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Gang Rapist Wants Family

ONE of the notorious serial gang rapists has had his sperm frozen at taxpayers' expense so he can have a family when he is released from jail.
Court documents state the man, 22, cried after being told by doctors he will probably be sterile following chemotherapy for cancer.
His solicitor Ross Hudson yesterday defended the move.
"It is a misrepresentation to say that a rapist has had his sperm frozen," Mr Hudson said.
"Independent of him being a convicted rapist, he has had Hodgkin's disease and it was as a consequence of that a sperm sample was taken possibly for future use."
The man was 17 at the time of the serial gang rapes in 2000 and cannot be named. He led one gang rape by 14 men on a girl in a toilet block.
"I think he is being incredibly optimistic in thinking he is going to be released from jail and develop a loving and caring relationship with someone who wants to have his children," NSW Rape Crisis Centre co-ordinator Karen Willis said.
He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease, a cancer of the lymphatic system, a month after being jailed with Bilal Skaf in October 2002 over the attacks on young women across Sydney's west. Before raping one woman, aged 19, the man asked her if she liked it "Leb style". He raped her a second time after she had been forced to have sex with 14 other men, some of them several times.
After his cancer diagnosis, he was admitted to Long Bay jail's hospital and escorted under guard for treatment to Prince of Wales Hospital, where the Department of Corrective Services has a secure annex.
It is understood the option to have sperm stored cryogenically before beginning chemotherapy was offered because of his age. He has been single since his girlfriend dumped him following his conviction.
Medical treatment for prisoners is paid for by Justice Health, a division of NSW Health, as part of their duty of care.
Justice Health refuses to comment on individual cases and did not return calls yesterday.
But in a report to the Court of Criminal Appeal, clinical psychologist Marianne Plahn-Williamson said the man was on anti-depressants to cope. "[He] told me that his doctors felt that he was probably sterile for the rest of his life. [He] told me that on several occasions he lost his composure and cried," her report said.
Jailing the man for a maximum of 32 years in October 2002, Judge Michael Finnane said he showed "arrogance ... and contempt for women".

The Daily Telegraph (6-5-2006)


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Baby Will Cost Rapist

A SERIAL gang rapist whose sperm was frozen at taxpayers' expense so he can have a family on his release from jail is to be told: pay for it yourself.
Premier Morris Iemma yesterday vowed the Government would ban the collection and storage of the sperm of serious criminals.
The Daily Telegraph can also reveal another high-profile prisoner, drug kingpin Les Kalache, recently asked permission to have a sample taken but was refused by Corrective Services Commissioner Ron Woodham.
The gang rapist, 22, never told prison authorities his sperm was to be stored. He only sought treatment for cancer.
The cancer -- Hodgkin's disease -- was diagnosed a month after he was jailed with Bilal Skaf in October 2002 for the gang rapes of young women across Sydney's southwest.
The man's sperm sample was frozen before he began chemotherapy and he cried when told the treatment would leave him sterile.
The bill was picked up by Justice Health, a division of NSW Health, and his sample stored at no cost at a Royal Hospital for Women clinic.
But Mr Iemma said a commercial rate -- about $250 a year -- would now be set and the rapist told to pay up.
"I find the notion of serious criminal offenders being afforded this type of privilege totally repugnant and it will be stopped immediately," he said.
"I understand the disgust expressed by family members of sexual assault victims upon hearing that this type of practice has occurred."
The ban will cover prisoners convicted of serious offences including murder, rape and terrorism.
Authorities only learned of the gang rapist's case when told by The Daily Telegraph. It was referred to in medical documents tendered to the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal last year when the rapist and Bilal Skaf had their sentences slashed.
The man -- who was 17 at the time of the crimes and cannot be named -- had his sentence cut to 19 years from 24 years. Skaf's sentence dropped from 55 to 28 years.
Other prisoners have sought similar permission to have their sperm stored in the past. All were refused.

AAP (12-5-2006

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