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Public Shame File Plea

TWO child rape victims are demanding a public shame file outing pedophiles roaming free in Victoria.
Outraged that they were not told of their attacker's release last August, the young women have gone public in a bid to save other victims the same uncertainty.
"This is not just about us, it's about everyone," said one teen known as "Christina".
"They should let everyone know where they are."
Her friend and victim of the same offence, "Sarah" agreed.
"You just can't trust anyone and you never know, the person sitting on the bus next to you could be a pedophile."
The pair were sexually assaulted by two men who plied them with alcohol and marijuana in 2003 when they were only 14. Their attackers were 25 and 31 at the time.
The 25-year-old, whose name is not being published for legal reasons, walked free from jail in August after serving eight months' jail.
The girls learned of the man's release only after the Sunday Herald Sun revealed disturbing details of his suspected living arrangements last month.
Authorities had launched an investigation into claims he had been sharing a bedroom with a nine-year-old girl -- his niece -- after his release.
This week, his victims told of their disgust at the shroud of secrecy protecting pedophiles from being publicly named.
"He knows who we are, his mates know who we are, why shouldn't everyone know who he is?" said Christina.
She had suffered cruel taunts from those who knew the attacker and was tormented with late night phone calls.
Victims must enrol on a special register to obtain details of their attacker's release.
Attackers free: We are prisoners

Sunday Herald Sun (14-1-2007)
Carly Crawford

Pedophile Left Alone With Girl

A CONVICTED pedophile has been sleeping in the same bedroom as a nine-year-old girl.
And horrified friends of the girl say he has tried to befriend her with gifts of cash.
The Department of Human Services launched an investigation into the scandal and wants a formal ban on contact between the child and the tradesman, 28, who cannot be named for legal reasons.
The man served eight months' jail after a jury convicted him of six counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16.
He and a friend abused two 14-year-old girls in 2003 after plying them with alcohol and marijuana.
The judge presiding over the case said the man's history of lying to police, theft and driving offences indicated he disregarded the law when it suited.
The man was freed from prison in August and has lived in Melbourne's outer suburbs with his sister, who has three children - a boy, 4, a girl, 3, and the girl aged nine who is in the permanent care of a family friend.
A concerned friend of the carer told the Sunday Herald Sun of the situation.
The friend said the man had given $50 notes to the girl, who stayed at the home every second weekend.
"He's been sleeping in her room and showering her with gifts and he has no respect for the law," the friend said.
"How can a mother put her children in that sort of danger?" The girl's mother repeatedly hung up on the Sunday Herald Sun yesterday.
Department of Human Services officials investigated the arrangement in early December after the girl told her carer.
The girl also told worried department workers the pedophile slept on a mattress on the floor of her room while she slept on the bed.
The department has asked the Children's Court to change her access orders so that contact between the man and the girl is explicitly banned. The matter is before the court.
The man is on the sex offenders' register and Victoria Police said he was complying with the monitoring conditions.
A department spokesperson said it was "satisfied" the man no longer resided at the home.

Sunday Herald Sun (31-12-2006)
Carly Crawford

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