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Teen Prostitute Death 'Drug Related'

THE death of Sydney prostitute Arron James Light was probably drug related, the man once accused of sexually assaulting the teenager has told a coroner's court.
The skeletal remains of Arron Light, 17, were found in a shallow grave on the bank of the Alexandria Canal, in Sydney's inner west, in March 2002.
He had disappeared four years earlier as he was due to give key evidence at the trial of Frederick George Rix, now 78, who was charged in 1996 with sexually assaulting him.
As a result of Arron's disappearance, the prosecution offered no evidence at Mr Rix's trial and he was subsequently found not guilty of the charges.
Mr Rix today told Glebe Coroner's Court that those associated with Arron in the drug trade had a motive to kill him.
"Drugs would have (been) every bit of the reason why Arron Light was murdered ... very related," Mr Rix said.
The inquest has previously been told Arron became caught up in a Sydney pedophile ring known as the "Circle of Friends" before becoming a prostitute.
Mr Rix today denied any involvement in Arron's death and said he was not a pedophile.
"I've never been associated with pedophilia," Mr Rix told the court.
Mr Rix earlier told the court that Arron had "an evil streak" and was no choirboy.
"Arron was all around town, pushing drugs," Mr Rix told the court.
"That's why when I see him painted as a choirboy it turns my stomach."
The inquest continues.

AAP (12-5-2006)


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