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Name: Norman Leonard Hogermeer

Age: 59 yrs (D.O.B- 14-6-1952)

State: WA/SA- Currently in Baxter detention centre in SA - March 2005
UPDATE..Has since been released into a WA community - Nov 05 - back in Detention- Mar 06..
Sentence: Convicted in a Perth court Feb 1996. Sentenced the same year to 16 years 9 months jail-8.5 yrs non parole.

Offence/Other: Indian descent. Hogermeer was jailed for sexual offences against 2 girls over a lengthy period. Released from jail 2004. Is currently (March 2005) in the Baxter detention centre-white compound 1. This raises questions such as- Are convicted paedophiles separated from children in Detention centres ? Or do they have access to children ?

Norman Hogermeer

Convicted sex offenders being detained in the same detention facilities as children, is obviously of MAJOR CONCERN. This is effectively placing children and other detainees at risk.It is important to note that the average child sex offender will molest many children- MAKO.


Convicted Paedophile in the Baxter Detention Centre

Norman Hogermeer
Pic- Norman Hogermeer

Norman Leonard Hogermeer, was convicted in 1996 of serious child sex offences against 2 girls, received 15 years jail. Released from jail after serving just 8 1/2 years, he is believed to have been transfered to Perth Airport detention centre in 2004 and finally to Baxter detention centre in SA where he is now.
Convicted sex offenders being detained in the same detention facilities as children, is obviously of MAJOR CONCERN. This is effectively placing children and other detainees at risk.It is important to note that the average child sex offender will molest many children. This raises many questions including..

What preventative measures are in place at Baxter detention centre and similar centre's in Australia, to protect potential victims from convicted sexual offenders being held at the same facility?

Why put convicted paedophiles in detention with children, knowing child predators are likely to re-offend?
Why not keep paedophile detainees in remand centre's or jails instead of with children in detention centre's?
Are all the staff at the centre informed if a detainee is a convicted paedophile/rapist?
Is he monitored by staff/ how much is he monitored?
Does Hogermeer have access to children unsupervised or otherwise in the facility?
Are the parents and other detainees in the centre informed that a convicted sex offender is amongst their children?
Or are the civil liberties of a convicted paedophile, once again more of a concern than the danger he may pose to children?
Will the State/ Federal government or those responsible be willing to pay victims for the lawsuit that could result from any sexual assaults or maybe the risk factor alone?

Australia needs to introduce legislation, to jail paedophiles/ sex offenders who re-offend for life- Keeping them away from children for good- Why risk another child being abused.. ??But at this stage we do not, and until we do Australia certainly has enough sex offenders here already without accepting more from overseas. No matter how long they have been in Australia, and regardless of age or whether they have family here ,we believe that once convicted by a court and any jail term received for conviction has been served ,deportation is warranted for those who have been allowed entry into Australia, then committed sex offences.
Prevention must be the priority- MAKO In- (9-3-05)

"There's no greater nightmare for a father or a mother than the prospect
that their child might in one way or another be subject to some kind of abuse."
(Prime Minister) John Howard. (2004)

Pedophile Has Access To Baxter Children

A convicted pedophile awaiting deportation to India is being detained in the Baxter Detention Centre where he can interact with children.
Norman Leonard Hogermeer, 53, who served 8 1/2 years of a 15 year jail term in Perth for sexual offences involving minors and unlawful wounding, was moved to Baxter three weeks ago.
He was released from jail in June last year and has previously been held in the Perth Immigration Detention Centre. His detention in Baxter's White 1 Compound has outraged child protection and refugee groups who say his presence puts children at risk.
"Why would they put a convicted pedophile anywhere in a detention centre with children?" the co-founder of support group MAKO, Peter Morell, said yesterday.
"Why house him in a detention centre rather than a remand centre or a jail. It's a major concern and its putting (children) at risk."
White 1 Compound houses single males, with women and children housed in a separate compound.
When contacted by the 'The Advertiser' last night, Hogermeer revealed he has opportunities to interact with children and he can apply to visit the family compound and visitor centre where children gather. "Everybody makes a mistake in their lives and they should be given a second chance," he said.
Hogermeer, who has been in Australia since 1970 and lived in Perth, married an Australian woman and never applied for Australian citizenship.
He has sought legal advice to try to stop his deportation.
Premier Mike Rann was informed of the "extraordinary claims" late yesterday and had forwarded emailed information to federal immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone, her department and the Department of Families and Communities to investigate.
An Immigration Department spokeswoman said the department "does try to remove these people as quickly as possible".
"But, often it is very hard to do because people are entitled to be here while they have litigation ongoing," the spokeswoman said.

Adelaide Advertiser (9-3-2005)
Bryan Littlely/ Christopher Salter

"A child's life is based on trust. The trust of their parents, relatives, and adults in authority. When that trust is betrayed,
children can be damaged severely, with many of the scars remaining for the rest of their lives".

Mike Rann- (SA Premier- 1996)

Outcry Over Pedophile

The victims of convicted pedophile Norman Hogermeer are amazed he is been held in the Baxter Detention Centre at Port Augusta.
Hogermeer, 53, has appealed against an order he be deported to India.
He has been held in Baxter for 3 weeks while his legal battle for permanent residency continues.
The Immigration Department yesterday moved to allay fears Hogermeer could interact with children in the Baxter Centre.
Spokeswoman Nicola Cox said he was under constant supervision. "As the man is a convicted pedophile, his movements around the centre are very closely managed and supervised," Ms Cox said.
"The man is not accommodated with women and children".
Hogermeer served 8 1/2yrs of a 15yr sentence in a Perth jail for sexual offences against 2 young girls. He was also convicted of stabbing his brother.
The mother of one of his assault victims alerted Adelaide-based anti-pedophile group MAKO to Hogermeers detention after tracking his movement from Perth Immigration Detention Centre. "The parent of children in Baxter need to be aware to keep an eye on their kids with him in there"she said. The youngest of his victims, now 20, said she felt ill knowing he was been held anywhere near children.
Hogermeer told the Advertiser from inside Baxter that the centre is "very similiar to a prison but the regime isn't as strict". "By force they brought me," he said.
"I'm not very happy about it because I don't get to see my parents."

Adelaide Advertiser (11-3-2005)
Bryan Littlely

"Paedophiles are very cunning and without conscience, they use threats, bribery, secrets, lies, flattery and other tricks to ensure
the child victim does not tell anyone else about the abuse."

Deborah Coddington- 1997- ( Australian Paedophile/ Sex Offender Index).

Convicted Pedophile In Solitary Confinement

A convicted pedophile at the Baxter immigration detention centre has been moved into a compound by himself for his own safety after concerns raised by a child protection group.
The family of Norman Leonard Hogermeer, 53, have also spoken out about their concerns he could mix with children in detention and receive a permanent Australian visa.
Hogermeer, of Indian descent, was transferred to immigration detention last July pending deportation after he was released from jail for sexual offences.
His former wife, Lee, said he was a criminal. "He should not be in Baxter where there's children," she said.
His daughter, Jodie, 20, said: "Knowing what he's capable of and done in the past, he'd do the same again. I believe he'd be willing to take the risk."
His family are also concerned he is seeking an extension of time to appeal the cancellation of his visa, which was withdrawn on character grounds.
Hogermeer said he had no chance to contact women or children in detention as he was closely guarded, had to fill in forms whenever requesting to go to anywhere, and was monitored by cameras.
An immigration department spokesman said Hogermeer was moved from the single men's compound to the red one compound, which is currently empty, on Wednesday for his own safety after media reports.

Age newspaper (11-3-2005)
Meaghan Shaw

Alarm Over Baxter's Pedophile

A convicted pedophile is being held at the Baxter immigration detention centre among asylum seekers and visa overstayers while awaiting deportation.
He is among 44 convicted criminals held in Australia's immigration detention centres for crimes ranging from petty matters to sex offences.
Baxter holds 13 convicted criminals, including three who have served time for sex offences.
A regular visitor to Baxter said other detainees felt uneasy mixing with the criminals.
"They know they are people who have been convicted who are awaiting deportation and they don't know how long they're going to be there," she said.
The pedophile, Norman Leonard Hogermeer, 53, was jailed in Perth for sexual offences against two girls. He was released in June 2004 and transferred to immigration detention in July last year, first in Perth and then Baxter at Port Augusta in South Australia.
The mother of his victims alerted an anti-pedophile group, MAKO.
MAKO co-founder Peter Morell said Hogermeer was of Indian descent and was applying for a permanent visa - although the Government would be unlikely to grant a visa on character grounds. MAKO also released information showing Hogermeer had been convicted for stabbing his brother.
Mr Morell raised concerns that Hogermeer could be mixing with children in detention. "Mixing "children" with convicted pedophiles or sex offenders is horrific and it's something the Government needs to look at," he said.
But the Immigration Department said Hogermeer was kept in a compound away from families, women and children. A spokeswoman said there were only three children at Baxter.
"Any person with convictions for sex offences will be the subject of close supervision within the centre and is not accommodated with women or children," she said.
The spokeswoman said people were in detention for as long as it took for legal processes to run their course and for their removal to be organised, which could be delayed by the need for travel documents.
Labor immigration spokesman Laurie Ferguson said it was outrageous to have a convicted pedophile at Baxter.
"People convicted of sexual offences and people with violent backgrounds or heavily into drug-dealing should not be mixing with general people with claims about their visas or asylum claims," he said.

Age newspaper (9-3-2005)
Meaghan Shaw

Detainee Kids Freed

NO children should be behind the walls of Australia's immigration detention centres by the end of today.
The release of the children and their families follows a deal struck by rebel government backbenchers, headed by Victorian Petro Georgiou, and Prime Minister John Howard six weeks ago.
Yesterday, all 20 children held at the Villawood detention centre in Sydney were freed.
And by tonight, 15 children held at the Port Augusta housing facility in South Australia, as well as three at nearby Baxter, one at Maribyrnong in Victoria and three on Christmas Island, will move from behind the razor wire and into community housing.
Despite the chance to taste some freedom, the release of the children has met with a mixed response amid concerns they and their parents may still face deportation.
The families will be made to regularly report to the Immigration Department, either via phone or in person, and remain living in their accommodation.
Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone made it clear the government still planned to deport the families once they had exhausted their appeals process.
Refugee advocates also fear the families may become prisoners in their own homes, unable to leave without being accompanied by a guard or guardian.
The Immigration Department said they would be free to come and go from their homes as they pleased.

The Mercury (29-7-2005)

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