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Missing Children/ Persons and unsolved cases do not close.
Often new information is received, even without new information Senior Detectives still review cases on a regular basis.
If you have any information please contact CrimeStoppers: 1800 333 000

Police say new lead on family's disappearance prompts public appeal

Missing girl- Leela McDougall.

Police say a new lead has led to renewed calls for information about the disappearance of a family more than six years after they left their Nannup home.
Religious cult leader Simon Kadwill, his partner Chantelle McDougall, their daughter Leela, and a friend Tony Popic who lived with the family, disappeared in July 2007.
Detective Senior Sergeant Greg Balfour says at least one of the group may have travelled by train from Bunbury to Perth and then from Perth to Kalgoorlie.
"From our inquiries, we believe one of our two missing men, either Tony Popic or Simon Kadwill, boarded the Prospector train at 7:15 on the morning of July 16th, 2007," he said.
"That person travelled from Perth to Kalgoorlie under the name of J. Roberts."
Detective Balfour says renewed attention in the media may help to spark the memory of someone who was on the train.
"The photographs of our missing people have been circulated nationally and we're hopeful that someone may recognise one of the four or several of the four as being on the train," he said.
He says there has been no trace of the woman or young girl since they disappeared.
"There's no indication that Chantelle or her daughter Leela were on the same service," he says.
"We ask anyone who may have encountered any of our missing people on the train, or spoken to a man by the name of J. Roberts, to call CrimeStoppers."
Detective Balfour says there is unconfirmed information that the man may have returned to Perth the following day.

www.abc.net.au (13-8-2013)

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International hunt for cult 'guru' over Nannup family disappearance

Chantelle McDougall, 30, her daughter Leela, 6, together with partner Gary Feldman (bottom right), 45, 
and friend Antonio Popic, 40, went missing in October 2007.

One of Western Australia's greatest mysteries has gained international exposure as Australian Federal Police try to re-ignite new leads into the case of missing Nannup mother Chantelle McDougall and her daughter Leela.
The 30-year-old and her six-year-old daughter went missing in October 2007, together with partner Gary Feldman, 45, and friend Antonio Popic, 40.
Mr Feldman was only ever known in Australia as Simon Kadwell, a false alias he picked up from England before emigrating in 2000. He was also Leela's father.
Since their disappearance, he has been linked to a sect based on a doomsday book called Servers of the Divine Plan, which calls on "servers" to take up their positions on Earth before the world's imminent end and rebirth.
The family and their lodger, Mr Popic, who lived in a caravan on their South-West property, mysteriously vanished, leaving behind wallets, credit cards and dirty plates on the table.
They were last seen in a Busselton car yard north of Nannup heading towards Perth, where they sold Ms McDougall's car for $4000. The money remains untouched in her bank account.
Ms McDougall's parents, Jim and Cathy McDougall, have not given up hope of finding their daughter and granddaughter safe and well, but remain convinced it was Mr Feldman who persuaded them to disappear.
"Originally this guy - Gary Feldman, as we know him now - claimed to be some sort of religious guru and he enticed them into his little flock that way," Mr McDougall said.
"(It) was September two years ago that we found he was English, and his parents were from England, and he had taken money off people, and that his name was Gary Feldman, and the real Simon Kadwell was quite a nice guy in England."
He said his daughter was a vulnerable and naive teenager when she met Mr Feldman in Victoria.
"He was operating in Melbourne when Chantelle met 'Simon Kadwell', if you want to call him that. Chantelle was only a teenager, only 16 or 17. She's 30 now," Mr McDougall said.
"That guy had other young girls with children and when they moved over there (to WA) she went over to help with the kids and it went on from there.
"I think she was fairly naive in believing in what this guy was telling her."
Mr McDougall thought they may have travelled to Brazil, after Ms McDougall suggested the family was planning a holiday there months before they disappeared. But there has been no evidence to show the group left Australia.
"We did a bit of work but everything we found was a dead end, in the end. So we never really got anywhere ... we couldn't find any reason about where they had been, where they had gone, so there was just no clues to help to find them," Mr McDougall said.
"It is unresolved and completely strange but also it is very frustrating for us and the police and Missing Persons and everybody because there are four people missing, not just one person missing."
AFP Missing Persons Co-ordination Centre team leader Rebecca Kotz agreed, saying: "This case is so baffling to police because there are no leads."
Investigators have so far worked with WA Police, Scotland Yard and US authorities. However this week, as a part of Missing Person's Week, they have stepped up the campaign by involving the global missing children network, which has 19 member countries.
"All of the profiles that are submitted (to the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children), of which Leela was one of our Australian profiles, will be featured all around the world," Ms Kotz said.
She said the centre has started a Facebook page this year which includes every profile on AFP's website helpbringthemhome.org.au.
Although Ms McDougall and her daughter's physical appearances may have changed, her parents say the pair was unlikely to go unnoticed.
"Leela was very loud child, she wasn't quiet and she loved to know exactly what you were doing.," Mrs McDougall said.
"She would go up and talk to different people and ask them what they were doing and she loved to dance, play little jokes and that.
"So I don't know how you would keep a child like that quiet, you would notice her, and Chantelle was always a very kind, thoughtful and caring sort of person.
"She liked to joke too and she was happy and things like that, and if she was in a community people would notice her."
Although they still visited WA to see Mr Popic's family - who were too traumatised by the disappearance to speak publicly - they could no longer bring themselves to go to Nannup, saying it was "too heartbreaking".
"It never gets any easier. You always relive it every day of your life, every day it gets a little bit harder," Mr McDougall said.

www.watoday.com.au (26-5-2011)
Aja Styles

Brazilian search for cult family

The mysterious disappearance of a Nannup family linked to an internet cult has taken a dramatic twist, with police investigating whether they were on a plane which crashed in Brazil four years ago.
Chantelle McDougall, 30, her cult leader boyfriend Gary Felton, 48, their daughter Leela McDougall, 10, and friend Tony Popic, 44, were last seen on July 13, 2007 in Busselton where they sold a car for $4000 to a local dealer and drove away in a waiting vehicle.
The group, none of whom have touched their bank accounts since, told family and friends they were headed for Brazil.
Four days later, Tam Airlines domestic flight 3054 from Porto Alegre to Sao Paulo crashed at Sao Paulo Airport, killing 181 passengers, six flight crew and 12 people on the ground.
The plane careered off the end of the runway, cleared a highway bordering the inner-city airport, slammed into a fuel depot and burst into flames.
The resulting heat was so intense that more than 70 of the bodies were so badly burnt they were either never recovered or could not be identified.
_The West Australian _understands the WA Police missing persons squad has been liaising with Brazilian authorities in an effort to determine whether the missing group were among the victims.
While the flight's passenger manifest is publicly available, and does not contain the names of any of the group, the issue has been complicated by Mr Felton's history of forging identity documents.
While living in Australia, where he operated a secretive doomsday internet forum, the Englishman went by the name Simon Kadwell - an identity he stole from a former British associate more than 15 years ago. It is understood WA detectives have been investigating whether the group could have travelled under false identities, but are yet to find any evidence that they did. Police have previously said they had not left Australia under their real names.
WA Police refused to comment on the case yesterday.
Chantelle's father Jim McDougall said yesterday he had conducted his own investigations into the plane crash and did not believe the group were on board.
He did not believe there was enough time for them to have made it to Porto Alegre in time for the flight.
"We spoke to police about that crash a little while back but we haven't had any recent update on what they've come across," Mr McDougall said.
"We looked at the names on the passenger list and didn't find theirs, which was a big relief.
"We strongly believe they are alive and are hoping that they will make contact sooner, rather than later."
Mr McDougall and his wife have previously accused Mr Felton of brainwashing and seducing their daughter when, as a 17-year-old, she started babysitting for him.
Mr Felton and Chantelle had Leela and in 2004 moved with Mr Popic to Nannup, where Mr Felton operated the doomsday forum called The Gateway.
He was called Si in the internet chat forum, which involved about 40 members around the world who referred to themselves as the Forecourt - a religious reference to the place where believers wait for "judgment day".

au.news.yahoo.com (20-7-2011)
Ronan O'Connell

New fears for safety of missing cult family

A WA family linked to an internet cult who disappeared almost two years ago have not used their bank accounts or contacted relatives, raising fears they have been murdered.
Investigators initially believed that former internet cult leader Englishman Simon Kadwell, 46, Chantelle McDougall, 28, their daughter Leela, eight, and a friend Tony Popic, 42, may have sneaked out of the country to New Zealand before travelling to Rio Branco, a Brazilian city known for its religious cults.
But it is understood the WA Police missing person’s squad has uncovered no evidence that the group have left the country.
They were last seen on July 13, 2007, in Busselton, where they sold a car for $4000 to a local dealer and drove away in a waiting car.
Chantelle’s father, Jim McDougall, said yesterday that his fears for the wellbeing of his daughter and granddaughter were growing by the day.
With Leela featuring in a national missing children’s campaign that started on Monday, he said he still hoped that they would be found.
But he could not understand why Chantelle had not contacted him or his wife Kath in almost two years or how they could survive for such a long time without using their bank accounts.
1000 missing person’s flyers
The couple, who live in Wodonga, Victoria, have printed 1000 missing person’s flyers featuring photos of Chantelle and Leela and will set off in July on a three-month trip from Victoria to Cape York in Queensland, plastering the posters along the way.
“As every day goes by and I don’t hear from Chantelle it gets a bit harder to keep going,” Mr McDougall said.
“She was very close to both me and her mother so to not have heard from her for almost two years does make us very worried for her and Leela.
“It’s always in your mind that something may have happened (to them). I try not to think about it and just hope that we will hear from them soon.”
While living in WA, Mr Kadwell operated a secretive doomsday internet forum called The Gateway. He was called Si in the chat forum, which involved about 40 members around the world, who referred to themselves as “the Forecourt” — a religious reference to the place where believers wait for “judgment day”.
Ms McDougall’s parents have accused Mr Kadwell of brainwashing and seducing their daughter when, as a 17-year-old, she started babysitting for him and his partner, Deborah, in 1998.
The teenager had been introduced to Mr Kadwell and Deborah through friends in Victoria and would follow them to WA, Britain and back. By September 2000, Mr Kadwell, Deborah, their son Daniel and Ms McDougall were living in WA.
“awakening servers of the divine plan”
The same year, Ms McDougall, who was pregnant, and Mr Kadwell moved to a rented house in Floreat, where they continued to believe that the planet was on “red alert” and it was time for “awakening servers of the divine plan” to come forward.
Mr Popic moved in with them. With baby Leela, the couple and Mr Popic moved to Denmark. In 2004, the group shifted to Nannup, where Ms McDougall worked at a fish and chip shop and taught swimming, while Mr Popic lived in a caravan at the rear of their property.
Mr McDougall said yesterday that his daughter had told him during their last conversation on the day they disappeared that they were going to live in a small religious community on the outskirts of Rio Branco.
When the owner of their Nannup property went to the house in the days after they left the town, he found a note on the front door which read “Gone to Brazil”.
But given that police had no evidence that they had left the country, Mr McDougall believed that the Brazil trip was probably a cover story. “We were always worried that Simon would take off with Chantelle and Leela one day,” he said. “Simon seemed to have control over Chantelle and she would do whatever he said. All we want to know now is that they are OK and safe. We won’t give up hope.”
Anyone with information about the group should call CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

www.cifs.org.au (31-5-2009)

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