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Name: Mark Anthony Jewell

Age: 46 yrs old (2011)

State: VIC/formerly of the Melbourne suburb of Kew.

Sentence: Sentenced 30-4-2003 to 5 yrs jail - He is due for release on June 6, 2008.

Offence/Other: Serial rapist and paedophile..Dubbed the 'Armadale Rapist' in 1990 for attacks on 10 females (aged 9-41 yrs old). Jailed in 1990 for 16 yrs/ 14 yrs non parole. He served 8 yrs and was released in 1998. Jailed for 18 months for writing letters to young girls and stalking his neighbour. He was released in Dec 2001. These latest offences include indecent acts on a 12 yr old girl in the presence of an 8 yr old.

Child Sex Monster Goes Free But He Can't Be Named

Victoria's worst pedophile has been released from jail and the State Government refuses to reveal his name.
The man -- who headed a child sex ring -- is one of 18 serial pedophiles who have been released on extended supervision orders.
Of those, four are living secretly in the community.
The others are on the grounds of Ararat prison.
The orders tell them to stay away from children and inform authorities if they move house or change their names.
But they also ban the publication of their names, keeping the public in the dark.
The sex ring -- which included notorious pedophiles -- violated children as young as four and committed at least 167 offences.
Aged almost 50, the ringleader befriended parents so he could prey on their children.
The County Court rejected a Herald Sun challenge to the suppression, ruling it could ruin his chance of rehabilitation.
The offender ran a pedophile ring described by a judge as "depraved and wicked".
Experts told the court he presents a moderate-to-high risk of re-offending.
The pedophile completed his parole period last October after almost 20 years in prison.
Official records reveal he pleaded guilty to more than 80 child sex crimes in the 1980s.
In dismissing the man's appeal, the judge said: "In over 30 years' involvement in criminal law, this case is the worst of its type that I have encountered."
The man is undergoing chemical castration with anti-androgen hormones, which are commonly used in sex-change procedures.
That means his appearance is likely to change.
The offender is believed to live in an apartment block where his neighbours are ignorant of his past.
He has re-offended after previous prison releases.
One of his victims told the Herald Sun: "I'd love for him to be on the (extended supervision) order but why can't we know where he is?
"He'll go out and re-offend. It's who he is. It's what he did last time, and now no one seems to be worried about him."
Adult Parole Board chief David Provan said the man had served his full sentence.
"He fully complied with the requirements of the parole order and successfully completed parole in October," Mr Provan said.
People Against Lenient Sentencing president Steve Medcraft said victims deserved better.
"The rights of offenders are paramount in Victoria. It's all remorse and rehabilitation," he said.
The man, who began offending at 17, last year fought the Department of Justice's bid to put him on an extended supervision order.
But Judge Meryl Sexton placed him on an order for the maximum 15 years.
Psychological assessments concluded that if he did re-offend, it would be by the same method he always had.
"He (would) gain access to children by establishing himself in a relationship involving children or engaging with other known offenders with whom he could co-offend," the County Court was told.
In the past, sex offenders who have been publicly named on their release were identified before the extended supervision order took effect.
The Herald Sun last October challenged the suppression of his name.
Lawyers Corrs Chambers Westgarth argued that publication of his name would warn off potential victims.
But Judge Frances Millane said the argument was "naive".
In her reasons, released last week, she said: "In my view the interest the public has in open justice must, on this occasion, give way to the interest it has in not jeopardising the respondent's ongoing rehabilitation by exposing him to the sorts of harassment, protest and sometimes vigilantism offenders which his truly shocking history of sexual offending attract."
Judge Millane also blocked public access to assessment reports of his progress.
The State Government is planning changes to Victoria's sex-offender supervision laws.
It is believed they will reject a recommendation from the Sentencing Advisory Council that the maximum length of an extended supervision order be reduced from 15 years to just two.
A spokesman for Corrections Minister Bob Cameron said there were no plans to ease restrictions on naming serious sex offenders.
"Suppression orders are entirely decisions of an independent court," he said.

Herald Sun (21-5-2008)
Carly Crawford

MAKO/Files Online.. Listing Australian Convicted Paedophiles/ Sex Offenders/ Child Killers.. FREE Public Service..


The Sunday Herald Sun (vic) has launched legal action against a court order banning them from letting the PUBLIC know the identity of a soon to be released serial rapist and paedophile(Sex offenders thrive on secrecy).
Once again the privacy of a convicted rapist/paedophile is seemingly more important than your right to know to better protect yourself and your children??
We believe sex offenders belong in jail, however the reality is that he will soon be released to join the other thousands of convicted sex offenders already living secretly in Australian communities and the PUBLIC should be informed
WHO and WHERE these offenders are..
Protecting children/Preventing sex crime must be the priority - Awareness is very important to PREVENTION..!!- MAKO Inc

Show Us Face of This Fiend

THE Sunday Herald Sun has launched legal action to obtain the right to reveal the identity of a soon-to-be-released serial sex monster.
Authorities have placed a gag on publishing the fiend's image or name despite expert opinion he is not rehabilitated and will offend again.
The newspaper has applied to challenge the gag in the County Court to lift the cloak of anonymity granted to one of Victoria's worst sex attackers.
Sunday Herald Sun editor Simon Pristel said the Victorian public deserved to be heard on this vital matter of public safety.
"We cannot sit by and let a decision go unchallenged that puts the protection of a sex fiend ahead of the public's right to know," Mr Pristel said.
The legal move comes as police say they fear the serial pedophile, rapist and fetishist will return to his stalking grounds of Melbourne's eastern suburbs when released.
The Sunday Herald Sun has also unearthed four separate reports by mental health experts indicating the fiend had little prospect of reform.
More recent reports on his psychiatric state and likelihood of rehabilitation have been made secret by the gag.
The gag also suppresses details of the serial pedophile and rapist's release. The gag - agreed between the Government and the offender's lawyer and approved by the County Court - bans the Sunday Herald Sun naming the offender.
A senior police officer revealed the rapist had always returned to the same area of Melbourne.
The officer, who would not be named, said the man was jailed after dozens of attacks on women and girls in the inner east.
"For his next string of crimes involving schoolgirls he returned to the same general area - it's where he feels comfortable," the officer said.
Some police members feared the offender - who operated on foot - could slip any potential post-release surveillance and return to his familiar eastern haunts.
"It is just a matter of time," the officer said.
An invitation to Attorney-General Rob Hulls and Police Minister Bob Cameron to explain why laws allowed court gags on the identities of serial offenders was refused.
A Justice Department spokeswoman said victims of violent crimes could apply to be placed on the Victims Register to be advised about offenders' sentencing and release.
People can call the Victims Register Co-ordinator on 1800 819 817 or visit www.justice.vic.gov.au.


This newspaper believes in your democratic right to have full access to information that could protect you and your children.
That is why, on your behalf, we have appealed to the County Court for permission to name and publish a photograph of a convicted serial pedophile and rapist soon to be released from jail.

The court this month suppressed the identity of the multiple sex offender, whom experts fear will strike again. The gag means you will not know if this predator is to live in your neighbourhood once he is released.
We find that an unacceptable attack on two basic principles- freedom of media to report the facts and the public's right to know them.
Those freedoms cannot be taken for granted. When they are in peril we must fight to ensure balance is restored.
The extraordinary reader reaction to our story last Sunday about the court gag is clear evidence of the overwhelming public wish to be informed about the identity and whereabouts of the soon-to-be released sex criminal.
We are committed to revealing information that is of public concern. And we will continue to pursue our right to do so. We believe that it is our social responsibility.

Sunday Herald Sun (11-5-2008)-Liam Houlihan

Serial Predator Released Soon

A COURT has ruled the identity of a serial sex monster, who will walk from jail within weeks and who experts predict will reoffend, be hidden from the public.
The serial-offender pedophile and rapist staged a decades-long reign of terror, abuse and rape against Melbourne women and girls.
Senior police believe the man is behind up to 200 unsolved sex attacks and "makes Mr Baldy look like a girl scout".
The protected man has committed multiple offences on each prior release from prison.
But authorities decided the rapist would have a court-ordered cloak of anonymity while the public is kept in the dark about who and where he is.
The County Court gag order prevents the Sunday Herald Sun naming the man or publishing his picture.
Assessment reports likely to shed light on his mental status and likelihood to reoffend have also been rendered secret by Judge Lisa Hannan's gag.
But at a previous sentencing of the prisoner, a judge stated he was resistant to reform.
A psychiatrist then warned if released, the man would simply add to his list of victims.
Police, child advocates and school representatives have described the gag on identifying the man as dangerous.
And the Opposition said it was uncomfortable with the hidden justice aspect of the order.
One spate of offences by the man involved trespassing on the grounds of private girls' schools.
Victorian Principals Association president Fred Ackerman said the interests of children, students and the community had to be given preference over an individual's.
"Even if there's a likelihood of them offending or behaving inappropriately or having an attraction to students, and therefore school premises, the constraints that are needed take on a more urgent focus," Mr Ackerman said.
"It is our responsibility . . . to ensure at all times the absolute wellbeing of young people -- and there is no margin for error."
The founder of anti-child sex abuse group Child Wise, Bernadette McMenamin, said people should be worried by the man's release and the surrounding secrecy.
"It's a real concern that he is protected to this extent. Certainly the community is not convinced this guy is safe," Ms McMenamin said.
"Why is he getting out? I just don't think communities are safe when individuals like this are released."
And police members are staggered they will once more have to try to protect the public from the serial menace.
A senior Victorian police officer, who would not be named, told the Sunday Herald Sun that police believed the man was responsible for as many as 200 sex assaults.
Another, Det-Sgt Paul Tierney, who investigated the rapist over 21 years, confirmed other alleged victims had come forward but were unwilling to go to trial.
"There are other matters that we believe (he) is responsible for," he said, but would not reveal how many cases.
"He's a recidivist serial sex offender. He's one of the higher percentage of offenders given his recidivism.
"You would see if you looked at his early history quite a bit of violence," he said.
The gag orders could be lifted once the prisoner has been released or could remain in force.
"We are uncomfortable with the gag order given the fact we're supposed to live in an open society where justice is not only done, but seen to be done," said Opposition justice spokesman Andrew McIntosh.
A Government spokeswoman refused to comment yesterday

Sunday Herald Sun (4-5-2008)
Liam Houlihan/ Kate Kyriacou

Premier John Brumby Announces New Crackdown on Sex Offenders

A prominent community legal group has thrown its support behind the Brumby Government's new laws to monitor sex offenders more extensively.
Premier John Brumby today announced new legislation that will mean sex offenders who commit crimes against adults - and are still considered a risk to the community at the end of their sentence - will be closely monitored through a new supervision order.
People Against Lenient Sentencing president Steve Medcraft labelled the new legislation ``a step in the right direction" but said it should have been introduced earlier.
"It's a long time overdue. It's been chased up for a while and it's still to be written and implemented, but it is good news," Mr Medcraft said.
The outspoken victims of crime advocate also nominated the first candidate for the new laws as the notorious rapist Mark Anthony Jewell.
"He's a guy who not long after the last time (he was released) it only took him three months I think before he raped that young girl," Mr Medcraft said.
"He has had a habit of repeating the offences when he's got out so he's the perfect candidate for this type of operation."
Mark Anthony Jewell, 43, was sentenced to a minimum five years imprisonment in 2003 after he was convicted of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in front of an eight-year-old boy.
Known as the Armadale rapist, Jewell has attacked 11 girls and women during a 20-year criminal history. He is due for release on June 6.
New laws, effective from July 1, will aim to match existing laws aimed at offenders who have assaulted children.
Mr Brumby said offenders against adults would face a range of new measures, including tougher controls on reporting to authorities, when planning to move house and wanting to move interstate.
But shadow attorney-general Robert Clark slammed the new legislation as not broad enough and too late.
"We believe laws to protect the community against serious offenders shouldn't just apply to sex offenders," he said.
"They should apply to all serious offenders who are a serious risk to the community including murderers and arsonists.
"These laws should have been in place years ago and they don't go far enough.

Herald Sun (15-4-2008)
Nick Higginbottom

Armadale Rapist To Stay In Jail

THE notorious sex offender known as the Armadale rapist will serve his full jail term. The Adult Parole Board ruled yesterday that Mark Anthony Jewell was too close to the expiry of his maximum term to be released.
He will serve his full sentence, which ends on June 6.
Jewell, 43, may now be considered for an extended supervision order, under which he would be closely monitored after release.
In 2003 Jewell was sentenced to a minimum five years' jail for sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in front of an eight-year-old.
He has attacked 11 females during a 20-year criminal history and has been convicted for sexually motivated burglaries

Herald Sun (13-3-2008)

'Armadale Rapist' Jailed Again

Notorious sex offender Mark Anthony Jewell, once dubbed the "Armadale rapist", was yesterday sentenced in the County Court to six years in jail after sexually assaulting a girl only six months after being released from prison.
Jewell, 39, of Kew, had earlier pleaded guilty to two counts of committing an indecent act on a child under 16 and one count of committing an indecent act in the presence of a child under 16.
Jewell had also pleaded guilty to a series of burglaries and thefts of clothing, bags and sports equipment from Melbourne Girls' Grammar, in South Yarra, and Firbank, in Brighton.
The court heard that when Jewell was arrested at his boarding house in Kew, he was wearing a pair of Firbank girls' bathers under his pyjamas.
Photographs that Jewell had had developed from a camera in one of the schoolbags were also found at his home, as well as folders and diaries.
Judge Carolyn Douglas found that Jewell had developed the photographs in an attempt to identify the owners of the bags.
"If you wanted photographs of young girls there were clearly cheaper and easier ways of doing that," the judge told Jewell. "Your intent was to track down the schoolgirls with the intention of committing sexual offences."
In a separate incident, Jewell had befriended a woman to get access to her eight-year-old daughter or her daughter's friends, the court heard.
Judge Douglas said that Jewell had found where the woman lived and repeatedly turned up at her flat. "You intended to insinuate yourself into her family and assault her children or other children," Judge Douglas said.
On June 7, 2002, Jewell assaulted the 12-year-old friend in the presence of the woman's daughter.
Judge Douglas accepted that Jewell's intellect was limited and that he had had a tragic childhood.
In a report tendered to the court, forensic psychiatrist Dr Don Senadipathy described Jewell as a sexual deviant.
Jewell was dubbed the "Armadale rapist" and jailed for 16 years in March 1990, after pleading guilty to a series of violent sexual attacks during the 1980s. After his release he was arrested and jailed for 18 months for stalking his neighbour and sending offensive letters to three teenage girls.

AAP (1-5-2003)
Olivia Hill-Douglas

State may appeal against Armadale rapist's jail term

The Director of Public Prosecutions is considering appealing against the five-year minimum sentence handed down this week to serial sex offender Mark Anthony Jewell.
Jewell, 39, who was sentenced as a serious sexual offender over indecency offences against two young girls, had previously been jailed for 16 years for raping 10 females aged between nine and 41 in Melbourne's east between 1983 and 1989.
Attorney-General Rob Hulls confirmed yesterday that his office had contacted the DPP about the matter.
Shadow attorney-general Andrew McIntosh said that sentencing rules should be changed to enable people classed as serious sexual offenders to be considered for an indefinite sentence.
Mr McIntosh said Jewell's was an unusual case, of a recidivist sex offender who resisted treatment and was expected to reoffend if released.
A spokesman for the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions said the office was considering whether an appeal was appropriate.
Jewell, formerly of Kew, pleaded guilty to two counts of committing an indecent act on a child under 16 and one of committing an indecent act in the presence of a child under 16.
A psychiatric report demanded by County Court Judge Carolyn Douglas said Jewell, who was known as the "Armadale rapist", was resistant to reform and certain to reoffend.
The report, by Don Senadipathy, said that Jewell was cunning and manipulative, and that Jewell's sexual deviancy included fetishism, voyeurism, pedophilia and sexual sadism.
"If released he would continue to add more innocent women and children to his list of victims," Dr Senadipathy said.
In court, Judge Douglas said that she was sentencing Jewell as a serious sex offender and would pass a disproportionately large sentence. "I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that you are so likely to commit further sexual offences that you constitute a danger to the community, and therefore I will sentence you to a sentence longer than that which would be justified by the principles of proportionality," Judge Douglas told Jewell.
She added however, that his latest offences were less serious than the earlier rapes.
But Crime Victims Support Network president Noel McNamara said that the sentence given to Jewell was "manifestly inadequate" and he would write to the DPP to express his disapproval. People Against Lenient Sentencing president Steve Medcraft asked: "Can the judge give us a guarantee that when he (Jewell) gets out he won't take six months to sexually molest another female?"
Jewell is the second man to be known as the Armadale Rapist. The other, Stephen Walter Brown, was in March 1993 convicted of 11 counts of aggravated rape and sentenced to a minimum 12 years' jail.
He is eligible for parole about the middle of next year.

AAP (2-5-2003)
Ian Munro/ Olivia Hill-Douglas/ Jamie Berry

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