Missing Persons - Gail King aka Gail Upton
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Missing Children/ Persons and unsolved cases do not close.
Often new information is received, even without new information Senior Detectives still review cases on a regular basis.
If you have any information please contact CrimeStoppers: 1800 333 000

Plea for mum missing 10 years

Police have conducted fresh inquiries into the disappearance and presumed murder of Brahma Lodge mother Gail King 10 years ago.
A location on southern Yorke Peninsula has been searched, without success, for her remains after Major Crime Investigation Section detectives received new information from the public.
Although the new inquiry has not advanced the long-running case, detectives have vowed to pursue all possible avenues.
The search was the latest in a series conducted at various locations around Minlaton and Port Rickaby, on lower Yorke Peninsula.
Major Crime Inspector Tony Crameri said although the search was unsuccessful, it was encouraging that a person contacted police some 10 years after the event to report their suspicions.
"We will investigate all information we receive in such cases no matter how minor," he said.
"It may well be the person providing the information does not think it is significant, but it could be a valuable piece of information that fits in with what we already have."
Ms King, 28, has not been seen since she left her holiday home at Minlaton, on Yorke Peninsula, on July 7, 1997.
Her de facto husband, Marvyn Upton the key suspect in the case has told police she told him she needed to return to Adelaide for a work meeting. Mr Upton said when he returned to their Brahma Lodge home the next day it was locked and Ms King's Toyota Corolla was in the driveway.
Since Ms King's disappearance there has been no attempt to access her bank account, despite it containing a significant sum of money.
Ms King's two children, Tyson, now 16, and Bethany, now 13, live with Mr Upton at Minlaton.
Det-Insp Crameri said detectives had one suspect in the case and he had been interviewed about Ms King's disappearance.
"But we are still seeking information from any member of the public who may have information about her car coming back to Adelaide from the Yorke Peninsula," he said.
Ms King's father, Wilfred King, 67, said he "dearly" wanted to know where his daughter's body was.
"I miss her badly," he said. "Gail and I were very close. The family just wants to know where she's been buried so we can have a funeral and some closure and try to move on."
Mr King said he believed the case had contributed to the death of his wife, Joyce, in 2006 because "she went visibly downhill" after her daughter vanished.
"Joyce wanted to know what happened before she died, but sadly she never found out," he said.
"That was the one wish she wanted, to know where Gail was buried."
Mr King said he firmly believed Gail had been murdered and that her body was buried somewhere on Yorke Peninsula.
He appealed to anyone with any information to contact police "no matter how trivial they think it might be".
"I think that's the only way we will get some answers now," he said.
Ms King's brother, Peter, echoed his father's words and urged the public to come forward if they had information.
"There has to be someone who knows what happened who may now be ready to talk about it," he said.
Anyone with any information is asked to contact BankSA Crime Stoppers on 1800 333000.

Sunday Mail (27-10-2007)

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$100,000 reward over missing mum

A $100,000 reward is being offered for information about the suspected murder of an Adelaide woman who went missing almost 10 years ago.
Gail Leandra King was last sighted on July 7, 1997, after leaving the Yorke Peninsula town of Minlaton, where she had been holidaying with her de facto partner and two children, to return to her suburban Adelaide home.
When her partner and children arrived home the following day, Ms King's car was in the driveway and lights were on inside the Brahma Lodge house but the then 28-year-old was not there.
Police said there were no signs of a disturbance at the house.
They said there was no explanation for Ms King's disappearance and it was strongly suspected Ms King was murdered.
The SA government today said public assistance was earnestly being sought to solve Ms King's disappearance.
It said a reward of up to $100,000 would be paid to anyone with information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons responsible for her suspected murder.
Anyone with information should contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

Adelaide Now (24-8-2006)

Without a Trace - 43 Cases Probed
Gail Upton

Gail and her partner Marvyn Upton were renovating their second home at Minlaton on Yorke Peninsula when something happened that overturned her life.
Gail, three months' pregnant, told Marvyn she had to return suddenly to Adelaide for a work meeting.
The mother of two got into her Toyota Corolla and drove away. It was the last Marvyn and children, Tyson, then 5, and Bethany, 3, saw of her.
Gail did drive back to Adelaide and the family home at Brahma Lodge where Marvyn found the car parked in the driveway the next day.
The lights in the home were on and six albums of family photos containing 100 photos were missing, as were Gail's black vinyl handbag and purse.
The house was locked.
Police immediately tried to retrace Gail's movements after leaving Minlaton.
It was discovered she had not gone to her work - she was a carer at a Gilles Plains nursing home - and seemed to have had no contact with friends or relatives.
Her bank accounts had not been used.
What did come as a surprise was a confirmed report Gail had been seen drinking with an unknown man at the White Horse Inn on Port Wakefield Rd, Bolivar.
There was no evidence to suggest Gail and Marvyn were having relationship problems.
Marvyn, a lawn-mowing contractor, had met his future partner over drinks at Brahma Lodge Squash Centre and the two moved in together a year after their first date.
Gail had shown some moodiness before she vanished, which Marvyn put down to her being pregnant.
Major Crime followed up a variety of leads and concluded Gail had not run off, was a conscientious worker and a loving mother.
"There were a lot of things she would do that she failed to do," one investigator said.
This led to the conclusion Gail may have been murdered.

Sunday Mail (28-12-2003)
Anna Merola/ Peter Haran

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