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Name: Kevin John Hender

Age: 56 yrs old (2011)

State: SA- Blakeview

Sentence: Sentenced on June 25, 2004 to life in jail/ 23 yrs non parole. Earliest parole date 2026.

Offence/Other: Convicted Child Killer..Victim was a 15 yr old girl (Samantha O'Reilly). Hender saw Samantha(he knew her family) walking and offered her a lift. He then took her back to his home in Blakeview where he attempted to rape her. Hender then strangled Samantha and dumped her body in the Adelaide Hills on January 3, 2003.Hender was in charge of local football league/ also held senior positions within the league.
Kevin John Hender

Jailed For Life Over Murder Of Teenager

AFTER attempting to rape family friend Samantha-Jane O'Reilly in his own home, Kevin John Hender panicked.
He ordered her to lie face down on the lounge room floor, then strangled her with a rope as the frightened 15- year- old struggled to break free.
In the Supreme Court yesterday, Justice Tim Anderson sentenced Hender, 49, to life imprisonment for the murder on January 3 last year.
The girl's semi- naked body was found at Humbug Scrub, near Kersbrook, just hours after she left her Blakeview home to go shopping.
Craig Caldicott, for Hender, yesterday asked his client be given the maximum discount on his non-parole period for his February guilty plea. He said the decision to kill the teenager was made on the "spur of the moment".
"Clearly what happened is that there was an act of a sexual nature and as a direct result . . . he strangled Samantha O'Reilly with a ligature," Mr Caldicott said.
"He said it was a spur- of- the- moment decision (with a view) to rendering her unconscious so she wouldn't remember what happened and hopefully come to at some stage." He said Hender, a father of three boys, was more concerned about the effect on his family than being caught.
"He was driving around and saw Samantha, picked her up . . . and events, in effect, unravelled from there," he said.
"The decision (to kill) was made in a sense of panic because it was going to be discovered that he had sex with this girl and his family would disintegrate."
Justice Anderson said it was "ironic" he had committed murder to protect his family, as most of them had since ostracised him.
Mr Caldicott said that, at the time of the murder, Hender was depressed about missing out on a job and the death of a relative.
He said his client was sorry for what had happened.
But Teresa Anderson, prosecuting, said Hender had told police Samantha-Jane had "pestered" him to have sex with her.
"(He said) 'I only had sex with her because she threatened me with disclosure'," Ms Anderson said.
"That is highly fanciful . . . he panics after the sexual act because he thought this was a girl who would tell and therefore ruin his marriage.
"Having made that deliberate decision he asked the victim to come to the lounge, got her to lie face down (and) got the rope he had to strangle her."
Ms Anderson said medical evidence showed Samantha-Jane was a virgin and Hender had only confessed to his crime after a failed suicide attempt.
"The confession was made after the police had conducted a DNA test (and) because the game was up," she said. "A 15- year- old girl has had her life cut short by an act which she did not provoke in any way, a girl who . . . was vulnerable and unable to defend herself."
Justice Anderson has reserved his decision on a non- parole period.

AA (25-6-2004)

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15yr old girl Abducted And Murdered- Report On Killer 'Raises Issues'

A PSYCHIATRIC report on the man who admitted murdering teenager Samantha-Jane O'Reilly has raised several issues that need to be addressed before sentencing, the Supreme Court heard yesterday.
In February, Kevin John Hender, 49, pleaded guilty to murdering the 15-year-old Blakeview schoolgirl on January 3 last year.
Yesterday, his lawyer Craig Caldicott said a psychiatric report had raised two issues "which will have a significant bearing on how this matter advances". He said they raised a question relating to the fact Hender pleaded guilty while the matter was still in the Magistrates Court. Hender was remanded in custody until next month while Mr Caldicott has instructions from his client.

AA (20-4-2004)

Psychiatrist To Assess Samantha's Killer

THE man who killed teenager Samantha-Jane O'Reilly has been transferred to James Nash House for psychiatric evaluation, the Supreme Court has heard.
Lawyers for Kevin John Hender, 48, asked for a four-week adjournment yesterday to allow their client to be evaluated by one of South Australia's top psychiatrists. They fear the former watchmaker "may not understand" the criminal proceeding he faces.
Samantha-Jane, 15, had left her Blakeview home on January 3 last year to go to the shops. She was last seen walking along Uley Rd at 3,15pm.
Hender, the father of two teenage boys, strangled her inside his house at Cherry Tree Cres-1km from her home.
He knew Samantha-Jane and her family through local football.
At 5.15pm that day, the teenager's semi-naked body was found at Humbug Scrub, near Kersbrook. She, had not been sexually assaulted.
Hender, who pleaded guilty to murder in the Adelaide Magistrates Court last month, showed no emotion during yesterday's hearing.
He shuffled slowly into the dock and alternated between staring at his feet and the far wall of the courtroom.
Craig Caldicott, for Hender, asked his client not be given the allocatus, the formal legal declaration that follows a guilty plea and opens the court for sentencing submissions.
"I'm concerned he may not understand the allocatus," Mr Caldicott said.
"As of this weekend, Hender is at James Nash House (where) a certain amount of psychiatric evaluation is being undertaken.
"(Psychiatrist) Dr Craig Raeside has requested some time and then it will take us some time to evaluate all the material... in the meantime, the psychiatric evaluation continues."
Justice Tim Anderson remanded Hender in custody until April.
The hearing was attended by Samantha-Jane's family, including her father Noel. He, his wife, Pamela, and parents Ignatius and June have lodged a $200,000 claim for compensation over Samantha-Jane's death.

Adelaide Advertiser (16-3-2004)

Samantha Accused Is Family Man

THE man accused of killing schoolgirl Samantha O'Reilly was in charge of the football league, for which her father umpired.
Kevin Hender, 48, a father of two teenage boys, lived just two streets from the O'Reillys - in Cherry Tree Cres, Blake view.
The Advertiser today can reveal details of Mr Hender after a suppression order on his name lapsed.
Samantha's parents, Noel and Paula O'Reilly, were too distressed to speak publicly yesterday but made a statement through head of the major crime investigation branch, Superintendent Mick Symons.
Outside the family's Chase Court home, Mr Symons said the past few days had been "traumatic".
"Mr and Mrs O'Reilly and (their son) Michael would like to thank the community for their support at this particular time," he said. "Recent events have been extremely traumatic for the family and they would like time to now get on with their grieving,"
Blake view residents and the Elizabeth football community were shocked to learn Mr Hender may be the man for whom police have been hunting for six months over Samantha's death.
Peter, who also lives on Cherry Tree Cres and did not want to be identified, said he could not believe Mr Hender had been charged.
"It's a shock," he said. "I used to see him drive past. It's more scary when it is someone in your street."
Central District Football Club spokesman Kris Grant said Mr Hender held senior positions in the football community, including zone manager of the Elizabeth School Football Program.
Mr O'Reilly is an umpire of junior football in the area.
Mr Hender, a former watchmaker, yesterday appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court charged with Samantha's murder.
He was arrested south of Kadina, on Yorke Peninsula after allegedly calling police from his mobile phone.
Police documents allege Mr Hender murdered Samantha on January 3 this year "at Blakeview or other places". He made no application for bail and was not required to enter a plea.

Adelaide Advertiser (19-7-2003)
Christopher Salter/ Sean Fewster

"I GIVE UP" - Samantha Murder Accused Surrenders After DNA Test

THE man charged with the murder of schoolgirl Samantha O'Reilly was DNA tested by police just hours before he surrendered.
The man, whose age and identity have been suppressed, is well known in his local community and is involved with a local sporting team, married with several children, the man was interviewed by Major Crime Investigation Section detectives and DNA-tested at his home late on Wednesday afternoon.
He was questioned and tested after being identified as a "person of interest" during investigations into the murder of the Blakeview teenager.
Police have taken more than 120 DNA samples from people questioned during the inquiry.
The samples are being compared with a DNA sample found on Samantha's body which police believe belongs to the killer.
On Wednesday night the charged man left his house and drove to a location near Kadina, on Yorke Peninsula. He stopped on a dirt road several kilometres south of Kadina and allegedly used his mobile telephone to call
police just after lam yesterday. He was connected to the communications centre in Adelaide and an officer in the centre directed a uniformed nightshirt patrol to the man's location.
He was detained and taken to the Kadina police station where he was placed in a cell until Major Crime Investigation Section detectives arrived from Adelaide just after 4am.
He was formally interviewed and then charged with the murder of Samantha 0-Reilly.
The man appeared in a hastily convened sitting of the Kadina Magistrates Court at 9.30am before three Justices of the Peace.
He did not apply for bail and was remanded in custody to appear in Adelaide Magistrates Court at 10am today.
A request by The Advertiser to have an interim order lifted in the Adelaide Magistrates Court late yesterday was rejected by Chief Magistrate Kelvyn Prescott.
The arrest follows almost 10,000 hours of work by Major Crime Investigation Section detectives since Samantha's body was found on a dirt track Off the Kersbrook road on January 3.
Detective Superintendent Mick Symons, officer in charge of the Major Crime Investigation Section, said yesterday Samantha's parents, Noel and Paula, had welcomed news of the arrest.
"They were relieved," he said. "It has been an extremely hard period of time for them. Just relieved.
"It is important that we have been able to put a person before the court to have certain allegations tested.
"The investigation is nowhere near complete, we have to follow up a number of other forensic inquiries to put other allegations before the court as well".
Supt Symons would not discuss any possible motive or any relationship the charged man may have had with Samantha.
He also declined to discuss the extent of the interview detectives conducted with the charged man at his house on Wednesday.
"We are not prepared to discuss anything to do with DNA at the present moment. Those matters will come out in court," Supt Symons said.
"We have spoken with a large number of people and have taken a large number of DNA samples during the course of the inquiry.
"Yesterday's (Wednesday's) contact with him was nothing more than a routine contact." Forensic officers are examining the man's car, which was brought back to Adelaide from Kadina early yesterday.
"The vehicle we are currently investigating, the alleged vehicle involved in this, has not come up in the inquiry previously," Supt Symons said.
Detectives and forensic officers also spent yesterday at the charged man's house, with numerous items removed for forensic testing.
Supt Symons said the investigation had been complex and thanked the media for its contribution.
"Over the past six months the assistance provided by the media in the Samantha O'Reilly matter has been extremely beneficial to the investigation," he said.
"Without your support in some of these issues we would not have got as far as we have with the number of investigations we have done."

Adelaide Advertiser (18-7-2003)
Nigel Hunt

Relief For A Suburb In Pain

A SENSE of relief was the overriding emotion of the local community to news of an arrest in the Samantha O'Reilly murder case yesterday.
The leader of the Angle Vale Venturer Unit, Sam van der Wijngaart, said the news of an arrest had come as a shock.
"I never thought (police) would be able to solve it to be honest," Ms van der wijngaart said. "It's wonderful news.
"I spoke to them last week and I didn't get the impression they were getting very far.
"If they've got the right guy, then that's brilliant."
Ms van der Wijngaart said the unit had kept in regular touch with the O'Reilly family and an arrest in the case would mean a great deal to them.
"It will stop people looking at them sideways," she said.
"They need that."
She said Samantha's younger brother Michael, 13, would take particular comfort in the development, which would help him get on with his life.
"He needs to be able to go to school and hold his head up high," she said.
"He, like all of us, never saw it coming,"
At the time of her death Samantha was undertaking a Queen's Scout Award with the Venturers, which rewards achievement, leadership and personal growth.
As part of the award, she also undertook voluntary work at the creche of the Lyell McEwin Health Service.
Shoppers at the Munno Para Shopping Centre were guarded about the arrest, waiting for confirmation that police had the right man.
However, A Munno Para resident, Avril, said the news came as a "relief".
"It's wonderful if it is him," she said. "It will be a good thing for the family it it's the person as they'll be able to have some closure."
Since the murder, she had been wary of where her teenage daughter was at all times.
"I've been a bit worried about my daughter walking alone in the area," she said. "I haven't forgotten, it's always been there in my mind." Lynda Beagley, 17, of Williamstown, said she had been worried about her Mends who live in the area.
"My friend works in the (shopping) centre and she walks to work," Ms Beagley said.
You don't think stuff like that happens locally. I felt heaps sorry for the family."
Former local resident George Giorgetti said the community could relax only when police confirmed they had arrested the right man.
"It could have been anyone walking through the shopping centre," Mr Giorgetti said,
"It would stop them looking at each other wondering if they knew who did it."

Adelaide Advertiser (18-7-2003).
Daniel Lato

Peace Broken As Police Raid Home

IT looked like any other suburban street during the school holidays.
Children wheeled their bikes down the road, took dogs for a walk and kicked the footy at the local park.
But about 1.30pm, as police began to arrive, their attention turned to a home in their quiet tree-lined street.
Detective Senior Sergeant Lyn Strange at the scene confirmed the house was home to the man charged with Samantha O'Reilly's murder.
Residents were quickly made aware of the seriousness of the investigation as several cars and detectives converged on the home surrounding it with tape.
Many residents tried to take a closer look, while motorists slowed down on their way home from work.
Two forensic officers carrying a camera and notebook entered the house with a detective at 1.35pm and remained there for more than four hours.
One of them left the house regularly - taking back in with him items in sealed plastic bags and small containers, as well as a tripod camera.
By 2pm, more than 20 detectives and forensic officers converged at the scene. After a 10-minute briefing more detectives entered the house while others interviewed neighbours.
Items being retrieved from the house were impossible to identity, being carried out in large suitcases.
An electrical cord was fed through the garage of the house to operate a vacuum cleaner. Detectives would not say why it was being used.

Adelaide Advertiser (18-7-2003).
Laura Anderson

Why The man Cannot be Named

THREE JPs sitting in Kadina Magistrates Court made an interim order suppressing from publication the accused man's "name, age, address and details of the offence".
But they gave no reasons for their order, as legislation requires.
Under state law, an interim suppression order lasts for 72 hours.
The JPs, however, wrote the order to last until the man's next appearance in Adelaide Magistrates Court today.
It was breached hours later by police at a press conference on the arrest, which was broadcast live on radio.
Police sources said the order was made to protect the man's family from public aggression.
But the Evidence Act allows suppressions to be made only to protect victims of crime or to protect the proper course of justice.

Adelaide Advertiser (18-7-2003).
Laura Anderson

New DNA Clues In Murder Case

NEW DNA evidence has been found in the investigation into the murder of Blakeview teenager Samantha 0'Reilly.
The DNA has been used to build a profile of a man who is believed to have been with Samantha shortly before she died
Last week the officer in charge of the police's Major Crime Unit, Superintendent Mick Symons, pleaded with the killer to give himself up.
"You need to understand that each day we are gathering information in the search of you.
"Contact us now. Don't spend the rest of your life jumping at shadows."
Police are looking for a white Commodore with faded paint work, rust around the boot and the letter V and number 3 in the registration number.
It was last seen on the northern side of Uley Rd near a bus stop at about 3.15pm on the day of her murder.
A witness saw Samantha walking towards the car and the driver, a 25-35-year-old woman with shoulder length brown hair and wearing a white tank top, looked as if she was going to talk to her.
The male driver of a second car, parked on the other side of the Uley Rd bus stop at about the same time, is also being asked to come forward.
He is described as being in his early 20s, clean shaven and having short dark hair with freckles or blemishes on his face.
He was in a dark maroon EA or EB Ford Sedan.
Also, last week, police released the description of a third vehicle being sought in relation to the crime.
The bronze 1984 VKHolden Calais sedan, registration number VRD-969, was stolen from Elizabeth Shopping Centre between noon and 3pm on the day of the murder.
It was spotted later that day in the Munno Para Shopping Centre carpark- where Samantha was last seen.
The car was owned by a person who knew Samantha and police thought there was a possibility she got into the vehicle thinking it was being driven by the owner.

Adelaide News Review (26-2-2003)

Samantha May Have Known Her Killer

THE death of schoolgirl Samantha O'Reilly might have been a "terrible accident", police said yesterday.
She might have even known the killer, officer in charge of the investigation Superintendent Mick Symons said.
Investigators believe the lack of signs of violence on her body, which normally would indicate she was physically abducted, mean the 15-year-old may have known the person, premises or vehicle involved.
The only time we know she was in a vehicle was when she was dumped," Supt Symons said, "We still don't know whether the murder scene was in a park. in a house or in a vehicle,"
Another option was that Samantha was forced into going with the murderer, possibly because her attacker had a weapon - but that he did not use it.
Despite the focus on a murder Investigation. Supt Symons said police were not discounting the possibility that Samantha's death was an accident.
"This crime is horrific; that this girl was taken away and murdered in such a short time frame," he said. "Was that the original intention of that person?
"If it wasn't and what has occurred has been a terrible accident,,. that person is sitting there saying 'What can I do about it? What have I done?'
"If that is the situation, contact the police and talk to us.
"The parents need closure, her school friends need closure and the community needs closure."
Police are also checking the backgrounds of people known to them who live in the area.
"We are reviewing the files of people that have a history of criminal involvement with teenage children," Supt Symons said.
Police also had received more than 200 calls to CrimeStoppers. "What we have to do is bring all those together and start working on priorities," Supt Symons said.
The time period during which Samantha died has been narrowed to two hours - 3pm to 5pm - with a confirmed sighting of the teenager outside the Munno Para Shopping Centre.

Adelaide Advertiser (7-1-2003)
Daniel Lato

Quiet Mind on Romance and Music

SHE was a teenager who dreamt of getting married in Bali and loved listening to the music of The Corrs.
Conscientious and community minded, Samantha O'Reilly was a regular visitor to the Munno Para Shopping Centre where shop owners, classmates and customers remembered her fondly yesterday. "She used to come into the shop once or twice a week looking for wedding shoes," Speeds Shoes sales assistant Brigitte Feuerreiter said. "She usually came by herself and talked of getting married in Bali."
Sonic CD sales assistant Melanie Hogg described Samantha as "polite and cheerful". "She listened to all sorts of music but The Corrs CD was one she always picked out," she said.
Craigmore High School classmate Carly Stocker, 14. said Samantha was a person who "liked to keep to herself'.
"It just feels weird that she's dead. All my friends are upset," she said.
Mother of two Linda Magro, 30, of Gawler, said: "It has spun me out to know that somebody has only just been snitched from somewhere across the road,"
Jennifer Smith, 18, of Munno Para, said Blakeview had a good name. "It's one of those things that in broad daylight should not really happen." she said.
Adam Edwards, 20, of Davoren Park, said it was "not the way it's supposed to be".
A member of the Angle Vale Venturer Unit, Samantha was undertaking the Queen's Scout Award, which rewards achievement in leadership, community involvement, adventurous activities and personal growth.
Scouts Australia SA branch chief commissioner Reg Williams said while Samantha was a new member of the unit. she was liked by her peers and a "well-regarded young lady". She had undertaken her initial training with the Munno Para scout group where her father, Noel, was a leader.
"Samantha kept pretty much to herself, but was very committed and very helpful," Mr Williams said.
Samantha also volunteered for the Lyell McEwin Hospital's play room. She had been volunteering at the hospital since early 2002. Lyell McEwin Regional Volunteers executive officer Andy Fryar said.
"She was a regular 15 year old," he said.
"Quite a mature young lady."
Sam and Linda Townsley, who live at Craigmore with their three children, Laura, 7, Alexander. 9, and Samuel. 10, yesterday spoke of the community's safety concerns.
Speaking from her mother's home in Daintree Walk, around the comer from the O'Reilly family's home in Chase Court, Mrs Townsley said she no longer let her children walk to a nearby playground without her.
Mr Townsley said Alexander and a friend had been "chased" by a stranger on the Elephant Walk about 18 months ago,

Adelaide Advertiser (7-1-2003)
Daniel Lato/ Elizabeth Rowe

Sam, 15, went for a walk in broad daylight.
Three hours later she was found dead.

MYSTERY and outrage surround the murder of schoolgirl Samantha O'Reilly, 15, whose semi-naked body was found dumped on a dirt track three hours after she went for a walk.
The daylight abduction and killing has shocked Blakeview residents as police last night admitted they had "no idea" what occurred in those crucial missing hours.
"Regrettably, she was a good girl who was just in the wrong place," officer-in-charge of the murder investigation. Superintendent Mick Symons, said.. He has described the crime as " horrendous".
Police have refused to reveal how Samantha was killed but there was no obvious sign of sexual assault and they do not believe a weapon was used.
Her distraught parents. Noel and Paula, and her younger brother Michael were last night being comforted by close family and friends.
Neighbours were also distressed, searching for answers as to why the popular Scout and keen walker was cruelly snatched and slain without anybody apparently witnessing the crime.
Neighbour Paul Hay loch, 34, who has known Samantha for seven years, said: "There is a lot of anger but more disbelief.
"We can't let our kids go out in broad daylight, "My children have asked all day 'can we go out the front to ride our bikes' but the answer is no, no, no."
Another neighbour, who declined to be identified, said: "It's mind numbing - you just don't want to believe it". "It seems so much a waste," he said, "Everyone knew Sam. Most days of the week I would see her, and she would always say hello and give a wave."
The quiet teenager left her Chase Court home about 2pm on Friday, intending to walk to the Munno Para Shopping Centre less than a kilometre away.
Her usual route was to walk along Uley Rd and cross busy Main North Rd. before returning home down The Elephant Walk - a small walking track running alongside the creek.
"There was no indication she was forced into a car - but one must assume that she didn't get into the car willingly." Supt Symons said. br> Police believe the Craigmore High School student was driven elsewhere, murdered and then taken to a Kersbrook property where she was dumped, possibly "thrown from a vehicle".
Although not visible from the road, the property owner found Samantha's body when he returned home about 5:15pm. br> Police suspect the body might have been dumped in the driveway just 15 minutes earlier.
Samantha's parents became concerned when she failed to return from her walk which normally took little more than an hours,
By 7pm on Friday, they flagged down a passing police patrol car and reported their daughter missing - not knowing that just two hours earlier Samantha's body had been found.
Two missing items of clothing - a pair of light grey to white shorts and purple thongs - were now "pivotal" to the investigation.
"They may assist us in identifing the actual crime scene," Supt Symons said.
State Emergency Service members, some using sniffer dogs, and police scoured Blakeview and the Kersbrook areas in the hope of finding further clues to the mystery.
The search is expected to continue today.
Mr Haylock said he remembers Samantha as a friendly girl who mostly kept to herself. "I only saw her walking down the street the day before," Mr Haylock said. "She must have enjoyed walking because she did it a lot."
Supt Symons pleaded for anyone with information to contact Crime stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Adelaide Advertiser
Anna Merola and David Nankems (3-1-2003)

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