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Australians Hunted for Role in Child Rape Video

IN their evil world, which exists beyond closed doors, they hide behind fake internet names - a cloak to hide their pitiless cravings.
Everything is false here except the crime being committed - the rape of small children.
Australian Federal Police announced yesterday the arrest of 16 men across the country who had accessed the file of an eight-year-old Russian girl being raped.
More Australians are to follow.
The horror of this eight-year-old girl has been visited by more than 9000 people around the world.
In one of the biggest paedophilia busts, co-ordinated raids world-wide began last month of every person who accessed the file. They have been - or will be - arrested.
Including Australians.
"We have been executing warrants since April," AFP high-tech crimes and child protection operations unit head Neil Gaughan said.
Those arrested range from 21 to 49 in age, with jobs from petrol station attendants, insurance agents, businessmen to IT.
There is no one size fits all profile that identifies paedophiles.
Mr Gaughan said another 10 to 15 Australians will be arrested.
This job, beautifully named Operation Furious, began in late December when German state police gave Interpol more than 9000 ISP addresses. All had accessed an 18-minute video showing the young girl being raped.
Interpol passed Australian addresses to the AFP and Gaughan's team began their search warrants.
In policing terms, the AFP's job was a slam dunk. The hard work had already been done by a German police officer infiltrating a paedophile network, where he was directed to the rape and able to get the ISP addresses that accessed it.
Infiltrating their network is not done easily. With every breach around the world the paedophiles are driven deeper underground, more suspicious of every new name, or "handle", that appears on their networking sites.
To be accepted a new handle must prove themselves, often by posting child porn paraphernalia.
Given that, these recent arrests provide the AFP with a wonderful side benefit. It allows them to assume the "handles" of those arrested for instant credibility inside paedophile networks.
"You're them, so to speak," Mr Gaughan said. "And because people aren't aware they have been arrested, they don't know."
The beauty is paedophiles will still be forced to risk dealing with these unknown handles because there is no other way to access sites than by trade and recommendation from other paedophiles.
"You have to, basically, be invited in," Mr Gaughan said.
It is virtually impossible to stumble across the file that linked more than 30 Australians with 9000 paedophiles over the globe.
Here, the file involving the young girl was hidden on a site for three months. Paedophiles went deliberately for it, absolutely aware of what they were looking for.
In the past year the AFP arrested 169 people on child porn charges.
One man, aged in his early 20s, had his whole room wallpapered with posters of young women.
They were legal but barely so.
When he ran out of wall space he did the only thing reasonable to these disturbed men, which was to paste new posters over his window.
"(The bedroom) was like a dungeon," Mr Gaughan said.
Outside his bedroom door, mum and dad's house was a picture of suburban normality. They had no idea of the atrocities within.

The Daily Telegraph (2-6-2009)
Paul Kent

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AFP Faces Fight to Contain Child Pornography

THE AFP's head of high-tech crimes and child protection operations says the child-porn message "isn't getting out there" to Australian offenders.
Neil Gaughan has vowed to bring to justice those involved in child pornography following the arrest of 16 men who downloaded a movie showing the rape of an eight-year-old girl.
The men, who ranged in age from 21 to 49, had all downloaded the same graphic 18-minute video showing the rape of an unidentified eight-year-old Russian girl.
Mr Gaughan said the prevalence of child pornography was not decreasing.
"The fact that our law-enforcement colleagues throughout Australia and in fact, throughout the world, are continuing to arrest people that are involved in this type of vile crime ... (shows) that the message isn't getting out there," he said.
"The message clearly is if people continue to be involved in this type of activity the AFP, with our state and territory colleagues, will bring people to justice."
Police in 92 countries are investigating as many as 9000 people believed to have downloaded the movie.
The AFP said the video contained some of the most serious images of sexual abuse.
Mr Gaughan said more search warrants would be executed in the coming weeks with many more arrests expected.
He said Operation Furious, which began after the AFP received information from German police in December last year, had led to the seizure of about 10 terabytes of data locally and another 20 terabytes of child pornography material was expected to be recovered.
He said the Australian men involved in downloading the child-rape video did not appear to know each other and included IT, printing, insurance and retail professionals.
While none had direct contact with children through their jobs, Mr Gaughan said state and territory police and local child protection authorities would investigate whether they had contact with other at-risk young people.
Mr Gaughan said easy access to advanced computer encryption technology meant people involved in child pornography were able to conceal their crimes better.
In one Queensland raid it took police six hours to break into the offender's computer, he said.
But police were stepping up their efforts in response, including infiltrating online networks by posing as offenders themselves, Mr Gaughan said.
"That's the other message for people involved in the proliferation and the movement of this particular type of filth," he said.
"You don't know who you're actually chatting to when you're in these type of networks.
"You could actually be talking to an undercover police officer."

AAP (1-6-2009)

South Australians Arrested over Child Rape Movie

THREE South Australian men are among 9000 people identified globally by German police for allegedly accessing a movie of a young Russian girl being raped.
Australian Federal Police conducted 27 raids as part of Operation Furious and charged 16 Australian men with crimes including possessing child abuse material.
Three were charged in SA, eight in Queensland, two each in Western Australia and Victoria and one in New South Wales.
The men are aged from 21 to 49 and include students, a printing firm manager, insurance claim advisor, a service station operator and a man working in the IT field.
Police allege a Queensland search resulted in the seizure of more than 1500 movie files and said nationally "an extensive amount of images and movie files were seized" and forensic technicians were still analysing data.
AFP manager of high-tech crimes and child protection operations, Neil Gaughan, yesterday said more arrests were expected in Australia.
"I would say 10-15 further arrests," he said.
It is understood the 18-minute movie depicts an eight-year-old Russian girl being raped and was available online for four months last year where 9000 individual internet addresses access the file.
Neither the girl in the film or her attacker have been identified by authorities.
"It's a very disturbing video," Mr Gaughan said.
The investigation began in Germany in december last year with the Baden-Wuettemberg State Criminal Police (BKA) identifying more than 9000 possible offenders from 92 countries.
It was then referred to national authorities.
It is believed to be the biggest operation involving a single movie.
The three SA men of Clapham, 48, Sturt, 49, and Elizabeth North, 25, have all been bailed to appear in the Adelaide and Elizabeth Magistrates Courts in July and August.
It is understood none of them men have previously been convicted of child sex offences.
The maximum penalty for possessing child abuse material is 10 years in prison.

The Adelaide Advertiser (1-6-2009)
Sam Rodrigues

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