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Man Walks free After Stabbing Pedophile

A BLIND man who once acted as a lookout for a robbery yesterday walked from court after pleading guilty to stabbing a confessed pedophile.
Raymond Cox - who has a list of criminal convictions 10 pages long - stabbed his neighbour after discovering he was a convicted child sex offender.
The pair were drinking together when the neighbour confessed he had served time in prison for having sex with minors.
Cox, 42, of Frankston, who pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury, was yesterday released on a two-year wholly suspended jail term.
He had served 74 days in custody over the offence and said outside court he was glad not to be going back to prison.
"They looked after me. No one gave me hassles in there but I don't want to go back," Cox said.
"I am way more relaxed now, hey."
The County Court heard yesterday that Cox stabbed his neighbour in the stomach with a kitchen knife in Cox's apartment in July 2006.
The court heard Cox said, "I've got a knife. I am going to stab you" and "I am going to kill you, you b******".
The knife pierced his victim's small intestine.
Judge Frank Gucciardo said Cox had a list of prior convictions too long to recite but had worked hard to get his life on track.
"I am taking a chance," Judge Gucciardo said.
"When I hold up 10 pages of priors I could have some doubt you're not going to make it," he warned Cox.
Cox lost his sight when he smashed his car into a pole in 1999.
The court heard he had a litany of convictions and had continued to offend as a blind man.
In 2003 he was convicted for acting as a lookout at an Ascot Vale burglary.
Cox yesterday said that was one offence he didn't do.
"My mate told me to just stand there so I did. I'm not a good lookout. I can't see a bloody thing," he said.
The father of two said that he now wanted to get on with his life in Frankston, and aimed to get himself a guide dog and live a normal life.

Herald Sun (4-10-2008)
Georgie Pilcher


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