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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection,help prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/ re-offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.
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Informing the community/public of convicted sex offenders identities and location ("community notification/ public sex offender registries") is not only about Naming and Shaming the convicted paedophile/sex offender,

Its much more importantly about PUBLIC SAFETY - AWARENESS - PREVENTION...

However the threat of Naming and Shaming is no doubt still a useful deterrent for some potential sex offenders..

The average paedophile will molest 45-135 children each..

Its no secret that there is a high percentage of re-offending amongst Paedophiles/sex offenders, and the current system greatly assists them to re-offend by withholding the information from the public. It is necessary,vital information that all parents/public should have access to,to better protect themselves and their families/children from proven sex offenders.

There are currently many thousands of convicted paedophiles/ sex offenders living UNDERGROUND
in communities around Australia. You should have access to who and where they are,in order to better protect your family/children.

As previously stated,sex offenders are likely to re-offend and they thrive on secrecy,so WHY should entire communities including YOU and YOUR family be put at risk to protect a convicted paedophiles/sex offenders identity and location.

The Australian Federal/State governments should be providing YOU with access to sex offender registries,letting you know,who and where convicted sex offenders/Child killers are.


MAKO/Files Online.. Listing Australian Convicted Paedophiles/ Sex Offenders/ Child Killers.. FREE Public Service..

Community Has Right to Know About Pedophiles..Paedophiles shouldn't be able to hide - Former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd

Would You Want To Know If any of These convicted sex offenders Moved Near You And Your Family ?? -
An Aware Community Is A Safer Community

Child killer- John David Lewthwaite
John Lewthwaite
Pedophile-Brian Jones
 (Mr Baldy)
Brian Jones
Phillip Teare-Cryer
Phillip Teare-Cryer
Robin Angus Fletcher
Robin Fletcher
Mark Jewell
Mark Jewell

Gary Sutton
Gary Sutton
Dennis Ferguson
Dennis Ferguson
Lance Foot
Lance Foot
Frank Moertel
Frank Moertel
Anthony Pitt
Anthony Pitt

"Parents want to protect their children and another way to increase protection of children is knowledge.
If you choose to sexually assault children, having people know who and where you are should be one of the consequences of your conduct."

- Peter Faris, QC -

Sex Fiend Moves Next to Girl Victim in Sydney

A Sydney teenager is living in fear after a neighbour who was jailed for sexually abusing her moved into the house next door.
Two weeks ago, the Macquarie Fields man finished serving a five year sentence for an attack on his young neighbour, and immediately moved back into his home.
Neither can be named for legal reasons.
The man's reappearance has shocked the southwestern Sydney community, which has begun distributing flyers naming him as a sex predator and revealing his address after he reappeared.
The controversy comes amid a growing row over the release of notorious child abuser Kenneth Tillman.
The girl was 12 when she was abused and was so devastated by the attack she tried to kill herself, she has said. She was now living at a friend's home because she was so frightened of the man.
"When I'm here (at home) I stay in my room and I don't talk to anyone, and every time I hear the front door it's like, 'Who's there?'," she said.
"I've actually been staying at a mate's house."
Her father was shocked that authorities had let the man move next door to his daughter.
"How can they let him back there, to let her suffer again?" he asked.
A NSW Corrective Services spokeswoman said there were no restrictions on the man's movements after he completed his sentence.
"He served his full sentence. He's not on parole," she said.
"Under the law ... there is no restrictions."

The Daily Telegraph (21-11-2008)

            Below - Some Of MAKO's "Notifications"
  • Mark Freinick, Claremont, Tas. (July 2004).
  • SafeCare, Fremantle, W.A (7-2004).
  • Peter Thompson, Castlemaine, Vic.(1-6-1998).
  • Desmond Leslie Paterson, Bendigo, Vic.(1998).
  • Phillip Corlett (Teare) Cryer, Adelaide.(1998)- Re-offended
  • Andrew Ball, Bendigo, Vic.(1998)
  • Ian Lawrence Collins (1998)
  • Donald Leslie Rheese, Melbourne, Vic. (1998)
  • Clinton Bruce Kirkbride, Bendigo, Vic.(1998)- Reoffended
  • Peter Allen Jensz and Noel Weaver,
    Haywood, Vic.(1998)
  • Luke Paul Frank Moertel QLD (2000)
  • Kenneth Briggs VIC. (1998)
  • Justin John Peter Butler QLD (Jan-2000)
  • Russell John Cornish QLD (Feb-2000)
  • Edward Clarence Smith SA (Jan- 1999)
  • Phillip Martin Lawrence Briscoe SA (July- 1999)
  • Gavin Shawn Schuster (1998)
  • Allan Buxton Wright (Jan- 1999)
  • Desmond Clift (1999)
  • Christopher D'Astoli (August- 1999)
  • Elio Francis Macauda VIC (6-9-1998)
  • Peter Scott Blencowe VIC (Feb- 1999)
  • Kenneth Donald Lowe (VIC- 1998)
  • Kenneth Leslie Trezise VIC (22-10-1998/ Drop 15- Method 2)
  • Father Graham Redfern VIC (1999)
  • - Read more on Redfern
  • Mark Anthony Jackson VIC (August- 1999)
  • Kenneth William Glenncross (Deceased) SA
  • Robert Kingsley Hawkes SA (Feb- 2000)- Re-offended
  • John Rowan Shea VIC (Nov- 1998)
  • Keith Webb Wright QLD (March- 2000)
  • Ian William Marshall VIC (4-10-1999)
  • Lambert Ariens VIC (Feb- 1999)
  • Stanley Brown WA (August- 2003)
  • Mark Christopher Dean
  • This list is yet to be completed

Sex offender register ready in July (WA) (8-3-2012)
Parents enraged over child killer living in there street
VIC- 90 listed sex offenders living in Geelong
WA- Paedophile rapist 'should never be released' (Dexter Williams)
Convicted paedophile allowed to look after kids
WA- Homeless Sex Monster 'A Threat to Locals' (Gary Narkle)
NSW No Dumping Ground For Pedophiles (16-8-2005)
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Wanted- Home For Sex Crazed Maniac (Mr Baldy articles)
S.A Paedophile Register
Child Protection (Nicole's Law) Bill 2009 (NSW)

Sex Offenders- Electronic Tagging
Paedophiles- Name Changing

"Don't let this man go free"
In a pre-sentence report, he was described as a
"dangerous, high-risk and indiscriminate sex offender."

Parole Board of South Australia
Crimtrac- Australia
International Sex Offender Registries/ Databases

International Notification Laws
Megan's Law

Christophers Law

Sarah's Law
James Bulger killers, are they here in Australia....
UK Police

The FBI (USA) - List of Sex Offender Registry Websites

The parents of 7-year-old Megan Kanka of Hamilton Township, did not know that a twice convicted sex offender was living across the street
until that neighbour was charged with the brutal rape and murder of their daughter.

Learn more about "Megan's Law"

ANCOR Australian National Child Offender Register
Under ANCOR, people convicted of sexual or other serious offences against children will be required to register with police and provide details such as club memberships and even travel plans. The ANCOR list of offenders needs to be made available to the public.

Print and distribute some MAKO Awareness-Prevention Flyers in your community.
MAKO Awareness/Prevention Flyer- (PDF Document)

Hiding the KILLERS.. 73 year old Marie Greening Zidan was sexually assaulted, bashed and strangled- Her killers after serving only 6 years jail have been released...

"Paedophiles are very cunning and without conscience, they use threats, bribery, secrets, lies, flattery and other tricks to ensure the child victim does not tell anyone else about the abuse."
Deborah Coddington- 1997 (Extract from the Australian Paedophile/ Sex Offender Index).

Community Notification's
MAKO has notified 60+ Australian communities throughout Australia since 1998.
Since MAKO has being notifying (via info in letterbox) Australian communities of convicted Paedophiles/ Sex offenders living secretly amongst them- we have found many Of the sex offenders Were Living Within 500 Metres Of a Primary School/ Kindergarten.
Feedback has confirmed that at least some of the convicted sex offenders concerned, once again had ready access to children.
You Should Be Notified
How many convicted paedophiles/ sex offenders are living near you and your children?

Schools and Sex offenders

Child Abduction-Amber Alert

Australian Paedophile/ Sex Offender Index- Written by Deborah Coddington


"There's no greater nightmare for a father or a mother than the prospect that their child might in one way or another be subject to some kind of abuse."
Former Australian Prime Minister- John Howard (2004)

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