown "at this stage you have a very vague ground of appeal", referring to the initial notice which was formally lodged last week.
Mr Moynihan, the Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), agreed to provide a more detailed outline of his submissions by tomorrow afternoon.
The State's case would focus predominately on Judge Botting's ruling on pre-trial publicity, Mr Moynihan said.
Ferguson's defence team has agreed to respond to the state's outline of appeal arguments by next Wednesday.
Meanwhile, residents of Carbrook have again been urged not to take the law into their own hands, as protesters maintain their presence outside Ferguson's residence.
Chief Superintendent Michael Condon said police would confiscate any items deemed a danger to other protesters, residents or the police.
"There's been a number turn up with sticks or fence palings which placards are fixed to – that won't be tolerated," Supt Condon said.
Protesters have also burnt an effigy of Ferguson outside the property, while a potato gun has been found in the area.
Police barriers designed to keep protesters off the road were today reinforced, after they were shifted overnight by demonstrators.
"There are some emotional people down there, we accept that," Supt Condon said.
"But we won't tolerate anyone that endangers the life of anyone at the scene. If they want to be there for a peaceful protest that is fine."
Queensland Police Minister Judy Spence is not bowing to public pressure, saying Ferguson will not be moved until the appeal is dealt with in the courts.
But if the appeal fails another location will be found, she said.
Ferguson has already been run out of a community at Miles, in the state's south.
He is being cared for by a church group at the Carbrook property at a cost to taxpayers of $1000 a day, while police are maintaining a 24-hour guard inside and outside the home.

AAP (10-7-2008)
Drew Cratchley/ Christine Flatley

Dennis Raymond Ferguson Appeal to Proceed

CROWN prosecutors are proceeding with an appeal against a judge's ruling to drop child-sex charges against Dennis Raymond Ferguson, despite admitting that their case was "tenuous."
Judge Hugh Botting last week threw out two child-sex charges against Ferguson in fear that a jury could find him guilty based on his notoriety despite the Crown case being "tenuous" and "extremely weak."
Dennis Ferguson in-depth section Anthony Moynihan, SC, for the Director of Public Prosecutions this morning told the Queensland Court of Appeal that it was not going to question the finding that their case was tenuous but believed the evidence should be placed before a jury to decide.
"The Crown does not contend that (Judge Botting) erred in fact, we are not appealing that the Crown case was a tenuous one, or could be described as a tenuous one," he said.
"(However Judge Botting) found that there was a case for it to go to a jury."
Mr Moynihan said the outline of the Crown's appeal case would be delivered to the Court of Appeal by tomorrow afternoon.
A full hearing is to follow on July 22.

COurier Mail (10-7-2008)
Jason Gregory

Ferguson meeting shouts down minister

ORGANISERS had been expecting 150 people, but instead a rowdy crowd of about 1000 has turned up to a meeting on the presence of convicted pedophile Dennis Ferguson in their Brisbane community.
Police Minister Judy Spence and Acting Police Commissioner Kathy Rynders were shouted down by the crowd at the meeting in Carbrook, a suburb on Brisbane's southern fringes, tonight.
A police prosecutor, senior constable Heather Steinberg, received a standing ovation after she said her job was at risk but she had to protest against Ferguson's presence for the sake of her two daughters aged two and four.
"Why is the commissioner making me protect him and not my children,'' she said.
Another woman said she was able to see the house where Ferguson was living.
"Our freedom has gone. You have imprisoned us in our own home. My children are frightened,'' she said.
Howls of derision met Ms Spence's attempts to explain that Ferguson was a free man.
"Whether you like it or not Dennis Ferguson has been allowed to be a free man by the courts,'' she said.
There were calls for the removal of Hugh Botting, the District Court judge who ordered Ferguson's release.
Child protection advocate Hetty Johnston came in for criticism as she explained there were pedophiles in every community in Queensland.
There was a significant police presence at the event.
At one stage the crowd began to chant "Get him out, get him out, get him out.''
Ferguson is being housed on a property at Carbrook, where taxpayers are paying $1000 a day for a church group to supervise him.
The 60-year-old convicted sex offender, freed last week after Judge Botting said he would not get a fair trial in Queensland on new child sex charges, has already been run out of a community at Miles, in the state's south.
Earlier today, a 29-year-old man was charged with threatening to harm Ferguson.
Police allege the man from Munruben, south of Brisbane, called the Beenleigh Police Communications Centre shortly before 8am (AEST) today and threatened to harm Ferguson.
The caller was charged with using a carriage service to menace and is due to appear in the Beenleigh Magistrates Court on July 29.

AAP (8-7-2008)

Man Charged Over Dennis Ferguson Pedophile Threat at Carbrook

THE police minister has told a meeting of 800 angry residents the government was sorry that convicted pedophile Dennis Ferguson had been released.
However Police Minister Judy Spence assured the crowd that the Mt Cotton property in which he was housed would not be used for other sex offenders in the future.
About 800 people - many of them Mt Cotton locals - have crammed into a marquee set up at a local school to discuss whether he should be allowed to stay at a nearby semi-rural property.
Ms Spence said Ferguson would remain on the property at least until the court appeal had been heard, where she hoped a supervision order would be placed on him.
"It will be up to the courts to decide what is his fate," she said.
Angry protests
The angry crowd pummelled Ms Spence with questions and shouted their disgust at having a serial pedophile in their community only kilometres from schools.
Ms Spence was interrupted after about a minute on the podium with cries of "Why isn't he living in your backyard?"
"I can understand the anger that many people in this community feel, that Dennis Ferguson is a free man," she said.
"He has no supervision provisions. If we don't encourage him to move into a house which we know about, provide him with support and protection ... then he is free to live in any house or street in Queensland.
"I think it's better that we provide him with accommodation where we can watch over him 24 hours a day, seven days a week, than let him free – to roam streets of Queensland where we have no knowledge of his movements," she shouted over the crowd.
Government 'not responsible'
Ms Spence apologised for the court system allowing Ferguson to walk free.
"Whether we like it or not, Dennis Ferguson has been allowed to walk free from court," she said
"I did not make this man a free man, the courts did that, I'm sorry for that."
Electronic sex offender monitoring
Ms Spence said the 38 dangerous sex offenders living in the Wacol community have electronic monitoring and strict supervision orders set by the court.
Being convicted under older and more lenient laws, Ferguson doesn't fit the requirements for being housed among the Wacol community because he does not fall into the category of offenders who can be placed on supervision orders under the Dangerous Prisoners Sexual Offenders Act.
Ms Spence said if he now chooses to act inappropriately they could impose on him the same sort of strict supervision orders as others are under.
"Mr Ferguson is the one pedophile in Queensland we are monitoring 24 hours a day," she said.
"You are all very, very upset about the one man we are monitoring very, very closely."
She said the monitoring would continue as long as necessary.
Fear in the community
Maree Lees, mother of three boys under six who attend school in Carbrook, compared the fear of having Ferguson in the community with the terrorist actions of September 2001.
"As a parent I feel when September 11 happened the world changed for everyone," she said.
"As of yesterday when we heard of Dennis Ferguson coming to our community our lives have changed, we're under threat in our own community.
"We sent hundreds of troops to Iraq because we were worried about our security for Australia, but here in our community we're equally as scared for our children."
Police charge man over threats
Police have charged a man who allegedly threatened to harm convicted pedophile Dennis Ferguson.
Police allege a Munruben man, 29, called the Beenleigh Police Communications Centre about 8am threatening Ferguson, whose move to acreage at Carbrook has angered residents.
The man was charged with using a carriage service to menace and is due to appear in Beenleigh Magistrate's Court on July 29.
Noisy Carbrook protest
Drivers passing the hideout of Dennis Ferguson in Carbrook are honking their horns in support of 30 protesters who want him to leave town.
Most of those gathered at the serial pedophile’s front gate are locals who say they’re concerned for their children.
Mt Cotton single mum Vanessa Bell said Ferguson “didn’t deserve to live in a nice place like this”.
“He lost his rights and privileges when he hurt the kids,” she said.
“He should be tied up to a meat ants’ nest.”
There are six police officers watching the protesters and four police cars at Ferguson’s front gate.
The house where he’s living is set back 200m from the road but protesters say he would be able to hear the horns.
Earlier today, Ms Spence described as "thugs" some protesters who gathered outside Ferguson's hideout.
Ms Spence said that of the 80 protesters gathered outside the house, only half were concerned locals. Others were thugs. Ms Spence said she was ashamed fellow citizens could act like that.
Ms Spence said some police at the acreage property were staying inside the house with Ferguson and the others were outside on the grounds.
She said there was no other option for Ferguson.
Pedophile has 'nowhere to go'
The State Government admits it has nowhere else to send the serial offender.
Ferguson was holed up on a rural property at 35km southeast of Brisbane, as the Government revealed it would spend $1000 a day to support his transition from reviled prisoner to a life back in the community.
And that doesn't include the cost of police on guard.
Ferguson fled Miles on Thursday following protests by furious residents in the southwest Queensland town.
Ms Spence said yesterday: "I'm asking Queenslanders not to repeat the kind of scenes that we saw.
"I know that no one wants Dennis Ferguson in their community, but people have to reflect that he has to live somewhere.
"If he is hounded out of this residence, we don't have any other options to offer him."
Ferguson costs $1000 a day
Anger greeted news that a "well-respected Christian" group would be paid $1000 a day to provide support "day and night" to help Ferguson adapt to life outside of prison.
The 60-year-old was freed last Tuesday after District Court judge Hugh Botting ordered a permanent stay of proceedings over child sex charges for several reasons, including his belief that Ferguson could not get a fair trial because of his notoriety.
The nearest neighbours to the Carbrook property - which is 2km from a high school and primary school - say the State Government notified them last Saturday that a sex offender was moving into the area.
Kay and Stuart McLachlan and daughters Aly, 14, and Maddy, 10, are separated from the property housing Ferguson by light bushland.
"They (government) didn't even check that there were children living right next door," Ms McLachlan said.
"Since we found out it's been two days of hell.
"Now the monster is in our backyard and it's terrifying.
"It's taken away our little oasis."
Ms Spence said the "Christian-based group" would be with Ferguson "day and night" to assist him resettle into the community.
The group has experience working with prisoners, including sex offenders.

AAP (8-7-2008)
Jodie Munro O'Brien

Pedophile Dennis Ferguson in Hiding Again

PEDOPHILE Dennis Ferguson is again in hiding as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd backed the public's right to know the whereabouts of child sex offenders.
The 60-year-old was whisked away from a rural property near Miles, about 120 km northwest of Dalby, on Thursday night after around 60 people gathered outside to protest his presence.
It is the third time Ferguson has been run out of accommodation in recent years.
Police are now monitoring Ferguson at a second secret location following his release on Tuesday by District Court judge Hugh Botting, who ruled he would not get a fair trial on new sex charges.
His full judgment was released today, citing both politicians and the media for a long list of negative descriptions of Ferguson, including "well-known pedophile", "notorious pedophile", "unrepentant", "considered unrehabilitated" and "convicted child molester".
Mr Rudd today said people had a right to know when pedophiles moved in.
While not commenting specifically on Ferguson's case, Mr Rudd said: "I believe that this is a most sensitive, difficult area and these are sensitive, difficult decisions to be made by the authorities.
"But I think as a general principle the community does have a right to know."
Premier Anna Bligh said she was confident Queensland police could manage Ferguson's accommodation, which was at his own, not taxpayer's expense.
"I think the Queensland Police Service have done everything in their power over the last couple of days to try and reassure the community that they are monitoring this person, that there is no risk to that community, but these are difficult issues," she said in Brisbane.
She did not agree with Queensland Council of Civil Liberties vice president Terry O'Gorman that the government's handling of Ferguson had been "limp-wristed".
Nor did she agree there was a need for a change to the law "in light of a media-inspired mob" driving him out of his temporary home.
Ms Bligh said people had a right to protest and that the media had, for the most part, acted responsibly.
State coalition MP Howard Hobbs, whose electorate takes in Miles, has called on the government to provide notorious sex offenders with special accommodation, monitored by corrective services.
"I am greatly disappointed at the inaction of your government that allows a situation to occur where notorious persons are hunted like animals, from shelter to shelter," he wrote in a letter to Police Minister Judy Spence.
Mr Hobbs said the government had to act urgently, given the current level of public outrage.
Ms Spence said the government was working with church groups to provide support for Ferguson.
Attorney-General Kerry Shine has launched an appeal against the judge's decision to free Ferguson, who had been due to stand trial next week for allegedly sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl at her home in Dalby, west of Brisbane, in November 2005.

AAP (4-7-2008)

Sex Fiend Should Rot in Prison

THE parents of a five-year-old Dalby girl have been devastated by the release of notorious pedophile Dennis Ferguson as news reports emerged late yesterday he was now living just 120km from their Dalby home.
Media reports claimed the notorious pedophile was staying with a friend on a property near Miles.
Dalby CIB officer-in-charge Detective Sergeant Kevin Goan met with the family of the five-year-old girl yesterday.
"We met with them to let them know about Mr Ferguson's release as a matter of protocol but they were obviously devastated," he said.
"They were definitely irate about his release."
Ferguson, 60, had been due to stand trial next week for allegedly sexually assaulting the five-year-old Dalby girl at her home in November, 2005.
However, Judge Hugh Botting on Tuesday granted a permanent stay of proceedings, arguing that the Crown case was "tenuous" and that pre-trial publicity about Ferguson's past convictions would make it difficult to find an objective jury.
The feeling of outrage was widespread in the Dalby community yesterday.
The Chronicle contacted a large number of people who spoke of their concern at Ferguson's release, and also their support for the Dalby family.
Dalby Regional Council mayor Ray Brown said he applauded Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine's decision to appeal Judge Botting's ruling.
"I'm sure the case is in good hands with Kerry Shine, but I think this man is a threat to the whole of Australia, not just Dalby," Cr Brown said.
"We've had a few tragedies in Dalby recently so we really didn't need to hear news like this.
"I guess we'll all have to move on, but it obviously leaves a very bad taste in everyone's mouth," he said.
Ferguson was sentenced to 14 years' jail in 1988 for sexually abusing three children in a Brisbane hotel room. He had been out of jail for about two years before he was arrested on the charges of allegedly assaulting the five-year-old Dalby girl.
Miles Cross Roads Caravan Park owner Ron Howell yesterday said Ferguson was not welcome in his community.
"This is extremely serious," Mr Howell said.

AAP (3-7-2008)
Jim Campbell

Molester Released to Child-Free Area

QUEENSLAND Police said no children live in the area where convicted child molester Dennis Ferguson has been taken following his release from custody.
Ferguson, 60, was released last night after Brisbane District Court Judge Hugh Botting threw out child sex charges against him.
He had been due to stand trial next week for allegedly sexually assaulting a five-year-old girl at her home in Dalby, west of Brisbane, in November 2005.
Judge Botting granted a permanent stay on the proceedings based on evidence put before him by Ferguson's defence team that pre-trial publicity about his past convictions would make it difficult to find an objective jury.
He also ruled the crown case was "tenuous" as it relied on the evidence of a child who appeared to confuse Ferguson with another convicted child sex offender who had been with him at the time.
Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine will launch an appeal of Judge Botting's decision today.
"In Queensland I believe that accused people do receive a fair trial," Mr Shine said yesterday.
Queensland Police said late last night Ferguson had been taken to an address known to police.
"Local police have checked the address and confirmed there are no children in the immediate vicinity," police said.
"All appropriate action" will be taken by local police in this matter, police said.
Premier Anna Bligh, who was briefed on the case by Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson this morning, said Ferguson was taken to an undisclosed location after his release.
"On the advice I have from the police commissioner, I am satisfied that he has been placed in an appropriate setting," she said on ABC radio.
"The advice I have is that he has been placed on an isolated property. He is not in a neighbourhood, he is not next to people's houses, he is not in a community near a school."
Local police would be monitoring Ferguson's movements, while he was on the national register of child sex offenders.
"They can't stop his movements, but can I say that it's public knowledge that Mr Ferguson's previously been convicted of serious offences that would qualify him to be on the national register of child sex abusers," Ms Bligh said.
"People on this register can be monitored by police and if they behave in any way that would be of concern, as much as things like loitering in a park, police can take out an order against them."

AAP (2-7-2008)

Anna Bligh Warns Off Vigilantes From Dennis Ferguson

UPDATE: PREMIER Anna Bligh has warned against vigilante attacks against pedophile Dennis Ferguson following his release by Queensland's District Court.
Ferguson, 60, was due to face trial next week on charges relating to alleged offences against a five-year-old girl in her Darling Downs home in November 2005.
But Judge Hugh Botting said Ferguson was so notorious he could not get a fair trial and the charges were dropped.
He was whisked away from the court in the back of an unmarked police car and taken to an "isolated property".
The Premier has told ABC Radio this morning Ferguson had been placed in an "appropriate setting".
"He is on an isolated property. He is not next to people's houses. He's not near a school or parks," Ms Bligh said.
"Queensland police are aware of where he is. Local police are aware of Mr Ferguson and any vehicles he might have access to."
Ms Bligh admitted there was no legal obligation to notify neighbours of Mr Ferguson's presence but he was required to inform police if he changed address.
She said Attorney-General Kerry Shine would today lodge an urgent appeal against the part of the ruling that "challenged the view this person would not get a fair trial in Queensland".
"I have been advised by the Attorney this is a very rare and exceptional case," Ms Bligh said.
As well as the appeal against yesterday's ruling, Ms Bligh said the State Government would like at the wider implications of the judgement - hinting that law reform may be needed.
"The Government is not only going to look at any immediate remedy but also to see if there's a longer term implication. It's something we need to look at in detail. It may be that we don't need to make any changes," she said.
Attorney-General Kerry Shine last night contacted the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to order them to appeal against the decision.
He told ABC Radio this morning an appeal against the stay would be lodged with the Queensland Court of Appeal today, but he did not know when a decision would be made.
Mr Shine said if the appeal was dismissed, it was unlikely he would seek to have the charges heard in another state.
He resisted calls for Judge Botting to be stood down. He declined to comment on the strength of the case against Ferguson.
"Look, just because a judge makes a decision that I, as Attorney-General, disagree with, doesn't mean that the judge should be sacked. What it means is that I should exercise my right under law to appeal that decision and appeal it to the Court of Appeal. That's the remedy," he said.
Asked what he would say to Ferguson, should he be listening, Mr Shine said: "I would advise him that he should in all respects conform with the law and conform to the expectations of the community at large are, that is that he have no contact whatsoever with children."
Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg last night called for the trial to proceed and lashed out at the Government, which had promised Ferguson would be watched while he lived in the community.
"Corrective Services Minister Judy Spence promised Queenslanders in a press release at the time that Ferguson would be watched 24 hours a day," Mr Springborg said.
"So she should be able to answer what he was doing to the judge in the trial, unless it was a lie that he was going to be watched all the time."
The Crown alleged that in November 2005 Ferguson and a friend went to the Dalby home of a woman who had once worked with him in a door-to-door cleaning business and "created the opportunity" to be alone with her two daughters, then four and five.
Judge Botting, who used powers of discretion available only in extraordinary situations to stay the proceedings, said the alleged victim's testimony had been unreliable.
"The only evidence that directly implicates (Ferguson) was the evidence of the alleged victim. She was 51/2 years old at the time," he said.
"The public interest in holding a trial does not warrant holding an unfair trial, bearing in mind the extraordinary nature of the public comment in this case (ranging) between irrational statements and vitriolic attacks featured for so long and often in the press.
"In my view, the nature and extent of the reportage renders it impossible to conceive a dispassionate jury could be empanelled.
"To pretend otherwise would be disingenuous."
He said several high-profile politicians at all levels of government had mentioned the matter in the public forum

The Courier Mail (2-7-2008)
Robyn Ironside/ Jason Gregory/ Rosemary Odgers

State Ward Found With Pedophile

A RUNAWAY teenage ward of the state who spent weeks in the same house as convicted pedophile Dennis Ferguson had been let down by the system, a leading child advocate said today.
But Bravehearts chief executive Hetty Johnston did not believe Queensland Child Safety Minister Mike Reynolds should shoulder the blame.
Instead, she called for the Corrective Services Department to establish a more comprehensive monitoring system for pedophiles released from prison.
The department removed the 17-year-old girl from the house in Miles, western Queensland, on November 10, when police charged Ferguson, 57, with the indecent assault of two girls, aged 4 and 5.
The runaway had a history of absconding from her foster care placements and was removed by the Queensland Child Safety Department as soon as the situation was known.
"It's about time we started protecting our children from people like Ferguson and find better ways to monitor pedophiles in the community," she said.
"There has been a breakdown in the system but I don't think the minister should be held responsible."
Child Safety Department director-general Robin Sullivan told The Australian newspaper the teenager was found living in the house with her aunt and uncle, who were not registered carers with the department.
"It was discovered that the girl went to live with her aunt and uncle, with the knowledge of her mother," she said.
"This is the residence from which the Department of Child Safety removed her.
"As soon as the department became aware of the situation involving Dennis Ferguson, it acted immediately, and as soon as it located the girl, she was removed."

http://www.dailytelegraph.news.com.au (21-12-2005)

Townsfolk Sound Warning As Paedophile Settles In Roma

ONE of Australia’s most notorious convicted paedophiles, Dennis Ferguson, is back in the region, this time believed to be living on the outskirts of Roma. Concerned Roma residents reported Ferguson is living in Two Mile Lane.
Since his release from a New South Wales jail last year, Ferguson has been chased out of Murgon and Ipswich after earlier trying to rent a house in Toowoomba.
He is believed to have moved to Roma last week after residing 5km from Miles in past weeks.
The shock news for the Roma community came as around 18,000 visitors were making their way to the town for the annual Easter in the Country festival.
Roma parent Marion Young said all parents in the district should be aware that this man was living among them.
Mrs Young said people should watch their children closely and be more observant of where they were going and when they were coming home.
Everyone should be taking extra precautions, she told The Western Star in Roma.
Roma Mayor Bruce Garvie said he could not confirm that Dennis Ferguson was in the Roma community.
Cr Garvie said Ferguson was being handled and monitored by the relative people under the Child Protection Offender Reporting Act.
"While it would be unsavoury to have this man in the community, I am sure if he were here that the local police would be keeping an eye on him," he said.
"There is little I can do as mayor; however, I will continue to monitor the situation and talk to the local police.
"If people aren’t happy with this, they should talk to the politicians and get the laws changed."
Cr Garvie encouraged parents to keep a watchful eye on their children at all times.
Roma District Officer Inspector Steve Wardrope said police were not at liberty to either confirm or deny Ferguson’s whereabouts.

AAP (26-3-2005)

Pedophile Makes Stalking Complaint

CONVICTED child rapist Dennis Ferguson has lodged a stalking complaint with police after angry protesters hounded him out of two Queensland homes.
A police spokeswoman today confirmed police were investigating the complaint. She said Ferguson, who placed himself in voluntary police custody on Thursday, made the complaint after protesters hounded him out of two residences in 24 hours earlier this week.
The notorious paedophile was forced out of his Murgon home, north west of Brisbane on Tuesday after the community outed his whereabouts.
He sought shelter in Ipswich - 250km away - only to be forced out of a home there less than a day later.
The Queensland Government said Ferguson sought police protection after vigilante groups reportedly threatened to kill him and burn his house down.
The spokeswoman said Ferguson was no longer in voluntary police custody.
Brisbane's Courier-Mail newspaper today said it was believed Ferguson was back in the community and staying in an inner-suburban boarding house, described as being located in an industrial area.
Ferguson was released from prison in January 2003 after serving a 14-year term for raping three children.

Daily Telegraph (5-2-2005)

Beattie Slams 'Redneck Politics'

THE Queensland Nationals have been accused of playing redneck politics for inciting communities to protest outside any place where notorious paedophile Dennis Ferguson resides.
Nationals deputy leader Jeff Seeney yesterday urged "every single community" where Ferguson set foot to protest to ensure the Queensland government strengthens its pedophile laws. Ferguson has been run out of the south-east Queensland town of Murgon and city of Ipswich – about 1800km apart – in the past two days.
Vigilante groups had targeted his home, throwing rocks on the roof, yelling, holding placards and banging on the side of the house.
He is believed to be in hiding under the care of a church community group.
Queensland Premier Peter Beattie accused Mr Seeney of "playing redneck politics" and inciting dangerous behaviour.
"I think that the National Party would do and say anything to try and win a vote," Mr Beattie said.
"What they are doing is following a redneck strategy. I don't believe that is in the best interests of Queensland."
Mr Beattie again appealed to people not to take the law into their own hands.
"This is a job for the police," he said.
"We need to take a deep breath. I remain deeply concerned that a Dennis Ferguson lookalike – an innocent person – may end up being bashed."
The Liberal Party moved to distance itself from the stance of its former coalition partner.
"Mr Seeney's suggestion to form a mob will not protect one single child and is not supported in any way by the Liberal Party," deputy leader Bruce Flegg said.
But Nationals leader Lawrence Springborg stood by his deputy, rejecting Mr Beattie's redneck criticisms.
"The Nationals are standing up for the children of Queensland, and we are standing up for the right of communities to protest against stupid laws," Mr Springborg said.
"Nobody in their right mind can argue that it is sensible to have laws that allow a convicted paedophile to locate next to a childcare centre when they are released from jail."
Mr Springborg said special residential accommodation areas were needed for at-risk pedophiles, along similar lines to those recently introduced in the UK.
Ferguson was released from prison in January 2003 after serving a 14 year term for raping three children.
He was jailed in New South Wales last year after failing to tell police he had taken a job that could have given him access to children.
Prisoner advocacy group Justice Action said it was prepared to take responsibility for Ferguson's future behaviour through its mentoring system and offered him community housing.

AAP 03-2-2005

Paedophile Forced Out Of Qld Town

Convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson has been run out of town just days after renting a house at Murgon in south-eastern Queensland.
The community became concerned after it was revealed Mr Ferguson was living within a block of a child care centre.
A group of residents has been protesting outside the house for much of the day.
Murgon Mayor Warren Hubner says Mr Ferguson is not welcome in the small town.
"The landlord wanted him out of his premises and there was a group gathering on the footpath outside," he said.
"Police escorted him out of those premises and he's at the police station at the present time.
"I believe the gentlemen is now making arrangements for accommodation outside of our region."
Mr Hubner says the community was not willing to put out the welcome mat.
"The place where he picked up residence was only about 200 metres down the street from a child care centre, which I believe was totally inappropriate," he said.

www.abc.net (1-2-2005)

Predator Holidays In Bundy

THE man who abducted three children under 10 from their home and imprisoned them in a motel room where he sexually molested them for days, is holidaying in Bundaberg.
Convicted paedophile Dennis Raymond Ferguson, 54, was yesterday seen at Shalom Markets about 6am, but disappeared after being followed around by the market co-ordinator.
A Shalom Market spokesperson, who preferred to remain unnamed, told the News-Mail she followed a man reported to be Ferguson and warned stall holders and parents that he could be at the markets.
“I saw him buy some bananas and I turned around to talk to someone, then when I turned back he had disappeared," she said. “We are very concerned about the suspected sighting of him being there on the school grounds." Stall holders yesterday expressed concern to the News-Mail about the sighting of Ferguson.
Particular effort was made to warn those stall holders likely to attract children.
Two off duty police officers were the first to see Ferguson and quickly made a report to Bundaberg Police Station.
It is possible Ferguson is working his way up the Queensland coast away from media coverage, with the Fraser Coast Chronicle reporting he was visiting the city last week.
He also applied to rent a house in Toowoomba earlier this month, with the story broken by the Toowoomba Chronicle.
During the 14 years he served in prison, Ferguson failed to complete a rehabilitation program or admit to his crimes.
There is a high rate of paedophiles reoffending.
After his release, he subsequently served 15 months in a Sydney jail for not telling police he had found work in New South Wales which could bring him into contact with children.
Under Supreme Court reporting conditions imposed in January 2003, Ferguson is obliged to inform police of a change of address within 48 hours.

AAP (31-1-2005)
Lucy Ardern

Notorious Paedophile To Be Released

ONE of Queensland's most notorious pedophiles will again be released from Jail this week amid increasing support for a national summit on child abuse.
Dennis Raymond Ferguson, 55, will finish his 15-month stint in a New South Wales jail for failing to tell police about a new job which may have given him access to children.
Ferguson had previously served a 14-year jail term in Queensland for attacking three young children, but failed to complete a rehabilitation program or even admit his crimes.
The public outcry over Ferguson's release in January last year prompted Attorney-General Rod Welford to devise means of keeping dangerous sex offenders in jail indefinitely.
Mr Welford introduced the so-called Pardon laws - named after their first target, serial rapist Robert John Fardon - but could do nothing to keep Ferguson in Jail.
When Ferguson walks free this week, he will be on sex offender registers and must keep notifying police of his place of residence and employment.
Premier Peter Beattie, unaware of any move by Ferguson to return to Queensland, said bail conditions and registers existed to protect people against recidivist sex offenders.
Mr Beattie said Ferguson should not ignore his legal obligations and "he'll keep going back to jail if he keeps doing it".
Mr Beattie threw his support behind NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney's call for a national summit on child abuse, saying Queensland would be willing to take part.
"As you know, Queensland has gone to hell and back in this area," Mr Beattie said.
"We've had the (Crime and Misconduct Commission) examination of our record and we've reorganised all our departments.
"In essence, Queensland probably leads Australia with dealing with these issues now."
Mr Moroney said community and government agencies needed to confront child abuse, realise the magnitude of the problem and look at the support being provided to victims.
He made the comments as it emerged NSW police had referred 400 charges against 130 offenders in less than a year.
"I think this is just the tip of the iceberg," Mr Moroney said.
"This is not an issue we can any longer speak about in hushed tones or behind closed doors. We cannot pretend it is not there."
Queensland Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson said state and territory authorities were keen to share information and he would be interested to see how a summit could improve that process.
"There is always opportunity to do things better than we are doing now," Mr Atkinson said.
Western Australia's Police Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan backed Mr Moroney, as did Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon.
"Young people who are victims of abuse suffer enormously," Ms Nixon said.
"They're the ones who often end up in our criminal justice system (and) end up with a great deal of mental illness as well. So if we can find ways to prevent it then we'd be a mile in front."

The Courier Mail (13-12-2004)
Sean Parnell

Court Upholds sex Offender Law

THE High Court has overturned a time-honoured belief that a convicted person will be free once they have completed their full jail sentence.
Six of seven High Court judges ruled yesterday as constitutionally valid a Queensland law that allows dangerous sex offenders to be jailed indefinitely after they had served their full sentence.
State Parliament passed the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act in 2003 because it was alarmed that a group of dangerous rapists, sexual predators, and pedophiles were about to be freed with their terms in prison up.
The Act was conceived after the public outcry in January 2003 when child rapist Dennis Raymond Ferguson, then 54, was freed.
It was originally designed to cover offenders sentenced before judges in Queensland were given an option to put them away indefinitely.
The law was not needed in Ferguson's case, as he was behind bars on fresh charges after reoffending in NSW.
However Attorney-General Rod Welford has applied to have seven dangerous sex offenders jailed indefinitely.
One of the first is Robert John Fardon, who has been convicted of rape twice.
In 1978 he raped a 12-year-old and bashed her 15-year-old sister.
Ten years later, just 20 days after he was released on parole from prison for the first crime, he raped, bashed and sodomised a 20-year-old woman.
He was due for release in June 2003 after completing a 14-year sentence for the second rape.
Premier Peter Beattie said he was delighted at the High Court's decision.
Mr Beattie said the State Govsrnment could not ignore the real possibility of sexual predators reoffending.
"It's the right decision for the safety of Queenslanders - particularly women and children," Mr Seattle said.
He urged civil libertarians not to oppose it.
However Australian Council for Civil Liberties president Terry O'Gorman expressed dismay at the decision.
"There is a real risk that Queensland and other state governments will use today's High Court decision to keep other categories of prisoners beyond so-called dangerous sexual offenders in prison after their full-time prison release date," Mr 0'Gorman said.
Mr Beattie said the law would not be extended to other categories of offenders such as murderers.
Mr Welford had to argue to the Supreme Court that Pardon remained an unacceptable risk and get the court to agree to jail him indefinitely. It did.
This saw the Prisoners Legal Service on Pardon's behalf challenge the validity of Mr Welford's law.
It challenged it first in the Queensland Court of Appeal and when it lost 2-11, secondly in the High Court.
The High Court's decision means Pardon will stay in jail subject to reviews of his indefinite sentence conducted through the court.
In his judgment, Chief Justice Murray Gleeson said concerns such as civil liberties were broader than what the High Court considered.
"This case, however, is not concerned with those wider issues ... the outcome turns upon a relatively narrow point," he said.
Justice Gleeson said the legal case was about whether the Queensland law impinged the integrity of the Supreme Court. He concluded it did not.
In his dissenting judgment, Justice Michael Kirby said the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act was unique in Australia because it allowed a person to be detained because of a potential to break the law.
"Experts in law, psychology and criminology have long recognised the unreliability of predictions of criminal dangerousness," he said.
"The Act deprives people ... of personal liberty, a most fundamental human right, on a prediction of dangerousness, based largely on the opinions of psychiatrists who can only be, at best, an educated or informed guess."

The Courier Mail (2-10-2004)
Chris Griffith

Notorious Paedophile Back In Jail

Convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson is back behind bars after he allegedly failed to tell police of a new job which may have brought him into contact with children.
Ferguson, 55, walked free from a Queensland prison in January after serving a 15-year term for sexually attacking three children.
On Wednesday, he was refused bail after a Sydney court was told he had gone to a school and allegedly represented a company whose charter was distributing cleaning products to groups needing to raise funds.
NSW Police arrested Ferguson on a charge of failing to comply with reporting conditions (Child Protection Offenders' Registration), which includes an obligation he inform police of employment.
The offence carries a maximum penalty of two years' prison and a fine of up to $11,000.
In a statement of facts tendered to Parramatta Local Court, it was alleged Ferguson went to Parramatta Public School on August 13 and delivered a pamphlet for the company.
Police prosecutor Rob Baillie alleged Ferguson did not want police to know he had the job - which involved marketing products to schools, charities and other groups.
However, defence counsel Mark Gunning told the court his client maintained he was not employed by the company, and therefore did not inform police.
Ferguson had discussed the possibility of becoming an independent contractor with the company, Mr Gunning added.
He told the court his client had received death threats in Queensland and had moved to Sydney where, within three days of arriving on May 26, he had opened a telephone account and a post office box in the name of the company.
However, his client had done this because he feared further threats if he used his own name.
During an application for bail, Mr Gunning said his client was prepared to stay away from schools and could live with his Sydney-based mother.
However, Magistrate Graham Johnson refused bail, after saying people involved in sex offences against children are often repeat offenders.
"It may be a coincidence he went to a public school, but it is a matter of concern," Mr Johnson said.
He added it was not an easy task weighing the conflicting interests of community safety and Ferguson's general right to liberty.
However, on this occasion it was the magistrate's view protection of the community should prevail.
Ferguson, whose counsel had applied for a suppression order due to the convicted paedophile's fear of threats, was remanded in custody to face the same court on Thursday.
Outside court, Child Protection squad Chief Inspector Bob Sullivan said Ferguson had been under police observation since his arrival in NSW.
"When he came to NSW, as a person we consider to be possibly a high risk offender, he's somebody that we began monitoring," Insp Sullivan said.

The Bulletin (17-9-2003)

Dutton Calls For State Attorney- General To Be Sacked Over Ferguson

Peter Dutton MP, Federal Member for Dickson said he was sickened and outraged to learn the State Attorney General could have kept convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson in jail.
Mr Dutton has called on the Premier to immediately sack the State’s Attorney General - Rod Welford, for allowing convicted paedophile Dennis Ferguson to be released into the community.
The facts are that Rod Welford had the ability to keep Ferguson in jail – but missed the application deadline. He’s asleep at the wheel. The result now is that every parent in Queensland should be concerned about where and when Ferguson will strike next.
Welford has failed the State of Queensland, by not ordering the Department of Public Prosecutions to enforce the Court’s ability to keep this pedophile in jail.
Clearly, this child rapist is not rehabilitated and is likely to re-offend now that he has been released onto our streets. The Attorney General has made a catastrophic error in not enforcing this legislation, and should immediately be dismissed from his portfolio responsibility.
The only option now is for the Premier to personally intervene and introduce retrospective legislation that will keep this mongrel out of our playgrounds and backyards.
Mr Dutton, a former detective in the sexual offences squad, said he was amazed to hear Mr Welford say on ABC radio yesterday, that;
“We do have power in the courts already to impose what are called indefinite sentences. So in a appropriate cases the courts already have the power where they think the offender is of such a great risk to the community that they should not be released until the court is satisfied that they’re no risk to the community. The courts can, under the current law, impose an indefinite sentence. Now for whatever reason that wasn’t done in this particular case, time has been served”.
If this is not a case where the community is at risk, then I don’t know what is. This bastard has said that he wants to have sex with a boy under ten when released, and still maintains his innocence and belief that paedophilia is acceptable.
On ABC Radio yesterday, Mr Welford also said –
“there’s nothing exceptional about this case except that it’s obviously got some extra publicity in the newspaper”.
“It is completely unacceptable that the children of Queensland should be placed at risk because the Attorney General has not enforced his own laws. The result of this is that a convicted child rapist, who wants to re-offend as soon as he gets the chance is now free to walk our streets at night and search for innocent prey.
In instances where an inmate is not considered to have been properly rehabilitated, and is a substantial risk to the community, but has served their term, the power exists for the Courts to extend their time in prison. This power has not been used in this case and now Dennis Ferguson is free to re-offend at a time of his own choosing.
Queensland’s Attorney General has allowed this person to enter our community, knowing the threat he poses to our children, because he failed in his job. 11th hour appeals by the Department of Correctional Services failed because the Attorney General failed to act.
Only using retrospective legislation and introducing it into a re-convened Parliament, will the Premier be able to save some face for his Government and put Dennis Ferguson back behind bars where he belongs.
The people of Queensland expect and deserve laws that will protect their children. I urge the Premier to immediately act on this by sacking his Attorney General and show some desire to protect our children,” said Mr Dutton.

AAP (9-1-2003)

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