"SafeCare" Notification - WA, 2004

The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/protection, prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/re-offending. Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

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Safecare provide a way out for sex offenders/ paedophiles

SafeCare in "Pakenham St-Fremantle" offers a 2 year government funded (community) counselling program for child sex offenders.
WA is the only Australian State without
MANDATORY REPORTING - If WA introduced MANDATORY REPORTING, then all sex offenders, including those who are referred to Safecare, would by law have their details reported/provided to the correct authorities for investigation.
Safecare provide a way out for sex offenders/paedophiles..By going to safecare they are escaping Police detection-not even the names are reported to Police.These offenders are obviously mixing together - another recipe for disaster..
The SAFETY of the community must be paramount and to have 100's of sex offenders walking around in communities unknown to Police or the public is careless at best.. Having child sex offender programs in the community effectively places further children from all communities at RISK (the average child sex offender will abuse 45+ children over a lifetime)..
Imagine for a moment if your child was molested, or you were raped.. then no criminal action was taken against the offender, not even his name reported to Police,this would be unacceptable punishment for most crimes let alone sexual offences against CHILDREN. At the moment these Paedophiles get a green light to walk around undetected,free to harrass the victim,free to re/offend..
SAFECARE should be SHUT DOWN or operate from prison.. Any sex offender programs/therapy should be offered in jail and "all sex offenders details" reported directly to Police- MAKO Inc

SafeCare- WA- July (2004)
MAKO distributed 600 flyers to households in the immediate vicinity of Safecares operation informing
the Public of the importance of prevention,possible dangers sex offenders pose and to be vigilant.

(Movement Against Kindred Offenders)

M.A.K.O. NOTIFICATION Community Notification- Method 3- Fremantle- WA- July/ August- 2004
...Be Vigilant -"SafeCare" - Is operating In Your Community...

FACTS.. SafeCare offers a 2 year private (community) counselling program for child sex offenders. lt has been operating for over 10 years and has dealt with more than "500" Paedophiles in that time. Some 80% of them have been referred to SafeCare by D.C.D (Department Community Development) who also fund Safecare. (Your Tax $$$ )
This gives the Child Sex Offender the option of "NOT BEING REPORTED" to the Authorities for investigation/ conviction if they sign on with SafeCare.-including repeat offenders. Our research indicates as few as 1% may have been reported to WA Police by Safecare in the last 10 years. + WA is the only Australian State yet to employ MANDATORY REPORTING. Having child sex offender programs in the community effectively places further children at RISK .. (the average child sex offender will abuse 45+ children over a lifetime)..Any such programs should be offered in jail and "all sex offenders details" reported directly to Police.
Safecare is currently operating from PAKENHAM ST/Fremantle which is near Schools/child care centres/parks etc..

**For Safecares street address Contact MAKO Inc..

(*Conditions Apply)- *You Must Provide Own Details to MAKO / Further details will be sent out by post only/ P.O Boxes unacceptable.

MAKO/Files - National/ State Public Register Of Australian Convicted Sex Offenders.. 1000+ listed.
Below are 3 WA convicted paedophiles currently listed at www.mako.org.au....

Stanley Lewis Brown- WA Kalgoorlie , Collins Street
AGE: 78yrs old
Convicted Paedophile- Sentenced in the Perth Supreme Court in 1995 to 4yrs jail/ 18 months non parole.
Other: Piano Teacher. Convicted on 12 child sex charges, against a 13yr old girl (music student ). Believed to be STILL teaching piano to children in Kalgoorlie.
David Edison Bell- W.A
AGE: 61yrs old
Convicted Paedophile- Sentenced on the 11-9-2000 in a WA District Court to 5yrs jail/ Eligible for parole.
Other: Bell was convicted on 5 counts of unlawfully and indecently dealing with a child under 14yrs. Victim was 7yr old boy. Molested by Bell in 1973/ 74.
Ross Hailstones- W.A
AGE: 43yrs old
Convicted Paedophile (Repeat Offender)- Sentenced on the 11-2-2004 in the WA District Court to 20 months jail/ Eligible for parole. Convicted on 7 counts of indecently dealing with a child under 13.
Other: Victim was a young boy. Molested his victim while working at a lolly shop in Fremantle, WA.

Prevention Must Be The Priority

Former Australian Prime Minister KEVIN Rudd says -"People should be told if paedophiles are moving into their communities".


MAKO/Files Online.. Listing Australian Convicted Paedophiles/ Sex Offenders.. FREE Public Service..

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