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Name: Luke Benjamin Gill

Age: 32 yrs old (2011)

State: Vic/ Geelong- Formally of Harpur Rd Corio

Sentence: Sentenced in the Geelong County Court on 30/1/08 to 19 yrs jail/ 14 yrs non parole. Sentence was reduced in March 2010 to 17 yrs jail/ 13 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Gill brutally raped a 22 yr old woman in Geelong on 1/12/06.
(Disgustingly lenient sentence in our opinion- deserved life in jail with no parole)

Artist impression- Luke Gill

Artist impression- Luke Gill

Brutal rapist Luke Benjamin Gill gets cut in jail time

A MAN who viciously raped a woman and left her fighting for her life in a pool of blood has had his 19-year jail term cut by two years.
Luke Benjamin Gill left the woman with what doctors described as the worst injuries they had ever seen in a sexual assault victim who had survived.
But Victoria's Court of Appeal on Thursday found the six-year jail term given to him for robbing her during the attack in central Geelong was excessive, and reduced it to two years.
The 16-year term given to him for the rape was unchanged.
Gill's total jail sentence of 19 years was reduced to 17 years while his minimum term was cut by one year, meaning he must serve 13 years before being eligible for parole.
Gill grabbed his victim as she withdrew money from an ATM, then frogmarched her into an alleyway and raped her in the early hours of December 1, 2006.
He left her lying in a pool of blood before taking her handbag, scattering its contents across the street and stealing $100 and a mobile phone.
The victim suffered significant blood loss, needed urgent surgery and was in hospital for two weeks.
Gill pleaded guilty to rape and robbery in the County Court and has already served more than three years in custody.

AAP (31-3-2010)

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Sentence cut for rape sadist Luke Gill after attack on Geelong victim, 22

A SADISTIC rapist whose vicious crime left Geelong as a city in fear will serve a year less in jail after he partially won an appeal against his sentence today.
The Court of Appeal confirmed Luke Gill's 16-year jail term for rape but cut his sentence for robbing his victim after leaving her for dead in a pool of blood in a darkened mall.
The robbery sentence was cut from six years to two years by the court and the three appeal judges set a new overall term of 17 years with a new minimum of 13 years.
His original sentence for both counts was 19 years with a 14-year minimum.
Gill's earlier County Court hearing was told the victim's injuries were the worst doctors had seen in a rape victim who survived.
The appeal judges stressed that court did not believe the rape sentence, one of the highest in Victoria for a single count, was too high.
They described it as being in the category of extremely serious rapes.
“The rape was perpetrated by (Gill) on a person unknown to him. He was larger than her,'' Justices David Ashley, Bernard Bongiorno and David Harper said.
“She was dragged off the street at night whilst going peaceably about her own business. The incident took place over some time. The rape was unarguably savage.
“The injuries inflicted were life threatening.''
The County Court was told Gill’s victim, 22, was enjoying a night out with friends at the Eureka Hotel in Little Malop St before she left alone at 2am to use a nearby ATM.
Gill, who pleaded guilty, stood next to her as she withdrew cash, and grabbed her as she tried to walk back to the hotel.
Security footage captured Gill frog-marching her through the mall into a small fire exit doorway, where he ripped off her clothes.
He violently raped her with blunt objects, including a perfume bottle.
As she lay bleeding profusely, he stole her mobile phone and $110 cash.
The victim staggered back through the mall and collapsed, where she was found by passersby.
Paramedics told the court she had torn flesh and a prolapsed bowel, and was close to death.
Gill, 31, of Corio, later tried to protect his identity by lying to police, burning off his fingertips on a hot BBQ, tattooing his arm and shaving his head.

Herald Sun (31-3-2010)
Norrie Ross

Rapist Luke Gill has appeal heard in Geelong court

BRUTAL Geelong rapist Luke Gill should have his prison sentence increased to 20 years, the Court of Appeal heard today.
The 30-year-old Corio man appealed his 16 year jail sentence for the 2006 rape in Lt Malop Street arguing it was too excessive.
Prosecutor Gavin Silbert said Gill's actions approached the worst sort of offending in the rape category and the sentence should reflect the brutality.
Gill grabbed his victim as she withdrew money from an ATM, then frogmarched her into an alleyway and raped her.
She was left in a pool of blood fighting for her life.
His victim spent 17 days in hospital and was left with injuries so severe, medical staff said they had never seen someone who had survived such an assault hurt so badly.
Gill was also sentenced to six years for robbery after he stole his 22-year-old victim's bag and phone following the rape.
The court was told that sentence was excessive and it was probable it would be decreased.
Gill was sentenced in 2008 to a total of 19 years jail with a non-parole period of 14 years.
The Court of Appeal will hand down a judgement at a date to be fixed.

Geelong Advertiser (15-3-2010)
Aleks Devic

City Rapist Gill Pushing for a Reduced Jail Sentence

A MAN who viciously raped a woman and left her lying in a pool of blood fighting for her life has won the right to appeal his 19-year jail term.
Luke Gill, 30, of Corio, was yesterday granted permission to appeal against his sentence over the attack, which a Victorian County Court judge described as "brutal, sadistic and inhuman".
Gill grabbed his victim in central Geelong on December 1, 2006 as she withdrew money from an ATM, then frogmarched her into an alleyway and raped her.
He left her lying in a pool of blood and fighting for her life before taking her handbag, scattering its contents across the street and stealing $100 and a mobile phone.
The woman spent 17 days in hospital, where doctors described her injuries as the worst they had seen for a rape victim who had survived.
Gill received a non-parole term of 14 years in January last year after pleading guilty to rape, robbery and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.
Gill's lawyer John McLoughlin yesterday argued in the Court of Appeal the sentencing judge had made an error.
Mr McLoughlin said the six-year jail term for the robbery alone could not be justified because it was out of step with current sentencing practices.
But Brett Sonnet, for the Crown, said there was no error and the sentence was deserved given it was the "most brutal rape you could possibly imagine".
Mr Sonnet said the attack was planned and calculated and the jail term for the robbery was appropriate given the context in which it was committed.
He said it was less than half the maximum 15-year jail term for robbery.
"It's an extraordinarily shocking example of rape," he said.
"It's a sentence that ... is quite merciful in all the circumstances."
Justice Marcia Neave said there was at least one reasonable ground for appeal.
But she said any argument the jail term for the rape was excessive was unlikely to succeed.

AAP (31-1-2009)

Rapist Luke Gill's photo under wraps

POLICE have refused to release the mugshot of jailed brutal rapist Luke Benjamin Gill.
Gill was jailed for 19 years on Wednesday for a shocking rape that nearly killed an innocent woman in the Little Malop St Mall in 2006.
And despite legislation being passed last year allowing Victoria Police to release mugshots, they say they cannot release Gill's image.
The legislation will not become law until June 1 and police were yesterday unwilling to make an exception and release the mugshot before that date.
"We do not release them," a police spokeswoman said.
The spokeswoman said the Geelong Advertiser would have to make a Freedom of Information request to get Gill's mugshot.
Such a request would normally take at least a month.
Previous requests by the Advertiser for mugshots under Freedom of Information have been denied.
As a result, the Advertiser has repeatedly used artist's impressions of the convicted rapist when covering his trial for his brutal rape.
The State Government introduced legislation, allowing mugshots of convicted offenders to be released, in Parliament last year after a media campaign.
Police stopped releasing mugshots to the media after convicted rapist Simon Jacob Smith complained to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal about a suburban paper publishing his mugshot.
The new legislation allows police and other law enforcement agencies to provide photographs of convicted offenders to media organisations.
Media organisations will have to apply to the Chief Commissioner for the mugshot to be released.
State Government spokesman Alex Twomey said the legislation recognised that mugshots should be released to media outlets.
Mr Twomey said the Government had held up its end of the bargain.
"To enable mugshots to be released, a change to legislation was required which the Government has done," he said.
"This will assist Victoria Police to fulfil its functions, operate as a deterrence measure, and as a means of enhancing the feeling of safety in the community."
Gill's 19-year sentence included a 14-year non-parole period.
He will be 44 when he becomes eligible for parole.
Judge Geoffrey Chettle took into account the brutality of the rape and the absence of any explanation from Gill for his behaviour when imposing the extra condition.

AAP (1-2-2008)
Daniel Fogarty
Rapist Gill Gets 19-year Jail Term

The 30-year-old will be 44 by the time he becomes eligible for parole.
Handing down sentence in Geelong County Court yesterday, Judge Geoffrey Chettle described the rape which left the young victim fighting for her life as indescribable and incomprehensible.
"You carried out this attack in a brutal, sadistic and inhuman manner," he said.
Gill, formerly of Harpur Rd, Corio, pleaded guilty in Geelong County Court on January 14, to charges of rape, robbery and being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.
Yesterday, surrounded by prison officers, he fronted a packed court.
Judge Chettle said that on the evening of November 30, 2006, the victim finished work and went to a friend's barbecue.
He said afterwards she and her friend went to Statik Nightclub and at 1am walked to the Eureka where they drank, danced and socialised with friends.
The judge said about 2am the victim ran out of money and decided to walk alone to a nearby ATM in Moorabool St.
As she approached the ATM Gill came up and stood next to her.
He said that after completing her withdrawal, the victim began walking back to the Eureka when Gill came up and put his arm around her.
She went to walk off but Gill grabbed her arm.
When the victim tried to break free, Gill frog-marched her passed Banjo's Bakery and around the corner, east into Little Malop St.
"After walking a distance you pulled her into a loading dock but you were disturbed by a delivery van and walked her further east, forcing her into a small fire exit doorway," Judge Chettle said.
"You pushed the victim to the ground and began ripping at her clothes.
"After brutalising her, you then stole from her handbag."
Judge Chettle said that afterwards Gill walked back to Moorabool St and called his girlfriend, who came and picked him up.
"Your girlfriend later told police the two of you had argued earlier in the night after she told you she was pregnant," the judge said.
"This appears to be the only catalyst for your behaviour.
"You returned home and had sex with your girlfriend."
He said that after the attack the victim tried to dress herself and struggled back towards Moorabool St where passers-by came to her aid.
"Video surveillance footage shows the victim, still bleeding profusely, curled up on the footpath in a foetal position," he said.
"When paramedics arrived they found the victim had suffered severe blood loss and her condition was approaching the point of irreversible.
"She was fighting for her life."
Was the penalty for Luke Gill harsh enough? Click here to have your say.
The judge said paramedics who examined the victim at the scene were unable to determine whether she was suffering with a prolapsed rectum or bowel.
"Lucky for her _ and you _ she did not die," Judge Chettle told Gill in court.
"The victim suffered extensive blood loss and severe lacerations to her vagina and anus, spent 17 days in hospital and had to be fitted with a colostomy bag for a time.
"It is unlikely she will ever be able to give birth naturally and, in her words, feels she has lost the right to feel safe and trust people.
"She described the incident as being `one moment of complete insanity by one person which will remain forever in my mind'."
Judge Chettle said medical evidence showed the victim had been repeatedly penetrated with a hard object.
"Medical experts say that a cylindrical perfume bottle found at the scene could not alone have caused the injuries," he said.
"Doctors also described the victim's injuries as the worst they had ever seen in a rape victim who lived."
Judge Chettle said that when interviewed by police, Gill denied any knowledge of the attack and did not fit video-footage of the person wanted for questioning.
"You had shaved your head, had one arm tattooed and both hands bandaged," he said.
"Police found you had lied and that on the night of the attack you had a mohawk haircut.
"Days later you had your arm heavily tattooed, insisting the work be done in one session.
"You then got a friend, Jamie Murdoch, to tie you up and repeatedly place your hands on a hot barbecue plate to destroy your fingerprints.
"You told police you burned your T-shirt and disposed of your shoes and the victim's underpants in the Barwon River.
"During a search of your house, a rifle was also found behind your couch."
Judge Chettle said Gill had lied to police many times and had done so purely to protect himself.
"Your counsel suggested you were affected by alcohol at the time of your offending but there is absolutely no evidence of that," he said.
The judge said that since 2003 Gill had fathered three children by three separate relationships and that each relationship had been terminated after the woman became pregnant.
He described letters written by Gill to the court and victim as being of a self-serving nature, but accepted he had at least written them.
He said a psychologist who examined Gill also appeared guarded in his comments indicating the remorse expressed by the rapist was more about his being apprehended and charged than anything else.
"You only pleaded guilty after being confronted with incriminating video surveillance but at least you have spared the victim from having to give evidence," Judge Chettle said.
The judge said Gill's family described him as a gentle, loving, loyal and caring person.
"Those descriptions are totally at odds with your behaviour on this occasion," he said.
Gill was sentenced to a total of 19 years' jail with a non-parole period of 14.
Judge Chettle also directed that Gill be placed on the sex offenders' register for eight years, given that the victim had been snatched from the street, the ferocity of the attack and absence of any explanation given by Gill for his behaviour.
Michelle Williams appeared for the Crown, Michael Brugman for Gill.

Geelong advertiser (31-1-2008)
Karen Matthews

Family Surrounds Rape Victim With Love

THIS time the arm around her shoulders was one of strength and compassion.
It belonged to her mother and it communicated a mother's love to the proud young woman sitting in Geelong County Court.
On a night in December 2006 an arm with evil intent had been placed around that young woman's shoulders and had forcibly guided her towards darkness, and a rape so brutal it would leave her close to death.
She attended court publicly for the first time yesterday, in the close embrace of her family, and sat with her back squarely to the man who had committed the crime.
She heard Luke Gill, 30, formerly of Harpur Rd, Corio, sentenced to 19 years in jail for raping her and stealing her handbag as she lay stricken with blood pulsing from her horrific wounds.
The young woman did not look around as Judge Geoffrey Chettle imposed sentence but fiercely squeezed the hands of the people beside her, her mother and her boyfriend.
The face of her mother, known to Geelong Advertiser readers as Julia, showed relief on hearing the measure of the sentences. She wiped away tears.
County Court four was packed for the sentencing, family and friends of the victim were there in force. Her father and stepfather, her young friends.
Supporters of Gill were also there.
Five officers guarded him as he stood motionless facing the judge.
He wore a white shirt, black pants and a tie with diagonal stripes. His black hair was short. Gone was the mohawk haircut filmed by closed circuit security cameras on the night of the crime.
Gone was the shaved head he had later attempted as disguise.
Gill looked straight ahead as the court heard Judge Chettle visit that violated night and speak of a young woman out on the town with friends enjoying dancing, drinking and socialising at nightclubs before being intercepted alone by malice at an automatic teller machine.
Paramedics found her curled in a foetal position. Medical experts were shocked by the extent of her injuries they said they had never seen so severe in a survivor.
She was 22 years young. Physical scars, feelings of insecurity, flashbacks and nightmares would remain her companions, perhaps for life.
But she lived, and she was at the court to hear Judge Chettle brand the actions of her attacker as almost incomprehensible, unbelievably brutal and sadistic and the robbery as craven and despicable.
Judge Chettle glanced up at Gill from his papers periodically as he spoke. Gill occasionally closed his eyes for long seconds and at the time of sentencing the pinched line of his closed mouth betrayed choked emotion. Tears welled in his eyes.
The young woman's boyfriend turned in his seat and gave him a lingering stare.
In the back row two young women turned to each other and wept. Gill gestured to them with a slight wave as he was escorted from the room.
Outside the court the young victim stood proud, clinched in long hugs.
Her mother declined to speak about the sentencing but shared a short word through tears.
"We're just so glad it's all over," she said.
"And the police need to be congratulated for all of their hard work."
Victoria Police Sex Crimes Squad Detective Senior Constable Neville Major heard Judge Chettle's conclusion.
"We're satisfied that the sentence was adequate in this case,'' Det Sen-Constable Major said.
``However the young lady who survived this incident is unfortunately going to have to live with this for the rest of her life.
"I would think that's a harder sentence to live with than the one handed down today.
"But I think that by attending court today she and her family showed great courage. It's a testament to her strength and good upbringing."

Geelong Advertiser (31-1-2008)
Danny Lannen

Man wanted for questioning in relation to brutal attack in Geelong CBD
A new image of the man police want in relation to Geelong's brutal city rape

New Images Of Rape Suspect

THE man wanted in relation to the Lt Malop St rape walked past the Eureka Hotel, where the victim partied with friends before she was brutally attacked. These new pictures have helped police track the man's movements as investigators hunt him down.
Taken from the city's security camera footage about 2am, the picture puts the man near the Eureka minutes before the horrific attack took place in the same thoroughfare, on the other side of Moorabool St.
Sexual Crimes Unit Detective Sergeant Peter Dodemaide said the images, which give a better look at the suspect than earlier-released photographs, offered renewed hope someone would identify him.
Police used Channel 10 technology to clarify and enhance the images and Det Sgt Dodemaide said while the result was not as clear as he had hoped, police were confident someone would identify him.
"The T-shirt is better-identified in the new shot and you can get a much better look at him from front on," Det Sgt Dodemaide said.
"There's also the possibility he's not from Geelong, but regardless, somebody would've seen him or know who he was.
"Even if he was from far away, he wouldn't be here on his own. There's the possibility he's met up with someone."
The man, who is about 175cm-180cm tall, of slim build, with short dark hair, was wearing a dark T-shirt with white lettering on the front, blue denim jeans and white shoes.
In the new images he appears to have been holding something in his hand.
Det Sgt Dodemaide said police did not believe the man had been in the Eureka Hotel before or after the attack, which occurred just after 2.15am on Friday, December 1.
Police also did not think the man followed the victim.
"There's a gap of time between the victim leaving the Eureka and when he walked past," Det Sgt Dodemaide said.
Police also want to interview another man, described as muscular, with blond spiky hair, who was wearing a pale blue T-shirt and possibly jeans at the time of the attack.

Geelong Advertiser (16-12-2006)
Rebecca Tucker

Man wanted for questioning in relation to brutal attack in Geelong CBD

First Pictures Of Rape Suspect

POLICE are hunting this man after Friday morning's vicious rape of a young woman in Geelong's city centre.
They want your help to find him.
Yesterday they released these images captured on security cameras in Little Malop St shortly before the early-morning attack.
The man's image fits the description of one of the two men wanted in relation to the rape of the 22-year-old woman, which occurred after she left the Eureka Hotel between 2am and 2.20am.
The man is about 183cm tall, slim build, short dark hair and was wearing a dark coloured T-shirt with white lettering on the front, blue denim jeans and white shoes.
The second man, not in the pictures, is thought to be muscular, with blond spiky hair and wearing a pale blue T-shirt and possibly jeans at the time of the attack.
Police believe both men are caucasian.
Sexual Crimes Unit Detective Inspector Anthony Cecchin said the images were not the best quality but believed anyone who knew the man would be able to identify him.
He wants anyone who recognises the man to contact police urgently.
Five days after the attack police are still hungry for new information.
The investigators will today set up an information caravan in Geelong in a bid to find the attackers.
The caravan will be in the city again tomorrow night.
The attack occurred underneath a sign saying "camera surveillance area" but the cameras are not monitored on Thursday nights.
The victim is still in Geelong Hospital, where she underwent emergency surgery after the attack.
Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers.

Geelong Advertiser (6-12-2006)
Rebecca Tucker

Help Police Catch The Monsters

POLICE are continuing to appeal for witnesses to a savage assault and rape in central Geelong early on Friday.
No new information had come to light yesterday about the attack in Lt Malop St that left a 22-year-old woman requiring emergency surgery in Geelong Hospital.
A spokeswoman for the hospital said yesterday the woman was in a stable condition.
Police said the woman had left the Eureka Hotel between 2am and 2.20am on Friday and was walking through Lt Malop St when she was attacked by two men, who dragged her into an alcove and raped her.
Staff from a 7-Eleven store and a nearby hotel later found the woman staggering along the street. Her attackers had fled.
She was taken to hospital with lacerations and had lost a lot of blood, police said.
Police said both men were believed to be caucasian and aged in their early 20s. One was muscular with blond spiky hair and was wearing a pale blue T-shirt and possibly jeans.
The second man was about 183cm tall, slim build, short dark hair and was wearing a dark coloured T-shirt with white lettering on the front, blue denim jeans and white shoes.
Both are believed to have had a lot of blood on their clothes.
Despite the fact the attack happened directly underneath a sign saying "Camera surveillance area", it went undetected because the cameras are only monitored on Friday and Saturday nights.
Police were scouring tapes over the weekend in the hope of identifying the attackers.
Geelong Mayor Peter McMullin said the city would work with police and the Central Geelong Management Committee to review security measures in the CBD.
Cr McMullin said while he didn't believe "radical new measures" were warranted, decisions about new facilities, such as a police kiosk in Lt Malop St, were ultimately for police.
"If they make that suggestion we'll certainly work with them on that," he said.
"In essence the initiative for these sorts of measures needs to come from the police."
Cr McMullin also said security issues were part of a bigger picture including the sale of cheap alcohol at several inner city venues.
"They all interweave in a way," he said.
"We've got issues with some venues selling cheap grog, and all those issues influence how we manage those things generally."

AAP (4-12-2006)
Simeon Bennett

Brutal Rape In Shopping Mall

A 22-year-old woman suffered horrendous injuries during a vicious rape in a Geelong shopping centre early today.
Police said two men attacked the woman in Union Street, Market Square Mall, dragging her into an alcove on Little Mallop Street about 2.20am (AEDT) today.
The victim was walking alone after leaving the Eureka Tavern Hotel.
Detective Inspector Tony Cecchin, of Victoria's Sexual Crimes Squad, said the women lost about a litre of blood and was so seriously injured she required urgent surgery at Geelong Hospital.
"It is one of the most brutal and vicious attacks I've seen in my time," Insp Cecchin said.
Asked what type of injuries the women had, Insp Cecchin said: "Everything".
The first suspect is described as Caucasian, aged 20 to 22, of muscular build with blonde spiky hair. He was wearing a pale blue T-shirt and possibly jeans.
The second suspect is described as Caucasian, about 22 years old, shorter than the first man, with blonde-to-brown hair and wearing jeans.
One of the men was covered in blood when they fled the mall, Insp Cecchin said.
Detectives are appealing for any witnesses to the attack or anyone who saw the men with blood on their clothes.
Witnesses are urged to phone Crime Stoppers or visit www.crimestoppers.com.au.

AAP (1-12-2006)

You Saw It, So Come Forward

Sexual Crimes Unit Detective Inspector Tony Cecchin in Little Malop St with the Geelong Advertiser wanted poster.
PASSERS-BY saw Friday morning's brutal attack of a rape victim in central Geelong, but did not stop to help or call police.
One witness kept going because they assumed the attack was a domestic dispute.
Police yesterday revealed several new clues in their investigation as they renewed calls for public information.
They believe it will be some time before the 22-year-old Geelong woman recovers from the "brutal" attack which has left her psychologically and physically traumatised.
Police are confident they will find a suspect captured on security footage around the time of the attack.
Initial belief two attackers were involved is now under question, with police unsure of the second man's role.
Sexual Crimes Unit Detective Inspector Tony Cecchin said the victim had just used the St George ATM in Moorabool St before walking around the corner into Little Malop St where she was approached by a man.
They spoke for several minutes before he allegedly frog-marched her towards Market Square shopping centre, past its entry and into an alcove.
She was then raped in an attack that lasted a few minutes.
Det Insp Cecchin said the attacker fled towards Yarra St before the woman staggered towards Moorabool St, leaving a trail of blood.
"She fell in a crumpled heap outside Banjos (bakery)," Det Insp Cecchin said.
He said two people from the nearby 7-Eleven found her distressed on the ground and phoned for an ambulance.
Det Insp Cecchin said the woman sustained extensive injuries in the horrific attack and would be in hospital for some time.
"To be quite honest she has undergone a terrible ordeal and it will take some time before she recovers both psychologically and physically," he said.
"However, her family has rallied around her and they have provided enormous support."
Det Insp Cecchin said the attack, which occurred about 2.15am, was most likely random and urged the public not to panic.
He said it was surprising the number of passers-by who were in the area at the time of the rape.
"We do have one witness who thought there was some sort of a domestic going on and consequently didn't intervene at the time,'' Insp Cecchin said.
"I think in the circumstances that what occurred may have been misconstrued or misinterpreted."
He said police were investigating several leads which they hoped would lead to an arrest.
Police were still talking to the victim, piecing together information from the night.
"As you can probably appreciate our victim has undergone quite a traumatic experience and we're slowly going through the details of the attack to ascertain what exactly occurred at that time," Det Insp Cecchin said.
"She does have a fragmented memory of what did occur on the evening, but as she's slowly recovering she's recalling more."

Geelong Advertiser (7-12-2006)
Rebecca Tucker

Rape Clue With Bloodied T-shirt

POLICE yesterday took to the streets of Geelong in their hunt for two men who viciously raped a woman and left her to die.
Two men confronted the 22-year-old in Geelong's Union St Market Square mall shortly after she left the Eureka nightclub about 2.20am last Friday.
The men dragged the woman into an alcove in Little Malop St which is about 150m from the nightclub.
In the attack the woman lost a lot of blood.
She left long trails of her blood as she tried to flee her attackers.
Eventually two people passing by discovered her.
The Geelong woman had to be taken to hospital for surgery and was given a blood transfusion.
Yesterday, police set up an information point in the mall and released security footage of the two suspects.
Det-Insp Anthony Cecchin, of the sexual crimes squad, told the Herald Sun the attack was "opportunistic and brutal".
"Our objective is to encourage a public response and generate information," Det-Insp Cecchin said. "The attack was quite brutal.
"The woman has been through a terrible ordeal.
"But her family have really rallied around her."
Det-Insp Cecchin said one of the offenders, who was wearing a dark T-shirt, would have left the scene covered in blood.
"Someone out there knows something . . . if this person came home that night they would've had quite a significant amount of blood on the shirt or themselves."
This attacker is described as Caucasian, aged 20, 175cm tall, with short dark hair and with a medium build. He was wearing a dark T-shirt with white writing, blue jeans and white shoes.
The other man is aged between 20 and 22, is muscular with blond spiky hair and was wearing a pale blue T-shirt, possibly with jeans.
Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Herald Sun (7-12-2006)
Holly Lloyd-McDonald/ Anthony Dowsley

Rape Victim's Mother Writes Of Pain And Of Hope

THE mother's pain is intense, but so is her strength as she expresses the heartbreak of her daughter's rape.
In this letter, addressed to the Geelong Advertiser , the woman whose daughter was brutally attacked in Little Malop St 10 days ago put into words the devastation that has rocked her family.
It is the first time the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, has spoken.
She has done so to make a plea to the Geelong community.
"If you know this person you owe it to the rest of your town to contact the police and help restore some normality to everyone's lives," she says of the attacker.
The mother's heartbreak _ and that of her 22-year-old daughter and the rest of their family _ is raw.
As expected, her daughter will take months to recover physically from the attack, requiring more surgery in three months.
"Her emotional state is very much an unknown,'' the mother writes.
She also uses her letter to express her gratitude to the Geelong community for its care in the wake of her assault.
She is particularly overwhelmed by the staff at the "wonderful" Geelong Hospital.
"The empathy and respect they have given our beautiful girl and all our family and her friends have been exceptional," she writes.
She has also been touched by the efforts of the police investigating "this heinous crime" and urges the public to help the investigation so that the community can feel safe again.
The mother acknowledges the city's outrage at the attack.
Writing the letter at 5am Saturday, watching the view across Corio Bay from a hospital window, she explains she and her family are taking her daughter home.
"I can see your beautiful city, the bay, and it looks so tranquil and an idyllic place to live," she writes.
"It was very much this for our daughter for quite a period of time.
"She has had some wonderful experiences here and made so many what will be life-long friends and generally grown into an independent young woman."
The rape, which occurred just after 2am on Friday, December 1, in Little Malop St, has shocked the community and prompted a group of other parents to volunteer to monitor the city's security cameras.
The cameras, which operate in the area of the assault, were not manned overnight that Thursday and are only monitored on Friday and Saturday nights.
But police are using footage captured not long before the attack of a man believed to have been involved.
The attacker is believed to be about 175cm-180cm tall, of slim build, with short dark hair and was wearing a dark coloured T-shirt with white lettering on the front, blue denim jeans and white shoes.
Another man, either a second offender or at least a witness, is thought to be muscular, with blond spiky hair and was wearing a pale blue T-shirt and possibly jeans.

Rebecca Tucker (11-12-2006)
Geelong Advertiser

Candid Camera Talks

MAKING IT HAPPEN: The concept of volunteers manning the city's cameras has won the backing of Geelong police. Photo: JAMES OXLEY
POLICE have backed public calls for volunteers to man the city's cameras.
It started as one mother's idea and police now hope to make it a reality.
The plan needs the Geelong Council's support, with new Mayor Bruce Harwood yesterday agreeing to meet with the police to discuss the issue.
"The council certainly agrees to any reasonable request to help facilitate better use of the cameras,'' Cr Harwood said.
The Geelong Advertiser , prompted by a flood of community demand for the concept, is campaigning to have the cameras monitored seven-days-a-week.
The volunteer plan at the weekend had the thumbs-up from the city's top cop Chief Inspector Wayne Carson.
He is now on leave for two weeks, but Corio Police Inspector Barry Malloch said he hoped a meeting between the police and council could be arranged when Insp Carson returned.
Insp Malloch said paid or non-paid monitors should be considered equally capable of doing the job.
"Whether they get paid or not shouldn't affect their ability to do the job," he said.
"It's one way to keep the place safer and I like anything that does that."
Insp Malloch said two people would be needed to cover each nightly shift.
Geelong's cameras are monitored by paid staff only on Friday and Saturday nights but at the City of Melbourne, security cameras are monitored around the clock.
The council's website explains the cameras help the council and police "work together to improve response times to crime and other emergencies".
The specially-trained paid monitors notify police as soon as incidents occur.
Cr Harwood said the volunteer plan sounded simple but would not be easy to implement.
Volunteers would require police checks and training to ensure they were suitable.
Public anger has been overwhelming since a 22-year-old Geelong woman was raped in Little Malop St in the early hours of December 1.
The attack occurred near the security cameras installed three years ago to help keep the city safe, however, they were not manned in the early hours that Friday morning.
The cameras did capture the man police want to speak to about the rape but his image was not publicly displayed until five days later. He is still on the run.
The Geelong Council has refused to answer questions about the cost of paying staff to monitor the cameras or about its budget to do so.
A spokesman last week said as the rape was the subject of an ongoing police investigation, the city was "limited with regard to the comments it can make".

Rebecca Tucker(12-12-2006)
Geelong Advertiser

Rape Probe Goes 'CSI'

POLICE are using CSI-style technology to enhance camera images of a man they want in relation to the Lt Malop St rape.
They are scouring unreleased footage of a suspect and believe it will shed new light on the attack.
Sexual Crimes Unit Detective Inspector Tony Cecchin said police hoped to access new software technology to zoom in on the man's face and clothing.
They are confident the technology will allow them to get a clearer picture of the man they believe was involved in the attack on the 22-year-old woman just after 2am on December 1.
Det Insp Cecchin said the police would publicly release the new images as soon as they were available.
Police have already released several pictures of the man captured on video footage around the time of the attack, which occurred after the victim had left the Eureka hotel.
Det Insp Cecchin said police had this week analysed more footage from other cameras within the city, which they hoped would help the case.
In the meantime, Det Insp Cecchin said police were chasing a constant stream of leads supplied by the public in response to the rape.
None had led them to the attacker, but Det Insp Cecchin was confident police would eventually make a breakthrough.
The man in the footage is about 175cm-180cm tall, of slim build, with short dark hair and wearing a dark T-shirt with white lettering on the front, blue denim jeans and white shoes.
Police also want to speak to another man, described as muscular, with blond spiky hair, who was wearing a pale blue T-shirt and possibly jeans at the time of the attack.
As the police searched desperately for the rapist, the physical and psychological trauma the attack caused the victim prompted her mother to pen a letter to the Geelong community pleading for information.
The letter, published exclusively in the Geelong Advertiser this week, called on anyone who knew the man in the pictures to come forward.
Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers.

AAP (14-12-2006)
Rebecca Tucker

Police Go To TV Network For Help In Rape Probe

CHANNEL 10 has turned detective as police step up the hunt for the Lt Malop St rapist.
The television network, better known for broadcasting crime shows than for catching criminals, is using its technology to help close the net on Geelong's most wanted man.
Sexual Crimes Unit Detective Inspector Tony Cecchin said the network's technology experts were helping police enhance new footage of the man they believe was involved in the attack on a 22-year-old woman just after 2am on December 1.
Det Insp Cecchin said the new footage, taken from security cameras in Geelong on the night of the rape, was better than the images released publicly last week.
But the man's face in the picture is blurry and police are hoping the television experts can enhance it.
"There is no budget on this kind of thing, that doesn't even enter into the equation, we are using all our resources on this,'' Det Insp Cecchin said.
He said he understood the public wanted the attacker caught as quickly as possible but it would take time to enhance the images and the police would not cut corners to do the job.
"Because they're having a red hot go and are really trying to make it happen, if we want the best possible outcome then we need to wait," Det Insp Cecchin said
He said another detective was working full-time analysing the "hours and hours" of camera footage recorded in the city on the night of the attack.
The man police want to speak to is about 175cm-180cm tall, of slim build, with short dark hair and wearing a dark T-shirt with white lettering on the front, blue denim jeans and white shoes.
Police also want to interview another man, described as muscular, with blond spiky hair, who was wearing a pale blue T-shirt and possibly jeans at the time of the attack.
The attack, which occurred after the victim had left the Eureka Hotel, has left the victim physically and psychologically scarred.
She underwent surgery after the rape and will need another operation in about three months.

AAP (15-12-2006)
Rebecca Tucker

My Daughter Wants A Knife

Sue is concerned after her daughter asked for a knife to protect herself after the recent vicious rape in Geelong.
GEELONG'S recent brutal rape has left one young woman so terrified that she wants to carry a weapon.
Grovedale teenager Tahlia 17, has asked for a knife for Christmas to ward off would-be attackers in the wake of the violent Little Malop St attack earlier this month.
It is a request that has her mother Sue worried sick and it has prompted police to issue a strong warning to anyone considering carrying a weapon.
"I think it's a bit sad when your daughter says I want a knife," Mrs said.
"I have told her that it's illegal to carry a knife and her response was ` 'so, should I just let someone rape me or kill me?' and it really is scary. I am just wondering how many other girls are out there who want to start carrying a weapon of some sort since the rape."
Police yesterday reiterated that carrying a knife was illegal and that a momentary act of self defence using a knife could also lead to serious charges.
There is also the potential for an attacker to use the weapon against its owner, police said.
Mrs said she had refused to grant Tahlia's request.
"She's picked out the knife she wants and I have to admit that I did consider getting her one for Christmas but then I thought that it wasn't a very responsible thing for a mother to do," she said.
"As much as I want her protected, I don't think it is something a mother should buy for her daughter."
Mrs has pleaded with her daughter to reconsider her decision to carry a knife to fight off potential attackers but the message has fallen on deaf ears.
"Ever since the incident in the mall she has wanted a knife but I did tell her that if somebody attacked her, by the time she found it in her bag and flicked it open the person could wrestle it off her and stab her with it," she said.
"This is a Christian girl with a lot of faith in God but she has figured out that she can have the knife open inside her bag and have her hand inside the bag, so if anyone comes she can just stab them through the bag." She's not backward in coming forward and that's what scares me."
Meanwhile, police are still hunting for the two men involved in the vicious Little Malop St rape. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stoppers.

AAP (18-12-2006)
Daniel Breen

Rape Suspect In Court Today

THE man charged with the brutal Lt Malop St rape has spent four nights alone inside the Geelong police station cells.
Geelong police Acting Sergeant Kevin Warburton said Luke Gill, 28, of Harpur Rd, Corio, was the only prisoner in the cells during the Christmas period.
Sgt Warburton said the father of two had no visitors after police charged him with abduction and rape about 1am Sunday.
Geelong police only allow visitors to the cells on Saturdays.
The suspect was remanded in custody after an out of sessions hearing early Sunday morning and will appear at the Geelong Magistrates' Court today.
He is accused of raping a 22-year-old woman in Lt Malop St about 2.20am on December 1 after the victim had left the Eureka Hotel.
The rape has been one of the highest profile offences in Geelong's recent history, causing widespread horror among the community.
Sgt Warburton said police did not expect any trouble from the public during the hearing but Geelong Magistrate's Court security would be on hand before and after the session.
Mr Gill was arrested late Saturday after police, including detectives from the Sexual Crimes Unit, raided his house with a search warrant.
The victim of the attack, who is not expected in court today, spent nine days in hospital after the attack and has since returned to her family's Mornington Peninsula home.
The rape has prompted debate about the safety of Geelong's streets, with an outpouring of would-be volunteers contacting the Geelong Advertiser to offer their time to monitor the city's security cameras.
The cameras were not manned on the night of the attack.

Geelong Advertiser (27-12-2006)
Rebecca Tucker

Rape Suspect To Face Court

A 28-YEAR-old Corio man will face court tomorrow over allegations he is the Lt Malop St rapist.
Father-of-two Luke Gill will front Geelong Magistrates' Court charged with abduction and rape, more than three weeks after he allegedly raped a 22-year-old woman on December 1.
Mr Gill spent Christmas in a police cell after officers exercised a search warrant on his Harpur Rd home and arrested him late on Saturday. He faced extensive questioning and was later charged.
He appeared at an out-of-sessions court hearing about 1am on Sunday, where he applied unsuccessfully for bail and was remanded in custody.
It is understood he sought legal advice but was not represented.
Police Sexual Crimes Unit Detective Sergeant Peter Dodemaide said he had phoned the victim's mother with news of the arrest about 1.30am on Sunday.
Det Sgt Dodemaide said the investigation would continue despite the charges and that police had not ruled out a second offender.
The 22-year-old victim required surgery after the alleged attack, which happened in the Lt Malop St mall about 2.20am, after she left the Eureka Hotel.
She is now recovering at home with her family on the Mornington Peninsula.
Her rape has provoked widespread shock in the Geelong community, and calls for increased security measures in the CBD.
Concerned residents have also offered to monitor the city's security cameras, which it was revealed were not being watched at the time of the attack.

Geelong Advertiser (26-12-2006)
Simeon Bennett

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