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Name: Geoffrey Leonard

Age: 77 yrs old (2011)

State: NSW- Sydney, Hornsby

Sentence: Convicted of child sex offences against 2 minors in 1990.Sentenced to 3 yrs jail.

Offence/Other: Sexually assaulted 2 children (boys aged 13 and 16 yrs).
Leonard appeared on the TV program "A Current Affair" (ACA) 29-6-2005. Is living in the Northern Sydney suburbs.

Geoffrey Leonard ACA interview - You Tube

News - "Victims Outraged As Pedophile Moves In"..A CONVICTED child molester has been allowed to move back into his old home, just metres from where his victims' family lives - Read more below.

The police are powerless to monitor Leonard because he was convicted before the Sex Offenders Register was set up in 2001, and it is not retrospective.
Despite the fact police consider Leonard to be dangerous and the 71-year-old refuses to accept sex with children is wrong, officers are not allowed to watch him because of privacy rules.

Outcry over Sydney pedophile's web site

A convicted Sydney pedophile's personal website, on which he shares his views about "boy love", has been referred to the Australian Federal Police.
The website, which has horrified child protection campaigners, was referred to the AFP by Justice Minister Chris Ellison this morning following media reports yesterday.
Geoffrey Leonard, 72. who was found guilty of having sexual intercourse with two minors in 1990, launched the site in September last year.
While there are no explicit images on it, Mr Leonard has uploaded numerous personal essays about pedophilia.
In his "mission statement" he writes: "I am advocating the decriminalization of boy love."
"It is my advocacy of boy love that is the reason, or excuse, for my present troubles. I advocate it as being intrinsically beautiful and pleasurable and as having the potential of being of immense benefit to the boy in his growth and development towards manhood."
The executive director of anti-pedophilia group Bravehearts said she was shocked by the site's contents.
"It's horrendous reading. He is blatantly inciting people to break the law. He's telling people that pedophilia is fine and it's just and that there's nothing wrong with it, that it's perfectly natural and that children should be encouraged to participate," Hetty Johnston said.
She said she was told by Queensland police the site was not illegal but called on authorities to act nonetheless.
"What pedophiles do to children is akin to terrorism," she said.
"It's just beyond belief. If Geoffrey Leonard had a website that advocated terrorism he would be shut down immediately."
When smh.com.au contacted Mr Leonard, he replied: "I'd prefer to say no comment."
He writes on the website that people have been throwing eggs at his house and calling him a dog.
He also says he has written a manuscript about an "ideal boys' school conducted by The Brotherhood of the Keys, inside a secret mountain."
" There are two classes of male (sic) in the school, gold keys and silver keys. Sex is very much a part of the basic curriculum and life of the school, and involves the relationship between gold and silver keys."

www.smh.com.au (3-3-2006)
Jano Gibson

Victims Outraged As Pedophile Moves In

A Convicted child molester has been allowed to move back into his old home, just metres from where his victims' family lives.
The family, whose two sons were attacked by Geoffrey Leonard when they were just 13 and 16, are now living in fear and anger.
But they have been told by police there is nothing they can do about it.
The family said they were warned when Leonard was released from jail that he was unrepentant and angry towards them.
"People don't know how bad he is. He gets through their defences.
"People think he's just so obvious he can't be up to that, but he'll try," the father said.

The police are powerless to monitor Leonard because he was convicted before the Sex Offenders Register was set up in 2001, and it is not retrospective.
Despite the fact police consider Leonard to be dangerous and the 71-year-old refuses to accept sex with children is wrong, officers are not allowed to watch him because of privacy rules.

As a result Leonard walks his dog past the family's home in a northern Sydney suburb every day as the family cowers inside. Leonard was convicted and jailed for three years in 1990 for sexually assaulting two boys.
He lured them to his home with promises of money before abusing them.
One of the victims has since moved to Western Australia to avoid him.
Leonard has also written a book called (****), spelling out his desire for "boylove".
Approached in the street about whether sex with children was acceptable, Leonard replied: "If there's willingness, exactly. I don't see any problem with that.
"There's been a lot of research that says most kids are sexually active from the age of 12 but I'd prefer not to have an age at law.
"I don't try to draw the line anywhere."
Karen Flanagan, from child victim support group Childwise, said Leonard was trying to "normalise" dangerous behaviour and needed supervision. "He's a totally lost cause," she said.
In January, Leonard appeared in court charged with loitering as a convicted child sex offender at St Andrew's Cathedral but the case was dismissed, as the court ruled Leonard was not at the church without "reasonable excuse".

Daily Telegraph (27-6-2005)
Kara Lawrence

Freed pedophile defends boy sex

A convicted pedophile cleared yesterday of loitering near choirboys at St Andrew's Cathedral later said he condoned adults engaging in sexual activity with children of any age.
After the magistrate Pat O'Shane dismissed a charge of loitering against Geoffrey Leonard, 71, of Hornsby, he said outside the court that laws against men having sex with young boys were wrong.
"I believe that very, very strongly; that violence should be the only grounds for the intervention of criminal law into personal relations."
Asked if that included adults having sex with boys as young as eight, for example, he replied: "I'd prefer not to have an age at law ... not a specific age. I don't draw the line anywhere ... I take a Freudian view of psycho-sexual development."
Mr Leonard, a barrister, faced a maximum penalty of two years jail or a fine of $11,000. He represented himself at the Downing Centre Local Court in a one-day hearing yesterday.
Convicted in 1990 of sexual intercourse with two minors, he was accused of taking pictures with his mobile phone of choirboys last August, approaching a 12-year-old boy and asking his name and turning up at choir engagements uninvited, the court heard yesterday. Convicted pedophiles are prohibited from loitering near schools or places frequented by children.
Mr Leonard voluntarily disclosed his conviction to the church.
After he allegedly sent a book he wrote called Sex and Gender in 2001 to a 16-year-old choirboy in 2001, he was told not to have any unsupervised contact with children, but was allowed to keep attending the church.
But following four more recent complaints from parents of choirboys, the Anglican Dean of Sydney, Phillip Jensen, wrote to Mr Leonard last September banning him, the court was told.
The letter was presented to Mr Leonard as he turned up for a morning service on September 8 and, when he did not leave, police were called and he was arrested.
He now attends Christ Church St Laurence church in George Street.
Mr Leonard, who has publicly accused Mr Jensen of homophobia in the past, denied all the allegations.
"It's all a conspiracy by the heirarchy of the church to get rid of me," he told the court.
None of the civilian prosecution witnesses - Mr Jensen, the St Andrew's administrator, Kay Terrey, the school's chairman and minister, Stuart Robinson, and a minister, Chris Moroney - said they had witnessed any inappropriate behaviour by Mr Leonard.
However, none of the parents who made complaints were called as witnesses.
The only photos found on Mr Leonard's camera phone were of his dog, the court heard.
Ms O'Shane said "the element of idleness or aimlessness" could not be proven simply because he was a sex offender and did not leave church immediately after the service.
Philip Gerber, the director of the Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney Professional Standards Unit, said outside court that Mr Leonard would still be banned from St Andrew's.

www.smh.com.au (12-1-2005)
Natasha Wallace

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