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Convicted Sex Fiends Win Right To Work Near Children

A RAPIST and more than 40 other sex offenders have had their bans on working with children overturned so they can pursue jobs that will bring them into contact with youngsters.
The convicted criminals have applied over the past 12 months to be removed from the New South Wales prohibited person list so they can take up jobs with or near children, The Daily Telegraph has learned.
Documents obtained under Freedom of Information show a 41-year-old man convicted of indecently assaulting a nine-year-old girl has been approved to work unsupervised with children and young people.
The man - who was convicted in 2005 - went to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal to get lifted the ban on working with children.
In another case a man, 49, who as a 23-year-old raped a woman, 27, after assaulting her in a park, has won the right to take a job as a bus driver, bringing him into contact with children.
He had chased the woman as she walked her dog at night, then pulled her into long grass where he had sex with her. The man received a six-year jail sentence.
The Administrative Decisions Tribunal, imposing conditions requiring him to see a psychiatrist and banning him from smoking cannabis, said it was satisfied he did not pose "a real and appreciable risk to children".
But the tribunal refused to lift a working-with-children ban on a doctor who indecently assaulted female patients during medical consultations. It said: "... there is a real risk that the applicant might physically or verbally abuse children if he were to return to child-related employment." Figures obtained by The Daily Telegraph show bans on 29 sex offenders were lifted in 2005-2006 by the Commission for Children and Young People, 13 were lifted by the Administrative Decisions Tribunal and one by the Industrial Relations Commission. In 2004-2005 31 sex offenders had bans lifted by the CCYP, eight by the ADT and one by the IRC. The data show sex offenders continue to thumb their nose at the system despite revelations in The Daily Telegraph more than a year ago that perverts were seeking jobs as school bus drivers, teachers, sports coaches and even youth workers. It is more than year since the Iemma Government flagged new laws outlawing sex offenders from working with children. NSW Commissioner for Children and Young People Gillian Calvert said the legislation took effect this month strengthening the check system. "Approvals to change a Prohibited Person status are not granted lightly," she said.

Daily Telegraph (12-1-2007)
Bruce McDougall/ Kelvin Bissett

NSW Has 'Toughest Sex-Offender Laws'

NSW HAD the toughest laws in the country to stop child-sex offenders working with children, the State Government said today.
A Freedom of Information investigation by The Daily Telegraph revealed a child-sex offender had been approved to work unsupervised with children after a ban was overturned.
The 41-year-old man was reported to be one of more than 40, including a rapist, who have overcome similar bans.
NSW Acting Community Services Minister John Hatzistergos said today that new laws introduced on January 2 had narrowed the categories of people who could work with children.
The categories of offenders who could seek to overturn the ban also had been narrowed with those convicted of serious offences like sexual assault, child pornography and child murder banned for life.
"People who are sex offenders are grubs, and these new laws, I think, go a long way to addressing the community concerns," Mr Hatzistergos said.
"I'm advised they are the toughest laws in Australia."
Commissioner for Children and Young People Gillian Calvert said she was confident the new laws could protect young people.
"I think the approach that we currently have in NSW is world-leading," she said.
"I think we have a strong approach and we have a fair approach, I think the system in NSW is working."

AAP (12-1-2007)

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