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Name: Douglas Brian Jackway

Age: 34 yrs old (2011)

State: QLD

Sentence: Currently in jail/1-6-2009. Could be released as soon as 2010. ("Attorney-General Cameron Dick yesterday said the Government would consider applying to keep Jackway in prison on a continuing detention order amid concerns he could re-offend"- Extract from news article - courier mail - read more below)
But any application would not be made until the last six months of his imprisonment, which was not until 2012.

Offence/Other: Paedophile/ Repeat offender..Currently in jail for the rape of a 9 yr old. Prior history includes the attempted rape of a 9 yr old boy in 1990's.
"He has committed a string of offences dating back to 1994, including indecent dealing, deprivation of liberty, carnal knowledge, indecent exposure and indecent treatment." - (Extract from news article - courier mail - read more below)
Jackway was named on TV (Ch-7 sunday night program 31-5-2009) as a person of interest in the 2003 disappearance of 13 yr old Daniel Morcombe.

Justice to decide if dangerous pedophile is to be released

A dangerous pedophile could be back on the street in early January if a justice is persuaded a supervision order can reduce the risk more children will be attacked.
Douglas Brian Jackway, who one psychologist has described as a biological psychopath, has only spent four months of his adult life outside jail.
When he was last released in 2003, he offended within 12 days.
Jackway, who has raped two young children, was detained beyond the length of his sentences under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act 2003.
Psychiatrist Donald Grant told Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday that he believed there was a "reasonably high risk" Jackway would breach a supervision order if released, especially if he returned to drug and alcohol abuse.
He said such abuse, which stressors or provocation would aggravate further, could lead to the verbal or physical anger he had exhibited in the past.
"Mr Jackway's risk is at least moderate for sexual offences which would most likely occur in the context of drug and alcohol intoxication," he said.
"If you have a combination of his personality issues, use of drug and alcohol … then the risk would probably go up to high.
"There would be a more than moderate risk of other, non-sexual re-offending of some sort."
Dr Grant and fellow psychiatrist Michael Beech agreed if Jackway was to be released on a supervision order, it should not happen before Christmas.
The court heard Jackway had been institutionalised and would need strong, dedicated support in the first few weeks after release to reduce the risk of breaching a supervision order.
But that support would likely not be available over the Christmas and New Year period at the level Jackway would need.
Jackway grew up at Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast. After being expelled in his late teens, he moved to live with his older sister in Moura, in central Queensland.
In 1995, Jackway, 19, consumed alcohol and drugs before snatching a 10-year-old boy in a Gladstone street and trying to rape him in broad daylight.
He was released from jail for that crime in 2003 - spending his time between Ipswich and the Sunshine Coast - only to be charged with the rape of a young girl from several years earlier.
He was found guilty after a trial and was also sentenced for various offences on the Sunshine Coast, including a police pursuit that ended when a spike strip punctured the tyres of the car Jackway had stolen.
Angus Scott, counsel for the Attorney-General, said there were fears corrective services could not intervene quick enough if Jackway's emotions got out of control while abusing drugs and alcohol.
He said the Attorney-General did not support even a stringent supervision order for Jackway.
Barrister Catherine Morgan, acting for Jackway, said the evidence showed he had made "considerable progress" this year and he should be released on a supervision order.
Justice Martin Daubney has reserved his decision.

www.cqnews.com.au (17-12-2013)
Rae Wilson

Jackway must remain in jail

Violent pedophile Douglas Jackway has been deemed too much of a risk to the community to be released from jail.
A court ordered yesterday that the Sunshine Coast pedophile be detained indefinitely under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sex Offenders) Act.
Jackway has only been free for three months since he was arrested in the mid-1990s for a sadistic attack on a young boy.
He is one of 20 people in the state who are subject to ongoing detention orders.
The decision by Acting Justice Kerry O’Brien was praised by child safety executive Hetty Johnston.
The Bravehearts founder welcomed the indefinite sentence order.
“We applaud the courts for a very wise decision and we commend them … on what we believe is a right decision and the community should be equally supportive,” Ms Johnston said.
“(The courts) have to continue to be strong.”
Jackway was to be released at the start of the month after serving a jail sentence for the rape of a young girl in the 1990s.
He was not charged with that offence until 2004.
The Attorney-General applied to have Jackway’s sentence extended indefinitely almost six months ago.
It was reported yesterday that the defence for Jackway told the court hearing that the only way to know whether he would breach his conditions “was simply to try”.
In the past, a psychologist has described Jackway as a “biological psychopath” who treats crime as others would treat a profession.
Those same psychological reports said he was “callous, indifferent and showed little remorse”.
“The picture regarding Mr Jackway is bleak indeed, for him and for society,” the psychologist said.
Before Douglas Jackway was ordered to an indefinite prison term, there were fewer than 20 prisoners subject to continuing detention
The Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act allows courts to order prisoners to be held beyond their release date
127 offenders have been managed under the Act since its introduction in 2003
Currently 81 prisoners are under strict supervision
19 are currently subject to continuing detention

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (29-2-2012)
Kieran Campbell

Keep Jackway ‘locked up'

DOUGLAS Brian Jackway is considered one of Queensland's most violent and feared pedophiles.
He has been described as the poster boy for "tough" Queensland laws on serial dangerous sexual offenders. If they don't keep him in prison then the laws aren't working, says child safety advocate Hetty Johnston.
As the court case to keep Jackway locked up indefinitely puts the laws to the test, the Daily takes a closer look at the man many fear could be released later this month.
"A threat to the community"
A psychologist has described Jackway as a "biological psychopath" who treats crime as others would treat a profession.
Those same psychological reports said he was "callous, indifferent and showed little remorse".
"The picture regarding Mr Jackway is bleak indeed, for him and for society," the psychologist said.
Jackway, who has been convicted of raping two children, failed to develop any kind of conscience, the psychologist report says.
"(Biological psychopaths) are extremely impulsive and give way to every kind of whim, sexual and oral.
"They are very dangerous recidivist offenders," the report said. "Their sexual behaviour towards young male children is not the result of homosexual impulses but rather an example of sexual behaviour towards any apparently defenceless human being regardless of sex."
Jackway grew up on the Sunshine Coast and lived at Tewantin while he was a student at Noosa High.
He was expelled and in his late teens he moved to live with his older sister in central Queensland.
It was there in 1995 that he committed his most alarming and bizarre crime. Intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, 19-year-old Jackway snatched a 10-year-old boy and tried to rape him in broad daylight.
He was released from jail for that crime in 2003 only to be charged with the rape of a young girl from several years earlier. The sentence for that offence finished yesterday.
But Acting Justice Kerry O'Brien ordered an interim detention order until February 28 when Jackway's fate will be decided.
April 1995: Jackway, living in Central Queensland, snatches a 10-year-old boy from a group of the child's friends and rapes the youngster in broad daylight
November 2003: Jackway is released from prison; in the following months he is caught for a series of crimes, including a police pursuit on the Sunshine Coast that ended when a spike strip punctured the tyres of the car Jackway had stolen
Early 2004: Jackway is arrested following allegations he raped a young girl several years earlier; he denies the allegations but is convicted for the offence after being found guilty at trial
February 2012: His release from jail is delayed after Attorney-General Paul Lucas applies for an indefinite sentence for Jackway, who will be listed under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sex Offenders) Act

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (4-2-2012)
Kieran Campbell

Pedophile fate angers

THE fate of a violent Sunshine Coast pedophile should have been known months before the criminal's release date, independent MP Peter Wellington said yesterday.
The Member for Nicklin said it was "simply not good enough" that Douglas Brian Jackway could be released by the end of the month.
Attorney-General Paul Lucas has applied to the Supreme Court for an indefinite sentence for Jackway, who was to be released tomorrow after serving his sentence for the rape of a young girl.
A judge has ordered an interim detention order until February 28, when it will be decided if Jackway is to be kept in jail or released under strict supervision.
Mr Lucas defended the timeliness of his application to have Jackway kept behind bars, saying he filed for a continuing detention order on August 23 last year.
"When the court actually hears a matter is a matter for the court itself," Mr Lucas said.
"Let me make it clear: the State Government believes this person belongs behind bars (and) that's why we are asking the court to deliver an indefinite detention order."
Mr Wellington said it was either the Bligh Government's legislation or lack of court resources that had delayed the fate of Jackway to an eleventh-hour court hearing this week.
"It's simply not good enough," he said.
"The reality is this matter should have been dealt with.
"It's not acceptable that the court sets this matter down with a hearing at the eleventh hour. If the court is overworked perhaps we need more staff."
Jackway was jailed in the 1990s for snatching a young boy from a public area and raping him in broad daylight.
He was released in November, 2003, before being arrested again in early in 2004 and convicted for the rape of a young girl several years earlier.
LNP justice spokesman Jarrod Bleijie said the LNP believed "dangerous sex offenders should not be released before successfully completing rehabilitation and are no longer deemed to be a risk".

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (2-2-2012)
Kieran Campbell

Pedophile may go free

A violent Sunshine Coast pedophile could be released from jail as early as this month unless an eleventh-hour fight to keep him locked up is successful.
Douglas Brian Jackway was to be released on Friday after serving his sentence for the rape of a young girl.
Attorney General Paul Lucas applied to the Supreme Court of Queensland yesterday for Jackway to be locked up indefinitely.
If the government is successful, Jackway would be listed under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act for numerous crimes against children.
Jackway was jailed in the 1990s for snatching a young boy from a public area and raping him in broad daylight.
He was released in November, 2003, before being arrested again in early 2004 and convicted for the rape of a young girl several years earlier.
While a civil liberties body blasted the laws, a spokesman for Mr Lucas said the government believed Jackway belonged behind bars.
Acting Justice Kerry O'Brien ordered an interim detention order yesterday until February 28, when he will decide Jackway's fate.
Queensland Council for Civil Liberties president Michael Cope said the laws were "fundamentally flawed".
"How can somebody defend against an application that they might (commit a crime) in the future?" Mr Cope said.
"Once people have served their time then the punishment has come to an end and they're entitled to be released."
Mr Cope said there was no way of knowing an inmate was going to commit a crime when they were released.
"So what you're doing (if someone is locked up indefinitely) is depriving someone of their liberty based on the idea of what they might do," Mr Cope said.
Child safety advocates Bruce and Denise Morcombe studied the police files of dozens of pedophiles during the lengthy investigation into their son's disappearance.
Mr Morcombe, who has read Jackway's history, said the pedophile should not be released.
"Certainly the experience we have ... is that sex offenders can never be rehabilitated," Mr Morcombe said.
"They're different to just a violent offender. To read (Jackway's) history it's suggested he's potentially a very dangerous man, particularly to children."

The Queensland Times (1-2-2012)
Kieran Campbell

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Jackway Eligible for Parole Now

VIOLENT child sex offender Douglas Jackway is eligible to apply for parole.
Jackway, 33, was jailed for five years in 2005 for the rape of an 11-year-old girl, a crime he committed at the age of 14, and also for traffic offences stemming from a high speed car chase through Noosa on December 5, 2003.
In May, Jackway, who grew up in Tewantin, was named as a person of interest in relation to the disappearance in 2003 of teenager Daniel Morcombe.
Since his 2005 conviction, Jackway has been charged with additional offences, two committed in prison, adding an extra two years to his sentence, meaning his time in prison is set to expire in February, 2012.
Six months before that date, if he has not already been granted parole, the state government can apply to have him kept in jail indefinitely.
Jackway, described by one psychologist as a “biological psychopath”, became eligible to apply for parole in June, 2008.
It is unknown whether he has actually applied.
Daniel Morcombe’s father, Bruce, said Jackway should not be granted parole regardless of whether he was involved in his son’s disappearance or not.
“Everybody deserves a second chance but Jackway has shown a propensity for serious re-offending straight after he is released from prison,” Mr Morcombe said.
“His criminal record is abysmal, but the time until his release is ticking down.
“Jackway is not the sort of person who should be able to live in community. He has shown he can’t be rehabilitated.”
Under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act, the attorney-general can apply for a prisoner’s continued imprisonment during the last six months of the prisoner’s sentence.
Queensland attorney-general Cameron Dick said the act ensured prisoners were given a full opportunity to participate in relevant rehabilitation programs.
“I am advised that Mr Jackway’s current sentence is calculated to expire in February, 2012,” Mr Dick said.
“I will give full and thorough consideration to making an application under the act at the relevant time.”

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (22-12-2009)
Anne-Louise Brown

Inside the life of a child rapist

In Saturday’s Daily, Anne-Louise Brown examined the early years of convicted child rapist Douglas Brian Jackway’s descent into a life of crime.
Today, in the second part of the series, his later offences, for which he is presently serving prison time, are outlined as are the opinions of psychiatrists who have examined Jackway during his prison terms.
DOUGLAS Brian Jackway has spent almost his entire adult life in jail.
Being incarcerated, however, has not prevented him from offending.
After being jailed for eight years in 1995 for the attempted rape of a nine-year-old boy Jackway’s violent and erratic behaviour continued behind bars.
On August 8, 1997, when he was 20, Jackway assaulted a fellow-prisoner who refused to fight him, causing injury to the man.
In 1999 Jackway was charged with wilful damage after he smashed the television in his cell, claiming authorities were interfering with his visits.
He smashed another television on May 9, 2001, because he did not want to be moved to another cell.
Jackway was released from prison on November 7, 2003, and due to a prison bungle had served seven months more than ordered.
Upon his release the first thing Jackway did was buy a car, a light blue Holden Commodore, though he did not have a licence and made no attempt to get one.
Within 12 days he had committed his first traffic offence for driving unlicensed.
After he was freed Jackway travelled between the Ipswich area, where he had friends, and the Sunshine Coast, where he had grown up.
On November 22, 2003, Jackway was arrested and his car impounded following a high-speed chase through Noosa.
About 12.40am Jackway, who had been drinking, and an acquaintance hopped into Jackway’s car, which was parked on Hastings Street.
Jackway loudly revved the engine and, when directed by police to pull over, reversed and collided with a street sign, then drove off.
He led the police on a 39km high-speed chase lasting 20 minutes, during which speeds of up to 170kmph were reached.
It came to an end when the car’s tyres were deflated by a stinger device. The car was impounded at Claytons Towing near Nambour.
On December 5 Jackway stole a car from Goodna railway station and drove to the Sunshine Coast to retrieve his car, removing two wheels from the stolen car to replace the two deflated in the chase.
Daniel Morcombe disappeared from the Kiel Mountain Overpass on the Nambour Connection Road two days later, on December 7.
Jackway was charged with unlawful use of a vehicle and dangerous operation of a vehicle following the car chase and appeared in Maroochydore District Court on January 17.
However, he also faced a far more serious charge – rape.
After his release from prison a woman came forward who, as a nine-year-old, was raped by a 14-year-old Jackway in 1991.
He had lured the girl to an unoccupied house at Tewantin and, when inside, claimed he had found a condom.
Jackway showed the condom to the girl and asked her if she knew what it was.
After explaining what the condom was used for Jackway asked: “Would you like to try it?”.
The girl resisted but Jackway forcibly removed her clothes, pulled her on to a bed and raped her.
During the rape the girl was injured and bled on to the bed, leaving a 10cm stain.
After the rape Jackway told the girl not to tell anyone “or I’ll hurt you”.
The owner of the home in which the rape took place testified he returned home one day around the period the rape took place to find a used condom in a “messed up” bed and blood on a sheet.
Jackway was sentenced to two years jail for the rape, later upgraded to three years, and two years for the traffic offences.
He was serving the sentence at the Capricornia Correctional Centre but was moved to Townsville after he was linked to the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe.
A source said Jackway had been targeted by other inmates when the news broke.
During proceedings against Jackway expert psychiatric evidence has been called upon, painting a grim picture of his character.
In 1995 he was described as a “biological psychopath” and in 1999 as having a “gross borderline and antisocial personality disorder”.
Since being convicted of attempted rape in 1995 Jackway has been examined by at least four psychologists, all of whom agreed he suffers from an antisocial personality disorder or, in short, that he is psychopathic.
One of the psychologists, Professor Harvey Whiteford, said Jackway’s unwillingness to control his actions and desire for immediate sexual gratification was part of his general desire for gratification.
He added there was no known treatment for Jackway’s condition and concluded he was dangerous and presented a high risk of re-offending.
Jackway may be released in January next year.

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (8-11-2009)
Anne-Louise Brown

Bad to the bone

READING through the court transcripts one thought will not budge – are some people just born bad?
Douglas Brian Jackway is a convicted child rapist and was this year named as a person of interest in the Daniel Morcombe case.
His criminal history dates back to 1991, when he raped a nine-year-old girl. At the time Jackway was just 14.
Many of the crimes on his lengthy criminal record are petty but, in instances, Jackway has shown the propensity for brutality.
One psychiatrist described Jackway as a “biological psychopath”, reinforcing the notion people could be born bad.
With his release imminent, a decision must be made with haste – can Douglas Jackway live in the community?
Tewantin's Glen Eagle Drive is a quiet street where members of the tight-knit community go about their business, where children play, and where the cycle of everyday life plays out rhythmically.
Over its normalcy, however, hangs a dark cloud.
Douglas Brian Jackway, a 32-year-old convicted child rapist and “biological psychopath”, was raised on the unassuming street.
Neighbours remember young Jackway as “just a normal kid” whose family kept to themselves.
Both his parents worked and Jackway, while in primary school, spent time in an after-school care program, where he developed a reputation for being a “terror” and “a little crazy”.
In his teenage years Jackway was a student at Sunshine Beach High School and it was during these formative years Jackway’s criminal offending started.
On September 17, 1992, 15-year-old Jackway appeared in court for the first time charged with unlawful use of a motor vehicle.
About a week earlier he had stolen his father’s car from the family home and driven it to Kilkivan, where he was apprehended.
From that point Jackway’s criminal behaviour escalated.
On June 30, 1993, indecent exposure charges were laid against Jackway after a woman, who lived at Devlin Court, Tewantin, reported looking out her kitchen window about 9.10pm to see Jackway in her back yard facing her with his penis in both hands shaking it in her direction.
She recognised him as a boy who lived in a nearby street and called to her husband who pursued Jackway down the street.
On June 23, 1994, when he was 17, Jackway, who was no longer a student at Sunshine Beach High, attended the school and assaulted of a 14-year-old boy he accused of stealing his bike.
The boy was punched twice in the head causing injury.
On the same day, Jackway was in possession of a replica firearm and, while riding his pushbike along the edge of the Tewantin golf course, pointed the gun at a female golfer.
When she looked in his direction he pointed the pistol at her and said, “I’ll f***ing blow you away, b***h”.
For the offences Jackway received community service and probation orders.
However, he began offending again on June 29, when he was apprehended for break-and-enter and stealing.
On that day Jackway broke into a Noosaville opportunity shop and attempted to break into a garage.
He had planned to break into a nearby aged care facility and do what he described as a “safe job”, but to do so Jackway needed a car, which he attempted to steal from the garage.
While waiting to steal a vehicle Jackway broke into an opportunity shop to “kill time”.
Two weeks later, on August 13, Jackway was again charged with break-and-enter and stealing offences when he broke into an office and stole $190 and two cheques.
The same day he broke into a house on Murrindal Street, Tewantin, and stole a car from the garage.
With a group of youths, Jackway drove around the Sunshine Coast and then to Gympie where he was found asleep in the car on August 14.
For the offences Jackway was sentenced to a term of imprisonment, which he served from October 25, 1994 to March 3, 1995.
He spent his 18th birthday in prison.
After his release Jackway did not return to the family home and on March 20, 1995, moved in with his sister and her partner at the central Queensland mining town of Moura.
On April 1 Jackway took the couple’s car without permission and drove to Gladstone.
From Gladstone he travelled to Tannum Sands where, on April 2, he attempted to rape a nine-year-old boy.
Jackway had not been out of prison a month.
Driving on Boyne Island near a bike track and bridge, Jackway noticed three young boys riding their bikes.
He stopped the car on the bike path and approached the children for directions.
Jackway then punched one of the boys in the head and grabbed another, who he pulled into the car and drove away with.
A woman out walking witnessed the abduction and ran to alert police.
About 300m down the path Jackway crashed the car into the bridge, left the vehicle and dragged the child into nearby mangroves where he sexually assaulted and attempted to anally rape the boy.
When police arrived on the scene they began to search the area with the victim’s father, and discovered Jackway, who was naked, in the act of attempted rape.
Upon seeing police arrive Jackway held the child in front of him and threatened to cut his throat.
However, the boy was able to tell police Jackway did not have a knife, and Jackway was subsequently apprehended.
In a formal record of interview Jackway denied all wrongdoing but was later sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment.
During his incarceration, however, Jackway did not stop offending.
“During his incarceration, Jackway did notstop offending.”

www.sunshinecoastdaily.com.au (7-11-2009)
Anne-Louise Brown

Qld Govt slammed over paedophile's release

The Queensland Government has come under criticism in Parliament for releasing a dangerous paedophile in 2003.
Sunshine Coast MP Peter Wellington asked why Douglas Jackway was released from prison after the Supreme Court had presented clear evidence of his inability or unwillingness to control his criminal instincts.
Teenager Daniel Morcombe disappeared a month later on the Sunshine Coast and his parents want Jackway investigated to see if he is linked to the case.
Attorney-General Cameron Dick told Parliament that the Dangerous Sexual Offenders Act was not in place at the time of Jackway's release.
"The prisoner's April 2003 release date was prior to the commencement of the Act, and therefore the then attorney-general could not make an order or seek for an order to made in respect to the prisoner under the Act at that time," Mr Dick said.
Daniel Morcombe, then aged 13, disappeared from a bus stop in a presumed abduction.
A $1 million reward for information about the case expired at midnight Sunday night.
Earlier this week, Deputy Police Commissioner Ross Barnett says he cannot say how many fresh leads have been generated since Jackway's name was linked with the case.
The latest publicity has also prompted civil liberties groups to call for laws banning media outlets from naming people they link to criminal cases.


Tip Ties Inmates to Missing Boy

Police are investigating allegations a convicted rapist and a murderer were seen with Daniel Morcombe the day he went missing.
In the latest avalanche of information on the mystery disappearance, a police informant has told detectives where Daniel's body may be buried.
Douglas Jackway and Ray Davey, both serving time in jail, are believed to be persons of interest in Queensland's most resource-intensive investigation.
The Courier-Mail has learned police are investigating allegations by Davey's then girlfriend, Anita O'Brien, that Jackway and Davey were seen with Daniel, 13.
Davey was jailed for the murder of Donald Rogers, who died about 10 days after Daniel's disappearance in 2003.
Jackway, 32, is in Capricornia Correctional Centre for the rape of a nine-year-old boy.
He has committed a string of offences dating back to 1994, including indecent dealing, deprivation of liberty, carnal knowledge, indecent exposure and indecent treatment.
Daniel's parents said they were aware Davey and Jackway could be current persons of interest.
"It's an ongoing line of inquiry we understand the police have," Daniel's father, Bruce, said yesterday.
Police are refusing to comment on the status of the investigation but the Morcombes say they are encouraged by the information given to Crime Stoppers after Channel 7 named Jackway as a person of interest.
"We understand police took more than 300 calls to Crime Stoppers last night, which is a phenomenal effort," Mr Morcombe said.
"They're really pleased and we thank the community for continually searching for answers. The police haven't identified to us the quality of those leads.
"Obviously, there'll be some that are a little thin on content. But the bottom line is the police are working through each of them and prioritising them and working as quickly as they can on the most important ones."
Attorney-General Cameron Dick yesterday said the Government would consider applying to keep Jackway in prison on a continuing detention order amid concerns he could re-offend.
But any application would not be made until the last six months of his imprisonment, which was not until 2012.

The Courier-Mail (2-6-2009)
Renee Viellaris/ Michael Madigan

Pedophile Link to Missing Daniel Morcombe Case

THE disappearance of Daniel Morcombe seems closer to being solved today as one of Australia's most vicious pedophiles was named a "person of interest".
Channel 7 last night named child rapist Douglas Brian Jackway, 32, as a person who could hold key information about the disappearance of the 13-year-old.
More than 300 calls were made to police last night before the reward expired at midnight.
Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Ross Barnett told Seven Sunrise this morning every call would be analysed and police urged the public to keep providing information.
"We haven't had the chance to fully analyse or investigate all the information that came in last night," Assistant Commissioner Barnett said.
The investigation is now in its sixth year but Daniel's parents, Bruce and Denise Morcombe, are believed to have renewed hope the case will be solved.
Queensland police chief superintendent Mike Condon has refused to confirm or deny that police are actively investigating Jackway.
However, police have urged anyone who may have information on Jackway's movement on December 7, 2003, the day of Daniel's disappearance, to contact them.
Investigative journalist Ross Coulthart says Jackway, who is serving time for the rape of a nine-year-old girl, is one of the most terrifying sex offenders in the nation.
"He is a truly frightening, evil psychopath," Coulthart said.
The journalist stressed he was not suggesting Jackway was a suspect in the case but a person of "prime interest".
A former friend says Jackway left the house he was living in near Ipswich the day of the disappearance and could not be accounted for over several hours.
Jackway's criminal history shows he tried to abduct a young boy on the central Queensland coast in the 1990s.
Jackway stalked two boys riding their bikes under an overpass, punched one of them and abducted the other, dragging the boy into mangroves and attempted to rape him.
Locals and police happened across the attack as it was in progress and detained Jackway.
He was released from jail a month before Daniel disappeared.
A Sunshine Coast mother also identified Jackway as having similar facial features to a suspicious man she saw near Daniel's school before his disappearance.
A $1 million reward for information on Daniel's disappearance lapsed at midnight last night, but a State Government $250,000 reward remains, with police receiving dozens of new leads in recent months.
Mr Morcombe said at the weekend that he always believed someone saw something on the day of Daniel's disappearance but didn't realise its importance.
He hoped the "powerful and extensive" story run last night on TV would help unearth new leads into the fate of Daniel. Information to Crime Stoppers.

Courier Mail (1-6-2009)
Michael Madigan

pic: Douglas Jackway

Child Rapist Linked to Missing Boy

Convicted child rapist Douglas Brian Jackway was last night named as a person of interest in the long-running case of missing Queensland boy Daniel Morcombe.
Jackway, who is in jail for raping a nine-year-old girl, was allegedly living near to where the boy, 13, disappeared while waiting at a bus stop on the Sunshine Coast on December 7, 2003.
The Seven Network's Sunday Night program last night said Jackway was also believed to be driving a car - a blue or silver 1990s sedan - which was seen in the vicinity of where Morcombe was abducted.
The program drew links between Daniel's disappearance and Jackway's attempted abduction of another boy on the central Queensland coast in the 1990s.
Daniel's father, Bruce, said: "It makes your skin crawl how similar this case is to a possible scenario involving Daniel." He said he hoped Daniel was still alive but "if your kid has been held by these disgusting people for so long, you hope he is not in pain and at peace".
The show was aired just hours before an offer of a $1 million reward ended at midnight. A Queensland police spokeswoman last night said there were "a number of persons of interest" being investigated as part of the case.
"The information presented by the show was all familiar to police," she said. "However, we are hopeful it may prompt a member of the public to come forward with new information."
Ms Morcombe said that while police had received 875 new leads since December, she hoped the show would trigger someone's memory for that "bit of information that we need".
She said that while the private $750,000 reward expired at midnight, the $250,000 police reward would still be available for information leading to a conviction.

The Australian (1-6-2009)
Michael McKenna

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