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Name:John David Lewthwaite - CHILD KILLER

Age: 54 yrs old-2011

State: NSW

Sentence: Sentenced to 25 yrs jail. Released from jail 21-6-1999.
Lewthwaite is back in jail - Sept 2006.."Killer in naked romp near kids"

Offence/Other: John David Lewthwaite/Child Killer/Paedophile..In 1974 Lewthwaite stabbed 5yr old (Nicole Hanns), 17 times-killing her, after breaking into the family home to abduct,rape and murder Nicole's 9 yr old brother. This offence happened while Lewthwaite was already on parole. Had to be driven out of prison in the boot of a car, due to all the media interest surrounding this case.He is now free (possibly living with his boyfriend) and could be living in your community...
We believe Lewthwaite should NEVER have been released into society again. For more information on this crime/ offender, please purchase a copy of
"Little Girls Lost"-written by Helen Reade.

This is a clear example of Australian Law
NOT WORKING in the communities/ public's best interest...Much of the focus is on the offender and his safe release/wellbeing - who most would agree should not be released ever???What about the potential victims/children he poses a proven danger to. In Australia you are not even informed if he moves in next door to you and you have children.-MAKO/2006

Lewthwaite after escaping from prison.


Lewthwaite released 1999

Lewthwaite 2006

No one in Sydney is safe from child killer John Lewthwaite

The brother of John Lewthwaite's five-year-old victim said no Sydney family should feel safe with the child killer living anonymously in the community.
Anthony Hanns was Lewthwaite's intended victim and said the paedophile killer had never apologised to his family for stabbing his sister Nicole 17 times in her bed.
Mr Hanns hit back at Lewthwaite's plea to be left alone to lead a normal life this week after he was found living 300 metres from a school.
"I would like to have all my family in tact and he wants to be left alone, he should be left alone in a jail cell" a stunned Mr Hanns said.
"Had he been a normal citizen none of this would have happened but he is not, he is vermin, he is worse than that.
"I've been in a court room about 20 feet away from him and he wouldn't even look at me. He has never apologised."
He said the State Government had "fallen down big time" by allowing Lewthwaite to live in the same street as Sutherland North Public School.
Corrective Services whisked Lewthwaite out of the home when his location was publicly revealed and he will now be moved to a secret address.
Asked if he thought children who will inevitably live near Lewthwaite's new home were safe Mr Hanns said: "Certainly not, no, not at all."
In 1974, Lewthwaite spotted a then nine-year-old Mr Hanns in the shower and broke into the family's Greystanes home intending to abduct him but instead killed Nicole.
Lewthwaite was sentenced to life in jail but it was later revised to 20 years.
Mr Hanns said Lewthwaite and people who say he has served his time and should be left alone to live in the community should walk in his shoes.
"If any of these people who say he has served his time had lost members of their family in the same violent way as I lost my sister I don't think these people would be saying leave him alone," Mr Hanns said.
"They should mind their own business they have no idea how it affects me, or people like me until they walk in my boots."
Mr Hanns spent much of his adolescence in and out of court as his family fought to keep Lewthwaite behind bars and away from children.
Milestones such as Nicole's birthday are difficult for Mr Hanns but he said he had married a wonderful woman and had been able to move on with his life.
"My sister would have celebrated her 38th birthday on the 22nd of last month all that was taken away, an 18th, a 21st, friends, school all gone. There was no opportunity for her," Mr Hanns said.
"Her life was taken, the life of her potential children was taken, potential grandchildren.
"All rights should be taken away (from Lewthwaite), he should be incarcerated until death."
Mr Hanns' is distressed the Parole Authority released Lewthwaite again after he was caught nude sunbaking at Wanda Beach last year and eventually returned to jail.
"It was my understanding he was on lifetime parole (when he was originally released in 1999), he has been charged with exposing himself so he should be in jail," Mr Hanns said.
"He is free and there is nothing I can do about it. The government has fallen down big time."

The Daily Telegraph (6-9-2007)
Gemma Jones

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Child killer tracked in 'ball and chain' parole

CONVICTED child killer John Lewthwaite will need permission to leave his house under parole conditions likened to a "21st-century ball and chain".
Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham said Lewthwaite would be tracked with an electronic ankle bracelet following his release from Silverwater Jail today.
The anklet will let New South Wales corrective services officers know where Lewthwaite is at all times.
Mr Woodham said there would be exclusion zones, possibly around schools, and Lewthwaite would be arrested if he went inside them.
He said Lewthwaite would have to wear the anklet for as long as he saw fit and would need permission to walk outside the house.
Lewthwaite is the first parolee in NSW to be tracked by the satellite based system.
"We call these instruments the ball and chain of the 21st century," Mr Woodham said.
"We will be tracking him from the first step outside of the jail."

AAP (13-4-2007)

Child Killer Lewthwaite Found Guilty Of Exposure

Convicted child killer John Lewthwaite has been found guilty of exposing himself near a beach in southern Sydney.
Sutherland Local Court heard police and other people saw the 49-year-old sunbaking naked in sand dunes near Wanda Beach in August this year.
Lewthwaite pleaded not guilty to wilful and extreme exposure, with his lawyer suggesting in court that police officers fabricated their version of events once they found out about his crimes past.
In delivering his judgement, the magistrate said the surrounding scrub did not provide real or effective coverage for Lewthwaite and that he could have been seen by members of the community.
The magistrate said such conduct could cause significant alarm and was an affront to common decency.
Lewthwaite was fined $1,000.
Lifetime parole
Lewthwaite was on lifetime parole after serving a jail sentence for killing a five-year-old girl when the offence happened.
He was taken back into custody.
Outside court, his lawyer Jack Grahame said the parole authority is due to review the case soon.
"He would expect ... to be released on parole," he said.
Mr Grahame said the media and politicians had victimised his client, who had led an exemplary life since his release from jail.

http://www.abc.net.au/news (12-12-2006)

Lewthwaite Decision Delayed Until February

THE was no doubt John Lewthwaite would soon be released, the convicted child-killer's solicitor said today.
But Lewthwaite, 51, will be behind bars for at least another two months after the State Parole Authority (SPA) today delayed its decision on his parole until February.
He has been in custody since his life-long parole was revoked in September after he sunbathed nude on Wanda Beach, in Sydney's south.
He was convicted in Sutherland Local Court last week of wilful and indecent exposure in a public place and fined $1000.
The SPA met today to examine the revocation but said it could not rule on Lewthwaite's parole until two new charges, brought against him last Friday, were finalised in court.
Lewthwaite has pleaded not guilty to exposing himself to two women in Kogarah Bay, in Sydney's south, in January.
Outside the hearing, Lewthwaite's solicitor Jack Graeme said he believed his client had been set up and that police had "as weak a case as it's possible to be".
But Lewthwaite, who appeared via dideo-link from Silverwater Jail, would not be disappointed with today's decision, Mr Graeme said.
"The matter is still open and when we dispose of these ludicrous charges that have been brought against him ... I have no doubt that we will rescind the revocation and he will be back in the community," he said.
Mr Graeme also repeated Lewthwaite's accusations, published in a letter this week, that the NSW Government was attempting to keep him jailed until after the March state election.
Premier Morris Iemma called the claim preposterous but made no apology for opposing any move to grant parole to Lewthwaite.
Inside the hearing, Lewthwaite's barrister, Richard Button SC, argued that that SPA should rule on parole today because the case for the fresh charges was weak and his client had pleaded not guilty.
He said the alleged victims had identified Lewthwaite on television months after the incident in "extremely prejudicial circumstances".
He said Lewthwaite was gay and had no sexual interest in women.
SPA acting chairwoman Deirdre O'Connor said the outcome of the fresh charges went to the question of good behaviour and public confidence.
"We're not retrying Mr Lewthwaite for his base offence, but he is a convicted murderer who is on a life sentence," she said at the hearing.
"He is never going to be freed of the scrutiny from authorities. The public has to be assured that a person in that situation who goes into the community has had all the right factors properly assessed."
The hearing was adjourned until February 2, but the board could reconvene before that if the new charges are dropped.

AAP (8-12-2006)
Katherine Dank

Lewthwaite Denies Indecency Charges

Convicted child-killer John Lewthwaite pleaded not guilty to two indecency charges when he appeared in court in Sydney today.
Lewthwaite, 51, was charged today after being questioned at Penrith police station over an incident at Kogarah Bay on January 21 this year.
Police facts were not tendered to Penrith Local Court today, but the charge sheet said the incident involved two 43-year-old women.
Lewthwaite, who opted to stay in the court's holding cells rather than appear before Magistrate Fiona Toose, did not apply for bail, which was formally refused.
His lawyer, John Vitaliotis, told the court Lewthwaite pleaded not guilty to the two counts of committing an act of indecency.
He was remanded in custody to face Sutherland Local Court on December 14.
Mr Vitaliotis said his client may make a bail application at his next appearance.
Lewthwaite was released from prison on life-long parole in 1999 after serving 25 years for the 1974 stabbing murder of five-year-old Nicole Hanns.

AAP (1-12-2006)

Lewthwaite Quizzed By Police

Convicted child killer John Lewthwaite is believed to be undergoing questioning by New South Wales police about an alleged sex-related offence.
Without naming Lewthwaite, a police spokesman's said a 52-year-old man is being questioned at Penrith police station, in Sydney's west.
The offence is allegedly sex-related.
It's understood Lewthwaite is accused of exposing himself to two adult women.
Lewthwaite was released from prison on life-long parole in 1999 after serving 25 years for the 1974 stabbing murder of five-year-old Nicole Hanns.
He was on Monday convicted of wilful and indecent exposure in a public place and fined $1,000 in Sutherland Local Court.
The State Parole Authority (SPA) had revoked his parole in early September amid a public outcry over the exposure charge laid against him in August after he was discovered naked in the dunes of Wanda Beach, in Sydney's south.
Lewthwaite was being held at the Metropolitan Reception and Remand Centre at Silverwater Jail pending the outcome of a review of his parole revocation, due to be held on December 8.

Daily Telegraph (1-12-2006)

Killer In Naked Romp Near Kids

Jailed child killer John Lewthwaite was allegedly seen lying naked on top of a male companion just "three to four metres" from a path where groups of children were walking to the beach.
Police officers on a dune buggy patrol watched Lewthwaite, 50, for more than an hour and took photographs of him as he cavorted nude on the Wanda beach sandhills last month, a court heard yesterday.
When he was seen to lie on top of a male companion, he was just metres from a pathway along which streams of children were walking.
The allegations were contained in a document tendered to Sutherland Local Court, where Lewthwaite yesterday entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of wilful and obscene exposure in or near a public place.
"Police had a clear and unobstructed view and took several photographs of (Lewthwaite) in a naked state," the document alleged.
"They observed Lewthwaite lying on top of a male companion.
"During the time of this observation, police witnessed continuous groups of the public, including groups of children, couples and people exercising, on their way to the nearby beach.
"These members of the public were three to four metres from the accused."
Lewthwaite was released from jail in 1999 after serving 25 years for the stabbing murder of five-year-old Nicole Hanns at her Greystanes home in 1974.
He was again taken into custody earlier this month when his parole was temporarily revoked.
Despite a magistrate granting him bail on the exposure charge, Lewthwaite remains behind bars because the State Parole Authority cannot find suitable accommodation for him.
A dozen landlords and boarding house owners who were contacted with a view to housing the child killer have refused to allow him on their premises.
Lewthwaite will remain in Silverwater jail for at least another fortnight, when the parole authority holds a public review of his status.
However, a decision on parole could be postponed until the outcome of the obscene exposure case.
Lewthwaite will again appear before court on that charge next month.

The Daily Telegraph (15-9-2006)
Brad Clifton

Lewthwaite 'Free Tomorrow' Fear

Convicted child killer John Lewthwaite could be released from prison as early as tomorrow after pleading not guilty to a charge of obscene exposure, a victims of crime advocate fears.
Lewthwaite, 50, who spent 25 years in jail for the 1974 stabbing murder of five-year-old Nicole Hanns, pleaded not guilty in Sutherland Local Court today to one count of indecent exposure, and had his bail continued.
However Lewthwaite is still in custody after allegedly breaching two conditions of his life-long parole.
Outside court today, victims of crime advocate Howard Brown said because Lewthwaite's bail was continued it was possible, but unlikely, he could be released tomorrow when the NSW Parole Authority met again over his case.
"Regrettably if the parole authority was to make a decision tomorrow to release Mr Lewthwaite he would then be released back into the community because he is on bail," he said.

AAP (14-9-2006)

Child Killer Lewthwaite Returned To Jail

Sydney child-killer John Lewthwaite has been arrested and returned to custody after the NSW State Parole Authority (SPA) revoked his parole earlier Saturday, NSW Justice Minister Tony Kelly says.
"I am advised by NSW Police that Lewthwaite is in custody and he will be transferred to a maximum security correctional centre by the Department of Corrective Services (DCS) officers," Mr Kelly said in a statement.
"This follows a meeting of the SPA earlier today which revoked Lewthwaite's parole following a breach report prepared by the DCS last night.
"The breach relates to the failure of the offender to meet the terms and conditions of parole relating to his residential status and the requirement that his accommodation be approved by a probation and parole officer.
"I am advised the offender was unable to secure suitable accommodation that met the approval of his probation and parole officer."
Lewthwaite, 50, spent 25 years in jail for the 1974 stabbing murder of five-year-old Nicole Hanns and was released in 1999.
He has been at the centre of a major political storm over demands he be returned to jail after being bailed on a charge of indecent exposure.
Sutherland Local Court was told Lewthwaite, who did not enter a plea, was nude sunbathing in an area popular with gay men at Wanda Beach, in Sydney's south, on August 19.
Lewthwaite was bailed on August 22 to reappear in Sutherland Local Court on September 14.
Lewthwaite was moved by NSW Corrective Services from his Arncliffe unit, in Sydney's south, to a new, approved location on Tuesday August 29, after media reports revealed his old address.
Mr Kelly said Lewthwaite's parole was revoked due to two breaches.
The first being that his outstanding charges are evidence that he was unable to adapt to normal lawful community life.
And secondly, that he failed to reside at an agreed address.
Mr Kelly said Lewthwaite would remain behind bars until the parole authority reviews the matter following the hearing of the current charge against him.
The parole authority is required by law to review within 28 days its decision to revoke Lewthwaite's parole today.
At the review hearing it may confirm the revocation.
Lewthwaite can appeal the decision in the NSW Supreme Court.
If the revocation is upheld, and Lewthwaite has to stay in jail, he cannot be considered for parole for another 12 months.

AAP (2-9-2006)

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