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Name: Derek Ernest Percy (Deceased 24-7-2013)

Age: 62 yrs old (2011)

State: VIC

Sentence:Jailed in 1969 (insanity plea).. He is currently (2005) still in prison.

Offence/Other:DEREK PERCY- CHILD KILLER/ PAEDOPHILE- In 1969 Percy was was found not guilty by reason of insanity, of raping and murdering, then mutilating a 12 yr old girl..In 1998, Justice Geoff Eames, refused Percys release into the community. He said that Percy was still a serious danger to children and had never sought treatment for his unusual and deadly paedophile condition.

Keep Derek Percy (sadistic child murderer) behind bars

Police Quiz Killer Over Child Deaths, Beaumonts Mystery

Heartbroken mum wants child-killer Derek Percy on witness stand

Pic- Derek Percy

Pic- Derek Percy (1969)

Lambs to the Slaughter : Inside the Depraved Mind of Child Killer Derek Ernest Percy.
Lambs to the Slaughter
Inside the Depraved Mind of Child Killer Derek Ernest Percy
By Debi Marshall

Young. White. High IQ. Middle-class family. Naval rating. A portrait of a yuppie success story? No. A portrait of child killer, Derek Ernest Percy.
In this definitive, graphically chilling account of Percy's life, a man dubbed by a prison officer as 'Australia's answer to Hannibal Lecter', award-winning true-crime author Debi Marshall applies her investigative journalism skills to a forensic examination of the crimes, the man and his modus operandi.
Informed by exclusive material never before seen - poignant and insightful interviews with Percy's mother, victims' families, psychiatrists, police officers and former colleagues - Marshall also takes us on her personal journey as she seeks to unravel the truth about the monster whose lonely, idiosyncratic character has deceived the best psychiatric minds for 40 years.
Is Derek Percy responsible for Australia's worst unsolved child abductions and murders?

Hopes DNA sample could solve Percy crimes

Police hope a sample of child killer Derek Percy's DNA will provide answers to the secrets he has taken to the grave.
Percy, Victoria's longest serving prisoner, died of cancer on Wednesday and remains a suspect in a number of unsolved murders in four states.
The 64-year-old was quizzed by police on what he knew about more than half a dozen unsolved cases up until his death, but remained tight-lipped.
Victorian police have taken a DNA sample from Percy which has been made available to officers interstate.
A blood stain taken last year from the scene of the 1965 murders of teenagers Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt on Sydney's Wanda Beach could provide a breakthrough in the case, in which Percy is a suspect.
But DNA testing is not advanced enough to make a definitive link, because the evidence is so old.
NSW Detective Chief Inspector John Lehmann from the unsolved homicide team said such a breakthrough was a long was off.
"That blood or possible blood is still being examined to try and have it enhanced to positively identify DNA," he told AAP.
On Wednesday victims of those believed to have been killed by Percy were relieved at his death, even though it means they will not get answers about their loved ones.
"There's a relief in the fact that he's not there anymore and the emotional pain of him is not so prevalent," said Gary Stilwell, whose seven-year-old sister Linda disappeared from an inner Melbourne beach in 1968.
Percy is the prime suspect in Linda's death and admitted being in the area at the same time she went missing.
At the weekend, he denied to investigators any involvement in her death, despite earlier saying he couldn't remember.
Donald Brook, whose toddler Simon Brook was brutally murdered in Sydney in 1968, said Percy will no longer be able to harm other children.
In 2005, the then NSW state coroner recommended that Percy be charged over Simon's murder, but the charge did not proceed.
Percy abducted and killed 12-year-old Yvonne Tuohy southeast of Melbourne in 1969 and has been detained on insanity grounds since.
He also remains a suspect in the unsolved murders of six-year-old Alan Redston in Canberra in 1966 and three-year-old Simon Brook in Sydney in 1968, and the disappearance of the three Beaumont children in Adelaide in 1966.

AAP (25-7-2013)
Daniel Fogarty/ Melissa Iaria,


Derek Percy's mother Elaine admits she 'got rid of things' as cops investigated child serial killings

The elderly mother of child killer Derek Percy allegedly admitted she "got rid of things" when police began investigating her son's crimes.
Suspected serial killer Percy, who abducted and murdered 12-yer-old Yvonne Tuohy in 1969, died yesterday morning without making the death-bed confession the families of up to eight other victims had hoped for.
But author and TV producer Debi Marshall - one of the few people Elaine Percy has spoken to about her eldest child's evil acts - urged the elderly woman to speak out if she holds answers for any of those grieving families.
"I think his mother remains the only hope," Ms Marshall told the Herald Sun.
Percy was a suspect in the murders of Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt in Sydney in 1965; the three Beaumont children in Adelaide in 1966; Allen Redston in Canberra in 1966; Linda Stilwell in St Kilda in 1968; and Simon Brook in Sydney in 1968.
Ms Marshall said that she met with Mrs Percy several times while researching her book, Lambs to the Slaughter.
During one meeting Mrs Percy allegedly told her she "got rid of things" relating to her son, who began to attract the attention of authorities as a boy when he started stealing underwear and mutilating dolls.
Ms Marshall said she hoped Mrs Percy would tell police if she knew anything at all that could ease the pain of the families.
"How can these families move forward? They need answers, and deserve them," she said.
The coronial inquest into Linda Stilwell's death in 2009 was told Mrs Percy, who now lives in Queensland, may have destroyed some of his notes.
But coroner Iain West ruled he would not subpoena her to give evidence.
During one of Ms Marshall's visits, she says Mrs Percy telephoned her son in jail and put to him the names of the missing and dead children he is suspected of killing.
When she got to Simon Brook, aged 3, Percy denied responsibility as he had done with each of the other suspected victims.
"She said, "I don't believe you, son'," Ms Marshall said.
But Mrs Percy, now in her late 80s, has always maintained she knew nothing of Percy's offending.
Percy was a rare beast, a sadistic paedophile the likes of which few experts had ever seen in Australia.
In 1970 a jury found him not guilty of murdering Yvonne Tuohy on the grounds of insanity, meaning he would be locked up until deemed fit for release.
But a 2009 Supreme Court hearing was told Percy suffered no mental illness. He was assessed as remaining a high risk to children at his last court bid to be moved from prison to a secure institution.
He kept detailed diaries and writings of his sick fantasies, described by those assessing him as "chilling" and "among the worst" they had ever seen.
Some of his written fantasies were identical to the horrific acts he is known to have carried out in killing Yvonne Tuohy, and what was done to three-year-old Simon Brook.
A huge cache of Percy's vile writings, drawings and newspaper clippings was found in a South Melbourne storage unit in 2007. It is unknown how he managed to move the material from prison to the storage facility.
He told a police officer after his arrest that he'd had "sordid thoughts" towards children while visiting beaches in the past, and agreed that he might have acted on his urges had the children been alone.
But Percy told detectives investigating the other child abductions and killings that he could not remember whether he committed the crimes.

www.news.com.au (25-7-2013)

Child killer Derek Percy dies in hospital, aged 64, taking any secrets to the grave

Convicted child murderer Derek Percy, who has died in a Melbourne hospital.

Child killer Derek Percy has died of cancer in a Melbourne hospital, just days after crushing hopes he would shed light on the 1960s disappearance of Linda Stilwell.
Percy, 64, was Victoria's longest serving prisoner and had been battling lung cancer in a secure ward in St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne.
A justice department spokesman confirmed a 64-year-old man had died at 2am.
Percy was the prime suspect in Linda Stilwell's 1968 disappearance and suspected death in Melbourne and was a suspect in a number of other child disappearances in other states.
Linda Stilwell's family had fought for years for Percy to tell them what happened to their little girl.
On Saturday, he gave evidence from his hospital bedside during a coronial hearing, denying involvement in her disappearance.
He previously said he could not remember if he was responsible.
Linda's brother Gary Stilwell, 54, said today it was disappointing Percy had taken his secrets to the grave.
“I would've thought at the end of his life he could've found it in his heart to actually give relief to us and to my mother in regards to Linda,” Mr Stilwell said.
“I don't think anybody believes that he didn't do it.”
Mr Stilwell said news of Percy's death brought some relief.
“It does give me a form of peace knowing that he's dead, to be honest,” he said.
“The spectre of Derek Percy's been hanging over our family like a black cloud for a long time.”
In a statement, Corrections Victoria said the death would be examined by the coroner, as is the case with all inmate deaths.
“The prisoner was being treated for a terminal illness at the time of his death and his death is not considered to be suspicious,” the statement said.
Coroner Iain West made an interim finding in 2009 that Percy, who is linked to some of Australia's most notorious child killings, was in the area on the day Linda disappeared.
But the inquest into her death was adjourned after Mr West decided not to compel Percy to give evidence.
He said he had concerns about the reliability of Percy's evidence, given his mental state at the time of the abduction.
Linda's mother Jean Priest took her fight to Victoria's highest court, which ruled in her favour and ordered the inquest be reconvened.
It was expected to take place later this year, but there was no certainty Percy would give evidence and the inquest was then thrown in doubt when he was sent to hospital in a terminal condition earlier this month.
Percy was found not guilty on insanity grounds of the 1969 murder of Yvonne Tuohy, 12, who was snatched from Warneet Beach, southeast of Melbourne. He has been detained ever since.
Percy was also a suspect in several other unsolved murders: Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt, both 15, on Sydney's Wanda Beach in 1965, six-year-old Alan Redston in Canberra in 1966, three-year-old Simon Brook in Sydney in 1968, and the disappearance of the three Beaumont children in Adelaide in 1966.

The Australian (24-7-2013)
Rachel Baxendale


Child killer Derek Percy dies in hospital

VIC - Convicted child killer and paedophile "Derek Percy" has died at St Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne ...Percy was convicted of the abduction, murder and torture of 12-year-old Yvonne Tuohy, who was snatched from a beach at Victoria's Westernport Bay in July 1969...He was also suspected of involvement in the disappearance of the three Beaumont children from an Adelaide beach in 1966, and the deaths of three other children in Sydney and a six-year-old boy in Canberra, also in the 1960s.
At the weekend, he faced deathbed questioning over the death of seven-year-old Linda Stilwell, who disappeared from a Melbourne beach in 1968...
Mother's anguish at not knowing daughter's fate..
Linda Stilwell's mother Jean Priest says she has lost all hope of finding her daughter's remains now that Percy has died.
There was always the hope that he would tell us something about where he put Linda, but now I'll never know, and that hurts," she said.
"But in another way I'm glad he's dead, so I don't know how to feel just at the moment."
Ms Priest only heard about Percy's death late this morning from her son.
"I was out walking, and didn't hear the news, when I got home I got about 23 text messages.
"Now I'll never know, and that hurts.
"It's just really, really hard.
"Inside, I was devastated when he didn't say anything. It's been a hard week. I really believe he knew, but he wouldn't say anything, so we'll never know.

www.abc.net.au (24-7-2013)

Justice still denied

Child killer Derek Percy's pension payments are an insult to public morality. Because Percy was never convicted of the murder of Victorian schoolgirl Yvonne Tuohy on the grounds of insanity, he has continued to be paid a government pension of up to $20,000 a year from his time in the Navy.
This money has become a small fortune over the 43 years Percy has spent in prison, which he has invested in gold and rare stamps as well as deposits in banks.
As reported in today's Herald Sun, Labor MP Kelvin Thomson has been told by Commonwealth lawyers that Percy's pension is protected by the Constitution and any attempt to stop it or recover the money he has been paid would be open to legal challenge.
His payments might be stopped, but he could likely sue for compensation in spite of the Tuohy murder and his suspected involvement in eight other child abductions and killings.
Percy, whose victims may include Adelaide's missing Beaumont children, was in the Australian Navy for 20 months and travelled around Australia.
His taxpayer-funded payments are an added burden for the families involved and an amendment to the law to stop payments to killers who have not been found guilty because of mental issues should be pursued.
Justice should be seen to be done.

Herald Sun (30-1-2013)

Child killer Derek Percy could face new questions over the death of Linda Stillwell, 7

SPECIAL REPORT: The mother of Linda Stillwell, murdered aged just 7, "can't stop crying" after hearing sex fiend Derek Percy will be forced to give evidence.
The child killer will finally be forced to answer questions about the 1968 murder after a landmark court ruling today that saw barristers in the case break down in tears.
The sex fiend could also be forced to give evidence about other unsolved child murders before a re-opened Coroner's inquest into the young girl's death.
In a landmark decision handed down by the Court of Appeal this morning and met by tears from barristers in the case, Derek Ernest Percy will also be forced to face a grilling in court about any involvement he is suspected of having in the brutal mutilation sex-killings of five other children - including the Beaumonts - across three states.
There are some who believe he is responsible for even more killings.
Linda Stilwell's grieving mother, Jean Priest, was today also in tears as she received news of the legal breakthough while visiting family for Christmas in Perth.
Mrs Priest, 73, has waited almost 45 years to learn what became of her daughter, snatched from the St Kilda foreshore and never seen again.
"I just can't stop crying, its absolutely wonderful news,'' Mrs Priest told the Herald Sun.
"It's been all this time not just for me but for my whole family and we just want to find out that it is possible we can get some answers.''
Mrs Priest said the most important answer Percy could give would be to tell what he knows about what became of Linda's body.
'We need to give her a burial, that is our main objective but just to know that he (Percy) has to finally face up to people, not just for Linda but what happened to all the other children (he is suspected of killing).
"This is just fantastic news, I feel the (Court of Appeal) judges have just given me a huge hug''
Deputy State Coroner Iain West, investigating Linda's disappearance, declined to use new laws to compel Percy to give evidence at the inquest because his apparent psychotic state in the 1960s might mean his evidence was unreliable.
Mr West made a formal interim finding that Percy, the prime suspect in the abduction, was in the vicinity of seven-year-old Linda on the day she disappeared.
Percy is currently Victoria's longest serving prisoner who faces an indefinite term for the killing of Yvonne Tuohy several months after Linda disappeared.
Percy claimed he had no memory of killing children other than Yvonne, but told police he may have abducted Linda and was in the areas where others were taken.
Mrs Priest believes Percy has for years feigned a memory lapse brought on by psychosis in relation to the abductions of killings.
"I believe that he does remember and he needs to give us some closure, not that we will ever have proper closure.''
Mrs Priest thanked her legal team of Elizabeth McKinnon and Simon Gillespie-Jones and Detective Wayne Newman who picked up the cold-case file for their persistence in the case.
Both Ms McKinnon and Ms Gillespie-Jones were in tears at today's finding.
"Wayne Newman, the policeman that went after him, he just kept on going and going.''
Following reports in the Herald Sun, the Victorian government, through Attorney-General Robert Clark, vowed to indemnify Mrs Priest from an ever-increasing legal bill as she fought her way through the courts appealing the decision by Deputy Coroner West not to compel Percy to take the witness stand.
Percy suspected in more child murders The judgment may also mean Percy will face questioning about the deaths of:

Murdered May 18, 1968, at Glebe, Sydney.
Percy stationed at nearby HMAS Kuttabul and travelled daily through Glebe. Body found near railway siding.

Murdered September 28, 1966, in Canberra, ACT.
Percy told police he was with his parents holidaying in Canberra at the time of the killing. Body found on creek bank.

Abducted August 10, 1968, from St Kilda foreshore, Victoria.
Coroner West has found Percy was in St Kilda the day Linda disappeared. Linda's body has never been recovered.

Triple abduction January 26, 1966, from Glenelg Beach, SA.
Percy's family confirmed to police he had holidayed in Adelaide and Percy admitted being there at the time of the disappearance. Bodies never recovered.

Murdered July 20, 1969, at Warneet, Victoria.
Percy made full admissions and went to trial but was found not guilty by reason of insanity and sentenced to indefinite period in jail. He has remained there for 42 years. Body found near Ski Beach on Western Port.

Double murder January 11, 1965 at Wanda Beach, NSW.
Percy holidayed with his family in the area at the time. Bodies found partially buried in a sand dune.

Mum's battle for justice
In December 2009, Mr West commenced an inquest into Linda's disappearance and death.
During that inquest, Ms Priest sought to rely on a number of statements made by police officers, a forensic pathologist and a psychologist that she submitted tended to demonstrate that Percy killed her daughter.
But Mr West deemed those statements irrelevant and ruled they be removed from the Stillwell brief of evidence.
Percy was called to give evidence at the inquest but objected on the basis of possible self incrimination.
Mr West ruled there were reasonable grounds for that and decided not to compel Percy to give evidence, partly on the ground that any evidence he might give could be unreliable.
"The coroner did not inform Mr Percy that if he gave evidence willingly he would be given a certificate of immunity in respect of that evidence," a summary of today's COA judgment stated.
The inquest was adjourned to allow Ms Priest to challenge Mr West's rulings.
A Supreme Court judge dismissed Mr Priest's challenge.
Ms Priest then took her fight to the Court of Appeal, where President Justice Chris Maxwell and justices David Harper and Pamela Tate this morning allowed the determined mother's appeal.
"The Court of Appeal held that the coroner was obliged to take into account most of the statements relied on by Ms Priest as relevant to the inquest into Linda Stillwell," the judgment summary said.
"It also held that the coroner was obliged to take into account the most recent medical evidence relevant to the issue of the reliability of Mr Percy's short-term and long-term memory.
"In addition, the Court of Appeal held that the coroner was obliged to inform Mr Percy that if he gave evidence willingly he would be given a certificate of immunity and the effect of such a certificate."
The judges directed that the inquest be reconvened.
Outside court afterwards, Ms Priest's barrister, Simon Gillespie-Jones, spoke of the family's happiness as Ms McKinnon wiped away relieved tears of happiness.
"The family is very happy and very relieved," Mr Gillespie-Jones said.
"The whole process has been very difficult for them."

Herald Sun (20-12-2012)
Mark Dunn/ Paul Anderson

Child killer Derek Percy makes fresh cash grab on victim's mother

Cashed-up child killer Derek Percy is crying poor as he makes a fresh demand on a suspected victim's mother to pay another $48,000 in legal costs.
The latest insult comes as Premier Ted Baillieu and Attorney-General Robert Clark yesterday ignored calls to help pensioner Jean Priest, who must already pay $32,247 to Percy.
The Supreme Court has issued orders, by consent, that Ms Priest pay Percy's legal bill after she lost a bid to force the killer to give evidence about her daughter Linda Stilwell, 7, whose body has never been found. She was abducted from St Kilda in August 1968.
Hundreds of readers offered support for Ms Priest and pledged financial help after her plight was revealed in the Herald Sun.
"I just want to thank everyone who has wanted to help. I just feel overwhelmed at the moment by all that love and support," she said.
Ms Priest, 72, faces bankruptcy after losing two legal bids to make Percy answer questions.
Percy has escaped being quizzed under oath despite a new law that allowed the Coroner to force Percy to give evidence without that evidence being used in a prosecution against him.
Percy -- who was a navy seaman for less than 20 months before his psychiatric discharge in 1968 -- continues to collect ComSuper payments of up to $20,000 a year, based on half a recruit's annual salary. Over the past 42 years this has added up to $250,000 to $300,000.
Percy remains in jail indefinitely for the 1969 killing of Yvonne Tuohy, 12, for which he was found not guilty by reason of insanity.
In an affidavit filed in the Court of Appeal, Percy argues through his lawyer that Ms Priest should pay another $48,700 as security in her final appeal to make him answer questions under oath.
"(Percy) has funded, and is continuing to fund, his quite significant legal costs personally and from his own very limited resources," Percy's lawyer, Frank Randle, said in court documents. "He was not in receipt of legal aid."
Deputy State Coroner Iain West in 2009 found Percy was in St Kilda in the vicinity of Linda on the day she disappeared. But Mr West decided not to compel Percy to give evidence because of Percy's apparent psychosis at the time, and his potential unreliability.
In a police interview in 1969, when asked if he killed Linda Stilwell, Percy said "possibly, I don't remember a thing about it".
Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has called on the Government to say whether it will help Ms Priest.

Herald Sun (28-1-2011)
Mark Dunn

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Sick killer Derek Percy's $32,000 pay day

UPDATE 1.44pm: THE Opposition has demanded to know whether the Government backs a pensioner who has been ordered to pay the legal fees of killer Derek Percy.
The Supreme Court has ordered that Jean Priest, 72, must pay Percy's legal bill after she lost the first stage of her fight to force him to give evidence about his suspected part in the killing of her daughter, seven-year-old Linda Stilwell, in 1968.
Opposition leader Daniel Andrews has called on the government to come clean about whether it supports Ms Priest in her legal battle.
Premier Ted Baillieu and Attorney General Robert Clark have both refused repeated requests to answer questions on the sad possibility that Ms Priest faces possibly bankruptcy after trying to seek justice for the death of her daughter.
The State Government has refused to weigh into the issue, and has not returned calls to heraldsun.com.au, despite their "tough on crime" stance prior to the November election.
"The Government has gone into hiding, but the public has a right to know whether or not they back Noel McNamara's suggestion of an ex-gratia payment,'' Mr Andrews said.
Steve Medcraft of People Against Lenient Sentencing says the situation is a disgrace.
"You have got to ask how criminals can use the legal system and the taxpayer pick up the bill, but when a member of the public, a victim of serious crime wants some sort of justice they are subjected to serious costs for asking for it," Mr Medcraft said.
He said he would support a garnishment of Percy's money to pay the legal costs owed over the case.
"I think the government has got to set a precedent," he said.
But the State Government has ignored the plight of pensioner and has refused to weigh into the issue despite their "tough on crime" stance prior to the Novemeber election.
"I just think the government has got to say, 'we have got to assist her (Jean Priest), this is just nonsense and we will take steps not to prolong her misery'," Mr Medcraft said.
Ms Priest, pictured holding a cherished photo of Linda, is a community volunteer who lives in a retirement village.
She says she could be bankrupted by Percy, who has amassed a fortune of up to $300,000 from a navy pension he receives in jail.
Crime Victims' Support Association spokesman Noel McNamara said all Percy's money should be confiscated and redistributed to crime victims, but failing that, he should be forced to pay his own bills.
"I think it should be garnisheed from his superannuation," he said.
"A couple of years in the navy and you've got $300,000, it is just amazing.
"I certainly think the money should come out from him and failing that, if they can't get the money out (of him) the government should pick it (the bill for legal fees) up.
"I just think the government has to make an ex-gratia payment which they can do from time to time and help Jean out.
"The whole system is a worry, it just leaves me mind boggled."
The grieving grandmother plans one last bid for justice before the Court of Appeal, but she may face a total legal bill from Percy of $80,000 if that appeal fails.
"We now have a bill for $32,247 and I don't know how I am going to pay that. I have no way of doing that," a tearful Ms Priest told the Herald Sun.
"I can't sleep at night.
"Prisoners seem to have all the rights, victims have no rights."
Percy, 62, is Victoria's longest-serving prisoner and remains in jail for the mutilation killing of Yvonne Tuohy, 12, less than 12 months after Linda disappeared.
Linda's body has never been found. Percy has been linked to nine child killings in the late 1960s across several states.
He was prosecuted only for Yvonne Tuohy's death, where he was found not guilty by reason of insanity - a technicality that allows him to continue receiving his navy pension.
"I feel I've got to go as far as I possibly can for Linda," Ms Priest said. She added that she was "physically sick" when told she might have to pay $80,000 in legal fees to Percy if the appeal were lost.
Ms Priest said she would continue to try to find her daughter's body so she could be finally laid to rest with some dignity.
"The coroner found Derek Percy was in St Kilda on that day and only metres from her," she said.
"What is the possibility that there could be two child murderers in that kind of area at the same time?
"We need her body so that we can have a resting place for her.
"I believe he did it. I just can't bear to think of what he did to her."
Both Deputy State Coroner Iain West and Supreme Court Justice Iain Ross declined to force Percy to give evidence because of his apparent psychosis at the time of the abduction and the potential his evidence would be unreliable.
Ms Priest's barristers, Elizabeth McKinnon and Simon Gillespie-Jones, would not comment.
Before the ruling on costs went against Ms Priest, Herald Sun readers late last year pledged $7300 towards her pending legal bill.
"I'd like to thank the readers of the Herald Sun for the help they have given me. I just wonder if anybody else can help because it's financial ruin," she said.

Herald Sun (27-1-2011)

Killer should get nothing

WE often hear the noble maxim "justice is blind".
But, as shown by Jean Priest's fight in today's Herald Sun, people might think justice can also be dumb.
Grieving pensioner Ms Priest has for 42 years been tortured by the mystery of what became of her seven-year-old daughter, Linda Stilwell.
She now faces financial ruin after being hit with a $32,247 legal bill from the man that she suspects killed her beloved daughter.
Linda, last seen rolling down the grass foreshore at St Kilda on August 10, 1968, was abducted, and her body has never been found.
Last year Deputy State Coroner Iain West began an inquest into Linda's death and made an official, interim finding that Derek Percy was in St Kilda on the day Linda disappeared.
Percy remains in jail as Victoria's longest-serving prisoner, having been found not guilty by reason of insanity of the murder of Yvonne Tuohy, 12, in 1969.
But, despite new coronial laws allowing indemnity from prosecution, Deputy Coroner West declined to compel Percy to give evidence at Linda's inquest and in so doing the chance to have him face questions under oath was lost.
An appeal to the Supreme Court followed where Justice Iain Ross found Deputy Coroner West did not err in law.
Being a civil jurisdiction case, Justice Ross has now ruled Ms Priest, as the losing party in the appeal, must pay Percy's costs.
What makes matters worse, is that the bill could reach up to $80,000 if Ms Priest loses her final bid for answers before the Court of Appeal.
This sad case of a mother's search for answers shows justice is indeed blind.

Herald Sun (27-1-2011)

Child killer to Give Evidence on Girl's 41-year-old Disappearance

A convicted childkiller linked to the disappearance of the Beaumont children has been called to give evidence about a girl who went missing 41 years ago.
Derek Ernest Percy has been called to give evidence in the coronial inquest into the disappearance and presumed death of seven-year-old Linda Stilwell in 1968.
Percy has been in prison for 40 years over the murder of 12-year-old Yvonne Tuohy and has been linked to Australia's most notorious child killings of the 1960s, including the Beaumont children in Adelaide in 1966 and teenagers Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt at Wanda beach in Sydney in 1965.
The inquest at the Victorian Coroner's Court is examining how Linda disappeared from the foreshore at St Kilda beach in August 1968.
Linda's mother, sister and brother appeared deeply affected when Percy, 61, entered the court after being brought up from the cells under the County Court building.
His thin face was framed by a long white beard and balding hair as he sat expressionless in a dark suit, flanked by two guards.
His lawyer Paul Higham has objected to him giving evidence on the grounds of self incrimination.

AAP (11-12-2009)

'Australia's worst child killer' plotted to grab friend's sisters
A 1969 police mugshot of Derek Ernest Percy

Derek Ernest Percy, the man detectives say is Australia's worst child killer, plotted to abduct the younger sisters of one of his closest friends, a fresh police investigation has found.
Percy, was arrested in July 1969 for the murder of Yvonne Tuohy, 12, whom he abducted from Ski Beach at Warneet. He was found not guilty on the grounds of insanity and has remained in custody since.
Last week Fairfax Media's The Sunday Age revealed a new investigation involving four police forces has found fresh evidence implicating Percy in eight unsolved child murders and abductions from the 1960s — including the case of Adelaide's Beaumont children.
Police allege Percy killed Christine Sharrock, 15, and Marianne Schmidt, 15, on Sydney's Wanda Beach in January 1965; Simon Brook, 3, in Sydney in May 1968; and Linda Stilwell, 7, abducted in St Kilda in August 1968.
He remains a suspect for the abduction and murders of the three Beaumont children, Jane, 9, Arnna, 7, and Grant, 4, in Adelaide in January 1966, and cannot be ruled out over the murder of Allen Redston, 6, grabbed in Canberra in September 1966.
During the fresh investigation, codenamed Operation Heats, police found evidence that Percy planned to abduct and murder two sisters aged eight and 10 from his home town of Mount Beauty.
They discovered Percy returned to Mount Beauty in 1968 while on leave from the navy and stayed at his friend's family home. His friend, a former schoolmate, had become a teacher and moved to another town.
They interviewed the girls' younger brother, now aged in his 40s, who told them Percy had taken him aside to question him about the sisters.
The witness, then aged six, said Percy asked sexually explicit questions about his sisters that he did not understand at the time.
When Percy was arrested at the Cerberus navy base after he killed Tuohy, police found his diary that showed his plans to torture and abuse children. The diary named the two sisters and detailed his plans to grab them at the Mount Beauty pondage, just streets from where they lived.
He planned to grab one or both of the girls after they played basketball or when returning home from church. "Go down below the lake and meet her on way. Tell her my car is bogged down there and I want help. Get her in car and take her to place." His note then listed the supplies he would need when he went to the "place".
An inquest on Simon Brook found sufficient evidence against Percy to refer the case to the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions to consider charging him with murder.
The findings from Operation Heats will be handed to Victorian Coroner Graeme Johnstone for an inquest on Linda Stilwell's death. Percy will be invited to give evidence at the Stilwell inquest but is expected to refuse on the grounds of self-incrimination.
Police have found a witness who says she saw Percy with a young girl she believes was Stilwell in St Kilda on the day she disappeared.
Linda Stilwell's brother, Gary, says he will write to Mr Johnstone urging him to open the inquest as soon as possible. "For all these years we have felt as if we have been forgotten, but now we may finally see the face of the man responsible," he said.
Nine years after The Age revealed that Percy continued to receive a navy pension while in custody and had become one of Victoria's most affluent inmates, the Federal Government has expressed concern. Last week Veteran Affairs Minister Bruce Billson said he would order a review.

www.brisbanetimes.com.au (29-4-2007)
John Silvester

New Bid On 1968 Murder- Killer Faces Inquest

Sadistic child killer Derek Percy will be quizzed at an inquest that could ulock the secrets of Australia's most baffling child murders.
He will be subpoenaed to give evidence at the inquest into the 1968 murderof Sydney toddler Simon Brook.
Breaking three decades of silence, the boy's father, Donald Brook, said he hoped justice would be done.
"It is in the public interest that the facts should be established...even after such a long time." This is partly becuase it encourages trust in the police and in judicial process.
"It is also partly because, assuming that the facts can be reliably established, it may become impossible to make sure that no other child will ever suffer the same fate, at the same hands."
Prof Brooks will be among those called to testify in the hearing, to be held at the Glebe Coroner's Court in Sydney. Detectives from Victoria and New South Wales and an identity expert will also give evidence.
A court spokesman said the inquest would be held in mid-december.
The move follows a renewed push from the Victorian Police cold case unit to re-examine the suspected crimes of Percy. The Brook case is one in a string of unsolved child murders and disappearances over which Percy was recently questioned.
Three-year-old Simon Brook's body was found in bushes near the family home at Glebe Point on May 19, 1968.
An autopsy later found balls of newspaper stuffed down his throat.
During the 1969 inquest into the child's death, a coroner ruled that the boy had died form suffocaiton.
"It would be almost impossible to find words to express the revulsion felt at the fiendish crime perpetrated on this child," the coroner said at the time.
The coroner found the death had been caused by an unknown person.
Now a different coroner will now be asked to decide wether, on the balance of probabilities, Percy was that person.
Percy remains among one of Victoria's longest serving prisoners after his trial over the murder of Yvonne Tuohy at Victoria's Western Port Beach in 1969.
He was found not guilty on the grounds of insanity, but jailed at the Governor's pleasure.
Victorian police have been working with detectives in three other states and territories to investigate Percy over other child murders dating back almost 40 years.

Sunday Mail (20-11-2005)
Carly Crawford

Child Killer Pockets Navy Pension

Victoria's most evil man has amassed a fortune from taxpayers.
Sadistic pedophile Derek Percy has pocketed about $177,000 from a government-funded naval pension in the 36 years he has spent behind bars.
He has told police he earns almost $200 a fortnight from the pension, which he has received since his discharge from the navy in 1969.
The discharge followed his arrest for the horrific torture and murder of 12-year-old Victorian girl Yvonne Tuohy at Western Port Beach in July that year.
Percy has since emerged as a suspect in eight other child murders across three states in the 1960s.
He has been in jail, at the Governor's pleasure, since the jury in the Tuohy case found him not guilty by insanity.
But a string of psychiatric reports in recent years have found him to be bad, not mad, and showing no remorse.
"The most serious aspect of his personality is his sadistic fantasy life which revolves around children, their torture and mutilation," said a report.
It is believed he may have used some of the money to pay lawyers at his various court hearings and reviews. He reportedly has also invested in gold.
His total pension is almost four times that awarded to the man who helped jail him, Shane Spiller.
Mr Spiller, who vanished from Wyndham in NSW in 2002, was awarded $50,000 in victim's compensation in 2000. As an 11-year-old boy, Mr Spiller was with Yvonne Tuohy when she was abducted, and gave police a description of Percy's car.
The State Government has joined victims' groups in urging an end to Percy's taxpayer-funded bonanza.
Police Minister Tim Holding said Percy should give his pension cheques to the families of his victims. "It's a great shame that money that should be going to veterans and their dependents is instead being spent on a man who has committed such a horrendous crime.
"If this person had even a shred of decency he would give this money to people who have suffered as a result of his actions," he said.
"I would call on him to do this and to finally express remorse for his heinous crimes."
Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara called on the Federal Government to cut Percy's pension.
"The public will be shocked, and who could blame them? It's just another big stuff-up that shouldn't have happened."
"Whatever he's got should be confiscated and the pension should stop."
The office of Federal Veterans' Affairs Minister, De-Anne Kelly, directed the Sunday Herald Sun to the Department of Defence. A spokesman said the department would offer a response to the "sensitive" case next week.

Sunday Herald Sun (8-5-2005)
Carly Crawford

Man Questioned Over Beaumont Mystery

Detectives will question notorious child killer Derek Ernest Percy over the disappearance of the Beaumont children in Adelaide almost 40 years ago.
The disappearance of Jane, aged 9, Arnna, 7, and Grant, 4, near Glenelg Beach, Adelaide, on Australia Day 1966, remains one of the nation's most baffling mysteries. In an unlisted hearing in Melbourne Magistrates Court today, homicide detectives from Victoria's cold case unit and police from three other states were granted permission to quiz Percy over the crime.
Percy, in his late 50s, is Victoria's longest-serving prisoner.
He has spent 35 years in Ararat prison for the rape, torture and murder of 12-year-old Yvonne Elizabeth Tuohy.
He abducted her from a spot near the beach in the Warneet area of South Gippsland on July 20, 1969.
"This application has been sought following investigations by a multi-jurisdictional taskforce set up in early 2004," Inspector Craig Walsh said.
"The task force includes detectives from Victoria, New South Wales, ACT and South Australia who are reviewing a number of unsolved murders and suspicious disappearances of children between 1965 and 1968."
Media reports last week suggested Tasmanian Police Commissioner Richard McCreadie believed convicted child killer James O'Neill could have been responsible for the Beaumont abduction.
But Mr McCreadie and South Australia police rejected the reports, saying O'Neill had been investigated and there was no evidence to link the prisoner to the case.

AAP (2-2-2005)

Murder Witness Vanishes In Suspicious Circumstances

THE witness whose testimony helped jail suspected child serial killer Derek Ernest Percy disappeared in suspicious circumstances in 2002, shortly after he received a secret crimes compensation payout for decades of trauma.
Shane was walking with his friend Yvonne Tuohy, 12, on the beach at Warneet when Percy confronted them on July 20, 1969.
Percy abducted, tortured and killed the girl, but Shane escaped after he waved a small tomahawk.
Percy is now the suspect in eight unsolved child murders from the 1960s. They include Adelaide's Beaumont children, who disappeared from Glenelg Beach on Australia Day, 1966.
Police from Victoria, NSW, South Australia and the ACT interviewed Percy in Melbourne on Wednesday after detectives were granted a magistrate's order to question him. Percy was returned to Ararat Prison yesterday.
Percy was identified and arrested largely on the recollections of Shane, then aged 11. The boy described the man, his car and accurately identified a navy insignia on the vehicle.
Percy, a rating, was stationed at nearby HMAS Cerberus. Police found him washing blood from his clothes at the base.
Percy was found unfit to plead over the Tuohy murder on the grounds of insanity. He has been in custody ever since.
Shane remained terrified of Percy.
"What happened stuffed me... In the line-up at Russell Street (police station), I had to pick him," he told The Age in 1998. "I had to walk up and point right at his nose. The look he gave me. I can still remember it.
In 2000, Shane applied for crimes compensation and was awarded $5000. On appeal to VCAT he received the maximum $50,000.
In late August 2002, Shane disappeared from the south- east NSW town of Wyndham, where he had lived for years. A Victorian police source said he feared Shane had been killed for his compensation payout. His four-wheel-drive vehicle is still parked at the front and squatters have moved into the house.
A resident who knew him said: "He was always saying someone was after him. No one knows what happened to him."
Local publican Bernadette Godfrey said: "He was really scared. He told me that one day he might just take off."
Police are preparing a brief of evidence for the coroner on Shane's disappearance.
Percy was interviewed on Wednesday about Christine Sharrock and Marianne Schmidt, who were murdered on Sydney's Wanda Beach in January 1965; the disappearance of the three Beaumont children, Jane, Arnna and Grant, in Adelaide in 1966; Alan Redston, a six-year-old murdered in Canberra in September 1966; Simon Brook, a young boy killed in Sydney in 1968; and Linda Stiwell, 7, abducted from St Kilda in August 1968.
Percy made no admissions and said he could not remember what he said when interviewed about some of the murders in 1970.
A prison report stated: "Early in his incarceration he was questioned by police about similar child murders in NSW, South Australia and Victoria, where similar acts of sadism were carried out on victims."
While Percy was found unfit to plead on the grounds of insanity, psychiatrists who have interviewed him since say there are no signs of mental disease.
Professor Paul Mullen wrote: "In common with other psychiatrists who have examined Mr Percy subsequent to his trial in 1970, I could find no evidence suggestive of psychiatric illness."

AAP (2-2-2005)

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