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Age: 51 yrs old (2011)

State: WA

Sentence: Sentenced to 16 yrs jail/ served 11 yrs..was due for release 12-3-2011, but kept in jail after being charged with conspiring to commit child sex offences in Vietnam and Thailand, along with Robert Gordon Cummins, 45. Sentenced in May 2013 to 6yrs jail/ convicted 2 counts of conspiracy.

Offence/Other: Paedophile/ Repeat offender. Former pre-primary teacher.

Mark Pendleton

Six years jail for leader of Thai sex ring plot

A former teacher will serve more than six years in prison for plotting to start a doll making business in Thailand as a front for a sex ring involving fellow convicted pedophiles.
Mark Pendleton, 53, was charged with conspiring between 2006 and 2008 to have sex with a child under 16 outside Australia after authorities sprung what was described as an "evil'' jailhouse plot.
He was convicted on Friday of two counts of conspiracy after a two-week trial in Perth's Supreme Court.
His alleged fellow conspirator Kenneth Bishop, 74, was today cleared of his alleged part in the plot, while a third man Robert Gordon Cummins had already admitted his role, and became a star witness in the trial.
During the trial, Cummins outlined how a plan had been conjured up in prison to set up a seemingly legitimate business making dolls wearing traditional Thai costume and employing poor, unsophisticated women from rural areas in the country's north.
Targeting women desperate for money, the men believed they would get free access to their children for sexual pleasure.
"They would be more tolerant, more needy and easily exploited,'' prosecutor Mark Trowell QC said.
"This was an evil plan that brings great shame to this country.''
Cummins, 47, said he had befriended Pendleton at the sex offenders unit in Perth's maximum-security Casuarina Prison and they had begun seriously plotting a life overseas when they moved to Karnet Prison Farm.
"Mark told me families in Thailand were available for a price. If they were willing to send their children into minefields to look for shrapnel, they would be willing to sell their children for sex,'' Cummins said.
As Cummins trawled dating websites to meet Thai women as part of the plan, Pendleton came up with names and logos for the Thai business - including "Little Angels'' and "Little Butterflies''.
The court heard after his release from prison, Cummins became the "pipeline'' to carry out the plan.
He made inquiries about properties, passports and visas, and contacted women whose children could become potential victims, the prosecution said.
Dozens of phone calls between Cummins and Pendleton, made while the latter was still in prison, were laden with jokes and sexual innuendo - even referring to former pop star turned pedophile Gary Glitter.
Bishop had always maintained he had little to do with the plan, and intended to make a home in Australia with his new partner once he was released from prison.
His lawyer Rod Keely said searches of Bishop's cell had found no evidence of his part in the plot, while a listening device placed in his cell failed to turn up any evidence despite hundreds of hours of surveillance.

www.perthnow.com.au (20-5-2013)

Pedophiles' evil plan caught on tape

Two convicted pedophiles were taped joking about their sexual interest in children in phone recordings played to a Supreme Court jury this morning.
Former teacher Mark Pendleton, 53, and Kenneth Bishop, 74, have pleaded not guilty to conspiring between 2006 and 2008 to have sex with a child under 16 outside Australia.
The two met while at Karnet Prison Farm along with third conspirator and fellow sex offender Robert Gordon Cummins.
It is alleged that while the three were in prison, they hatched a plan to set up a doll-making business in Thailand called “Little Angels”' as a front for a child abuse ring.
Prosecutors allege the business would involve the men setting up in rural northern Thailand, employing poor, unsophisticated women from villages to make the traditional dress dolls and gain access to their children.
Cummins has pleaded guilty to the same charges and is the first witness to give evidence in the Supreme Court trial.
This morning, the jury was played phone recordings between Cummins and Pendleton, after Cummins had been released from jail.
In the recordings, the men could be heard talking about the women they were courting in Thailand through the internet - Cummins acting as a proxy for Pendleton who was still in Karnet.
During one phone conversation, Cummins said the women he was most interested in were from villages and “more simple people”.
He told Pendleton how some women were sending him photographs of their “lovely families”.
“I’m getting this nice collection of photos together,” he said.
During questioning by prosecutor Mark Trowell, QC, Cummins said the reference to the “lovely families” was about children.
"It was implying (we both had) interest in children and being involved in women with children for sexual purposes,” Cummins told the court.
In later recordings, the men go on to joke about one woman wanting to set up an orphanage because she could not have children of her own.
The two men were heard joking about the idea of an orphanage and when asked why they were laughing, Cummins said: “From our point of view, we had discussed setting up an orphanage and having access to the children there for sexual purposes.”
Another woman Cummins was talking to - who he described at one stage as at “the top of my list” - had a toddler daughter with the nickname Film, and both men made several references to the name with sexual innuendo.
"You’re a very bad man Robert,” Pendleton said.
"So they say,” Cummins replied.
Cummins also told Pendleton how he had sent a woman money with a plan of endearing himself to the family.
"The idea behind it was to assist them and become valuable to them,” Cummins told the court.
"So they would allow me to do anything I wanted.
"Including sexual activity with the children.”
The trial continues.

www.perthnow.com.au (7-5-2013)

Paedophile kept in jail

A notorious child sex offender accused of conspiring to commit further sex crimes against children in South Asia has been ordered to stay behind bars on the eve of his scheduled release.
Mark Pendleton, 51, a convicted paedophile with a long list of crimes was due for release tomorrow after serving 11 years of a 16-year jail term for a raft of child sex crimes.
His sentence had been imposed at a time when prisoners were guaranteed release after serving two thirds of their jail term.
But today a Supreme Court judge granted an interim detention order after a prosecutor said the State was going to apply for Pendleton to be kept in prison indefinitely as a dangerous sex offender,
and that Pendleton should be kept behind bars until the matter had been resolved.
Justice John McKecknie said there were reasonable grounds that the court could end up classifying Pendleton as a dangerous sex offender, after hearing details of his long-term offending and fresh allegations that he was planning to abuse children overseas.
Pendleton, who had previously been found with drawings he made of children's genitalia and footage of children taped from TV in his prison cell, was charged this week with a fresh count of conspiring to commit child sex offences in Vietnam and Thailand.
He has not pleaded to the fresh charge, but his lawyer said it was likely he would fight the allegations. It was also possible Pendleton could apply for bail, the court heard.
The last-minute application to have Pendleton kept behind bars and classified as a dangerous sex offender could only be made after law changes recently came into effect, allowing the court to take into account whether "communities" outside of WA would be at risk if the offender was released.
The Supreme Court was today told that Pendleton had revoked his Australian citizenship and was now a British citizen, meaning he would be deported on release from prison.
The court heard that taped phone calls allegedly revealed Pendleton talking in code and planning to use "dodgy" passports to move within South East Asia undetected.
State prosecutor Tom Scutt said the Pendleton had been planning to engage in sexual activity while in Asia.
Pendleton's history of offending, included the possession of 50,000 child porn images and offending against girls aged four to six years of age.
The court heard that a previous judge had ruled a "catalogue" of predatory sexual Behaviour had probably been indicative of real activity of Pendleton before the offences for which he was convicted.
A report prepared for the court in previous years had described Pendleton as a "fixated paedophile with a chronic interest in pre-pubescent females".
Defence lawyer David McKenzie argued that the evidence against his client relating to the alleged conspiracy had not indicated a real plan but could be seen as part of Pendleton's "fantasies".
Justice McKechnie acknowledged in his ruling that the material could be either an indication of a real intention to go to South East Asia or be "fantasies of a middle-aged paedophile".
The judge also emphasised that the fresh charge was not yet proven, but went on to rule there was a reasonable grounds on which Pendleton could be deemed at an unacceptable risk of reoffending if released from jail.
A date has yet to be fixed for the dangerous sex offender hearing.

The West Australian (11-3-2011)
Christina Jones

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WA men accused of planning 'Vietnam, Thai child sex tours'

TWO men have been charged with child sex offences after allegedly planning to travel to Vietnam and Thailand to have sex with children.

Police will allege the two men former pre-primary teacher Mark Pendleton, 51 and Robert Gordon Cummins, 45,devised a plan to travel to Thailand and Vietnam for the purposes of having sex with children.

It will be further alleged that between July 2005 and September 2008 in Perth and at other locations in WA, they conspired to do an act in Thailand or Vietnam, or both, which if done in Western Australia, would be an indictable offence under Section 320 of the Criminal Code (WA) and which is an offence under the laws in force in both Thailand and Vietnam.

Cummins, 45, appeared in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. Bail was refused and he was remanded in custody.
Pendleton will appear in the Perth Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

PerthNow (10-3-2011)
Phil Hickey

Pedophile caught with porn in cell

EXCLUSIVE: A WA pedophile jailed for horrific sex crimes against girls aged four and five years has been caught with child pornography inside his cell.
Former pre-primary school teacher Mark Pendleton, 49, was nabbed with the material while serving a 16-year sentence for sexually penetrating and indecently recording 11 girls between January 1995 and February 2000.

The major breach of security comes as statistics obtained by The Sunday Times reveal that hundreds of visitors to WA jails have been banned for attempting to smuggle in contraband - with suspected drugs, drug paraphernalia and pornography topping the list.
From next month, prison officers at maximum-security prisons at Albany, Casuarina, Hakea and Bandyup will have an extra weapon to catch smugglers - biometric iris-scanning equipment.
The Department of Corrective Services confirmed this week that Pendleton, who was convicted of 171 sex offences, had been found with child pornography in prison in the past two years.
The Prisoners Review Board this month denied Pendleton parole, saying he remained a risk to the community.

Another prison security breach was revealed this week in New South Wales - the gang rapist Skaf brothers smuggled mobile phones into their maximum security cell at Goulburn Prison.
The brothers had prised apart a steel cabinet to hide the two phones.
Statistics from the Department of Corrective Services show that since July, 132 people had been banned from visiting prisons for up to a year for carrying contraband.
There were 385 reports of banned items, including drugs, syringes and mobile phones in the past year. There were 50 reports of hidden pornography.

Sunday Times (30-5-2009)
Todd Cardy

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