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Jones’ images to be erased

Murray Jones.

A disgraced teacher who secretly filmed boys in the bathroom of his home will be removed from up to a dozen photos on display at a local high school.
Griffith man Neil ****, the parent of a former student, demanded Griffith High School's former sportsmaster Murray Jones be erased from the photos on show in the school's foyer.
Mr Jones was sentenced to six months detention in a correctional facility in 2007 after setting up a hidden camera and filming a 17-year-old boy in his bathroom.
"We're trying to teach ethics and morals to our kids but it's impossible to do that successfully when our schools are setting this sort of example," Mr **** said.
"Why would the school want to be associated with someone like Mr Jones, no matter how long he worked there?
"Those photos are in pride of place; they're one of the first things you see when you go into the school.
"What he did is disgusting, he's a convicted criminal and I don't want him up there in pictures with my son."
Mr **** said he first asked the school to remove Mr Jones from the photos in October last year.
Mr Jones was dubbed the "bathroom spy" after his young victim, who was living in the teacher's house at the time, discovered a camera encased in cling wrap hidden in the dirt of a pot plant, pointed at the toilet.
Jones was instantly terminated from his position at Griffith High School in March 2007, when he pleaded guilty to installing a device and filming for an indecent purpose in Leeton Local Court.
School principal Charlie Cochrane, who was not at the school in 2007, said one photo of the former teacher had already been taken down and he was examining the options for removing other photos.
"We are taking them down but it's an interesting situation because we've only had one official complaint," Mr Cochrane said.
"I do understand where Mr Cranston is coming from and we will have to do something about it.
"We'll look at editing the pictures in Photoshop because we want to leave the students up there."
The photos will be out of sight for some time while Mr Cochrane completes the task but he has guaranteed they will return to prime position in the school foyer.
Murrumbidgee MP Adrian Piccoli who is also the state education minister supported the decision to cut Mr Jones out of the memorabilia.
"This is not the sort of thing that would be brought to the attention of the minister for education but Mr Cranston came to me as his local member," Mr Piccoli said.
"I understand what he is saying and the teacher in question did leave the school in unpleasant circumstances.
"It is not a good situation to have a reminder of that teacher prominently on display, so I am sympathetic to the cause and am pleased the principal has undertaken to remove his image from the photos."

www.areanews.com.au (18-3-2013)
Melody Montague

Teacher faces lifetime ban over toilet camera

A Griffith High School teacher in southern New South Wales will never be allowed to teach again after pleading guilty to charges related to a teenage boy finding a hidden camera in his home.
The 17-year-old boy reported Murray Wendell Jones, 42, to police in December after finding a small hole in a pot plant in the man's toilet, which contained a camera.
An Education Department spokesman says the Griffith teacher has been suspended without pay after pleading guilty to three charges, including filming for an indecent purpose and having a restricted substance, namely sleeping pills, without a prescription.
The spokesman says Jones will be placed on a "never to be employed" list.

www.abc.net.au (14-3-2007)

Spy's Time In Jail Is Cut

Disgraced former Griffith High sports master Murray Jones has had his sentence cut in half after a psychological report indicated glandular fever and work stress contributed to his crime.
Dubbed “the bathroom spy”, Jones fronted the District Court in Griffith on Wednesday, calling for a reduction to the six months periodic detention he received after pleading guilty to installing a device and filming for an indecent purpose.
Pointing to a detailed psychological report, his barrister Irving Wallach argued mental health issues had led him to make “a monumental error of judgment” in setting up a hidden pot plant camera in his bathroom to record a teenager who was living with him at the time.
Mr Wallach argued the original sentence had been excessive and called for a good behaviour bond or suspended sentence in its place.
However Judge Payne instead chose to reduce the penalty to three months.
“There were strong mental health issues and this was an absolutely out of character personal judgment,” Mr Wallach said.
“What he did was so far out of his normal character it was extraordinary.” The defence counsel also spoke of the penalties Jones had received outside the court, in particular the loss of his 20-year teaching career and widespread public humiliation.
“Ultimately he’s having to move town … to live in Sydney. He’s realised he can’t stay in a small town like Griffith,” he said.
“This is a personal tragedy for him.”
He also said Jones had not housed the young victim in order to prey on him but rather was acting “altruistically” in assisting the family.
“There’s no suggestion Mr Jones was a predator … he played an ill advised role in supporting this family,” he said.
Acting on behalf of the Crown, Gabrielle Steedman said Jones had breached the victim’s trust.
“This was a father and son type relationship … and the victim was particularly vulnerable,” Ms Steedman said.
“He held a high moral position and a position of trust.”
Judge Payne indicated she found the psychological report difficult to swallow.
“Why would stress lead you to access child pornography?,” Judge Payne said.
“I find it difficult to see the connection between being under stress and engaging in this kind of behaviour.” She also expressed shock the teacher was living with the young man and said the community needed to be protected from such behaviour.
“It beggars belief he would put himself in this situation … he should have known this was a recipe for disaster,” she said.
“This is a very sad case for him.”
Jones was suspended from Griffith High without pay since he was charged in January and was terminated on March 9 when he pleaded guilty to the offences.
He has been placed on a “never to be employed again” list at the Department of Education and the national child protection register.

Brydie Flynn

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