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The purpose of this website/ information is to promote public awareness/ protection, prevent you and those close to you from the potential dangers posed by individuals who have committed sex offences in the past and to deter sex offenders from offending/ re-offending.
Any criminal actions taken by persons against the offenders named within this site, may result in arrest and prosecution of those persons.

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Rachael Packwood was only 14 when she she was violently attacked by a sexual predator leaving her very traumatised
and she was only 15yrs old when she committed suicide in 1996 ..
The offender who attacked Rachael is now going for Parole (2005)
in contrast Rachael is gone forever and Rachael's family who strongly oppose his release.. are left to pick up the pieces.
Our best wishes go out to Rachael's family.

Update - Costello released from jail- 7-12-2010

Rachel Packwood

Rachael wrote poetry
in her spare time,
here is her last poem

‘As the lone man passes by,
He is hunting for prey.
Walking the streets at night,
He seems to come my way.
He follows me down a path,
into the darkness of the night.
As he attacks me from behind
I have no chance to fight.
As I regain consciousness,
with a black eye and a blood nose,
All he says to me is,
‘What I say goes’.
To (-) scared to talk,
it is he who has the power.
As time passes by,
one minute equal to an hour.
I’m finally set free,
But I’m still trapped inside.
I can’t run forever.
And nor can I hide’


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Darren Costello is up for Parole....AGAIN....In 1995 he was on parole for attacking and robbing a 9 month pregnant woman with a baseball bat, when he savagely bashed and raped 14 year old Rachael.
Rachael who was very traumatised after the attack, committed suicide in December 1996 aged 15 years.....3 days later Costello was in court pleading guilty to the attack on Rachael.

In 2005 MAKO was contacted by Jane (not her real name) a relative of Rachaels', who is understandably very concerned that Costello may get parole and be released back into the community, where he may well re-offend.

JANE - "Before the attack Rachael was a happy go lucky sort of kid that would always get into mischief, she was a great person who had a wonderful smile, her mum said that she would bring people home for a feed or bring home stray animals. After the attack, she withdrew into herself and didn't ever trust white males again".
"I don't think that he should be given such a quick release. Rachael is gone and I know that he didn't put the rope around her neck but he sure as hell helped to tie it in the first place. He was given a second chance before, after he had attacked the pregnant woman. He was given parole and in that time raped Rachael. What is he going to do if he gets parole again?,"
"If he can do it once he can do it again, and his crimes escalated, he went from bashing a woman to raping another. We need to protect the community from people like him".
MAKO - Do you believe sex offenders details should be available to the public-and why?
Jane - Yes I believe that they should be named..I know that some people do it and never re offend but there is a lot more that do re offend.
MAKO - You would like to believe the PAROLE BOARD take into consideration the impact his crimes have had on the victims family and COMMUNITY SAFETY(prevention)-the possibility he may strike again.? If that is the case NO PAROLE must be stamped on Costello's application at this and future parole hearings....

District court judge Charles Brabazon,who believes Costello has little chance of rehabilitation, said...."In my opinion, he presents a significant danger when living at large in the community."

Its a disgrace that Costello and those like him are given second and third chances by the court to re-enter society.
Violent sexual offenders deserve life in jail-NO PAROLE..
As it stands rapists/paedophiles/child killers have more rights than the innocent people/children in the community they pose a danger too..Not only are they being paroled, almost any convicted sex offender, following conviction (many are not jailed) or upon being released from prison can move in over the road from a school, or next door to you, and you are NOT informed, even if you do have children..
Protecting children and other potential victims from the dangers sex offenders pose is far more important than protecting the sex offenders privacy..


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