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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection,help prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/ re-offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

Sex crime affects many Australians/ Australian families, and is something that can happen to anyone's child, relative, partner or friend.
Child sexual/ sexual abuse does irreparable damage, leaving a deep and long-lasting impact on the child/ victim, the family and the entire community.
Most of you would agree with us that JAIL is the best place for sex offenders.
The FACT is, that the majority of them live in "unsuspecting" communities, possibly near schools/ playgrounds etc...

+ Prevention must be the Priority +

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Registered pedophiles/ sex offenders
Police Probe STIs In Toddlers
SafeCare- a safe haven for sex offenders

Prosecutor Wants Tougher Jail Terms
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Many Sex Cases 'Drop Out' Of System
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Sex pest alarms sound every 30 minutes
Law Lets Offenders Walk
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National Facts/ Stats
Rapists and paedophiles cleared to stay in Oz
Child Sex Offenders Escape Conviction
Female pedophiles going undetected
Child Protection Statistics- Australia
Suicide Touches 57pc Of Youth
Abuse Figures- Truly Frightening
Little or NO jail for 11% of rapists

MySpace Boots 90,000 Sex Offenders (2009)
29,000 sex fiends on myspace (2007)

Child Molester Fears

Viewing child pornography could be a training ground for becoming an active child molester, according to South Australian sex offenders rehabilitation expert Dr Andrea Louis.
Her comments came as SA Police said two of the 40 people currently under investigation for child pornography are teachers - but did not reveal their identities. Dr Louis, director of the Sexual Offenders Treatment Assessment Program, said accessing child pornography revealed a sexual aberration and a willingness to participate in the abuse of children.

Adelaide Advertiser (11-10-2004)

FACT- Paedophiles are likely to re-offend...
FACT- The majority of paedophiles will abuse 45-135 victims each...
(These are frightening statistics)

FACT- At least 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys will be sexually abused in Australia this year...
FACT- Boys and girls of all ages may be sexually abused...
FACT- In the majority of cases the offender is someone known to the child...
FACT- Paedophiles come from all walks of life and often hold positions of authority...
FACT- They will go to extreme lengths to groom and molest children(extreme premeditation)...
FACT- Child sexual abuse inflicts a life sentence on the victim...
FACT- Only 5% of paedophiles are mentally handicapped...
FACT- 1000's of paedophiles are living in Australian communities...
FACT- Be vigilant- It could be your child next...
FACT- 2/3 of sex-crimes in Australia are against our children...
FACT- Child sexual abuse cases are on the rise...Do we have the basis for an epidemic ?

"Paedophiles are very cunning and without conscience, they use threats, bribery, secrets, lies, flattery and other tricks to ensure the child victim does not tell anyone else about the abuse." - Extract Australian Paedophile/ Sex Offender Index).

In 2003, 18,237 sexual assaults were reported to Australian Police, a 1.5% rise on 2002.
82% were female.
Females aged 10-19 recorded the highest victimisation rate.
Victims were 4 times more likely to know the offender than other crimes.
In 29% of cases the offender was a family member.
2/3 of sexual assaults occurred in a residential location.
Among all offences, sexual assaults were least likely to involve a weapon.

86% of offenders were male.
66% of female victims experienced a single sexual assault, while the rest experienced two or more.
Only 20% of female victims reported the most recent assault to police.
50% of female victims preferred to deal with the incident themselves, to keep the matter private, or out of shame or embarrassment.
- Recorded Crime/ National Crime- Safety Surveys 2002/ International Violence Against Women Survey 2003.

Victims of child abuse are more likely to
abuse drugs/ alcohol, smoke and commit suicide.....

2012 - There was a 30% rise - from 136 to 180 - in the number of Australians arrested by federal police for child pornography offences last year compared with 2010 - AFP

2012 - 1194 of the 14,000 offenders on the Australian National Child Offender Registry travelled overseas
but because most were not considered at risk of reoffending, no warnings were issued in 83 per cent of cases.- Read More.

Top Ten Tourism Destinations For Child Sex Offenders (2012)
Kuala Lumpur
Hong Kong


There have been instances of Australian Paedophiles (Clarence Osborne) keeping records of 2,500 children they have molested. William Allen, a teacher and former member of the Australian paedophile support group,
boasted in the early 1980's, that he had molested approximately 2000 boys.

- Sourced Investigation into Paedophilia

Rapists and child molesters use sex offender programs to gain freedom, expert says

Violent rapists such as Jill Meagher's killer, Adrian Bayley, are faking their way through sex offender programs only to reoffend on release from prison, a sexual violence expert has warned.
Bayley - a serial rapist and violent criminal who has a history of threatening to kill women - was given bail twice for a vicious offence while on parole before raping and murdering Jill Meagher.
He admitted after his series of sex offending in 2000-2001, he had "gone through the motions" of a sex offenders program, effectively conning the parole board.
"While I was doing the sex offenders' program I told them what they wanted to hear so I could get out of jail," Bayley, then 30, told the County Court in 2002.
"It worked but it didn't work," Bayley said after pleading guilty to 16 fresh counts of rape.
Stephen Smallbone, professor of Griffith University's Criminology and Criminal Justice school, said rapists and child molesters used sex offender programs to gain freedom.
He said prison and justice authorities put too much reliance on the programs and not enough on risk assessment of offenders in real life "stressful" situations.
Sex offender programs had been a trend in most Australian states since the 1990s.
Prof Smallbone is the co-author of a study of sex offender programs in the Queensland justice system, which measured effectiveness of months of therapy and counselling on inmates.
The study looked at whether participants had increased levels of empathy with their victims, or with children or adult women in general, whether they believed sex was an "entitlement" and how they rated on the "women are deceitful" scale, which measured beliefs that women manipulate and use men.
While rapists of adult women showed improvement on the latter two factors, they did not score well in relating to their victims.
Child sex offenders showed "statistically significant improvement in victim empathy" but for sexual offenders with adult victims there was little improvement.
Corrective Services NSW said it had 66 sex offenders currently undergoing treatment programs and had undertaken a study of 117 participants which showed that 10 had committed further sexual offences within the survey period, although many more had reoffended with a variety criminal charges.
Corrective Services said its psychologists tested sex offenders and studied their behavioural changes to assess whether they had undergone real change.
Prof Smallbone's study showed that sexual offenders who began, but then dropped out of treatment, "may even be more likely to reoffend than those who do not begin treatment in the first place".
Offenders who faked their "successful" treatment were also likely to reoffend. "These kind of programs are only one element of treatment in preventing reoffending," Prof Smallbone said.
"The motivation is obviously to get out of there, but the question is, like in Bayley's case, whether their behaviour once they get out is going to be like the perception of their behaviour while in the prison environment."
He said inmates on the prison programs tried to make themselves "look pretty good", but supervision programs of offenders released on parole relied too heavily on judgments made in a controlled environment.
"These risk assessments are made in inside prison and really need to be done in the context in which the risk occurs - back in the real world where emotional, financial and social circumstances put a person under pressure," Prof Smallbone said.

news.com.au (12-6-2013)
Candace Sutton

Women who have been sexually abused as children are more likely to harm themselves and suffer panic disorders for the rest of their lives.

Victorian sex offenders register growing by 500 people a year

Victoria's sex offenders register is growing by 500 people a year and has reached almost 4000, according to statistics released this morning.
Figures from the Victorian Register of Sex Offenders, established in 2004, had not previously been released.
Acting Deputy Commissioner Tim Cartwright said he believed that making the figures public would help reassure the community.
There were 3,977 sex offenders on the register by mid-2011.
The figures reveal 502 failures to comply with reporting obligations during the last financial year. There were also an additional 13 instances where offenders provided false or misleading information and one case where an offender worked in a child-related job.
"Four thousand (registered sex offenders), by anyone's standard, is a large number, so it is a concern," Mr Cartwright told reporters in Melbourne today.
"These people, I suppose, are like a nuclear waste dump or a waste dump in a suburban area ... no one wants them in their backyard.
"These people will live in our community, it's just a question of how we best manage that to protect our vulnerable people."
Mr Cartwright said the majority of those registered were men and the majority of their crimes were against children, usually their own relatives.
"We're not talking about people prowling the streets," said Mr Cartwright.
Mr Cartwright said the rapid growth in the number of convicted offenders on the register had to do with people becoming more confident in reporting assaults and adults reporting historic attacks against them.
He said Victoria Police had focussed heavily on sex offenders over the past 18 months with the matter considered a priority by Chief Commissioner Ken Lay and his predecessor Simon Overland.
The resources allocated to the register were doubled last year, he said, with the training of an additional 500 police compliance officers.
The doubling of staff created a better capacity to determine which offenders posed the biggest risks and where police efforts should be focussed, he said.
Police were prevented by law from publishing further details, such as the names of offenders, Mr Cartwright said.
The state government last year asked the Victorian Law Reform Commission to review the registration of sex offenders and the use of information about them.
The final report was handed to the government on December 22.
A government spokeswoman said the government would give the report full consideration before responding.
The report will be tabled in parliament by mid-2012.

AAP (15-1-2012)

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