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Sex Assault Cabbie Jailed for 6 Months

A Geelong cab driver who sexually assaulted a female passenger and stole taxi concession cards from elderly passengers has been jailed for six months.
Depal Dhir, 27, of Tennyson St, Norlane, was found guilty by the Geelong Magistrates' Court of unlawful imprisonment, indecent assault, robbery and theft.
Magistrate Michael Coghlan told Dhir he "at all times'', including with consultations with pyschologists, maintained denial of his involvement in the offending.
The charges stemmed from an attack on a sleeping passenger near Torquay last June.
The court earlier heard from the victim that on June 21, last year, she left Home House nightclub at about 3.15am to catch a cab home.
She said she got into the rear seat of the cab, told the driver to take her to a Torquay address before falling asleep.
She said when she woke, she was in the middle of nowhere and the driver was on top of her, trying to pull her out of the cab.
"I asked him what was going on and he said, 'We're going to make love','' she said.
"I asked where the driver was and he said the driver was dead, that he had killed him.
"He kept telling me we were going to make love and I kept trying to convince him out of it.''
The woman said that after being pulled from the car, Dhir grabbed her bag, which contained her mobile phone and $60, got back in the cab and started to drive off.
Fearful he would return, she said she ran until she reached the Surf Coast Highway where she flagged down a motorist.
Dhir had told the court the woman was drunk and refused to give him any address other than Torquay.
He said when he pulled over near McCann's Rd to again ask for the address, she became abusive, swore at him and refused to pay.
He said he left her on the side of the road and returned to Geelong and that her mobile was later found on the back seat.
Mr Coghlan today told Dhir he had continued to maintain the story he made in his police record of interview.
He said the explanation to police was ''implausible'' and that Dhir had shown no remorse.
Dhir was also fined $1000.

http://www.geelongadvertiser.com.au/article/2009/03/05/55221_news.html (5-3-2009)

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